Billy Bob Thornton Out With Wife & Daughter

Billy Bob Thornton, 51, took girlfriend Connie Angland and 2-year-old daughter Bella out pumpkin hunting! Bella is so cute!

Billy Bob Thornton



  1. babyhates says

    Son: Maddox (adopted, with Jolie),

    He was not the adopted father ! There was none, she adopted him while married and then they split.

  2. memes says

    The girls are cute. The guy is a rotter, and the only man I have ever seen with Angelina J. who made HER just light up. She was madly in love with him. I read somewhere that BBThornton didn’t want to have a child with her, so she just began adopting. She wanted to be a mother, even if she couldn’t have the child of a man she was so in love with. Thank goodness she left him. AND found Brad who wanted kids too. Obviously, BBThornton is not great dad material, even if he can produce them.

  3. kelley says

    They list him as the adoptive father of Maddox? If that is true and he doesnt see that boy then that is just sad. Yet another reason why being married doesnt make someone a father. Also, I wonder if he is married to her now, and the pic is of when they were dating? Anyone know?

  4. thegrinchiscoming says

    wow and all of them were models or beautiful actresses WTF?? I can’t stand him either. His little girl is a cutie pie though

  5. says

    here is a list Wife: Melissa Lee Gatlin (m. 1978, div. 1980, one child)
    Daughter: Amanda Thornton (with Gatlin)
    Wife: Toni Lawrence (actress, m. 1986, div. 1988)
    Wife: Cynda Williams (actress, m. 1990, div. 1992)
    Wife: Pietra Dawn Cherniak (Playboy model, m. 18-Feb-1993, div. Apr-1997, two children)
    Son: William (with Cherniak)
    Son: Henry James “Harry” (with Cherniak)
    Wife: Angelina Jolie (actress, m. 5-May-2000, div. 27-May-2003)
    Son: Maddox (adopted, with Jolie)
    Girlfriend: Danielle Dotzenrod (model, dated 2003)
    Girlfriend: Connie Angland (seamstress, b. circa 1965, one child)
    Daughter: Bella (b. 22-Sep-2004, with Angland)
    Girlfriend: Laura Dern

  6. Nicki says

    Bella is really cute. Look at her mini pumpkin.
    I am curious about his other “bunch” of kids. I wonder if he sees them at all.

  7. 2kids2many says

    How does this guy get all the women? He is so creepy! His little daughter is cute, though. Does he ever have anything to do with Maddox? (Wasn’t he adopted when Billy Bob and Angelina were married?..just wondering)

  8. Shea says

    well it does say wife in the headline but girlfriend on the post, but then hes wearing a wedding ring too…confusing. maybe she didnt catch it? I cant stand this guy.

  9. carleigh says

    Change the topic..this isn’t his wife as you have plastered on the Blog heading..just and FYI…..Bella is a cutie pie! Nice to see Billy Bob out with one of his many, many kids..doesn’t he have like 5 or 6 total? LOL..fertile man.

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