Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Pick A Wedding Date!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise, 44, and Katie Holmes, 27, will marry in Italy on November 18th, Tom’s rep has confirmed. Tom’s rep also confirmed that Katie will wear a dress designed by Giorgio Armani.

Tom and Katie were first photographed together in Rome in April 2005. Tom and Katie were engaged in June 2005 when Tom proposed to Katie atop the Eiffel Tower. Their daughter, Suri, was born April 18th.

Tom told Good Housekeeping magazine in June that he and Katie had waited to wed until after Suri was born because they wanted their daughter to be at the ceremony.

“In many ways,” he added, “we feel like we already are married. I know I’m with the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. So the wedding – that’s just the party.”

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  1. Trisha says

    I think that this is the best picture of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and their baby…….she is so cute in this one…well congrats……Trisha

  2. Litz says

    I am sorry I dont agree with you Megan, almost all handsome hollywood guys have been labelled gay, but i really dont think Tom is gay, please note that both his former wives have no biolgical children to date. Any way I heard that he had a low sperm count, I think he succeded with the few sperms this time, I agree with Carliegh, I think they had sex good and proper and had that gorgeous beauty of a baby.

    I also don’t believe we should compare with Michael Jackson who does not have a fucntioning penis in the first place.
    I think Nicole and Mimi had / have a problem of infertility, they don’t look as fertile and earthy as Kate!

  3. carleigh says

    Elle I didn’t catch the program but you are correct. I have felt exactly like this all along and I think slowly people will begin to realize just how “cult’ like Scientology really is. Too late for Katie…..she’s been brainwashed. Poor little Suri is next.

  4. Elle says

    Did Anybody see the most recent “48 Hours Mystery” on CBS last Saturday night? Just wondering, I watched it on tape last night and I am still STUNNED as to how blinded we all really are to the True and absolutely Evil beliefs and practices of Scientology. The program gave an accurate account of the History on Scientology and an inside look at what they teach by actual Scientologists who finally came to their senses and fled! It is Unbelieveable from every angle and I just cannot imagine that Katie has agreed to sell her Soul to this Cult . . .That is what she is doing, you know?! She has to abide by Tom’s Scientologist Beliefs in order to be his Wife. Poor Nicole has all but had to give up her two children due to Tom’s Scientologist Beliefs. I have more important things to be doing than writing on this website, but let me just say . . . Katie is headed for something that Money cannot buy nor satisfy and it is a real shame that her Life has been ruined by Tom Cruise. It is a Greater Shame that her innocent Baby with Tom will be brainwashed into this Evil Cult. That is the saddest part of all of this. So, Forget the Beautiful Wedding, it is only a Charade.

  5. dori says

    excuse me but spending money like it grows on trees does not not not give you class
    and if I was to be jealous of someone it wouldn’t be the idiot who marries Tom Cruise it would be the woman who marries George Clooney LOL LOL LOL

  6. dori says

    excuse me but spending money like it grows on trees does give you class
    and if I was to be jealous of someone it wouldn’t be the idiot who marries Tom Cruise it would be the woman who marries George Clooney LOL LOL LOL

  7. Noni says

    Looking at some of these postings it seems that mr tom cruise-control himself has been joining in!! wouldn’t surprise me…

  8. megan says

    i couldn’t care less if they had sex before marriage carleigh, my point was merely that i don’t think that they naturally conceived this baby…and i used michael jackson as an example of how a celeb can have a baby via artificial means, try to pretend it was conceived naturally only to have the truth come out years later…my opinion is that this is a relationship of convenience for HIM, possibly love for her, but i will say again, wasn’t it strange that this baby was conceived so quickly after he had two previous barren marriages?? thats all i was saying and reading through the logs a fair few other people have their doubts about this as well. and before anyone sprouts off about it being none of our business, well, i think after the time they spend shoving themselves down our throats promoting themselves that it is our business, i don’t wanna buy a lie…

  9. dori says

    #33 you may very well be right.. this is the rumor I heard
    Nicole Kidman left Tom because he was caught in bed with a male friend then suddenly he came forth with this Katie love thing and a new baby.. all very public to conceal that he is actually gay
    this info could be wrong it’s just a rumor… but my gut tells me he’s possibly not the father of this baby ..
    two marriages and no natural children… I was under the impression Tom Cruise was unable to have children… once again possibly a rumor

  10. Miranda says

    Just want to break the fight and say that Suri is so cute. Her hair looks amazing and she looks so happy. That’s an altenative to what you could talk about here.

  11. labeachbird says

    Noni, it’s probably not a good idea to believe everything that you “think.” The mind is not that reliable.

    I concurred that lots of things “could” happen and yes, fact is sometimes stranger than fiction.

    But the hysterical ranting (including yours) on some of these posts reiterates my previous post of “the ridiculous things people say.”

    He “auditioned” Katie?? Wow. Good thing you’re in the know.

    If I am a “know-it-all” for pointing out fantasy/projection, then I gratefully accept. lol

  12. carleigh says

    #38 Do you actually believe that they DIDN’T have sex before marriage? Are you that niave???? OMG…..gimme a break! And then the comment about Michael Jackson???What in the hell does he have to do with any of this???? Comments #36 and #38 show how in the dark you are about LIFE! Yeah Tom and Katie didn’t have SEX b4 marriage??????? Yeah I believe that and all the other stuff you ramble on and on about….gives me a headache just reading it. Come down to earth and take a deep breath I am sure you will get over the fact that even Tom and Katie have premarital sex (even though you only did it to have your kids—wow, you need to learn to enjoy yourself). It will be OK, they are getting married so it’s all going to be legal and all will be forgiven. SORRY to have to be the bearer of bad news and the truth but you have to get a grip on reality.

  13. Noni says

    talk about being a self-rightous ‘know-it-all’!! and i am talking about YOUlabeachbird…
    What #38 has said could be closer to the truth than you know…those gay rumors have followed tom for years, he auditioned katie for the relationship in the first place and she got preggers pretty damned quick, despite him having being married TWICE before and both those marriages ending up with no biological children….don’t believe all you read … tom is the master of his own spin…i think you are just naive!!

  14. labeachbird says

    Lots of things “could” happen, but it takes just a little common sense to deduce what “probably” happened, instead of listening to the ranting of some self-rightous “know-it-all.”
    The things people say are just ridiculous sometimes.

  15. megan says

    no need to get personal to me carleigh! i am far from stupid!! surely someone like you who seems to spend half her life on this site should have worked out by now that babies come from all sorts of places, some from relationships where two people are genuinely in love, not just after publicity, some from african countries-cue madonna and angelina jolie, some from test tubes…people where going on earlier how these two couldn’t possibly be having a cathelic ceromony due to the fact that they have conceived out of wedlock…as some people seem to believe that mr cruise control is actually a closet gay i was merely pointing out that they could, in actual fact, have conceived that child without having actually had sex with each other…i know i might be old fashioned in that i actually had sex with my partner to have my children, not all people can, want or are willing to do so…so perhaps its you who is the stupid one for jumping on me so quickly…i shall be awaiting your apology when you are free to give me one…

  16. carleigh says

    megan are you stupid???????? you do know where babies come from right? what does Michael Jackson have to do with this?

  17. megan says

    who says they actually had sex before marriage anyways?? i mean…did michael jackson??? the only thing this marriage is going to be third time lucky is for toms financial backers…..

  18. HRH says

    It is clear that you are completely jealous of Katie and her wondeful life. Don’t hold it against her that she doesn’t have to buy her wardrobe at Wal Mart.

    There IS no end to their bank account. And they may do with it as they please. You can’t possibly understand their station in life, you can only dream about it, so leave no further comments.

    Additionally, Tom and Katie support various charities (look it up) which gives them even more right to spend the rest of their money, however they choose. Doesn’t Katie have sensational taste? Beautiful diamond crosses that she purchased for her bridesmaids. She has major class. Watch and learn.

  19. pat says

    Sure glad you know Tom Cruise’s personal sex life? The only way you would know is if you were a male who was in bed having sexual relations with him …..RIGHT?????????? Dumb????? So was comment #33

  20. dori says

    I wish they’d just get married already and be done with it .
    I am getting sick and tired of them in the news..neither one of them is making any movies at the moment and they are just plain boring. All they have to show themselves spending money when the econonmy is tight and the rest of the world is happy just to be keeping their jobs.
    They don’t work for any causes that I’ve seen just out spending money like there’s no end to their bank account kind of obnoxious to me.

  21. pat says

    Best wishes to a beautiful couple (with a lovely baby) I wish they could have a wonderful life together as a family without all the judgemental, mean, noisy, oh yea jealous people of the world butting in with their opinions……………

  22. Robin says

    Suri is definetly unique-looking….
    just curious but what is Scientology’s stance on having a baby before marriage?? or do they even have a stance on that?

  23. labeachbird says

    Wow, what a bunch of ugly, miserable, cynical, envious, spoilsports many of you are; know-it-all’s, too.
    Their joy is refreshing to watch to those who aren’t jaded.

  24. Olivia says

    Isn’t this another one of the VF photo’s? Suri’s hair is exactly the same no longer, no shorter, same shape, which there would have been some change even if it had been cut and she certainly looks to be the same age as the other photo’s. Or did I miss something here?

  25. Nicki says

    Oh no! November 18th is my wedding anniversary, although we have 23 years on them. I like Katie and Suri is a very cute baby, I can’t stand Tom. I wish Katie and Suri happiness and if they find it with him then so be it. But please get married the 17th or the 19th. It’s funny because Suri was supposedly born the day before my birthdate, so I can only hope the wedding works out the same.
    Anyway best wishes to Katie, and to whom wrote above about having all that money, you must be 13 years old. No matter what money, even all Tom weirdo’s, money will NEVER buy TRUE happiness. I just hope she is truly happy with him. Her daughter is adorable.

  26. Alice says

    I think they are beautiful people and Suri is proof of that! I can’t wait to see photos. I really wish they would make a webiste something like and post up photos and stuff.And for people to see them they would have to sign up to their website, that way when they want to show their fans photos they can just post em up and no one will accuse them of PR stunts!

  27. kelley says

    Thanks Litz. I’ll try to remember that when Tom is on his next publicity junket trying to convince me to spend 10 bucks on a movie ticket k.

  28. Dolly says

    If you are celebrity your business is every1’s business, so ofcourse they business is our business so thats what make them celebrities. So whether they like it or not pple ‘ll talk till they drop dead.

  29. Tia says

    I’m glad they confirmed it because I was getting tired of the media guessing game every weekend and speculating where and when. All the best to them.

  30. Ms D says

    I’d like to second what poster #2 said..maybe he thinks the third time is the charm. Me, I’m not so sure, but it’s their lives, right?
    I also agree with poster #11 for the most part, though I’ve never doubted that Suri was his child. I think she does look like him.
    But I still don’t really buy any of it, and don’t plan to spend money on the two of them anytime in the future either.

    No matter what happens, I can only wish the best for that innocent baby.

  31. Sadie says

    The soon to be Kate Cruise is THE luckiest woman on the planet. Marrying Tom Cruise, in Italy, in three weeks. She is going to have everything she will ever want for the rest of her pretty little life. A beautiful little girl, a handsome and talented husband– who is so generous and loving. Money money money for all the trips to Europe her heart desires, plenty of stays at The Ritz, and a Chanel jacket in every color. And she is not even 30. She and Suri have hit the damn jackpot. Don’t mistake that smile you see in all of Kate’s photos as PPD. What she is probably thinking is, “I have everything I’ve ever wanted, and it is fantastic to be one of the most high profile women walking the planet. You jealous?” That is what her smile means.

  32. says

    Carleigh, thanks so much for your info on Scientology. I’ve always wondered about some other their “beliefs” and your post was super informative!
    Thanks alot!!! 🙂

  33. Ramona says

    If they want privacy then why do they set a public date for the wedding? If they want privacy then why do they splash their kid all over VF? If they want their privacy, then why do they over dress for soccer& football games?Who wears Gucci head to foot to their kids soccer game??? If they want privacy, then why does Katie parade around with publicity hound Posh? If they want privacy, then why do they have their PR people release information on wherever they are? Don’t be surprised if this carries on into the spring.
    I wish this charade would end. I will never spend money on anything to do w/these two people.
    BTW doubt very much that Suri is T.C.’s biological child.

  34. carleigh says

    I read that it is supposed to be a Scientology (i.e. “wacko cult) based ceremony w/ Catholic undertones. I wonder how much money they will have to pay a Catholic clergy to participate in this ceremony??? Catholics are against having children out of wedlock, living together, fornication (sex outside of marriage),they may require premarital counseling (which Tom the control freak probably wouldn’t do because of the conflict it would pose with his cult beliefs), you must believe in God which we all know that Tom doesn’t since he believes in God-Scientology teaches a person to believe in themselves as reincarnated spirits??? Scientology teaches 8 dynamics and the first one is YOU…this isn’t how Christianity is taught you believe in a higher power or God first and only, in Scientology their idea of a high being falls under the 8th dynamic. I’m not going to go into the vast and varying differences but I just don’t see how this will be a valid Catholic marriage when Tom and Katie have been living their life going against the Catholic teachings that Katie was raised with. JMO,JMO, JMO..I am not talking about religion just making a point about how I am sure they will throw a nice huge “donation” towards something affiliated with Catholicism and “poof” they will be forgiven their “sins” and “indiscretions” and receive a proper Catholic blessing. Mere mortals that go against the Catholic church are made to repent, seek counseling and go to confession….I don’t see that happening here because Tom is to close minded to do anything that goes against his precious Scientology.

  35. kt says

    i am excited to see the pics and hear the details. not to spread rumors but i heard on Extra that she will wear like 5 different outfits during the wedding…sounds like an extravaganza! neat! i’m excited for them both:)

  36. Dolly says

    Wow, Baby Suri is so adorable and congrats to Kate and Tom for their upcoming wedding. Hope they marrying ‘ll prosper.

  37. Kalista Brat says

    Who cares, as long as they get married! I get the feeling this wedding is going to be a catholic one! Yay, they are going to have a catholic wedding and it’s gonna be really big and nice!

  38. 2kids2many says

    Italy! Hmm…interesting! Is there a Church of Scientology in Italy? (A predominately Catholic country) I doubt that the Pope will be presiding over the ceremony.

    “I know I’m with the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with” I wonder if her said that about his other 2 wives?

  39. Kalista Brat says

    OMG I can’t wait, I hope the paps take photos and catch a glimpse of baby Suri! Oh I just can’t wait, but I hope it’s really true and not made up by the media!

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