More Cindy Crawford Family Cuteness!

Gorgeous Cindy, 40, attended the Paddle Out Protest at Malibu Surfrider Beach with Presley, 7, and Kaia, 5. Wow…Presley has the same long locks at Kate Hudson’s son, Ryder!

Cindy Crawford


  1. Karina says

    Beautiful familly, and I also don’t understand what all the hoopla was about those photos. She just looked like an innocent 4 year old (yes, actually she was 4 when the photos were taken).

  2. 2kids2many says

    No need to apolgize Bethany…I thought it was funny! 🙂 When I was 27, I thought 40 was old. Now that I’m 36, I’m thinking “40’s not THAT old, is it?” And you’re right, not alot of 40 year olds look like Cindy Crawford…neither do alot of 30 year olds!

  3. Bethany says

    Sorry 2kids2many! I am 27, and most 40 year old women that I know don’t look like Cindy. Especially in the fashion department…..but I don’t think 40 is old.

  4. says

    Yes Bara, I think you guys are more relaxed in Europe. Nude beaches and all I can where things like this are probably no big deal. Cultural differences are part of what makes us unique.

    Unfortunatly a lot of people draw very clear lines of that they think is decent or not. Some objected to the tatoo while others (myself inlcuded) thought the topless photo was set in too provocative a stance for it to be of such a young child 7 years old.

    Most likely the idea of a smaller child going topless would not have been such a big deal, but there exists a fine line where they get to a certain age and it is no longer appropriate to let them go topless.

    Like so many other things, it is her parents decision as to what she wears and where she goes, I just think that a lot of people here would never make a choice of having them photographed that way and having their pictures so easily gotten on the internet. I get the creeps just thinking of all the pedophiles who would sit and stare and god knows what else to images like that.

  5. thegrinchiscoming says

    OMG her daughter and son are both gorgeous like her. I agree Kaia is her spitting image, and I love her son’s hair.
    I didn’t see any problem with Kai swimsuit pics either, she looked just like a cute little girl, I don’t see what was all the hoopla about.

  6. 2kids2many says

    (IMO) Call me old fashion, but I have a problem with the whole “long hair hippie look” that her young son is sporting. Anyway, her daughter is very, very cute! (Nice to see her with some clothes on!) and yes! Cindy does look good “for her age!” #3…Bethany, you must be young, because to me 40 is not old. I laughed when I read that! Gosh! I’m getting old!

  7. says

    I really can’t undestand what was the whole thing with swimsuit. I saw the pictures and there was nothing wrong with them. I’m not American and I think in Europe people are more relaxed about this.

  8. Diva says

    Wow, her daughter really is the spittin’ image of her, isn’t she???

    Still TOTALLY not impressed with that whole “swimsuit” modeling thing she let her little girl do. I can’t even look at her now without thinking “What was SHE THINKING???”

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