Britney Baby Shocker!

Britney Spears

It has been revealed that little Sutton Pierce’s real name is Jayden James. He is a boy though, as originally thought!
TMZ obtained an official copy of the birth certificate for little Jayden James. How bizarre!

Britney Spears

The birth certificate, filed today at the L.A. County Registrar-Recorder’s office, reveals that the boy’s name is Jayden James Federline. Kevin signed the certificate on September 13th, one day after Jayden was born.

“J.J.” is such a fun nickname!

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  1. My name isn't important says

    Umm Ann-Marie it isn’t like it is your baby oh poor you, you thought it was Sutton Pierce for the longest time. What does it mater to you anyways it is not like knowing his name is going to help you in life and maybe she wasn’t the one who made everyone believe that it was Sutton Pierce It says Jayden James on the birth certificate and i’m sure she wouldn’t lie about his name if people are just going to figure it out anyways earlier in pregnany people said it was a girl no it’s a boy no it’s girl and boy twins you think she was spreading that around obviously someone is just fooling around posting false crap and you are to stupid to believe it. I don’t know why you are so wraped up in other peoples lives if you had a kid would you want cameras following around taking pictures of you everywhere you go and not leaving you alone that has to suck big time. So Ann-MArie and everyone else who is as stupid as her quite getting wraped up in there lives and don’t get all mad that you didn’t know his real name from the start i’m sure Jayden doesn’t care and would get over the fact that you didn’t know his name real fast. Everyone just makes me mad celebrities want to have some privacy and everyone can’t leave them alone like Suri they kept her private for a couple of months but tht wasn’t okay she was supposed to be out and posing for the camera so the world can see her and because people didn’t see her they had to make rumours she was deformed you guys worry about your own lives that is their work to be an actor or a singer you don’t see people following a truck driver around with camera so because they get paid more than us that means we need to be interested in their lives and cameras need to follow them around it is just SO STUPID SO WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN LIVES AND LET THEM LIVE THERE OWN LIVES.

  2. nikki says

    brovo! so true….
    i truley hate that name i mean i have 3 kids
    Angelina ,Violet and Adreonna and Jayden just dosn`t swing with me!! nut that my opinion

  3. megan says

    she is sure gonna have her hands full with three boys with mental ages under the age of two!!! SP, JJ & KE….

  4. Jaclyn says

    When i had my daughter her name was Luren for five weeks, after five weeks my husband and i decided she disnt feellike Lauren and decided to call her Taylor. Britney probably did the same so just becuase she is famous does not mean she is a publicity whore. if it was a normal person making that decision nothing would be said about it!

  5. dori says

    all I can say is I thought so…. I heard this before… when Kevin was interviewed on TV he said the babys name was Jayden JJ…you can’t always go by the tabloid news or this blog for that matter

  6. MissyMama says

    #30 she was preggo in this picture, so I doubt there is any spit up from her unborn son on her.

  7. Deb says

    She is trying to pull a Tom cruise. The tabloids did “Where is Suri?” now britney wants everyone to do the same with her. Frankly who cares. Sure I’ll want to see the kid when he/she/it makes their family debut in People mag. I agree with so many of the comments above that say she cries about all the attention, and yet, she doesnt know what to do without being in the public eye.
    Jayden, which is close to the name Jailyn that she supposedly going to name the baby if it was a girl. (A combo of her mom & dads name) Personally, I dont like the idea of having the word JAIL in my childs name. Especially if the father was Kevin EARL Federline! LOL

  8. 2kids2many says

    #30 (Robin) Ewww…I hope that yellow stain on her dress is from one of her kids and not Kevin! Gross!

  9. Pebbles says

    I think its the tabloids fault for thinking that we all were shocked when we seen that Sutton Pierce wasn’t his real name that means the tabloids need to stay out of other people’s business, that
    F#^*^ing stupid I hate the Tabloids they pi$$ me off. Just STOP judging everyone and get a new hobbie. Kevin might not be there for her right now but you wait he will regret it down the road. trust me i know. anyways britany you are awesome. don’t pay attention to whatever these people are saying and do what you do best and that’s being the best mother to babies could have love jessica

  10. kelley says

    Elaine, in the US you file (apply) for a birth certificate when the baby is born, it is sent in to the registrar of live births and the whole process can take up to 6 weeks in order for you to get a Social Security Card (certificate of proof of citizenship in the US) So most likely that “applied” for their birth certificate in Sept and it was finalized and “set in stone” on the date listed.

    Hope this info helps. :p

  11. kayleigh says

    the baby’s name is sutton pierce, its been confirmed in an english newspaper where iam that the baby isnt called jayden but infact is called sutton pirece.

  12. Michelle says

    I agree with the people saying that Sutton was never a for-sure name. I think the fact that Sutton was used as a name to keep the reporters from freaking out like a chicken with their heads cut off was good, because it did actually keep the tabloids busy on other people. And, does everyone really care about Brit and K-Fed’s new baby’s name? Sure, hearing the name at first, I immediatly dropped the subject. Now that it’s Jayden, I really don’t give a flaming piece of crap anymore. It’s so weird that people are arguing about the name of the baby. It’s not any of our business. I wish Britney and Kevin lots of success with their new son, Jayden or Sutton or whatever name it is.
    And, just because someone has a middle name of Earl does not mean that you have to judge them like that. Never judge a book by its cover.

  13. Cheyenne says

    Remember when Britney was shopping for some baby girl’s clothes and that she was going to name the baby girl if it was a girl “Jailynn” which is a combination of her dad and sister’s names.

  14. Jenna H. says

    Hahahaha K-Fed’s middle name is EARL!!! (not to offend any Earl’s). I don’t like Sutton or Jayden, so it doesn’t matter much to me, but it’s really childish to have done this. Oh well, we can’t expect much…

  15. Jessi says

    Jayden is better then sutton. Sutton sounds like a name for a gay male. Jayden is rare. James is a great middle name. The next daughter or boy i have will be names Jesse James, which is named after me and a famous bank robber here in minnesota.

  16. kk_619 says

    Britney never said that her baby’s name was Sutton. The tabloids started that rumor. I was reading an article earlier stating that KFag was on a radio show and he was claiming that its strange how people just all of suddon assumed that his baby’s name was Sutton Peirce. Britney has not been involved in the tabloids this pregnancy. Remember with Sean P. she was all over the mags, giving interviews, allowing people to take pics, etc. This time around we have heard or seen nothing of her (except the most recent pic of her shopping). So she probably just wanted to keep everything on the down-low for a while with this baby. She was not ‘lying’ about the baby’s name because she never said his name at all yet!! I really dont think that her keeping quiet for a while can be constituted as ‘lying’ like some of the other posts have said. Either way though, I hope the family is happy and healthy with the 2 little guys!!!

  17. Diva says

    Britney wanted to pull a Tomkat and “release” the baby’s name to coincide with the release of Kevin’s CD, just like Tom and Katie “date”, get engaged, announce pregnancies, and get married to coincide with the release of movies and DVD’s. It was pathetic enough when Tom and Katie did it, it’s beyond pathetic that Britney thought to do it.
    Didn’t this woman seem smarter when she was just a girl?

  18. Lorna says


  19. 2kids2many says

    #8 (Jenna)…Britney doesn’t have “misdiagnosed downs syndrome” People with downs syndrome are special and sweet and can’t help the way that they were born! Britney had a choice and she married “dumb” and unfortunately, sometimes dumb rubs off on you! (this is one of those times)

  20. Elaine says

    I am probably not understanding this too well, as I am not american and therefore I don’t know the legalities of registering a birth in the US – but the article says the certificate was filed today, even tho it is dated 13th September. Would the name have to be put in when the certificate was signed or can it be changed prior to filing?

  21. Olivia says

    Well, I guess I owe an apology to some of you due to my sticking up for Britney in the past. You were right and I was very wrong and certainly stupid to have given her the benefit of the doubt. I’m shocked at this most recent childish behivior. Is she just plain stupid, stoned, or way low in the brain department? Good Lord, the girl is the mother of two and way to old, age wise, for stupid childish games like this. I do believe she has sealed her fate though and she will never have a come back. She actually is as stupid or perhaps stupider than Kevin. They certainly deserve each other. God help those children what ever their names are!

  22. Tiffany says

    So its Jayden?? Thats MY sons name..and I really dont see why she would LIE about it being SUTTON for so long?? BUT WHATEVER! and we call my son JJ as well! how funny

  23. MissyMama says

    The birth Certificate was signed the day after his birth, so he was named promptly. I agree with Carleigh, it’s all part of the publicity stunt.

  24. Elaine says

    I don’t think it was ever officially announced that the child’s name was Sutton Pearce. Maybe they just took a bit of time to finally decide on a name, SP being a possibility which they eventually didn’t go with. if Britney was buying girl’s clothes some time ago, it is possible the birth of a son was a surprise and they didn’t have a name prepared.

  25. says

    Yeah thumbs up to Britty for giving her babies normal names. Sean P. is such an adorable lil angel, I hope 2 see lil Jayden soon, i bet he is absalutly breathtaking.

  26. Jenna says

    seriously, why ?
    Why would you tell someone its sutton pierce……jayden james? like WTF?
    ugh, i defend this broad all the time and this time…..i’m
    speechless, i give up, i swear, she has misdiagnosed
    downs syndrome the only thing that cheers me up
    is k-feds middle name is Earl, thats friggen great.

  27. 2kids2many says

    Jayden is a much better name than Sutton! Say what you want about Britney, but I give her props for not naming her children goofy names (like certain other celebrities) Her children will thank her for that when they are older!

  28. carleigh says

    She is doing better. She blogged last week under the Jessica Lynch post and said her son is doing better, is in rehab and she’s back home. She didn’t say much about her pregnancy other than she’s excited. She thanked everyone for emailing her during that time and said she will be checking back in from time to time. I hope she knows that this place is much better and livelier when she’s here..she so much fun! LOL

  29. Tasha says

    ugh that makes me mad, i was just getting used to sutton to! but i do like the name jayden better.I wonder why she let every 1 beleive his name was sutton 4 so long. does anyone know where to find anymore info or pics of jayden and britney? well bless britney and her family. : )

  30. carleigh says

    You know what all I can say to this is two words: PUBLICITY STUNT!

    She whines about the press leaving her alone to be a mother, for them to stop intruding in her life…well what does she think this is going to do?? The next Enquirer, Star, Globe, People, US, and In Touch is going to have BIG cover stories about this..mark my words.

    Britney Spears=whine bag,hypocrite, publicity whore.

  31. Ann-Marie says

    How come she let everyone believe that it was Sutton Pierce for like FOREVER, that kind of ticks me off, I am numb for words, I liked Jaden better than Jayden.

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