Kate Hudson & Ryder In Australia

Kate Hudson was spotted out with Ryder, 2, on Thursday in Australia. She is in Australia for the filming of the romantic adventure Fool’s Gold. Hottie Matthew McConaughey co-stars!

Kate Hudson



  1. Miranda says

    Why do you have to be mean to Kate? Little Ryder does actually have a father too you know. Make fun of him because of his hair? I think he’s adorable with his long hair! Who says that boys must have short hair and girls must have long? At least Kate dresses him like a boy should be dressed! Just look att his cool shoes.

  2. Jean says

    Poor kid has had a rough year. Parents divorced; mother having affair with coworker; Matthew McConaughey now getting ready to jump her, too; now living in another country. Just when you think nothing else can upset his world, everyone says he looks terrible so cut his hair. He just looks like a sad little orphan and his so-called mother doesn’t care if people make fun of him so let’s just hope none of these guys she runs with knock her up again.

  3. jill says

    Good for you! Thats great to hear that you have a loving relationship and that your children are well cared for. Its also wonderful to hear that you raised money for cancer.

    I guess the beauty leaving comments is that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, perhaps I forgot that for a moment.

    However, I still believe that for whatever reason Kate Hudson chooses to keep her childs hair long, its her choice and there is nothing wrong with that. I personally don’t know her and don’t know if she’s a good mother or not but her child looks pretty clean to me and he seems to be in many pics with her so I suppose thats a good sign.

    As for having an affair or whatever, again , I don’t know her and I don’t believe everything I read so what happened there is unknown to me. And none of my business. I wouldn’t judge someone because of it either and definitely would think they were less of a parent.

    I definitely didn’t expect “sympathy” when I posted about my choice to donate my hair to locksoflove.org. It was a cause and organization I really believe in and feel good about my choice. We all choose to give back or contribute in our own way and I don’t believe any way is more superior than another.

    As for being a raving lunatic….lol…I don’t know what to say to that. Perhaps go over some of the other posts before labelling me. I was quick to be snappy at your post and I shouldn’t have.

    Anyhow, glad to hear you’re a great mom!

  4. Shea says

    I wasnt using any other handle. sorry to disappoint. I can say what i want on this one just fine.
    Kary, np i was mean too. Lets be done with it and move on.

  5. Kary says

    Ok, I think we’ve all learned a lesson here. Time to stop picking on Shea. I’ve learned to be less judgemental. After all, I have my faults too, I admit. Shea has learned to express herself with out calling names and I hope we can get along with each other. And everyone is guilty of using more than one handle too. I’m sorry if I was mean to you Shea and anyone else. So let’s all be friendly now. K?

  6. Kary says

    Girls, check out the Etheridge posts and tell me what you think. Shea, Tina, which is which. You need to stop accusing us of being only one person. I thought there was no other posts from Tina anywhere else until now. You are caught girly, and not by a fishing line either.

  7. LMAO says

    Unless there are 2 handles named “Tina”…On the Kelly Martin Post you called Shea a pervert? On this post, you defend her? Make up your mind! Is she your friend or foe?

    Or was that just to “throw us off” that you are actually Shea? Why would Shea call herself a pervert? Hmm…interesting stratedgy! But I’m not falling for it…Shea.

  8. Doh says

    Tina if you are not sheabutton why are you reading and responding….lol…caught you out sheabutton…..

  9. LMAO says

    2:27 am, 8:32 am, and 10:38 am…..wow! You”re right! our posts are back to back! Yall better learn to tell time…Tina/Shea.

  10. Tina says

    Yall have to admit. Your posts are back to back. All the time.
    Thank you Shea, I hope you take my advice. These others dont seem to be.

  11. LMAO says

    Okay…Kary/Doh…your posts were only 6 hours and 5 minutes apart…you gotta be the same person with posts that close together! Hmmm….maybe Shea is right? Ewww, did I say that? I think I’m going to be sick! hee hee.

    Kary AND Doh, have a good day “fishing”. Hope you catch a big fat “Shea”… she’s the catch of the day

  12. Doh says

    Which is exactly why us girls dont like sheabutton. She likes to mouth off about people but as soon as anyone fights back she doesn’t like it….well you have to grow up sheabutton and accept your punishment like the man you are….me, kary and LMAO are not the same person…..you just dont like to think that there could possibly be more than one person ouy there that would dare to disagree with you or, god forbid, argue back…

    You are a weak minded, feeble imbecile…

  13. Kary says

    No your not done, you just posted Again. But you play the game well, let me tell you. Your it again Sheabuttons! And Tina, wait til Shea disagrees with you and calls you a stupid dumbass. See what you tell her then.

  14. Shea says

    Tina, your right. Im done. But it seems she isnt. You should space your posts alittle farther apart. Like i said you dont fool anyone.
    Nice you can make fun of someone that had a nice post, and was right. Just shows why your here, and its not about talking about babies.

  15. LMAO says

    Hmmm…no Shea yet? Maybe she only comes out around Halloween? Since Halloween is now over, perhaps she crawled back into her cave and we won’t hear from her again until next October? Could we be so lucky, YALL?

  16. Doh says

    I keep on tellin you girls sheabutton is off her medication…lol ….She’s even callin herself tina now and using a different dialect so we dont suspect…lol

    Kary you make me laugh…keep em coming girl…

  17. Tina says

    YALL need to get a life. Kary, Shea, Doh, LMAO are you all kids? That’s all you’re sounding like. This site, it’s about babies, Not what yall are doing. Let people say their piece and move on. Its about what they think, not what you can make fun of.

  18. Kary says

    crrrreeeeaaaaaaakkkkkkk! door is slowly opening. SLAM! ccrrrreeeeaaakkkk! door is slowly opening a little wider! SLAM! ccccrrrrreeeeaaaakkkkk! Shea is peeeeekkkkiiiinnnnngggg in.

  19. Kary says

    LOL! Sheabuttons, you never cease to amaze me with your stupidity. Lol! You can’t stand it. You have got to have the eternal last word. I thought you’d a least be out trick or treating. Must have ran back in to respond, huh! You are hilarious.

    Anyway, LMAO my puter clock says 9:49 which will make if longer on the time when this posts. Clock is way ahead. Must not be in my time zone where I live but maybe this will convince her we are not the same person. Although, she is really hard to convince of things. Like is you don’t post a response, then you won’t get a response back. Plain english, stop with the commenting and Kary will stop with the commenting. Scientific test going on here. Majority has to get the last word in. Sheabuttons is the hardheaded. She can’t stand it. Ok. Let’s see now, her fingers can’t stand it and are getting ahead of her brain. OH No! There’s a fight between her brain and her fingers! Brain: No I won’t respond
    Fingers: Yes, you have to
    Brain: No, I’ll look like a fool
    Fingers: Sorry, you already do
    Brain: Well, it doesn’t matter then
    Finger: Ok, ready, set, go!

    scaryKaryDuh, you are all the same person. dumbasses, youre all stupid, my opinion is the only one that matters, i can say mean things, it’s your problem if you get upset or hurt, this is only a computer, why get upset, i like name calling, it sounds nice when i call people stupid, your all idiots. these are my favorite names to call people so get a life.

    Yep, do you don’t have to respond, sheazy weazy, i did it for you. “rolling off my chair with laughter” oops, i think i hear an explosion! was that you shea mad again?

  20. LMAO says

    Okay, Kary and Doh…wait atleast 16 minutes after I post this before you post anything. That one extra minute will have to convince Shea that we are not all the same person! Just 3 different people who think that she is an idiot!

  21. Kary says

    Ya see, Shea just can’t not respond! She’s got to everytime. She stuck her mouth in it again. What a dip! Let’s make bets. She isn’t gonna let it go. She sure is helping prove a point! Dumb dingleberry!

  22. LMAO says

    Sorry. Poop…I mean Pooh. I am not Doh or Kary….but those two girls sure do crack me up with their “Shea-Bashing” Keep me laughing girls! “Here Shea…bite!”

  23. Kary says

    Yes, me thinks we have an imposter in our midst. Same typing errors, no punctuation same way of using words. Yep, no fair answering in another handle. You have to play the game right or don’t play at all. Happy Halloween!!!

  24. Lisa says

    no, that is not the answer my child does things everyday she does not like- like getting up early for school, having me brush out her snarly hair, stand outside in cold to get bus, etc… it is not as simple as enabling your child with what they like…what 2 year old do you know that like getting their hair brushed and fussed over-not many-most like easy dos that require minimum wash and go.

  25. Pooh says

    You all are children…its plain to see that doh, kary and LMAO is the same person. I hope shea doesnt answer you anymore she really is in the right and your acting like a child. Get on the subject matter and stay off shea all your doing is making yourself look like the idiot she keeps calling you.
    OH im sure you have something to say to me now huh? Try , because I wont answer.

    I really hope everyone lays off this childs hair. who cares if its long! If he likes it thats all that matters.

  26. Kary says

    Hey guys, I just like messing with Sheabuttons. She falls for it so easily. Just goes to show ya that nobody wants to give it up. Things go on and on forever. Proof is in the pudding….uuuhhh…..in the Sheabuttons. She just gets a little more sarcastic and makes up a few more names. She just hasn’t figured it out yet. Like I said feed me, I’ll feed you. See?

  27. Doh says

    Hey guys i figured it out…..sheabutton is off her medication….we really oughta feel sorry for her…shall we.?…nah, lets not…lol

  28. Kary says

    Shea, I’m not Doh, and I’m really offended that you would think so. I really just want to be your one and only. Lol. Shea always takes the bait. Can’t keep her mouth shut. I love it. Sheabutton, you funny lady!!

  29. LMAO says

    OMG SHea…gone fishing lately?- because you really took their bait! Can’t keep your big mouth shut, can you! Keep it up, girls! This is frickin’ hilarious!

  30. Shea says

    Hmm since your both that same person i think only you think that and yourr such a freak its annoying. what “pressure” wow you really take pride in thinking your doing something to me. But the funny thing is your NOT. Get over yourself scaryKaryDuh. ok yea wait a couple then remark…wait a couple then remark.. your not fooling anyone.

    Dori, this person scaryKaryDuh, is just a idiot. She/He thinks that becuz you answer them that She/He is getting to you. Lets not answer anymore.

  31. Kary says

    You got a deal Doh. Let’s see how long it will be before she responds. She can’t ignore someone for long before she has to make a comment. OH, and she named me scarykary. Does that mean she’s scared of me? Boo…oh, wait…..moo!

  32. Doh says

    Hey Kary, i dont think i am you??…lol Tell you what you can be the stalker and i will be the idiot….might keep the stupid cow happy then.

    Hey shea how come when more than one person thinks your stupid it has to be the same person….cant handle the pressure….god you make me laugh…lol

  33. Kary says

    Doh, I’m not you am I? I’m so hurt that Shea thinks I’m somebody else. I wanted to be the only one stalking her. Moo!

  34. Kary says

    Doh, I’m not you am I? I’m so hurt that Shea thinks I’m somebody else. I wanted to be the only one stalking her.

  35. dori says

    once again I said absolutely nothing to you and you felt the need to take a stab at me again.. whats wrong with you?
    Proud to be older and wiser than you…….

  36. Shea says

    What buttons? falls for what? ScaryKary your a freak. Where did I go? Like i said in the past JUST becuz im not on here 24/7 like YOU are doesnt mean i left. OPPS i guess i fell for whatever it is I fall for again!
    Duh? , You should really not talk about taking care of kids. I really hope you dont have any…Im sure there off taking care of themselves cuz your on here all the time. I really am starting to think you and scarykary are the same person. Back to back posts over and over again, and over and over again. Gotta back yourself up huh?
    and AGAIN you 2 have NOTHING to say but about me lol. I guess im doing my job, I got a stalker and a idiot chasing me around this website….kinda funny how I push YOUR buttons lol. But you guys have one thing in common besides the way you talk, your both still fat COWS, keep your mooing up lil girls.

  37. Doh says

    OH GOD SHEA you are just tooooo funny….really you must get back on your medication…..dont forget you’ve got your kids to look after….got to act normal, well in your case, try to look normal…lol

  38. Shea says

    hey scary and duh?……. yup i stirred up the pot with my mean spirited ways lol. you two should take a vacation from eachother your sounding too much alike. OH yup i have like 12 diferent handles…. Im dori and kelley and nicki and IM even you guys!!!! Hell ill be Tj mommy too how about that! You both are what ive been saying all along acouple of idiots with NOTHING else to say but about OTHER posters. GET a opinion of your own, your boring. Keep on moo’ ing girls

  39. kelley says

    Now I predict someone will come on here and call me Helley and tell me how I am such a follower yada yada yada. I sure hope they have some new material this week.

  40. kelley says

    Hey Kellymay and Carleigh, I am here. I only come on here on Weekdays when I am at work. Take notes for me for the rest of the week, I am leaving on vacay.

    Yeah…. generally I try not to come on here too much because then I might have to go to group therapy because people on a web blog are mean to me. WTH was that all about?

    Is it just me, or does it seem like the more someone tries to deflect from accusations, the more guilty they look.

    If I were to take what was said literally I would think that she went to this group, heard this story and then came here just to stir shit. Frankly, I think it is easier to believe it is the same person/.

  41. Lisa says

    oh yeah, by the way, I recently put together a large team of walkers at my work to walk to raise money for cancer research. We raised a lot of money, I was the team captain and registered us, and we raised a large donation. so, your comment about shaving your head will illicit no hip hip hoorays from me, I put my time, my wallet and my legs where my mouth is and actually raised money which went straight to The American Cancer Society. sounds pretty low class of me-huh?

  42. Lisa says


    I am still happily married to the father of my children

    Kate Hudson screwed around while married-this is not just a new relationship-as you sugarcoat it to be- she is a married woman-married to the father of her child-real good values huh

    my children are very lucky thank you, I care enough about my family to keep it together. I care enough about my children and their hygiene to actually get their hair cut. And yes, I think his hair looks ridiculous-so go shave your head as much as you want -you sound like a raving lunatic

    low class-ha

  43. Noni says

    come on #112 who are you kidding???!! so if i were to call you something insulting right now you would just respond once and then ‘let it go’?? i don’t think so…a lot of people don’t seem to come on here to see the so called cute babies, they come on here to make trouble, i can’t work out if you were being sincere just then or ‘tongue in cheek’…and i also happen to think that being a cancer nurse says a lot about a person, its an emotionally exhausting job that must be heartbreaking, i don’t think i would have the strength to do that on a daily basis so you keep going kellymay and ignore the trash who want to deflate you!!

  44. megan says

    come on everyone, we are all going to have different opinions than each other!! i personally think the little boy is cute but should get his hair cut, his mom obviously doesn’t agree, not the end of the world..i love the fact that we all see these celeb babies differently and can feel free to post what we like, and yes sometimes we are going to annoy others with what we write, especially as somethings meant tongue in cheek don’t come out that way…but hey, if you get a response to something you have written that you don’t like, just respond once to clear up any misunderstanding or to merely stand your ground and then let it go…too many cute (and un-cute!) babies out there to see…..

  45. Minnie says

    Just noticed that Kate seems to be wearing a crucifix which probably indicates that she’s not as jewish as all that. Perhaps the family was once Jewish and what were once Jewish customs have just become family ones.

    I think Kate’s beautiful – hard to tell from this picture what her little boy looks like…

  46. Doh says

    Oh look, shea going off on one AGAIN….. What a surprise. He/she loves to just get in there and stir the pot…!!!

    Or did i mean that for dori….somehow they sound like the same person…lol

  47. says


    I love rereading how evil I am! Gosh, I feel honored to have been singled out when so many others including TJ’s mom herself spoke so highly of one another. She ultimately chose not to explain herself and pulled the sympathy card after the fact, you did say she was young so that explains it. I am glad she has some one as mature as you to guide her in dealing with the crisis she so obviously is experiencing right now…

    I hope you both feel the revenge you were seeking was a success. Sorry didn’t experience any Hell, these things don’t really affect me in my everyday life but if anything it did provide some entertainment, Thanks especially that being the reason I come to this site 🙂

    I especially love how heartless I am here to TJ’s mom ( I know I am an idiot that I didn’t know her children’s name, gosh I should no better especially when I am supposed to know everything right): Tj?s mom, I have thought about you all evening! Again I am very sorry. One thing that gives me great peace with the role I play as a nurse is the peace for the family not to have to witness sometimes the horrible deaths almost always at the hands of cancer, I am very sorry you had to witness that with your children at your side. I cannot even begin to imagine that personal heartache. Countless times myself I drove home after a long night in tears after barely knowing these people. Please know I am not a vindictive person, I care very much and sometimes too much. Please be at peace, I feel terrible?

    Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out Cher, oops my halo slipped!

  48. Olivia says

    I have skepped down here a bit to assure Cher Olivia is not a fake KellyMay , Good Lord Cher what in the earth is the matter with you? I’m posting and have posted on this site off and on for quite some time. So, it should be apparent I am not KellyMay trying to “Trick You”. I do not always agree with her, but I can say honestly I respect her and am interested in her opinions. You on the other hand little miss tacky filthy mouth do not seem to add much of anything to any posts opinion wise other than to call people vulgar names, be critical in rude disgusting form, and I am sure you have many names you post under, many of them already in use by someone you are currently attacking. I can not help but feel you have severe anger management problems and could certainly benefit in finding a site where filthy disgusting personal attacks are appreciated and the posters will be impressed with your ignorant crude behavior.

  49. Nicki says

    Hey Cher, you have a severe problem. You need to join a different group for help with that one.

    KellyMay, All of your posts are sweet and thoughtful. PLEASE don’t let this physco get to you, although by reading the last few you haven’t. Thanks for all of your posts, I have always enjoyed them.

    On topic, Ryder is a cute kid. His Mom seems like a loving and attentive Mom. What a very lucky little boy.

  50. Shea says

    Cher, For once maybe if YOU shut your mouth
    remember this post you wrote on a thread on jen ben and V?

    85. Cher | October 19th, 2006 at 3:05 pm
    “this was the first thread i ever read on this website. you women are mean and spiteful just becuz someones opinion differs from you. and to make fun of someone who just lost half her family to cancer. pathetic. shame on you KellyMay, Kelley, HotMama, Minni, Team Aniston, Shea and everyone else. if you ever wonder why i hate you people so much re-read what you wrote and how much pain you obviously caused to JTs mommy. what goes around comes around. pathetic spiteful bitches! ”

    YOU should really look into who says what to whom becuz I NEVER said anything to tj’s mommy. NOT once. BUT yet you think you can include ME in your STUPID no sense post. You dont even care enough to spell HER HANDLE right. IF you hate us so much WHY come here. JUST leave! ITS not that hard is it??? YOU need to stop accusing people of things they DID NOT do and keep your mouth shut when it doesnt CONCERN you. OH yeah right you came here to just get revenge huh? your as demented as she is for being “upset” by what people on a COMPUTER say. So have a nice time at your meetings, kinda funny how you didnt say what YOU were there for . Im sure it was a mental kind of thing, cuz your a freaking wacko. I really hope your gone…cuz im gonna keep on your ass til you change your handle or leave. DEFEND HERSELF FROM US LOL???? ALL SHE HAD TO DO IS NOT COME ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! wow DUMBASS bitches is what you are, BOTH of you. GET SOME HELP for real CUZ I DONT THINK YOUR GROUP IS WORKING!
    YOUR both mental cases.

  51. Cher says

    once again, you think that u know everything. Trevor & Jenny’s mother (not a boy named TJ-idiot!) doesn’t come to this website anymore. u and your friends made sure of that the day you crucified her. shes in the same Hospice support group as I. a few weeks ago she came to the meeting upset by what u & your friends said to her inregards to her mothers death from cancer. we have taken her under our wing. she is young with 2 small children and took care of her dying mother for almost two years. her mother never got out of bed for the last 9 months of her life. she told us that her mom had painful sores all over her body but still she wanted to hold her grandchildren She used to tell her kids to watch out for her mothers “boo-boos” – her simple remark caused u & your friends to call her all kind of names and treat her like shit. her mom died 2 days after christmas, her favorite aunt died a few months later from a blood clot i believe. during the summer she took in her father who had a massive heart attack and underwent I think quadruple bypass surgery. a few weeks ago, she buried her mother-in law. we look out for her- to be so young and go thru so much. your right kellyGay my name only showed up after that post-i came to this websit after she shared in group. if Kristi wasn’t going to defend herself from you-someone had to. someone had to let you know the pain you caused this poor girl. i’m done w/ u KellyGay. U obviously have no feelings. i could call you the self righteous bitch that u r but it will never take back the pain u caused Kristi just becuz’ she made one simple remark against jenifer gardner. u r a bitch-u know u r a bitch & that will never change. im done wasting my time w/ u. Your rite. i never came to this pathetic website to look at stupid babies- i dont have any-dont want any. i just came for some revenge. hope i made your life hell for a couple of weeks. it will give you a sneak peek when you end up there after u die. good by bitch.

  52. carleigh says

    No posts from Kelley in awhile..wonder what’s up? Haven’t heard from Braydie in awhile now either..hope things are OK for both of them. Nicola hasn’t been around either for awhile. Oh well, I am sure they will wander back when they get some time. In the mean time all we can do is stick together and ignore some “trolls” negativity.

  53. says

    Carleigh have you seen any posts from Kelley?
    I am quickly browsing here and don’t see any, hmmm I’ll drop her a line here.

    Anybody with computer knowledge? I just switched from a monitor to a television screen (much cheaper to buy a new flat screen Tv then it was a monitor) anyways the fonts are really light and no matter how I adjust it they don’t get any lighter? Any tips, can I change font colors in my browser some how? TIA 🙂

  54. says

    Wow Cher, you sure have your pabties in a knot today!
    Log off, hug your children and try to diffuse some of that pent up anger oh and maybe feel good about yourself, it will probably do you wonders. I often wonder why you respond the way you do, definitely some bigger issues in your own life that you feel the need to judge someone you have no clue whom they are. It’s funny you think I am self-righteous, I am not any better then anyone else and have never stated that, I enjoy my job (is that a crime?),You chose to feel that way about me, you have no clue who I am nor do you carry any truth to what you spew out your mouth. I sure hope Tj sees a better side to his momma then what we see…

    Oh I love the last word, I am so predictable! I was sleeping (it was the middle of the night for me) so I couldn’t respind back to you otherwise I definitely would have because that’s just me.

    We have decided to leave your post up, It speaks so loudly for itself :p Your a treat Cher, thanks for making me smile today!

  55. carleigh says

    Wow…I think a certain poster on here is angry at the wrong person for the wrong reason. Why would someone deliberately think someone was being a “self righteous bitch” when all that person has done and tried to do is be compassionate and kind??? I think this other person has a very blatant inferiority complex and can’t realize genuineness, caring and concern when it’s directed at him/her. How sad! I think the so called “self-righteous bitch” is one of the kindest and least confrontational poster on this blog and that this other person is just so full of misery and self-loathing that he/she can’t see past the anger and bitterness in his/her own life. To the “self-righteous bitch” you have been nothing but the most sincere, helpful, enchanting, open, honest person to have the privelge to blog with…don’t let what this other “troll” has to say towards you or about you effect you coming back here at all. There are some of us on here who have wept, laughed and learned from things you have shared. You bring so many good things to this blog and this “troll” is just to self-centered and evil to realize how wrong she/he truly is. I hope the troll will find a new bridge to live under and eventually go away so that babyrazzi can once again be a place to voice opinions, form friendships (albeit online, but friendships nonetheless), and enjoyable once more. Stick around “self-righteous bitch” there are those of us who really value you for everything you are.

  56. dori says

    I have a masters degree by the way and I don’t appreciate your nasty comments. His hair is ugly and I stick by my statement. The kid is not ugly just his hair .

  57. joanna says

    kellymay, cher is a very insensitive person, u seem a really nice girl who is very passionate about her job x

  58. says

    Gosh so angry at me and your not mad at the right person poor Cher!!!! Actually read all the posts by me Kellymay and see that I was actually very compassionate to Tj’s mom, that is funny!

  59. says

    Read the post again and enlighten yourself the post your referring to that starts with “Headcase” is posted by Kelley not me.

    CarolAnn, best of luck to you in May. Birth is an amazing experience and very rewarding! This site has a ton of great information http://www.kellymom.com 🙂 Thanks for your kind words!

  60. Doh says

    Oh yes forgot to mention dori……if your comeback is merely making fun of my name(which i’m sure even someone with your dementia must realise is not my real name) then its obvious to me and everyone else you are severely lacking in intellect…..

    Try picking on someone your own age next time…..

  61. Doh says

    Dori…..yes you are right i am younger than you cos there is no way i am in my 60’s…lol

    I picked you out because you made particularly nasty comments,,,Quote ” a stringy ugly mess like that kid….its just plain ugly”. Unquote

    And Quote”His hair is very ugly……its just a long strgly mess uchhhhh” Unquote

    Now dori is that anyway to talk about a sweet little kid. Tell me, how can hair be ugly..?? Surely its the style that is ugly or to use a better word horrible or not to my taste..!!

    I sure am glad that your not my gran cos you sound more like the wicked witch from the west….

  62. Cher says

    Oh! and just to show that I can cut and paste just like you, the comment you quoted came in RESPONSE to (after) this comment by Kelly:

    “I certainly am proud that my child had not HAD to learn the word boo boo, so take that as you will. ”

    Now read the comment you quoted. Funny how you read what you want to read to make yourself look good after YOU started the whole thing!

  63. Cher says

    wow. no kellyGAy getting the last word in? Hmm…must be at work at the hosptial saving lives…o just wait. it will come. Self righteous egotistical people like KellyGay ALWAYS has to have the last word! or maybe she’ll just change her handle again to get the last word in! It will come. She’s so predictable. Go ahead…post away KellyGAy, Minnie, CarolAnn or prehaps you’ll use a new handle.

  64. Cher says

    Go ahead and deny it KellyGay. o Why do i bother-noone will be able to read this when cry baby KellyGay gets yet another one of my comments erased. Do you hear that everyone: piss KelllyGay off and she’ll get your comment erased.

  65. Cher says

    Hmmm…interesting that that there were no posts from Minnie until that “blood” post. Hmmm…interesting that this is the first time that I’ve seen CarolAnns name. You’ve neen caught changing your handle KellyGay aka-Minnie, CaolAnn, Nurse Nightengale…Angel of Death!

  66. my comment says

    Anyone watching Saturday nitght live ?! Its hilarious! Seriosly – check it out and peace everyone… come on so funny

  67. Cher says

    KellyGay you are one self righteous bitch. bitch, bitch, bitch. you think that your shit don’t stink. i hate people like you that think they are above everyone. you look down your little stuck up self righteous nose at everyone. you’re a little know it all and you pretend to care. and your just pissed off because someone saw you for who you are-a fake stuck up self righteous bitch-who likes to throw her good deeds in everyones face to make her look holier than thou. “look at me. I sat with a cancer patient i’m a good person….blah blah blah.” if i have to read one more of your self righteous good deeds i will vomit. and if i choke on that vomit, please don’t come and rescue me-let me die. because the next thing we’ll all be reading is “look what a good nurse i am-i just saved someone else blah blah blah” so you just go ahead and continue to post all your little self righteous good deeds that you like to brag about so much…makes you feel good, doesn’t KellyGay? you probably live a shallow lonely life and the only way you can justify your pathetic existence on this earth is to think that you are nurse nightengale. Like i said before- glad you weren’t the nurse sitting next to my mom when she died. i would hate to think that your self righteous holier than thou face was that last thing that she saw before she died. and funny how you think that just because someone can see thru your charade that they must of changed thier handle. o there can’t be 2 people on this earth that hate the self righteous KellyGay. Hmmm perhaps you are also Minnie and CarolAnn (sounds alot like KellyGay) and you had to make up handles to back you up? so now your a hypocrite too. or are you the only one who can change their handle to make yourself look good. now, kellyGay, it’s now time for you to email the webmaster to have them delete this post. god forbid anyone read what a self righteous egotistical bitch you are KellyGay or should I say CaolAnn or Minnie.

  68. jill says

    just a thought..i shaved my head a while back in support of cancer research, does this mean i dont have a “proper” haircut?? is this something others think i should be ashamed of?? standing up for my beliefs?

  69. CarolAnn says

    I have lurked for many months but never posted due to the desire to stay out of it but I do feel the need to say something now.

    Personally I find Kellymay to be one of the kindest people on here, I don’t recall her ever demeaning another poster nor shoving her opinions down anothers throat. She obviously is well educated and speaks very well. In regards to Cher I think she nailed that one exactly, Cher constantly challenges the woman on here that blog regularly whom do not fear what another feels about them, she never actually offers anything on a thread just belittles others. I think this is termed a troll, Cher I have two other girlfriends that read this site often, yesterday we were out for lunch talking about the recent Madonna stuff and we started talking about some of the posts, we were all wondering why you even come to this site?

    Kelly, I respect you and want you to know that from reading your blogs about what birth is meant to be as well as the experience of breastfeeding, I look forward to my delivery in May!!! Thank you for offering what you have, it has made a difference in my life!

  70. kellymay says

    Cher, please as I have asked before enlighten me as to when I hurt another person other then yourself poser? In that regard only after the fact you used your mothers death to make others feel bad because they asked why a child shouldn’t see blood. Again my posts were not mean at all?
    Here’s your post where you expressed the deep sadness towards losing your mother to cancer ” Just so you know, Kelly…my kids learned the word “boo boo” while they watched their grandmother (my mother) die a slow and horrible death from cancer! TAKE THAT AS YOU WILL, BITCH! ” Hmmm that’s really nice and shows a lot of respect to your mother!

    Cher, it’s quite obvious you have some issues with feeling inferior hence the need to constantly say that others control this board or are up anothers ass because you so desperately want to be included. Very much like childrens behaviour if they do not get the positive attention they deserve then they will act out to recieve attention of any kind and unfortunately that usually back fires. You have never tried to be nice to anyone on this board. You have been judgemental from your first post which was after you changed your handle, interesting there were no posts from your before the blood post?!? You are the only one that does this, sad for you but I guess if it makes your life that little bit more palatable to put down others then so be it! I don’t understand why your back is up, especially when you will deny yet again you were not TJs mom, why the vested interest in that post?

    Can you please remove your head from up my ass LOL

  71. jill says

    oh and what is a “proper” haircut?? who are you to decide what that is??

    and who cares if kate hudson has a new relationship? who cares???

    i dont understand, but if you are so judgemental on a message board, i cant imagine how you must be in real life….lucky kids you have

  72. jill says

    perhaps to value originality or not conforming to a social standard?? jewish or not the child and his mother are entitiled to whatever hair length they desire

    criticize them if they are doing something harmful to the child..
    give me a break..
    what an ignorant low class person you must be…

    or so i presume

  73. dori says

    doh or DuH I’m not as old as you might think there were 6-7 other people who stated they didn’t like his long hair why do you choose to single me out? You are obviously young and DUHHHHHH stupid…..

  74. dori says

    doh ..I am not old ..did I directly insult you? Why do you feel you need to attack me? I have a right to my opinion If you don’t like what I say ignore it or why don’t you go elsewhere if you don’t like people to state their opinions? at least a dozen people here here said they don’t like his hair yet you singled me out to insult me… #37 said she didn’t like it either did you single her out ? Where’s the webmistress when you need her????

  75. Cher says

    Minnie you are one of the biggest hypocrites on this site! You share the title with a few well known others. I think you know who you are!!!!!

  76. Minnie says

    Oh dear carleigh – I was sure someone would be daft enough to say that.

    My point, if you read all the words you’ll see it, is that one cannot at once post on a site like this (something I obviously have no problem with as I am doing it) AND claim to be some moral guardian/ arbiter who can do no wrong. Participating on this site makes you a bad person so you don’t get to criticise others. Just post and enjoy it and know it’s a little bit wrong and therefore that you don’t get to judge.
    It’s all there if you actually read not assume you know what’s coming.
    I am clearly a baby stalker carleigh – just I try to avoid being a hypocrite.

  77. carleigh says

    #54 If I am not mistaken I think you have also commented on the babies on this site as well as everyone else. It’s a public forum and anyone who feels the urge to post an opinion can do so..but you are calling anyone who makes a disparaging comment a hypocrite or a baby stalker? What does that make you?

  78. Vicki says

    Oh my !!! How can 1 picture cause so much fuss ? Well I stick by what I said I do think he looks like a girl, and if he was my child Id cut his hair but fair ebough it IS kates choice and I suppose we should all respect that. But really theres no need 2 get nasty or personal now is there girls ??

  79. Cher says

    so. its okay 4 u to hurt people but god forbid anyone say anything to you. KellyGay. o. now I know the rules.

  80. carleigh says

    #52 was NOT me…….so to the poser………screw u! Say whatever you want under YOUR handle or don’t say shit at all!

  81. Lisa says

    teaching him values and beliefs?? she is not a practicing Jew-research it

    what value- that is ok for Mommy to leave Daddy to start a romance with Owen Wilson? Its ok because mommy will take you to tropical places like Hawaii 9to meet up with her lover) and to Australia while dadyy is…well I guess that doesn’t matter

    no, my children are not perfect-it is up to me to ensure that they have proper haircut, not up to them…

  82. jill says

    what a cruel bunch!
    who cares if kate hudson doenst want to cut her sons hair?!!
    why do you care!??

    at least she is teaching the child values and beliefs.

    i bet your kids are all perfect too right??

  83. joanna says

    he’d look so much better if his hair was cut, i think it looks very un natural for boys to have long hair.

  84. Doh says

    Dori…..are you blind, the kids hair is not a mess but looks like kate spent a lond time brushing it…………i suggest you being very old should give up posting and go and do something more suitable for an old granny like knitting or making pies……get lost you old fart…..lol

  85. Minnie says

    Oh good god.
    Anyone posting on this site who criticises someone else for saying what a celebrity should or should not do with their kids hair or clothes is a hypocrite. You’re on a celebrity baby stalker sight for god’s sake – you no longer get to argue morality or taste and decency. You’re on a site that posts pictures of children without the consent of their parents (more often than not) – you don’t get to stick up for the parents’ freedom of choice!

    I’m not saying you should feel bad about it, I’m just saying that participating on this site makes you as bad as someone who feels that they shoould conform to societal norms (as in the case of the little Native American boy who clearly does) or who criticises someone elses kid. You are none of you good people or you would realise this is wrong.

    Or, you realise this is wrong. In which case you get to comment (good or bad) but can’t you see the hopless hypocracy in setting yourselves up as arbiters of taste, morality and decency?!

  86. Helen says

    Maybe Katie is planning on donating Ryder’s hair to kids who have gone through chemo and lost their own hair. . Maybe she’ll start dreadlocks. Maybe when he turns 3 he’ll get a haircut. God, nice not to have other worries in life than how long Ryder’s hair gets.

  87. Kat says

    Maybe, since it is already long, she is waiting until it is long enough so that when they get it cut, they can donate it? Just a thought. I’ve donated my hair several times after growing it out…

    (And I agree with you #16 Ramona – everyone is so concerned with this kid’s hair, and no one stops to think about things that are cut off and shouldn’t be!!! Little boys’ hair is the least of our worries!!!)

  88. says

    Cher screw you!
    I just spent the last 5 days caring for a 65 yr old woman whom is in the last stages of her life, dying from an esphogeal tumor. You are a heartless human being, I will not apologize for being good at what I do. I take pride in who I am and what I offer to humanity, I care!
    Maybe I am just emotionally, spiritually and physically drained right now, but your comment really hurt! I hope you got what you wanted, for being such an awful person…

  89. kary says

    Why say something ugly about the little boy just because he has long hair. And yes, this is run into the ground everytime her photo is on here with her son. Let do say something else like he looks like he’s having fun. When he does get it cut somebody is going to say something ugly about his looks then too. Can’t please anybody.

  90. Nicki says

    I agree KellyMay, his hair always looks clean and tangle free. I’m sure she spends a bit of time after each bath and shampoo and it looks like it is brushed and he doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. On a different note I remember my 3 year old neice who screamed ANY time she saw a brush in your hand.
    Needless to say, she had her hair cut, not boy short, but managable for her. I guess it depends on each hair type. Ryder looks like he has fine hair and if conditioned regularly it would be easy to brush, unlike my neices thick natural wavy hair.
    Ryder is a cute kid and has clean and healthy hair. His Mom, Kate is the one who has to deal with it every day, not anyone of us. So who cares?

  91. says

    Ryder has beautiful hair that is hardly unkempt, at that length it would be quite obvious if it wasn’t! Most moms would cut it because of the upkeep, good job Kate!!!

    Interesting that a lot of ladies judge on him having long hair, how do you feel about little girls with boy hair cuts and I see a lot these days?!?

    Personally I think he’s super cute with a doting mom whom takes well care of him, much more then can be said about million others!

  92. says

    God you peopel…WHY IS IT ALWAYS ABOUT THIS KIDS HAIR??? How many times do we have to go through this…..there must be something new to say about them…

  93. kk_619 says

    Vicki B you made a great point!!! Although I am not a fan of Ryder’s hair either, this post board just goes to show exactly the reason why celebs dont want their babies photographed. I know that everyone is entitled to their own comments and their own opinions, but dont you think this is getting a little carried away ladies?? Trust me, I could post exactly what I think of little Ryder’s hair, but Im not going to because there is no need to, where are you getting with these nasty remarks?? If you dont like it, you dont like it… but there is no reason to be saying that the little cutie looks like a muppett and a slob, because he couldnt be any farther from looking like either of those!!! Hes adorable!!!

  94. Nicki says

    I think the first time Ryder gets his hair all tangled around the wheels of a toy truck while playing, he might want a haircut. Or maybe when he goes to preschool and another kid or two asks him why he has girls hair. Maybe not, he might actually like it long. He might want it long like his Dads.

  95. scarlet says

    I am thinking that Kate Hudson secretly wishes she has a little girl? Hello…Get the kid a haircutt..This is a baby boy..Oh my goodness…

  96. Julie says

    Kate can do what she wants to with his hair- she’s his mother and that’s one of the benefits of the title.

  97. vicki b says

    what makes me laugh is that all of you who are criticizing her would just GUSH if she walked up to you. you would ask for her autograph and if she would take a picture with you and you would call all of your friends to brag.

    and people wonder why stars don’t like to have their kids photographed – he’s two and you are saying something as hateful as ‘he looks like a hobbit’. as if putting (sorry Ryder) makes it ok.

  98. dori says

    I am a hippie from the 60’s and yes boys did have long hair… but not a stringy ugly mess like that kid… it’s just plain ugly.

  99. dori says

    There’s nothing in the jewish religeon about not cutting hair thats a bunch of nonsense.
    His hair is very ugly. He should have a nice boy haircut
    it’s just a long strgly mess uchhhhh
    shame on you Kate Hudson.

  100. Kelsey says

    Lisa, I completely agree with you. At that age, whether it be a boy or a girl, I would keep their hair shorter just because it is more convenient! At two years old children are all over the place and their hair easily gets tangled and looks like a mess! And beyond that, I just love to see children’s precious faces, so I personally think their hair should be short, or at the very least, pulled back in a ponytail.

  101. Ramona says

    And the question begs to be asked: What’s wrong with looking like a girl?
    Ladies your inner self loathing is showing.

  102. Jenna says

    lol i knew that everyone was gonna get on her again with ryders long hair.
    leave the poor kid alone ahahahaha

  103. Jenna says

    lol i knew that everyone was gonna get on her again with ryders long hair.
    leave the poor kid alone ahahahaha

  104. Lisa says

    I cut my daughters hair to bob length when she was 2 because it was hard to keep it from being unruly-and she is a girl. Personally, to me, little boys should have boy haircuts. They look cleaner, neater and look like their gender. If you want a girl try for another baby

  105. kary says

    I don’t recall seeing any rat tails in my part of the south lately either. At least not in the last 10 years. Was a fad that disappeared. I think it’s Kates decision to have her childs hair long so what’s all the fuss about? It doesn’t make him an ugly child just because his hair is long. He’s not wearing a dress is he? So he must be a little boy that just so happens to have long hair.

  106. Diva says

    LOL, you know what just occured to me? Ryder is TWO, he doesn’t give a rat’s ASS what his hair looks like! It seems to me it’s uptight, conformist, judgemental people who think he looks, and I quote, “repulsive”, “gross”, “like something from the Hobbit”, “like something from the muppet show”. And don’t bother with the “I said his HAIR was gross, not HIM” aregument, cos, um, it’s HIS hair, on HIS head, and therefore, you ARE saying this little boy is “repulsive.” And blah, blah, blah to “it’s my opinion” because not ONE of you would like YOUR childs photo’s plastered up here for everyone to express THEIR opinion about how “gross” they look.
    I’ll be sure and NOT tell my 8-year old brother how much the Stepford Wives think he looks like a Muppet.

  107. Lisa says

    At this early of an age it is up to mom to cut their little boys hair- it is repulsive to see little guys with long unruly, unkept hair
    its not just the looking like a girl thing-please, I wish it was just that-it just looks bad

    cut your sons hair
    and I don’t care if they think it is cool or want their hair long as a parent make the decision and cut their hair

  108. megan says

    with that hair he doesn’t look like a little boy anymore, more like something from the muppet show..what a waste of such a cute little face…

  109. Doh says

    Yeah, well said Diva. Ryder looks really cute and the long hair really suits him and he def looks like a BOY.

    People who think all boys should have short hair are sooo narrow minded and live in their perfect little worlds with their perfect little children living perfectly BORING lives….

    Boys with long hair ROCK…lol

  110. Ramona says

    Ryder looks alot like his Dad. Goldie Hawn is Jewish,
    or at least was raised Jewish. What is all the fuss over his hair? I really don’t see a problem. He’ll either be a boy with long hair, hardly a novelty, or he’ll tell his Mom he wants it short at some point. Yeesh, you’d think the 60’s never happened.
    (not to start a big debate, but it’s the circumcision thing that freaks me out)

  111. Bethany says

    I don’t know which is worse….hair like Ryder’s on a boy, or boys that have short hair with a “rat tail”. Gross! Don’t know if that is just what people do down South, or if it’s everywhere, but it is so ugly!

  112. Diva says

    I said this on a story that disappeared about Kate and Ryder awhile back, and I’ll say it again….

    Some people, for religious and/or cultural reasons, DO NOT FEEL THE NEED to conform to YOUR idea of what HAIRSTYLE a child, boy OR girl, should have! My family is Native American, my 8-year old brother has hair down past his rear, and he’s PROUD of his hair. He’s VERY secure in knowing that he is a BOY, he’s not the least bit “gender confused” and has said his hair will NOT be cut until he is 20. Those are HIS words, and HIS decision. My other brother had his hair cut when he was 12 for the first time. At no point was he ever “confused” about whether he was a boy or a girl. I’m just really curious as to WHY you think a boy needs to have his hair cut? To prove he’s a boy??? To “look” like a boy??? My little bull-dozer brother is CLEARLY a boy to anyone who looks at him. If the societal norm was shave all children’s heads until they were 10, and you loved the beautiful little locks your little girl grew, would you shave her head because a bunch of hens told you that was what a little girl should look like?

  113. Pika says

    Maybe it’s the pic, but doesn’t this little
    guy look like something from the Hobbit?(Sorry Ryder)
    At least shorter hair would look neater.
    I let my son’s hair grow when he was small,
    but it was fairly curly, so it didn’t look as disheveled.
    Of course now my son keeps his hair very short.
    Don’t know if it’s because of the early long locks!

  114. 2kids2many says

    Hey…this has nothing to do with Kate Hudson, but has anyone noticed that we haven’t seen Katie Holmes shopping this week! Maybe she ran out of stores…haha

  115. Bethany says

    Okay, I don’t think a haircut will make this little guy cute. And the religion excuse is only good if she is practicing that religion, which I haven’t heard that she is. She said it was some relative way down the line that was Jewish.

  116. 2kids2many says

    Wow! 2 years old and in Australia. These celebrity kids just travel the world, don’t they? That’s great that these kids spend time with their parents, but there’s much to be said about stability at such a young age. I’m glad that my kids come home to the same old boring house everyday! (IMO)

  117. Tonya says

    I read somewhere that she wasn’t cutting his hair because it is a part of the Jewish religion and she had some family member somewhere along the line who was jewish. That particular rule only lasts until the child is three though.

  118. Kary says

    Someone said on this blog that it’s a religious thing. I’m sure someone will enlighten you about his hair.

  119. Vicki says

    Come on… cut the kids hair LOL I let both my boys grow their hair 2 bout shoulder length which was when they were bout 2 n a half then i got it cut. Ryder just looks like a girl !!

  120. carleigh says

    Katie looks kinda haggard and tired in this pic. Maybe it’s the divorce taking a toll on her. I never saw a lot of Chris Robinson in Ryder but I can really see it in his profile. I hope Kate finds some peace in her life and get’s Ryder a much needed haircut (couldn’t resist).

  121. Carole says

    Message to Kate: PLEASE cut Ryder’s hair! He is such a cute little guy! I cannot even imagine the reasoning behind the decision to not cut his hair to a little boy style! I bet you hear this all the time! Think it over!!!

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