Britney's Go-Kart Fun!

Wow! A Britney sighting! Britney enjoyed go-kart fun in Malibu on Saturday night with sis Jamie Lynn and Jamie Lynn’s boyfriend. She looks great! Can’t wait for the People magazine debut of Jayden James!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Looks like she is wearing pink Uggs! Cute!

Britney Spears


  1. yesenia says

    Just give her a dammmmmmmm break she deserves to be having fun after all she got rid of the f***8n beast and she looked even more beautyful that ever and about that thing that the other person made about her been trailer trash it’s not true she pretty and better that ever and all ya talking bad about her are nothing but HATERS and they know so.

  2. Paula says

    I read where Kfed said Brittany will release pictures of her baby when she’s ready. Little Jayden James hasn’t yet made his public debut, and Federline says Spears will decide when to release a photo. “But if my wife wants to have that baby all to herself for now, then she keeps it, because there’s not much she has to herself,” he says, “not even her own children.” Boo hoo, Brit. She’s waiting for the right time to get just the right publicity. Seems to be taking after Katie Holmes.

  3. PS says

    I read on the site that KFed wants to go to Africa to help! Guess him and Brit will be adopting soon!

  4. nikki says

    ok everyone knows brit in a dirty girl but she is truly misunderstude i read her biography and only till she was 19 did she start acting like that! and she loves Jamie Lynn its her lil sis
    she would never try to fuck her sisters man
    she`s trying 2 change let loose a lil
    give her a fresh start* she`s trying.

  5. Louisianagal says

    Hope she stays where she is having fun and not come back here. She gives our state a bad name.

  6. Bethany says

    Ha ha! I’ll wear tiny shorts, but then put on a jacket with hood and huge boots. That makes sense!

  7. star says

    she nasty. Dirty looking, can’t she afford some water and soap. we know she”s trailer trash. But fight it britney, fight the temptation to look dingy. I herd she smells like cheese…..

  8. babyhates says

    Okay if your cold enough to wear bootz & a sweat-shirt why the heck not wear pants ?????? Ahhhh this girl needs help !!!!!!!!

  9. Jenna says

    lol Kelly dont worry, i’m here.
    I still can’t deal with the whole “i really named my kid Jayden” thing. ugh, and i used to defend her all the friggen time.

  10. kelley says

    Nice nice nice, sweet sweet sweet. Tinkerbell and candy canes.

    Just thought I would say something nice since that is all anyone is supposed to say on here.


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