It's Twins For Strokes Guitarist Nick Valensi & Amanda de Cadenet

Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi and his wife, British TV personality Amanda de Cadenet, 34, have welcomed twins. Amanda gave birth to a boy and a girl in LA yesterday. Both babies weighed 6 pounds, although the boy reportedly spent a day in intensive care.

Nick Valensi & Amanda de Cadenet




  1. nory says

    congrats to them! im a big fan of the strokes…nick used to be very cute, he plays the guitar well…julian got married too…expecting his kids..haha

  2. says

    you guys had twins that is so sweet . i v always want twins when i grow up……………. well get back to me soon twin lovers………………..

  3. Mary says

    She was married to John Taylor, which was the cute one…Roger was the name of the other, I think…..

  4. coco says

    Atlanta the half sister’s dad is one of the Taylor guys from duran duran., the tall cute one –andy i think?

  5. says

    The couple have chosen the name Ella for their daughter, but their son remains unnamed for now while the parents make their choice. The babies join older half sister Atlanta, 14.

  6. Oak Ridge Mom says

    Happy News! BTW – Jack White is singer for the White Stripes, not The Strokes. His little girl Scarlet was born a while ago.

  7. carleigh says

    I hope we get some pic’s. I actually like the Stokes. Jack White is the lead singer (he dated Renee Zellweger before she married Kenny Chesney), Jack and his wife just had a baby too. It would be nice to see pics. Wish them health and happiness with their new precious little bundles.

  8. Lisa says

    The Strokes are a pretty good band. Amanda de Cadanet is British, I think and she used to date Keanu Reeves if I remember right-an actress I think

  9. Ms D says

    I don’t know who they are, but congratulations! Hope everyone is healthy and happy.
    My, I guess twins really ARE in the air lately! 😉

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