It's A Boy For Matt Leinart & Brynn Cameron!

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart and University of Southern California basketball player Brynn Cameron welcomed a son on Tuesday.

Cole Cameron Leinart was born at 9:33 p.m. in California, and weighed in at 6 lbs., 7 oz.

Matt Leinart

“The baby is healthy, and both families are very excited,” a source told People magazine. “Matt is thrilled.”

Leinart, who was present for his son’s birth, had to rush to the hospital from his late afternoon practice. One of People magazine’s 2006 Most Beautiful People, the football star, 23, graduated from USC in December 2005 and lives in Los Angeles and Arizona.

Cameron, who is a junior at USC, will sit out the 2006-07 basketball season.

“It’s an exciting time in their life,” a source who knows both athletes told People magazine in August when the two announced they were expecting. “They both have support from their families.”

Leinart, a Heisman trophy winner and close pal of Nick Lachey, was linked romantically to Paris Hilton in the past.




  1. Lisa says

    it is not as easy as Matt staying away from Paris. he has chosen not to be with this woman for a while even without Paris in the picture. Lets just hope he can be a good daddy-sure know he will payout the big bucks and I am sure that mommy won’t mind that

  2. carleigh says

    Paris Hilton doesn’t care who she hurts, who she steps on or who she uses. She is someone I hope to NEVER ever see have a child…it would grow up addle-brained and selfish just like her! She’s never done anything for anyone but herself and she is a BAD PRESS magnet. She’s a manhungry, publicity seeking, classless trollop!

    I hope that Matt stays away from her and tries to make a relationship work out for the sake of his son, every baby deserves a mother and a father. I hope he’s done with Paris Hilton, she’s bad news!

  3. Jenna says

    its a shame theyre not together
    and that skank Paris was in the middle of all that, but I guess thats what she does; ruins peoples realtionships

  4. Missy says

    I am a huge football fan & have never heard of any word that Matt Leinart was going to have a baby. Why hasn’t he mentioned this before? He has been seen with other women, none of those being the mother of his child!!!! I am shocked.

  5. Lisa says

    they have been broken up for a while now, no big deal for her to raise the baby with matts financial (for sure) support and hopefully he will also support Cole as a dad !!

  6. Lisa says

    how about birth control anyone

    a college athlete-a woman who is in the middle of college and has probaly worked toward playing college ball her whole life has to sit for a season because she has Matt Leinarts baby…(lucky for her now she gets her hands on Leinarts NFL money)

    like I said in prior post all babies are blessings-some are not the best times though

  7. Lisa says

    yeah marriage anyone…

    lets have two people who have not chosen not to commit to eachother for life, not even together-and force them into a “family” situation only to drag a little one through a divorce and all that entails

    Matt Leinart is nowhere ready to be a husband to this woman-the baby happened, a baby is a blessing no matter what, lets hope they can be adults and make the best out of the situation

  8. Nicki says

    Does anyone know if these two are once again a couple or are just enjoying the baby they have together? Talk about an athletic gene pool! Congratulations on your new baby son.

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