Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Reportedly Expanding Their Brood

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

This is sort of hard to believe, but may indeed be true!

Angelina Jolie is adopting an Indian baby to add to her growing international brood, according to reports.

Sources say the big-hearted actress and partner Brad Pitt have already applied to adopt a tot from an Indian orphanage. An insider said: “They hope to be able to bring the child home by Christmas.

“Brad would prefer a boy no older than 18 months to even out the sexes but Angie has told him she can’t guarantee she won’t fall in love with a little girl.”

The source told US magazine Globe: “Whichever they end up with, they’d like to name the child India to honour its homeland.” The pair are rumoured to have visited the Priva Darshini orphanage in the last month.

Angelina’s first child, five-year-old Maddox, was adopted from a Cambodian orphanage in 2002. And last year she adopted an Ethiopian baby girl – Zahara Marley Jolie – orphaned by AIDS, now 22-months-old.

She and actor Brad Pitt, 42, had a daughter together, baby Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, in May 2006. Angelina, 31, has declared that she’d like children from all over the world.

She has said: “I want to create a rainbow family. That’s children of different religions and cultures from different countries.”

“I believe I’m meant to find my children in the world and not necessarily have them genetically.”

Angelina and Brad have been virtually inseparable since the actor split from Jennifer Aniston in January last year.

They grew close after appearing in the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

After the birth of their daughter Brad described fatherhood as the greatest thing he had ever done.

“It’s a true joy and a very profound love,” he said.

However it was said that the couple were in disagreement over whether they should adopt again, with Brad wanting to concentrate on the children they have.



  1. tj says

    i like angelina jolie and brad pitt! i love them both they are very gorgeous and helping people i love the fact that angie saves peoples lives when you “people” that “hate” her cant even do! because shes not “normal” shes civil and thats what counts she knows what shes doing in her life, angelina is not that girl from the 90’s or early 2000’s she has grown into an even more gorgous woman and is oh so intelligant!!!

  2. annastasiawilliams says

    i love brangelina and the family i love angelina and brad also your children and your selves are just so wonderful and your #1 fan im only 11years old but i love you
    so much.i buy all of the magazines when you are on the front page. I want to be a model and an actress.and you are my insperation.

  3. nikki says

    ok they filled the papers and now they are allegaly Maddox Jolie-Pitt and Zahara Jolie-Pitt

    Oh and it really hurts me when u say that brad is not maddox and Zahara`s father because a father in a man who loves the kid helps him when he`s sad! teaches him how 2 ride a bike!
    Beacuse im alive and i don`t have a father!!
    Only because he IS A LIEING DIRT BAG THAT DESIRVES 2 BE HUNG AND WIPPED SEVRILL TIMES AND BEG FOR MERSY !!!!!!!!! and my cusins father is just like my father A DIRT BAG!!!! but she calls her moms New husband dad(my uncle) and she loves him!!!thats what counts not by blood its by heart…..a father is a man who has heart ….wow you got me all teary .*
    don`t get me rong i still wanna have a dad but i was only 5 yrs old and my brother was only 7 yrs old and treated my other brother who was like 15 yrs old like he was in jail and would thretten 2 kill his friends and hurt my other brother when he was just a new born baby! (cuz he was crying) Brad loves Maddox and Zahara ! and also loves Shiloh he is a good dad i salute him !
    im very happy for M/Z/S and i feel Angelina`s pain…. trust me it never heals.

  4. traveler says

    Look. I don’t think anyone should be criticizing the parenting skills of either Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. How do you know they aren’t changing Shiloh’s diaper, running over and changing Zahara’s diaper and then making breakfast for Maddox? A lot of regular middle class families do just that. Why not them?

    As for the nanny. Of course they have one. Both of them work. Many, many, many families send their children to daycare because both parents work. Why is it ok for the rest of us to do that, but not them? In fact, I think those children are better off having a nanny then being put into daycare. At least, they’re able to stay in their home. And with a better caregiver to child ratio.

    I’d put money on the fact that those 3 kids see more of their parents than most middle and lower class kids do. An actor usually has a few months in between projects to spend with their family. The rest of us have to work everyday of the year save for the periodic vacation days and holidays. I think they’re a whole lot luckier than most kids in this country in that respect.

  5. amy says

    i think brad and angie r very loveing people for adopting 3 kids! well i Know brad didnt come in until waaayy later
    but he really luvs those kids and so does angelina. and no matter what anyone says its their choice to adopt or have more kids u dont Know how they feel about it. so dont be criticizeing them

  6. carleigh says

    Team do you personally know the process for B to adopt M and Z was halted? Just wondering where you are getting your info from is all? From what I have read it takes anywhere for 9-18 months to finalize everything so it started in December last year and it could be close to being completed by now, maybe that’s why we haven’t heard anymore info about it.

  7. carleigh says

    Olivia I wasn’t sure how to comment on that but I do agree with the points you made completely..

    Dori sure grab a pot and pull up a chair..LOL

  8. traveler says

    #18 – My parents adopted a sibling unit (3 kids) from the U.S. I can totally understand why people go international (which I plan to do when I adopt). Domestic adoption laws in the U.S. are horrendous. To much bias toward the birth families. When my parents petitioned to adopt my siblings, the biological grandmother contested. This woman was content to let these 3 kids float around in foster care, separated from each other. Only when my parents wanted them, did she step up and say she’d take care of them. Where was she before? Not only did she not care previously, but she raised 3 children who turned out to be a burden on society (1 druggie and 2 in prison). My parents, on the other hand, had 2 well adjusted and well loved kids. When the court hearings started, the state decided to support the grandmother over my parents. Thank god we got a judge who knew a load of crap when he heard it. Otherwise, we never would’ve got them. After receiving custody, we had to change their names and move for fear that the grandmother would try and kidnap them.

    You hear these types of stories all the time when people try to adopt domestically. International adoption is safer and easier.

  9. Olivia says

    I don’t recall naming you personally Carleigh, I was of the opinion I was running neck and neck with you as far as in agreement on this subject. Not sure how you got that out of what I said, but oh well

  10. says

    FYI – the legal name change is not even legal yet…the papers that were plastered all over the tabloids were the APPLICATION ONLY. It is still in court, the tabloids like to say Jolie-Pitt but it is not the case as of yet. Legally AJ is the only one on paper for them. Those wonderful tabloids can say what they want and call people what they want, but facts are facts. Those children are still registered Jolie ONLY.
    Shiloh is the only one with Brad listed as the Father and Jolie- Pitt for a last name.

  11. says

    Brad went to court to TRY to adopt them but a legal name change was ALL THAT WAS DONE. There is a difference between ADOPTING and a NAME CHANGE. His name has NOT been put on legal documents citing Brad as their adopted parent. Only AJ’s name is on there as a legal adopted parent. Adding a name whether it be a middle or last name IS NOT ADOPTION.
    It’s like Jones going to Jones-Smith. Yes a added name but NOT AN ADOPTION.
    Get your facts straight, that is how it is.
    The process was stopped when AJ decided she didn’t want Brad to have that kind of control or say what goes on in thier lives.
    The only one he has say over legally and otherwise is SHILOH, his daughter!!!

  12. Lucy says

    Dori, you ROCk!! It’s true Carleigh always has to be holier than thou and give advice or take a patronizing tone.

    Truth is, many people do think Angelina collects children like they are stamps. Do we really believe she is simultaneously moving from Shiloh’s diaper to Zahara’s to making Maddox breakfast. How many nannies does she have? Until, these celebrities begin really raising their own children they should stop having (or getting) them or rather pretending they are adopting for some greater good.

    YOu know, building a beautiful facility in Africa or Cambodia and insuring that the facility is properly run would help a least a dozen kids

    And Carleigh, FYI, alot of kids in foster care are not living in top-notch facilities. In fact, some of them end up in the homes of some really weird and messed up people–if you don’t know it, becoming a foster parent isn’t too hard. Here’s a place where our laws need to be improved.

  13. Nicki says

    71. Team Aniston
    selfish, selfish,selfish….
    Exactly, so why are you shouting and so upset?

    Brad has said so in many interviews and as long as thats whats in his heart, it makes it true. The papres will be finished soon, if not already. He has been with Zahara since the day they picked her up together…………so I guess that doesn’t count. She is almost 2 years old and has been with Angelina and Brad as a family since as long as she can remember. Even if you don’t see it, everyone else does, mostly Brad and baby Zahara, his first baby girl.

  14. says

    yes dori brad did go to court to adopt zahara and maddox that why theire last name is JOLIE PITT that make zahara his daughter but not by BLOOD but by love

  15. dori says

    Wait a second… I was under the impression Brad did adopt those 2 kids and thats how they got their names changed to Jolie Pitt… did I misunderstand? Or did he already adopt Zahara and Madox??

  16. says

    NEVER ONCE DID I SAY I WANT BRAD BACK WITH JEN…I don’t, once a cheating scum always a cheater. Jen is better off without him. All I said was Shiloh is Brads daughter, not the other one. Not legally on papers or anything like that, a name change doesn’t count for shit, HE IS NOT THIER DAD(m/z). He is SHILOH’S DAD. By blood and on paper, and if you think for one minute AJ will really let him adopt those two kids you have another thing coming, it was all talk then it was all stopped…why?
    selfish, selfish,selfish….

  17. dori says

    Carliegh…. I love it that we can have our different opinions and it’s when we get into these heated that this website truely becomes exciting. It just shows we are all individuals.
    Otherwise honestly if all sat here and agreed that oh this ones cute and isn’t that lovely how boring it gets . So would you like to join me in a cup of tea???

  18. carleigh says

    I pronounce you in dire need of a spelling lesson BLAH! Now go study please and quit bothering people who have something constructive to add here.

  19. BLAH ! ! ! says

    all I can say is, YOU ARE the WOMAN !!!!
    clap! clap! clap! calp!
    I now promounce you the PRESIDENT of the
    “RAINBOW FAMILY” keep up the GOOD WORK !!!!

  20. says

    Check this out TEAM ANNISTON oh i mean team[BITCHES] don’t hate because your girl failed.Second of all i’m glad that Brad,and Angelina are taking the time to help those children.Everybody needs love even you haters of a good cause.May God bless them in everything they do.

  21. carleigh says

    Olivia, I am not making any child seem of less importance than any other in any foster system in anyplace in the world. I never said I personally was in a position to adopt so don’t personally tell me to get off my bum, stop talking about it and to do something about it. I can’t, plain and simple and there are reasons why. I applaud anyone who opens their hearts and homes to a child in need, so please don’t sit in judgement of me because I can’t personally take on the plight of the world. I would if I could and that’s not an excuse of any kind it’s the hard, cold truth.

    Dori, I don’t belittle anyone’s opinions and I don’t expect everyone to agree with mine, that would make it a dull world to live in. But, when it happens to be the same people over and over again who are direct comments and lodging complaints about me..I gotta wonder who’s problem it really is and I think I’ve answered that question without naming anyone specifically. If you thinkn people who adopt from other countries and many children are “collecting” teapots then that’s your opinion no matter if I agree with you or not. I can’t change YOUR opinion no more than you can mine…but I agree to disagree. I have my opinions and you have yours so why don’t you go grab one of your “teapots” and get a spot of tea and leave me alone please.

  22. dori says

    Please understand… I am happy for them and proud to see thechildren getting the attention in the media.It’s just in the case of Brad and Angeliana I ask whats the hurry? One child at a time getting the love they need not trying to grab up as many as you can all at once. Doesn’t each child deserve a little time of their own? They are young and have many years left to adopt many children. It doesn’t have to be done in a year or 2.If thier goal is 12 why not space them out? I understand her need to save the children but wouldn’t generous donations and awareness to others save the children as well? Give the public a chance to respond. You don’t have to feel like you need to take them all home yourself. Thats all I’m saying. They are doing a wonderful thing here bringing awareness …now sit back and give others a chance to respond.. like Madonna other will follow if they sit back and wait a bit.

  23. jioelia says

    adopting kids need brave,adventurous spirit ,generousity,kindness and love .especially when you already have your own kids.because not every child grow up to be thankful .some of them turn out to be narrow hearted and jealous. but any way,i really hope every child will grow up to be a kind and devoted person for the society and for the family.

  24. BPfan_17yrs_counting says

    Dori, I hope you don’t mind my commenting on your posts, but I think if’ts seriously unfair of you to consider adoption as collecting simply because some of those who’ve chosen to share their lives with a child happens to be someone known to the public.

    Why compare what you’ve done to what they’ve done instead expending that energy on being happy that children are being blessed with the opportunity for a better life just as your children were? Who’s keeping score here?

    I think it goes without saying that adoptions didn’t begin with Angelina, Madonna, Josephine Baker, Mia Farrow or you, and as long as there are children in need of families, the opportunity for them to be in a loving and nurturing enviroment because of people like yourself, and Angelina and the rest should be something I’d hope would be cause for a more positive attitude than those suggesting that it’s some kind of competition. JMHO

  25. dori says

    Just so you know… I have 2 adopted children from other countries (Brazil and Mexico) myself and I didn’t feel a need to collect from all over the world …I did my best to help too. My children are 20 and 22 and there’s nothing new about what Brad and Angelina are doing… I did it a long time ago and so did many other people ….it’s only because they are celebrities that this all seems so charitable and generous. These adoptions have been going on for a long long time.

  26. dori says

    You know Carleigh you do this all the time.. you belittle peoples opinions like you know it all grand mistress of
    we state our opinions it’s simple as that you don’t need to tell us it’s petty stuff
    good for you if you love babies I love babies too that doesn’t mean because a person has unlimited resources they should collect children like teapots and then hire a dozen nannies to care for them
    I’m just saying space them out a little better
    it’s healthier for the kids to have at least 2 years between them

  27. BPfan_17yrs_counting says

    I hope no one here ever has more than 2 kids because it sounds like you wouldnt be able to handle it, or them lol. I know so many people who either grew up in homes with no less than 3 kids, and some with more than 7 and I honestly can’t recall anyone feeling pinched out of love and care from their parent(s). Brad & Angelina have shown that they are loving, committed and dedicated to each other and their children, and I don’t see what adding another to that would change. They have the means to hire all the outside help they need, but as we see, they are hands on with a helper are two, and the 2nd person is generally there for protection of them all and not doing nannny things.

    Personally I see both Angelina and Brad changing course professionally, and from the looks of it Brad has already set his future behind the camera in motion by placing more and more focus on producing instead of acting in films. Angelina said last year in her interview with Cynthia Mcfaddin that she really liked being home with her kids, and although she didn’t express it as something that was going to happen anytime soon, I picked up the distinct impression that with the exception of projects that she personally wanted to be involved in as an actor, she’d have no problem with placing her main focus on her life with Brad and their children, as well as her humanitarian work.

    I think the more children that come into their lifes (and their will be, but not according to that tabloid report above, but according to Jolie-Pitt stating so) whether it be by natural birth or adoption, the more rearrainging they’ll do to make sure that the time and attention spent on any of their kids is more than adequate.

  28. Olivia says

    Oh, and just so you know, I wasn’t able to continue with the conversation yesterday, so please I hope no one was of the opinion I may have wavered in my thought process due tothe foul language, personal attacks and insane remarks posted. I stand firm in my opinion American children are egual in value to all other of our worlds children. No more or no less. Oh lets see here, the kitchen sink has a drip and the bathroom loo is overflowing, hummmmmmmmmm which should the plummer fix first? Hummmmmmmm I guess the sink slightly dripping is a priority!

  29. Olivia says

    May I inquire as to how a filthy mouth will help any child in the American foster care system? I would be of the opinion each and every one of you so very in favor of others adopting and saving a child with in the American foster care program, get off their bums, clean up their mouths and do just that. Perhaps it is time for each of you to put your money where your mouths are and stop saying “It just isn’t a good time for me, but I sure would like to!” Has it occured to you to listen to your own words and realize it very most certainly “IS” a good time for each one of those children you so demand others choose first. There are many needs in this world waiting to be filled. If you feel so strongly about the American Foster Children being a priority, DO SOMETHING INSTEAD OF SHOOTING OFF YOUR MOUTHS AND DEMAND OTHERS DO IT FOR YOU. Pretty easy to sit in your big houses with your oh so perfect husbands, perfect children, perfect little lives, or so you say, and dictate to me and anyone else what we must see and do as a priority. You brought up the point as to how much greater value American babies and children have over others from poverity stricken nations. So “honey”, stop making excuses why it isn’t your responsibility and “not” a “good” time for “YOU” and stop passing the buck you so self righteously demand of everyone else.

  30. carleigh says

    and in closing BLAH dear, if #45 and #46 are indicative of your intelligence, verbal skills and communication abilities…your in deep, deep trouble little one! Time for someone to get some HOOKED ON PHONICS HERE!

  31. carleigh says

    Hey BLAH evidently you felt the need to clarify yourself on TWO seperate posts but said almost identicle things in both…can we talk about being redundant and you want to call me stupid????????!!!!!!!! OK….your the fuckin’ genius on this blog obviously….NOT. BTW..your own spelling, grammar and punctuation is ssssssssssoooooooo impressive I see we have a Rhodes Scholar here! Go back to grade school yourself Blah and try to figure out why everyone kicked your wormy little ass on the playground and you never had any friends (except your imaginary ones and we both know they don’t count)!

  32. PS says

    But! Is this something she said to the press? Or was it just something that was printed. I would really like to know as I’ve not really followed them that much when they first got married. And if she did people do change their minds. Maybe she thought she wouldn’t be a very good mother. Either/Or, I’m sure she had her reasons. It still doesn’t make it right that Brad cheated. If that was an issue with them he should have just left on those grounds. It must be hard being a celebrity, male or female when you have roles in movies that you have to have sex scenes tho. It’s got to be tempting. Still doesn’t make it right.

  33. Nicki says

    There is nothing wrong with not wanting children. There is however something VERY wrong with telling your husband you do want children when you really don’t. When they first got married she was all gushing about “Yes soon we will start our family.”
    If she doesn’t want kids good for her, but she should have been honest about it from the start. I can guarentee that Brad would have NEVER married her if she said she never wanted kids. When him and Gwyneth were engaged he was talking about how much he wanted to have kids. So anybody who heard him knows that was his ultimate goal.

  34. PS says

    Lots of women make a choice not to have children. I have a niece that decided not to have children. She doesn?t feel she?s missing out on anything and is content with her dogs. I think if a women makes the choice not to have children she should be commended, not criticized for it. She probably knows something about herself that no one else knows. Like maybe she doesn?t have patience that is needed in raising children. I would much rather see a woman that doesn?t want children not have them than to try and conform to what others think she may be missing out on.

  35. BLAH ! ! ! says

    oh by the way CARLEIGH….you’re obviously STUPID yourself…. 45 & 46 is the same person….so you “DO NOT” use the word BOTH if it is 1 person !!! Also, you meant
    “YOU’RE” like you are……not YOUR right? go back to grade school instead of spending your time here critizing every1.

  36. BLAH ! ! ! says

    Carleigh…obviously you’re STUPID ’cause 45 & 46 is the same BLAH !!!! so there’s no “BOTH” that is the same person okay?
    Also, not “YOUR” either you meant “YOU’RE” ….
    DUMB ASS BITCH !!!!!

  37. BLAH ! ! ! says

    CARLEIGH ……………………. YOU ARE A “PSYCHO BITCH” AS WELL…join your RAINBOW family couple ….. and STFU !!!!! blah blah blah bla blah……

  38. PS says

    My neice made a choice not to have children. Does that make her bad or wrong? Why does everyone think if you don’t want children there is something wrong with you?

  39. carleigh says

    #43 Lucy it is their CHOICE as to where they adopt and what child. If they choose to go overseas to do so then it’s also THEIR choice. The american foster system maybe overrun, but at least the children in american foster systems have running water, food to eat, medical care, and the BASIC things they need to SURVIVE. I am sure the celeb’s who adopt from overseas don’t just go and pick the “cutest” child they can find and sling it on their hip, hop on a plane and come back to America. They put their money, time and devotion into taking a child from a desperate situation to give them a CHANCE at life. And to the comment you made about ADOPT AMERICAN……….you make it sound like buying a car “BUY AMERICAN”……maybe you should consider adopting from america since your so passionate about it. I see nothing wrong with celebrities adopting children from a foreign nation as long as it brings a baby/child into a family and out of poverty and certain death I am ALL FOR IT!

  40. BLAH ! ! ! says

    I am so with you PS…… and NEWSFLASH everyone…NOT having achild because you’re not ready is NOT and I repeat NOT a crime or a SIN !!!!
    CHEATING and STEALING husband is !!!! Please take a note of that….

  41. BLAH ! ! ! says

    what the hell is RAINBOW family ????? It’s funny how she sending message to people that money can do anything and everything !!! Mr. & Mrs. PSYCHO !!!!! ADOPTING CHILDREN ALL OVER THE WORLD IS NOT A HOBBY !!!! CHILDREN NEEDS “LOVE”, ATTENTION AND GOOD EDUCATION…NOT A FREAKEN PUBLICITY !!!!! First off, she needs to take care of herself to take care of all these children …oooooppssss I mean her RAINBOW FAMILY !!!! can you imagine introducing your family like…”Hello everyone I’m Angelina HOELIE and these are my RAINBOW family and adopting children all over the world is my HOBBY (and also to keep Brad because I cannot keep a man of my own !!!)

  42. PS says

    #42 – Brad is not God. He is a human being who really isn’t that handsome and really can’t act at all. Jennifer has a right not to want children at this time in her life and if Brad as her husband really loved her would have stayed with her. He wouldn’t have gone off with another woman. Him and AJ moved too fast and won’t last that long. I feel for Jen and think it’s wrong how Brad and AJ went about it. They lied about not being an item and then all of a sudden she comes up pregnant. Why wouldn’t Jen be upset? For your edification, Jen is a human being, an actor at that, who is full of emotions and rich with life’s bounty. And why is she a blight on women everywhere? Because maybe she doesn’t want children at this time or never? I know a few women that have chosen to not have children. Does that make them a blight on women everywhere? I don’t understand your reasoning on that. So, Jen not wanting children makes it ok for Brad and AJ to sneak around and cheat?

  43. Lucy says

    Are you aware what of happens in the American foster care system. As a social worker, some children may open their eyes, but not to a pretty situation, rather to a hell that is beyond their comprehension. The American foster system is so overloaded and so in need of people to adopt that it is a crying shame that adoption is so difficult. So while angelina and Brad and madonna and whomever else decides it’s “cool” to go abroad to some remote place and come back with a cute child, the truth is their are many cute, needy, children right here in the good ol’ USA.. I would like to see Angie or Madonna go through the Foster care system of LA or NY or Atlanta or Chicago or any major or minor city. I’m sickened at the photo’s of these celebrities with these cute foreign babies. That’s not to say i’m not happy for the children, but shame on the parents. Adopt American.

  44. says

    ok like team a what is wrong with you brad is not gonna go back to jen get over it…
    In Jen’s interviews, it seems that she tries to make it look like that Brad left her for someone else who simply shouldn’t have been there for him…like he was merely a stray cat. For your edification, Brad is a human being, an actor at that, who is full of emotions and rich with life’s bounty. He is a man with artistic vision, and dreams about bringing up a happy family.

    She, on the other hand, has never publicly assessed (much less admitted to) her decision about not wanting to start a family until her career in movies takes off. Why would she, if she knew that it would really make her look bad to mothers everywhere and partially responsible for her own divorce? It really goes to show you the level of ignorance and Hollywood brand of complacency she had, that Brad had to deal with in his ex-marraige. Did she think that, once she got the man, she didn’t need to keep him? What about her sensitivity to his biological clock that was ticking?? Who says you can’t have an acting career while raising a family? Just look at gorgeous Hunter Tylo or even Angelina Jolie! And, alas, did she know that she was married to …Brad Pitt? Only the sexiest man alive.

    What a dipstick she is. She is just a blight on all women everywhere. She is not worth one pinky on Angelina Jolie’s body. Jolie represents all that is strong and beautiful about being a woman in the 21st century. Aniston does not.
    For reference, here’s a little pic of the strong and beautiful Angie:

    and fyi zahara is his daughter didnt he go to court to apoted her and maddox hmm

  45. mercediz says

    Quit hating “T.A” she is happy now that she is free,and Angelina is doing the whole world a favor by adopting those poor kids that are so lucky to be adopted by her and Brad(which would make a better president than that bitch George Bush,Brad isn’t a racist.)

  46. mercediz says

    I love Angelina and Brad they are perfect for each other I mean they are both gorgeous,Jen was beutifull but Angie is gorgeous and so is Brad, Its just that Angie is alittle more serious than Brad.

  47. Kary says

    For one, Angie adopted the first two without Brad and could do it again if she so had a mind to. She didn’t need him then to do it and for two, these Hollywood relationships don’t last that long. They’ll be off with someone else in a few years, kids or no kids, and they’ll be fighting over custody of them. The kids will just be products of a broken home. I don’t wish that on them and hope not, but look at the track records of most celebrities.

  48. Nicki says

    # 36 & # 37- Just keep telling yourself that.
    Read his interviews, no one of the children, blood or adopted, are any more special than the other. Blood or not doesn’t mean anything if you have cared for and loved that child since the begining. Good thing Jen A . isn’t having kids cause if they don’t live up to her standard, they wouldn’t make it, huh?
    Team A******* If Brad has said they are his kids, in HIS actual words, (not tabloid made up crap) and there is no difference between any of them, then I would say those 3 children, and any more that become part of the Jolie-Pitt family would be some of the luckiest kids around. He has said in some of his few interviews, they are HIS, no difference. He is a good man and Great father to AQLL his children.

    And Duh, Team A******, you are a fool and living in a fairy tale land. They will NEVER get back together even, and thats a stretch, Brad and Angie, break up. He would hook up with Gwyneth before he got back with Jen. Move on Team A*********.

  49. says

    Angelina can go and get herself a whole litter for all I care, but it won’t keep Brad with her, talk about how desperate Angelina is getting her number with him is coming up and I am gonna laugh my ass off….
    What will she do next???? patiently waiting…

  50. carleigh says

    To all those who have the reasons..they have too many kids, their kids are so young, it’s going to be so hard, the kids they have now aren’t going to get the attention they need and blah, blah, blah. I think that A and B know their limits, their threshold, their tolerance, the financial resources and what their limitations may or may not be. This isn’t the first child they would be adopting and hopefully it won’t be the last. They feel that they are doing what feels right in their heart and it’s their decision. They aren’t asking for charity, they aren’t asking for other people to weigh in on their decisions, they want to make their family and this is HOW they choose to do it, whether it be by adopting another child or having a biological child. They love kids, they are great parents and they have the means and desire to increase their brood of babies so who are we to say it’s right or wrong for them to do. Personally, I would love to have more children but my age and finances limit me at this point. But, if I were to have unlimited wealth, some outside assistance (nannies, daycare, babysitters, etc.) I would love to do the same thing. Does that make me a better person, no, it is just what I would do if I could, simply. I absolutely adore babies and would love to have as many as I could but I am not in a position to do that….so I live vicariously through A and B…I think they are on the right track and they are happy so leave them alone. ( I love kids!)

  51. carleigh says

    To all those who have the reasons..they have too many kids, their kids are so young, it’s going to be so hard, the kids they have now aren’t going to get the attention they need and blah, blah, blah. I think that A and B know their limits, their threshold, their tolerance, the financial resources and what their limitations may or may not be. This isn’t the first child they would be adopting and hopefully it won’t be the last. They feel that they are doing what feels right in their heart and it’s their decision. They aren’t asking for charity, they aren’t asking for other people to weigh in on their decisions, they want to make their family and this is HOW they choose to do it, whether it be by adopting another child or having a biological child. They love kids, they are great parents and they have the means and desire to increase their brood of babies so who are we to say it’s right or wrong for them to do. Personally, I would love to have more children but my age and finances limit me at this point. But, if I were to have unlimited wealth, some outside assistance (nannies, daycare, babysitters, etc.) I would love to do the same thing. Does that make me a better person, no, it is just what I would do if I could, simply. I absolutely adore babies and would love to have as many as I could but I am not in a position to do that….so I live vicariously through A and B…I think they are on the right track and they are happy so leave them alone.

  52. dori says

    You know I think it’s great they want to adopt children from other countries and I applaud their willingness to help these children , it’s just that their children are so young and she doesn’t have a clue how difficult it’s going to get when they are all older and each begging for the attention of their parents. How many ways can you divide yourself when they are all young at once? I wish they would wait a few years and let the three they have get their fair share of love and affection. I do hope this rumor is not true.

  53. megan says

    the only thing i HATE about adoption and the press is the fact that for the rest of these beautiful childrens lives they will be known to the rest of the world as ‘the adopted child of bla bla”…i can’t stand tom cruise but i always feel for his first two children when they are called that..and angelina and brad are having that label for zahara and maddox…don’t hide the fact that they were adopted, its a very special thing..but for god sake stop reminding them and the world of that on a daily basis…you don’t know what it could make the children feel inside, no matter how secure or loved they were, after all, if they are calling someone mom and dad, thats all that matters to them

  54. Heather says

    Large families are not that unusual, it used to be extremely commonplace and children are not necessarily going to be neglected just because they are part of a large family. There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of children.

  55. Olivia says

    Carleigh, you brought tears to my eyes in your 25 comment. Your words ring true. Babies are babies people must follow their own hearts. Should you see two babies struggling in the ocean, one with a life vest one with out, which would you grab first. The child with a chance to float and surrivive or the child with out any support or hope unless you grab him that instant? American children are of no greater importance in the eyes of god than any other nations children. Perhaps it is ok to think it, if you are American, but it is very pompus & selfish to say it It is selfish as an American to try to convince others to grab the American child with a support system first , piss poor support system, but support none the less. People from America are said to be free and that means free to adopt any child of any nation they see fit without judgement from others who happen to sound very American.

  56. Bethany says

    Way to use your head, Brad. Pay attention to the kids you have, give them all the quality time they need, and then adopt more. They seem to be good parents, but take it easy! They have plenty of time to adopt more!

  57. mage says

    Also, it is unfortunate, but the foster to adopt child my uncle and aunt was a mess. The bio family didn’t want to give up the kids, but wouldn’t commit to keeping them. They were shuffled around and the family divided them up. Then they would argue over everything, keeping the court tied up.

    Adopting a sibling set is a goal of mine when my bio children are older, but adding celebrity to it I don’t think it would be good for the children involved. Some distant relative who could have a claim willing to release rights for the right price or selling stories to the tabloids for the life of the child about the situation they left. It could get real messy and played out on the evening news.

  58. mage says

    Most adoptions take some time. My guess would be that they start the process now and in a year have their new addition.

  59. carleigh says

    Who cares where they adopt THEIR children from??? It’s their choice. Personally, I hate the idea of any child being in foster care for any reason, it’s sad when a child or children don’t have a family. That being said however, I also believe it is a wonderful thing that ANY child, from ANYWHERE can find a family to love them and adopt them. The children from foreign countries such as Cambodia, Malawi, or Ethopia are living in dire poverty, starving, exposed to unsanitary conditions and virulent diseases. They are lucky to LIVE at all! For them to be able to escape their circumstances and to have a “chance” at any life at all is just a miracle at all. Children in American orphanages vs. children in a third world orphange both are a sad situation but the children in an American orphanage will most likely wake up tomorrow while the other child has a very good chance of not waking up at all. Saving any child’s life is a wonderful thing! To all who do it my admiration and respect are with you.

  60. kelley says

    Babyfan, thank you for pointing that out. I think it it well and good to adopt the worlds babies, but there are so many young people here living in foster situations because they are not small babies, and they deserve all the love that people ahve to offer too.

    I am not in a position in my life where I can do it now, but I have always thought that I would like to adopt an older child and give them a good home, and I hope to be able to achieve this in the next five years.

    As a social worker, I would like to thank you for the work you do. It’s certainly not for the money or the prestige, you obviously do it because you have a big heart.

  61. bethany says

    It’s all very noble but the youngest two are only babies still and quite close in age,i think they should concentrate on the children they have for a little while.

  62. Babyfan says

    I am a social worker involved in the foster care system. It is important for all families to consider adoping children from the US. There are so many children each day here that need homes. It would be nice to hear that a celebrity adoped a sibling group of children from the US that may not have found a forever family without them….But then that may not be as fun as getting on a plane and going to get a cute little baby from another country.

  63. Lucy says

    These two are ridiculous. It’s really starting to bug me that all these stars are adopting kids from around the world when Social services in every city in this country has far too many children. There is something to be said about the adage “charity begins at home.” What’s wrong with a american baby abandoned by his or her parents?
    I’m beginning to think that these celebrities are adopting international children more to be hip than anything else.
    Shame on them.

  64. Nicki says

    Danni, the only pics I have seen of him holding Shiloh are in the People mag. But they, A & B have said Zaharaha was jealous of her when she was born. Which is totally nornal, and IF the parents are aware, which I believe B&A are, everything will be fine.
    My Mom was so afraid of me being jealous of my younger brother, 10 months younger than me, she was waiting for the sh** to hit the fan, and it never did.
    Life happens and usually it is great!

    My Best tto Braydie and fami;y, and I hope Kris is doing the best he can. ( All I heard was the minimum, but I know he was reallly hurt, sorry for what you had and are going through,all my prayers have been with you since I heard from Carleigh secondhand, I’ve had in laws visiting for awhile and have only been touching base here and there. ) All my best to you and Kris and your familly! Let me know if I can send him a card, I would love to drop him a line, and it would be heartfelt to the max!

    All the best to Kris and your family, and your new addition! You have been blessed 10X over, I do wish your family and you the best. I’m glad Kris is doing good. Please know my prayers and best wishes are with you all. Bless you all!

  65. Ms D says

    Mostly I agree with poster #9..though I never had a problem with Madonna’s adopting that little boy, nor do I have one with Angelina and Brad (who I don’t care for either) if it’s true.
    But I agree that they should take a little time to take care of the kids that they have right now before they jump on a plane and go adopt again.

    Adoption is a wonderful thing, and it’s great that so many celebrities are reaching out like that to adopt. But I also don’t think it needs to be a RUSH to do it. My very first thought was You’ve got to be kidding me..that’s ridiculous! Especially with a new baby and two other little ones to take care of!

    And unfortunately, there will likely never be a shortage of children in need that they can help in the U.S. or around the world. 🙁

    But I have to believe it’s all “just a rumor” at this point. But if it’s not, I can only wish all of them the best, despite my dislike of this particular couple.

  66. Danni says

    Sorry, I meant his daughter, Shiloh..I see lots of pictures of him holding his daugher, Zahara but none of Shiloh..Perhaps I missed them..

  67. Aditi says

    I’m from India.. an i think thats pretty darn cool!
    But i don’t see a difference whether the baby is adopted from the US, Africa, Uk or India cuz an orphaned baby is an orphaned baby and the fact that they adopt from India should not amount to charity from the MEDIA’s point of view..the media should know that its an act of love and nothing more..
    India aint all that poor and contrary to popular belief, elephants dont roam the streets 😛
    I applaud them.

  68. Jenna H. says

    I don’t know if I believe this yet, but I really hope (and don’t think they would) that they don’t name their baby India.

  69. Lucia says

    so why is is that people critize Madonna for adopting little David and people applaud Angelina and Brad for YET adopting another child. Don’t get me wrong, i think adoption is a wonderful thing but come on people…it’s not right for Madonna to do it but it’s fine for these 2 people to do it???? that’s bull!!! and i agree with some of the statements that they should concentrate on the kids they have now. When do they get the time to spend REAL quality time with these kids??? you know…i can’t stand Angelina and Brad…as people, i find them…uhhhh, I can’t even find the words to describe how i feel about them… but again, i hope they are really devoting quality time to these kids…after all, children are not a piece of jewelry to wear or to make you look “kind”. These are little souls that need true and sincere love and care!

  70. Nicki says

    I don’t believe this rumor either, but I agree with Jenna, when she was pregnant with Shiloh they said her name was going to be Africa. I think they are just trying to get a reaction out of them, which they don’t, lol.
    I always see pictures of them with the kids. One from last weekend with Brad carrying Zahara on his shoulders. The kids going on the ricshaw rides, one Mad alone, one with Maddox and Z with Mom and Dad. They are planning thier work so one can always be around for the kids while the other is filming for the day. Yes, they have help, but they are always with the kids. Yes I know we hardly see Shiloh. Would any of you as a parent bring a young baby out with all the paps around screaming at them for a face shot. Probably not. And before anyone says she brought Maddox and Zahara out, yes she did, but when she was first with Maddox there was only 1 or 2 paps following, hardly scary for a young child. When they adopted Zahara the paps were all over them, and if you honestly remember, Angelina was always holding Z in a carrier and her face towards herself. And her hand up not covering just shielding from the paps light glare. A nd for the ones who say she paraded her kids around, she held Z, with all the M&MS rumours and TONS of paps chasing them, face close to her trying the best she could. Imagine how it would be with 15-20 different paps yelling anyone of thier names just to get the face shot. I don’t know where most of you live, but I lived in So Cal for 10 years, and that was 83-93. And if you were in the airport and they thought you might be someone, you got rushed with lights going off in your face. The SECOND they realize they were mistaken, no one is around you, but you still have flashbulb spots in front of you for a minute or two.
    I was mistaken for a singer at the time I lived in So Cal, and I will admit, I used it to bypass some of the lines at the clubs in LA when I was waved ahead. But I never admitted I was her, just said thanks and went in and waited in line for drinks like everyone else. But my friends would always tell me to pretend I was her to get free tickets at the amusement parks and stuff. I couldn’t, but if they said, at clubs, “Hey I know you, come on” and are waving me on, I always held up my fingers as to the people I had with me, 3, 4 or 5. Never a problem, but never tried to be her inside. But the flashbulbs when blinding, so I can understand any parent protecting them from that. Three or 4 paps isn’t bad, but 20plus will make you trip.

    I guess I should comment on the topic, lol. I don’t know if I believe it, but if they do adopt, or have another bio baby, good for them. They are always together with thier kids and seem to be very happy.

  71. MissyMama says

    I think it’s wonderful she wants to adopt more children, but I beleive they should be concentrating on the three they already have. Wait a few years, give the little ones the attention they need and deserve.

  72. thegrinchiscoming says

    I applaud her big heart but if it were me I would concentrate on the ones I already have. I mean 3 kids under 5 IS a handful; however I do not believe this rumors, they look really happy with their family as it is.

  73. Jenna says

    when she was gonna have Shiloh, they said in the papers
    that she was gonna name the baby “africa” so i dont believe the india thing, but seriously, its nice that she wants to open her home to these kids but between
    hopping from country to country and oocasionly starring in a movie, i dont see her or brad spending any time with these kids, she was so devoted to maddox, which was great but then she just goes on a “baby bender” I think she needs to stop for a while and concentrate on the ones
    she had……didn’t actually “having” a baby tire her out yet?

  74. kk_619 says

    I think that they should have another baby of their own, Shiloh is so beautiful, it would be a shame to see such a great-looking couple only have one child!!! They should have 5 more of their own for that matter!!

  75. Ashley says

    if this is true…must be nice to be able to have hired help for all those kids!
    and if it is true, good for them!


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