Heidi Klum & Leni Leave The Ivy & Leni's Mystery Dad

Heidi and Leni are an adorable mother and daughter! (seen here leaving The Ivy)

Heidi Klum

I know it can seem like a lot of Heidi posts! Perhaps this site will explode when Heidi has her third baby! The photos of Heidi and her brood are certainly aplenty, but info regarding little Leni’s biological father, 56-year-old Flavio Briatore is quite scant. He is an Italian playboy of considerable wealth and is a Formula One Boss (I have absolutely no idea what it means to be a Formula One Boss….and yes, I know that it has to do with racing sporty vehicles). Quite interestingly, he was involved in bringing Benetton to the United States…and became quite wealthy from that business endeavor. Hmmm….what more to say, except that he sounds like an insensitive man (as evidenced by Flavio insisting that Heidi give birth in Germany, rather than the US which would mean that he would be liable for much more child support. Heidi split from Flavio after discovering that he was having an affair with a 19-year-old model. “I can understand Mr. Briatore having fears about the child being born in America where justice gives all the rights to the mother. It is a financial paradise for single mothers in such situations,” stated a lawyer. It is thought that Flavio was keen to settle the situation with a one-off payment rather than monthly maintenance. “I cannot believe how badly this man has behaved,” said Heidi’s 63-year-old aunt, Erna. “He has broken poor Heidi’s heart. He has behaved like a real bastard towards her).

He seems to have never emerged from his own midlife crisis…and is perhaps another sad example of viagra-induced insanity! As suggested by the following pic it could be said that Flavio is perhaps a bit of a ladies-man.

Heidi Klum

Whatever can be said about him, he and Heidi had a beautiful daughter together!

Heidi Klum


  1. says

    Flavio Briatone is hugely famous in Europe……I was always surprised that Heidi hooked up with him……but back in the day, there were lots of pictures of them together, with her being pregnant, visiting her parents house ect ect ect….but then, you know, he went back to his Playboy ways I guess.
    The kids are adorable. German magazines don’t show the faces of children if the photos are taken by papparazzi (privacy laws) so it’s nice to see her face here. Adorable child!

  2. jay says

    Erna is Heidi´s mom.Flavio is a rihc guy and a playboy but Heidi was really dear to him according to him. Rumour has it that it was HEIDI who cheated on him(maybe with seal ) and that led to their breakup.

  3. lalaboo says

    OH NO !!! You mean the perfect Heidi had a baby out of wedlock !!!!!!!!!!! Ohhh what are all the fuddy-duddy’s on here going to do ?????????????? There hero was just a bootycall !

  4. kelley says

    Damn Essie. If that is true then maybe thats why Naomi keeps throwing cell phones at people. She has pent up rage issues. I say, send her back to him and let her kick his butt.

  5. Jenna says

    ugh, thank god the kid looks like Heidi.
    Can you imgaine rolling over to that every morning?
    *shudders* I’d pick Seal any day of the week.

  6. Essie says

    Of course there was a paternity test!!! That man settled several millions on Heidi and he would not do that if he was in doubt about paternity. Flavio may be ugly but he’s not stupid!!!

    Another thing about this man . . . he was a long-time lover of Naomi Campbell and, at one point, he beat her up and had to pay her several million because of that. I can’t remember if that was before or after he hooked up with Heidi.

  7. Lisa Marie says

    I agree with #7 (kelley). she seems to really have a good heart, and look past looks. Thats a trait that most beautiful women do not have.

  8. Pika says

    Did Seal adopt Leni? I thought I read that…..
    And when the heck is Heidi having that bambino. We see pic so often (everywhere) that it seems she’s been pregnant for more than a year!

  9. kelley says

    Heidi must definatly marry for love and that says a lot about her to me. As a beautiful women, she see’s past a persons looks. 😀

  10. Lisa Marie says

    They definetly had a gorgeous daughter, but Flavio is nasty. guarantee that most women like him for his money. Heidi is doing so much better now. good for her

  11. Desiree says

    Leni definitely does not look like this man. I doubt he is the father, Leni has blue eyes and he doesn’t. Heidi’s hair is brown not blonde either. I think that he is not the father of her daughter. Perhaps he had doubts about it and that is why he is such a jerk. Who knows, I think Seal looks somewhat better than this ugly old man.

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