Is Kate Moss Pregnant?

Kate and Peter Doherty spent some time in Florence, Italy together and it looked like they may have been checking out rings for their rumored upcoming wedding on the party-isle of Ibiza.
Kate Moss

The uncle of troubled rocker Pete Doherty is claiming that Kate Moss is pregnant by his nephew, her on-off boyfriend, the Sunday Mirror newspaper reports.

“I have spoken to Pete twice about the baby and he has confirmed that Kate is pregnant,” gardener Phil Michels, 57, told the weekly tabloid.

He said his nephew called him on Friday from Italy, where the frontman was on tour with his group, Babyshambles.

He said Kate underwent an ultrasound scan, everything was fine and the couple were happy to share the news.

“They are both delighted and Pete sounded really excited,” Michels said.

The pair were due to make an official announcement next week, the paper said.

Rumours have been circulating in the British media that the couple are due to marry.

Moss, 32, already has a four-year-old daughter, Lila Grace, with her ex-partner Jefferson Hack, while Doherty, 27, has a three-year-old son called Estile with his former partner Lisa Moorish.
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  1. car says

    i know this is a bit pass the point, but she is a product our society has created! from a young age she was told to model, and never change. where do you think she learned to put things up her nose? i believe she doesn’t know any different granted she should take she grow up now that she’s the mother, but im sure at this point she is a functioning addict!

  2. megan says

    kate was regularly pictured smoking cigarettes throughout her first pregnancy so just because she is smoking now doesn’t mean she isn’t pregnant. i know it sounds narrowminded but you are talking about two people here who have been treated in the not too distant past for serious addictions, pete has been in and out of court all year and failed many rehab attempts during the same time, i truly agree that something should be done about these two if its true that they are both still doing drugs and expecting a child, not just for the sake of the devoloping baby, not just for the sake of the poor toddler already in the middle of it, but also for the sake of the thousands of young people who look at these two as modern day examples of coolness!! they are just acting like two spoiled brats who just don’t want to grow up and take responsibility for their actions.

  3. carleigh says

    I am sorry #18 but what is your point? I must have missed it entirely. I Get your statement in general but if there was a point to it, it was lost on me.

  4. says

    As a drug addict myself I must say to you people who seemingly have no idea that this thing is a disease, not a plot to ruin lives of poor children, I also might add that pregnancy gives alot of people who are bound for death a REAL REASON to clean-up. You must keep in mind in the eyes of a drug addict your worthless, I don’t care if you have a billion bucks or if you’re on SkID ROW.

  5. kk_619 says

    I dont know even know what to say about these two. They are the nastiest, grungiest, most horrible 2 human beings I can think of. They are great for eachother, but to bring babies into this world?? How cruel would that be!!! I feel so horribly sorry for the children that they already have. Social Services had better get ahold of these two, and quick!!!

  6. carleigh says

    Nini are you smoking and snorting along w/ Kate and Peter or are you just in the dark? Do you know the repercussions of a child born to an addict??? Do you know about what it’s like to be a crack addict??? Think about this…if you’ve personallly ever done drugs yourself (which I am NOT saying YOU have) but if so..imagine what the drugs do to the average think about that tiny baby being born strung out, struggling to breathe, being born underweight, having drug withdrawl!!!!! I am not pointing fingers I am making a statement about I hope this woman isn’t pregnant because her damn grungy, strung out boyfriend is a DRUG ADDICT and no child needs to be born to a man or woman w/ a drug addiction. It’s especially sad because Kate Moss and Pete Doughtery have had admitted stints in rehab in the past and I think Pete’s last one was less than two months ago. The saddest part is that IF they do have a child the state probably will take a long, long time to step in and do anything about it because they are celebrities. By the way, my hands are clean! I just hope for this possible child that Kate and Pete are both clean so that this child isn’t born with all kinds of physical abnormalities, developmental delays and breathing diffulties. That in and of itself would be very traumatic and horrible.

  7. Kelsey says

    NiNi, it is true that we aren’t all perfect, but for goodness sake, how in the world can you just ignore the fact that Kate does have a drug problem and that it will without a doubt affect her child? I understand where you are coming from and I know that I have many things I need to change in my life, yet none of them are as severe as endangering an innocent child! I pray Kate isn’t pregnant because it makes me so sick to think of something so precious as a child being put into such a horrible situation.

  8. NiNi says

    I think that as long as they are happy. It is not our concern if they are addicts or not. Were not perfect either. So before we start pointing fingers, lets all make sure our hands are clean.

  9. carleigh says cute a crack baby! NOT! She makes me sick! She’s far, far worse than Denise Richards ever could be! She’s disgusting and needs to have her daughter taken from her and she needs to be “fixed” so she and Pete can’t make any crack babies!

  10. Fancy says

    Well, she’s been smoking for two . . . seems they both forgot they each had one already.
    Think it’s time for a call to social services. These two are a trainwreck.

  11. kelley says

    They had pic of her on other web sites still smoking, so either she is not preggers or she really doesnt care. I hate saying that not careing part, because my best friend smoked through both of her pregnancy’s but I think it is just awful. I also quit smoking the day I found out I was pregnant. What better reason could you have for giving it up. Even my husband quit, for our baby and he wasnt even pregnant.

  12. 2kids2many says

    IMO…If she is pregnant, I really hope that she can clean-up her act for atleast 9 months! As soon as I found out that I was pregnant, I quit smoking. It was hard, but you gotta do it for the health of that innocent baby inside of you! And look at him with a cigarette right in front of her face. He should be thinking of that baby too. I wonder if he’s ever heard of “second hand smoke” Probably not!

  13. Jenna says

    i think they’re going for the whole Sid and Nancy thing.
    too bad either of them haven’t wound up dead under a sink in a bathroom of some seedy hotel yet.

  14. Pika says

    Yikes! I saw a picture very recenty (last week?) of Kate with a cigarette in her hand. One can only wonder how clueless these two are………

  15. Lisa says

    heaven help us and that poor little baby if this is true to be born into this world w/ him for a dad- she does not seem much better

  16. Lala says

    Oh good I hope not ! Poor baby will be born with a coke addiction !!!!!!!! Don’t these 2 idiots already ahve kids w/ other people??

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