Coco Cox-Arquette Back At The Pumpkin Patch

Courteney Cox-Arquette was spotted back at the pumpkin patch with 2-year-old Coco. Coco is so impishly cute!

Courteney Cox-Arquette

Photo by X17online.



  1. hello motto says

    hi ya I was bord so i cliked this website!!!!!!
    do u people iven know them??????
    well if not y are u putting this comments?
    if u dont know them u just hear them on t.v. magasines etc anyways coco looks like a nice girl she is realy, realy cute hey if Courtney, David, anywone reads this wooooooooowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!
    anyways Desirre what do u have against them? what you just saw them on a magasin? u have problems? lonely?
    did u iven meet them?
    anyways Coco is just 2 and a half i dont realy know how to do (HALF) on the computer! anyways if you do, tune in anser these questions ok!

    (oh and i think Coco will acomplesh more in one day than u will acomplesh your whole life) no ofence!!!!! pleace write back Desirre and that last part was for u Desirre oh 2 things i hope u change your additude and sorry for the spelling misakes!!!!!!

  2. ?? says

    Like I said stick to the topic!! She has so many opinions and lectures she forgot which one she was lecturing on! LOL!

  3. LMAO says

    Ha!!! Miss “Stick to the Topic” Carleigh doesn’t even know who the topic is about (Ben and Jen???). Maybe she should practice what she preaches! LMAO. COCO and COURTNEY (the topic) are such a cute mother & daughter team! I hope they add to their family soon! Good luck!!!

  4. Jordyn says

    Ummm…not to get into the middle of a cat fight, but #35…the topic is about Courtney and Coco….not Ben and Jen… ! Duh!

  5. carleigh says

    and #34 doesn’t even care to use her/his REAL handle but would rather be a cowardly RAT BASTARD POSER and say those things w/o the benefit of leaving an identity. I have my opinions which is true, just like YOU Mr./Mrs. Anonymous only I use my actual HANDLE and don’t hide behind two ??’s! If I feel the need to defend myself I will do that, show me one person on here who doesn’t feel entitled to defend their right to a point of view…even you…though you hide in the shadows..WHY? No point in doing that…bring your identity into the light there’s no reason to hide it’s only a computer blog. It’s not like I am going to track you down and beat the crap out of you or anything…my gosh. Yes, I have been guilty of intervening even when something doesn’t involve me but then again isn’t that exactly what you have done in your comment? You said NOTHING about the topic at hand and yet everything around it regarding me. The topic is Jen, Ben and baby Violet…stick to your OPINIONS about them and not me…it’s not the Carleigh ya know. Thanks and better luck next time. have a nice day! Somewhere else~

  6. ?? says

    #33 saves her redicule for the posters on this site. She is nice some times but if you disagree with her she will waste no time in setting you straight with her opinion.She will let you know where you’ve gone wrong in your thinking. She will not give up with the retorts. She even will get into the middle of other posters discussions when it really never involved her. JMO!

  7. carleigh says

    #29 Amy well said and I totally agree with you. I also do NOT abide nor do I like people who pick on little kids. The people who do it are either A.) not a parent and have self esteem issues that run way, way deep! B.) Jealous and trying to get attention for themselves.

    I totally agree with you and feel the exact same way. Why would some sick person decide to pick on an innocent little child is beyond me! People need to grow up and get a life! If they put their own pic up here I’ll bet the things people would say about them would make their heads spin!

  8. Morgan says

    Beauty is only skin deep and it’s all in the heart and personality of the person be it a child or an adult. Some of you might be very pretty women but your remarks about an innocent little girl are cruel and ugly. Please think about what you say before you say it and how it would affect the person you are saying it about.

  9. Nicki says

    My very best best, well actually I have two, but one of them, totally different coasts, CA and NH, the CA who is in A Z for the past 10 years, said to me after she was going through pics to put a scrapbook from birth to graduation for her oldest, Wow those early pictures of **** aren’t even cute. I said she was always cute, and that includes actions, smiles and having fun and games with them and them laughing. Not much is cuter than the fun times with them.

    She, her Mom, said every time I looked at those pictures, I saw a totally different kid. And now I wonder why I saw her like that.
    I said “I saw her the same from day one and (didn’t say this out loud- but she was never as beautiful as she is now at 17- I did say she is way more beautiful now. Mom agreed with me, but that kid since 5th grade took extra classes and by the time she finished 12th grade she only had to take 3 classes to complete her freshman year. who could ask for more from thier kid?

  10. Hopscotch says

    Sssssshhhhhhhhh!!! Very well said Amy. I tried to say that a few posts ago and boy did I get an ear full. So, just give it up and quietly, in the background look at the babies and their familys. It seems everything and everyone is up for debate on this site and nothing is monitered. And if you do say something like you just said then you’re told to go away if you don’t like it or don’t read it. Oh, I’m not supposed to be even posting on here. Ooopps. Sorry. I’m just drawn to this site because of the pictures and end up involved in the attacks.

  11. Amy says

    It’s sad that we live in a world where grown men and women sit around and criticize children and babies. This world is full of so many bigger problems than who’s baby is cuter that the others, there are children in this world who are sick, hungry and some even die, millions all over the world in fact. These children are healthy and all children are beautiful, innocence is all they know until people like you start tearing them down. I happened to stumble upon this website while I was at work looking up articles, I can’t believe the things I read-If you’re gonna be shallow and cruel at least leave the innocent out of it-Shame on all of you cruel hearted people.

  12. Alley says

    I agree coco isn’t that cute and she didn’t look that cute as a baby either, she just looked plain and boring. She looks cute like all little kids do, just because she is small.

  13. Kelsey says

    Kelsey, you said that Coco isn’t that cute, especially in comparison to other children like Shiloh, Grier, and Violet. But all three of those little girls are still babies and Coco is already a toddler! I don’t understand how you can compare Coco to people who are so much younger than her and aren’t developmentally at the same stage. I personally think that Coco is a gem!

  14. Kary says

    I can think of worse names celebrities can name their kids. Some I’ve heard you can’t even spell let alone pronounce. They probably name their kids what they think will stand out in their futures. Something memorable.

  15. DEsire is full of it says

    Desiree is obviously just a woman who hates white women. I wish she would use the URL space to link to her myspace page so we could all get a look at what she looks like. But she would probably just be one of those nasty women with their thing wearing arses backed up to the camera no?

  16. says

    so Courteney said she named her daughter coco because that the first two letters of her name imagine courteney name was dorothy dorleson then that poor litte girl name would be dodo its so stupid how celebrity are naming thire kids of the walls names like suri apple ursela plum pilot moxie crimefighter zolten Diva Moon Unit , Dweezil Ahmet Fifi Trixibelle Peaches Honeyblossom Pixie Geldof speck wildhorse justic rumer scout and the list go on

  17. Kelsey says

    I Agree desiree she is soo not that cute!She loosk like one of the children of the corn! Sjhe is not that cute. I think the other babies are cuter, shiloh, suri,grier, and violet.

  18. steve says

    What? Her name is Coco? what the hell is that. what a dumb ass name, im gonna go name my kid Raisin Bran. what sort of weirdo family names their kid Coco. Suri? Shiloh? Apple? whats next, how about i name my kid baby Shoe.

  19. Nicki says

    Wow kk_619, nice call on Desiree!!! I bet you are right on the money.
    That said, I think Courtney looks good in this pic(she has always been thin) , I mean come on she is at a hay filled pumpkin patch, not the red carpet at an awards show. She looks pretty good to me. And her daughter is very cute.

  20. kk_619 says

    Wow some people on this post board obviouslly have some issues. I would LOVE to see pictures of you and your babies Desiree, then we can all tell you how lovely and beautiful you are!!!! You are probably saying such nasty remarks about this beautiful family because you are jealous as shit of them, walking around with your fat ass, greasy hair, and trailer trash kids. Get a life!!!

  21. Kelsie says

    CoCo is cute,and to be fair, Courtney was always really skinny,especially in friends, at least she isn’t trying to look unhealthly skinny, like nicole Riche

  22. Annie says

    Coco sure looks like her daddy! If they look this good on a bad day, I’d take it!! I guess I dont understand anyone who criticizes…lets post your pix!!

  23. thegrinchiscoming says

    Pat and Diva you’re right on the money; who the heck in their right mind style their hair to go to a pumpkin patch.
    Kudos to Courtney and Coco, they’re both lovely. I wish the best to them!

  24. Kary says

    Well said Diva and Pat. People will pick a person apart at a pumpkin patch. Now, say that 10 times fast! Ha. Besides, the picture looks elongated or something. Might be the camera shot. Even Coco looks long in it. I like Courtney and I think Coco is adorable.

  25. Diva says

    Coco is as cute as can be! I think she looks ALOT like her mommy probably did when she was lil! Courtney has ALWAYS been super-skinny. I watch my Friends DVD’s allll the time and notice how tiny she is. Love Fat Monica, though!

    I went to the pumpkin patch with the kids last weekend…. I wore scruffy clothes and by the time we were done with the pumpkins, lil corn mazes and hay ride, my hair looked 100x’s worse than Courtney’s does in the picture! How can you possibly think she should have had her stylists do her up to go to the PUMPKIN PATCH????

  26. dori says

    That kids adorable what are talking about?? And the mom looks great too, you,re nuts to criticize this one.

  27. pat says

    Why can’t people just be nice anymore??????????????????????This is a mom that took her little girl to pick a pumpkin ……….Get a life and leave it alone……………..

  28. pat says

    Coco is a lovely little girl…..And her mother looks like a mother who decided to take her daughter to pick a pumpkin…I guess she didn’t realize she needed to eat more to look better in public, and pick the right hairstyle to go to the “pumpkin patch”. Hey we all have that right to speak our mind don’t we. (It”s just some of us are more of a class act than others) Before people want to get nasty go look in the mirror………………………………………………………………………………..

  29. pat says

    Coco is a lovely little girl…..And her mother looks like a mother who decided to take her daughter to pick a pumpkin…I’m guess she didn’t realize she needed to eat more to look better in public, and pick the right hairstyle to go to the “pumpkin patch”. Hey we all have that right to speak our mind don’t we. (It”s just some of us are more of a class act than others) Before people want to get nasty go look in the mirror………………………………………………………………………………..

  30. Desiree says

    Courtney Cox looks like a skeleton and her face is so emaciated! Ewwww and her hair is kind of frizzy god like she doesn’t get paid the kind of many to afford to do something better to her hair than look all crappy, she needs to eat something for god sake!

  31. Desiree says

    Coco is not cute, I don’t even think she is pretty. I posted this same comment yesterday and the the website mistress took it off. What a bitch, she must be biased towards certain comments towards certain celebrities, it’s not fair. I have a right to say what I want web mistress!

  32. Jenna says

    Coco looks pretty active; i bet chasing her around keeps her slim, if thats the case, i will gladly sign up for baby sitiing Coco and maybe shaving off a few lbs!

  33. 2kids2many says

    Courtney Cox has a disorder called Antiphospholipid Syndrome, or APS. It causes miscarriages due to blood clots. I believe she did Heparin (blood thinner) shots throughout her pregnancy with CoCo. I also had to give myself 2 daily shots of Heparin (in my stomach) my whole pregnancy. Not fun…but totally worth a healthy baby. I wish her the best of luck!

  34. Nicki says

    Coco is adorable. Her Mom is pretty cute too. I hope Courtney is blessed with another baby like she wants.

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