Seal Takes Leni To A Halloween Party = Cuteness Explosion!

This is too cute for words…so just a brief description! Seal was spotted taking 2-year-old Leni to a Halloween party at her school yesterday. Her Minnie Mouse costume is adorable! Can’t believe Halloween is Tuesday and that daylight saving time ends tomorrow! Yikes!

Heidi Klum

Photograph from x17online, where you can see more pictures of Seal and Leni!



  1. megan says

    i think she looks like a little fairy princess and i think he seems like a great dad, not just from that pic but from all the other ones i have seen, he seems very hands on…i didn’t know he had lupus, i’d read something stupid saying it was tribal markings, makes sense now..just shows the rubbish that people can spread so easily, was interesting to have that cleared up

  2. Jenna says

    i think he’s just a great dad/guy in general.
    very cute, i m with you on that Leah, i thought she was too old for a bottle too, oh well, its proboly Henri’s

  3. 2kids2many says

    Aww…Same adorable Minnie Mouse costume as my little 2 year old (minus the baby bottle, of course!) Cute, cute, cute! Where’s Heidi? Isn’t she due soon? She’s been pregnant forever!

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