Adam Sandler With Sadie Madison

Adam Sandler, 40, took 5-month-old daughter, Sadie Madison to the pumpkin patch over the weekend in her Halloween cow costume. She is so cute and Adam looks like such a doting dad! Sadie Madison’s mom is Adam’s wife Jackie. They married in 2002.
Adam Sandler

Photo courtesy of x17online



  1. megan says

    wow, can’t believe i am agreeing with carleigh! but wow, nothing is cuter than pics of the little girls with their daddy’s…really shows you another side of them that you don’t normally get to see!! and yeah hot mama, the way he is holding her is just lovely, he looks completely smitten and very protective….she looks gorgeous with that dark wavy hair!! congrats adam!!

  2. HotMama says

    Adam must be such an amazing father, you can tell just by the way he’s holding her, he adores her in such an awesome way. Daddy’s little girl, nothing can ever beat that!

  3. Lisa says

    my husband with his little girl-nothing is more heart-melting. My husband adores all 3 kids but the bond he has with Hannah is undescribable. Her squeaky little girl voice when she calls out to him, the way he is so protective of her, the way he loves to dress her up in little feminine girly dresses instead of pants. My stepsons are absolutely great kids who share a wonderful relationship with their dad, but the daddy-daughter thing took my hubby for a loop-he is so enamored of her (hopefully its because she looks like a little mini-me : )

  4. carleigh says

    She’s precious! Glad to see a pic of her finally! Daddy’s little girl! I love seeing Daddy’s with the little girls it’s very sweet!


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