Gwen Stefani Takes Kingston Out

Gwen took Kingston (who is about to turn 5-months-old!) out for a day at Huntington Gardens in Pasadena on October 20th.
Gwen Stefani



  1. lee says

    to be honest i dont care what she looks like, she is entitled to dress how she feels.

    but i love those feet, i dont care if the shoes are too small, when you have perfect toes like Gwen im glad she shows them off as much as possible.

  2. Diana says

    I adore her shoes, I have got some from a shop over here in the UK, in brown. However, I am not too sure about the top that she is wearing! A little revealing for a day time stroll! 😉

  3. Diva says

    Yeah, adorable, and I WISH I had the cash to spend that much money on one little outfit…. I still WOULDN’T spend that much money on one little outfit, but having the cash to do so would be great!

  4. 2kids2many says

    Her sunglasses are probably more of a fashion statement than for sun protection. Or she might be wearing them so no one recognizes her…if that were the case, all she would need to do is take off that red lipstick and no one would recognize her! ha ha.

  5. Alana says

    Not being mean at all or judgemental but is it just me or should that kid have a freakin’ hat on? She has huge sunglasses on but he gets nothing? Can we say blinding our baby? I mean im not trying to be mean, I really am not but it doesn’t seem logical, if Britney did it OMG shit would hit the fan then!

  6. NiNi says

    She’s showing her bra on purpose, thats what its suppose to look like, DUH! Get up todate with fashion.
    And # 13 She looks pretty god damn good for a 30 yr. old, from what I’ve seen not everyone looks like that at her age.

    I’m 18, and she is my idol. I want to be just like her at her age and with kids. But I’ll be lucky, if I get to look, half as good and well put together like she does. I just love her, shes beautiful, and Kingston doesn’t fall far behind either.

  7. Lisa Marie says

    i LOVE how Gwen dresses. Its one thing that makes her so unique and beautiful. although im not too fond of how her shirt is now, she can still pull it off, and not give a da** what people think, lol.

  8. thegrinchiscoming says

    She is gorgeous but this outfit is horrible. She has a great body, I would love to see her with something more femenine looking.

  9. minni says

    I don’t know – it looks pretty grim but maybe it’s an accident – the baby’s on that side so maybe he’s pulled her loose shirt to one side. Mine do that!

  10. kelley says

    I love her presence and her makeup and hair are usually note wothy and Kingston is a doll with his little fohawk, but that ensem????? Pants too big, shirt too small and her bra showing? Hell to the no!

  11. Psychlori says

    Gwen sells her own line of shoes, those don’t look like they fit her at all! Neither does her shirt for that matter. But, love her anyway!

  12. carleigh says

    Kingston is a little doll baby! Gwen could button up a bit but that’s not the worst thing she could do…OH well.

  13. Ms D says

    I agree with #10.
    Though I don’t like this particular outfit she’s wearing..

    But I don’t come here for the fashions..I want to see the babies! LOL!
    And, Kingston is a doll (as always!) and it’s nice to see a new picture of him. 🙂

  14. babyhates says

    Why are her feet hanging over the front of her shoes ???? Not cute… isn’t she like 30 something ??? Stop showing the goods !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. HotMama says

    Kingston is such a little cutie!!! Gwen needs to cover herself up a bit more, and her shoes are definitely cute, however they look like they’re too small for her, I mean her toes are hanging off them, LoL!

  16. Dolly says

    The baby is cutie, but the mother, mhhhhh…….she looks a bit rough. Was she in a hurry. Her trouser and a shirt are hanging. What is going on???

  17. kt says

    WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE BRA?!?!?!?!!?!?!!
    wear a camisole or a tank or at least a shirt that fits and doesn’t show your whole chest!

  18. Essie says

    Her shoes are cute!!!

    Gwen really needs to learn how to dress better. I’m sick of seeing her bra always hanging out.

  19. 2kids2many says

    Is Gwen still breastfeeding? If so, it’s nice of her to give Kingston such easy access to food! 🙂 ha!

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