Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck & Violet

Awwwwww! Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and 10-month-old Violet were snapped out in LA on October 26th. Violet is absolutely adorable and Jennifer, 34, looks amazing. Jennifer does not look 34! She looks 25 at most!
Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner

And check out how much little Violet resembles Jennifer when she was little!
Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner


  1. niecy says

    shes so cute and yea shes going to be tall but y wouldn’t she be her dad and mom are both tall

  2. lizschoepp says

    you can surely see ben affleck in that first picture. Violet looks just like her mommy most of the time, but at certain angles and expressions she make she is all ben affleck.

    this is some adorable family. and i love the way they play with violet in the park. They look so happy most of the time. They also look like they are real down to earth people. tjhanks, liz

  3. bingky says

    i did reli love both alias and daredevil man ben and jen…am so blessed i could easily search them both in one sit only…there both handsome and as the baby…

  4. wheng says

    I just wanna thank the one responsible for making this site,,,thanks so much for posting latest pics of Ben, Jen and Baby violet….

    I am an avid fan of the couple since their daredevil movie and was so happy that they ended up as one…

    If it’s not too much to ask, i just wanna request you again to posts the affleck’s familys pics. I understand she’ll be turning 1 y/o this December 1st…I hope to see many, as in many pics of the happy family…A close-up family pictures would made me and all of us supporters so happy..

    Thank you so much…

  5. wheng says

    What a happy family!!!. To settle down away from hollywood to live a happy, normal life is the only thing they wanted, a very wise decision of the couple.

    I love daddy’s taking care and kissing their babies, so cute together!!!! I am so happy for this man. And Jen, seems to be that simple mom whose priority is her family…And as for Violet, i am very happy for her, having such wonderful parents….

    God Bless your family Ben, Jen and Violet Ann Affleck!!!!

  6. scarlet says

    Jennifer Garner gets my vote for mother of the year…She is always with her baby and husband…Maybe Jennifer could give Katie Holmes some advice on how to be a real mother…

  7. nikki says

    Violet is a pretty name im nameing my kid that (and Shylee)Violet is a beautiful girl maybe not as beautiful as Suri or Shiloh
    but beautiful all the same!

  8. PS says

    Looks like Mrs. Comment made her point and her exit. She would be a hypocrite if she’d a responded. Don’t you think?

  9. Lolitha says

    Cutest celeb baby.I love Ben Affleck im glad hes been Blessed with a lovely wife and a beautiful baby.

  10. dori says

    Mrs Comment I think it’s funny the way you like to make nice long comments but when someone rebuttles you run away. LOL

  11. Amy says

    I am so sorry to say this, BUT. I agree with #9. Violet ISN”T one of the cutest babies out there. So sorry.

  12. Minnie says

    I thought she was pretty tall too – but I think babies are getting taller! Both of her parents are pretty well built and her cousin is sarily tall for his age too so maybe it’s something to do with the Afleck genetics – grow fast, be handsome/ beautiful.
    Shame my family seems to run to – slow metaboism, dodgy joints really!

  13. megan says

    the fact is that some celebs have very cute babies (like Violet!) and some just don’t!! just like in real life with us ‘normal’ people…these celeb kids don’t read whats written here..and just because you are a celeb doesn’t mean you will definately have a cute baby..but credit where credit is due…this IS a cute little girl….and very tall for just ten months..

  14. Mrs. Comment thank you says

    You can disagree but not to the extent that you want to hit someone or start name calling. I just thought people could be a little nicer to one another. And wars are started wtih disagreements that lead to fanatics. So, before this gets into a “heated” discussion I will make my exit because I want to see if there are anymore cute babies to look at.

  15. dori says

    what a boring world it would be if we all walked around smiling at one another and saying oh yes I agree on this and that
    when you get 20 people in a room somewhere in there people are going to disagree on something
    and thank god because that what makes us individuals
    wars are not started from these disagreements but from fanatics who want other races dead not because of difference of opinions
    so there you go Mr comment

  16. says

    #22 how very true! Right now I am involved in a Kelly bashing that seems very uncalled for but I guess like you said it’s an escape from there own miserable lives. Thanks for posting that, it’s refreshing to read and hoepfully it will mae some posters think twice. Children learn what they live!

  17. Comment says

    Sue, that’s because everyone likes to fight with each other. They aren’t on here to look at baby pictures. They are on here to give their own “opinions” and keep a fight going. It seems to be somewhat of a stress reliever and a place to come because their own lives are miserable. In real life a person can’t say face to face what these peole say to each other on this site. And if they do they don’t have much compassion for the human race. They pick fights with each other and then when one gets upset the other one says if you don’t like it don’t read it, that’s my opinion and thence it goes on and on with both trying to get their points across, which in turn leads to name calling and backbiting. No one wants to “give in” because then they would feel they “lost”.

    It’s amazing how these same people talk about their own children and really believe that they are good parents when in truth they are teaching the children to be the same as they are. They see mom on the net (and I do believe we’ve had some youngsters reading the comments) name calling and what not and think it’s ok to do the same thing when they go to school. If you don’t want you kids doing something you disaprove of then you shouldn’t do it either. They learn from example. Is this what you want your children to learn? To criticize, hurtful words and backbiting? Please, go over some of your posts figure out why you had to say what you had to say.

    I hope these celebrities never come to this site and read some of the comments. I hope this wasn’t the intention of the web mistress, or maybe it was when she made the site. Just to see how cruel and mean people can be to one another. No wonder we have wars. No one wants to say ok I’m wrong or let’s just agree to disagree. Everyone keeps arguing their points and it never ends and next thing you know we are in a war.

    Some of the “discussions” on this site would end with slapping and hitting if these people could get to each other. Some have even said they would hit the other person if they could. What kind of world are we living in? People are “fighting” with each other on a baaaaaaaabbbyyy site. Come on……………!

  18. Sue says

    Now, everybody respond to the negative comment. This is exactly what ruins this site. One ignorant comment and everyone jumps in. The person making the comment could care less what you people think and probably laughs at your ingnorance for responding. Yet, most of you loosers feel compelled to reply and everyone else just jumps right in. Didn’t your mother or father ever teach you people to ignore. What a bunch of petty, miserable, boring people.

    Go ahead attack #20. Could care less about all that you think you know or wish you knew.

  19. Nicki says

    Violet is a very cute baby. I think that first pic she looks just like an Affleck. Most of the other pics she looks just like her Mom. What a lucky kid to have been blessed in the gene pool X2. Very cute little girl, with two loving parents.

  20. pika says

    She’s cute, with a normal, old-fashioned name. She really resembles Momma Jen, but I really see traces of Daddy Ben in the first pic!

  21. joanna says

    i think violet is beautiful, your only jealous kate coz u know you’ll never have kids as beautiful as this!

  22. 2 says

    Wow! Look at Jen multi-task. It’s amazing how many things we mothers can do at one time! (A man can’t do that! haha) and yes…Violet is the spitting image of her mother!) Oh! and by the way, Kate….incase you haven’t heard…men love big lips on women!

  23. ben4ever says

    That’s for no. 9…

    The Afflecks are the best celebrity couple!!!
    Can you say the same thing with J.Lo and Marc Ants?

  24. says

    i think violet is a lovely name for a little girl and not cruel at all there are off the wall name celebrity named thire children like peacheshoneyblossom,ursula.rumer,scout,moon,diva moxie crime fighter HERMES piriate ramona dweelize

  25. Kate says

    Dead ringer is right. I must be the only one who thinks this is the ugliest baby anywhere. Too bad she didn’t get Bens very handsome features. Then to tag her with a name of Violet is just cruel. Maybe her looks over the years will improve, but her moms didn’t. What’s with the big lips with Jennifer? They don’t even fit her face. Wish Ben had thought this over before hitting the sack with her. Matt did much better. Poor Ben, I had such high hopes for him.

  26. Jenna says

    dead ringer for jen,
    very cute.
    not for nothing but sometimes she has the same
    “lost” look her in her eyes that Ben does whenever
    papparazzi snaps his pic.
    too funny.

  27. Claire says

    this has to be one of the cutest families ever!. Where are there pics of Indiana? The Afflecks def have good genes thats for sure.

  28. anne says

    In all the other pictures I saw, she looked exactly like a mini-me of Jen , but in this pics she looks a lot like her cousin Indiana, Casey Afflecks son. So she got some Affleck genes as well : )

  29. carleigh says

    She is a dead ringer for mama..what a cutie pie! I can’t get over how cute she is! She’s gonna be a little knockout when she gets older…how sweet is little Violet Ann!

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