Jennifer Aniston's Shopping Spree At Posh Baby Boutique

Here is Jennifer in LA on October 16th. She hardly looks preggers!

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, 37, fuelled rumors of a possible pregnancy by spending more than $3000 on baby clothes.

Jennifer bought outfits, blankets, bibs and toys at boutique La La Ling in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, popular with stars such as Katie Holmes.

A witness said: “Jennifer thought the clothes were adorable, she just couldn’t stop spending. She bought outfits for newborns and one-year-olds and didn’t want them gift-wrapped.”

Well, I hardly think that this provides any evidence that she is expecting! She was probably generously shopping for gifts for friends. Check out the boutique’s website though…they have some very fun and cute things!


  1. says

    Its good to hear that Jennifer Aniston is inspired by Cameron Diaz for being a highly praised for her trendy fashion. She is sexy and attractive as ever. Don’t ever change Jen

  2. says

    Jennnifer Aniston is my idol. I am glad to hear that she is joing Courtney Cox in Cougar Town in season two. I love that show. It will be good to see them together again.

  3. says

    Jen is so a reserve type of person which i find it interesting to her. She`s the sexiest of all in hollywood people, she`s gifted with her beauty & body. It was good she`s separated with Bradd, she deserve better! To Jen, keep up the good work & God bless you more!

  4. PS says

    Well, I guess she just needs to go get pregnant and “catch” Vince like AJ did Brad. Yea, that’ll work.

  5. PS says

    Oh, I must have misunderstood. I thought you said in your post 26 that her career was more important than children and a family. And she’s not pregnant and has no desire to be pregnant. I’m still confused. Does she, or doesn’t she want children?

  6. carleigh says

    Good point PS..but I was basing my statement off of JA’s comment that she said she “wants” to have children.

  7. PS says

    Lots of women make a choice not to have children. I have a niece that decided not to have children. She doesn’t feel she’s missing out on anything and is content with her dogs. I think if a women makes the choice not to have children she should be commended, not criticized for it. She probably knows something about herself that no one else knows. Like maybe she doesn’t have patience that is needed in raising children. I would much rather see a woman that doesn’t want children not have them than to try and conform to what others think she may be missing out on.

  8. carleigh says

    FYI…she just attended Toby Maguire’s gf’s babyshower………makes sense she would be shopping for a baby then doesn’t it? She’s not pregnant and has no desire to be pregnant. Her career is more important to her than children and a family. I hope she realizes what she’s missing and has her own family very soon or she may miss out.

  9. Kary says

    How can you be slightly pregnant? You either are are you aren’t. And besides, she was shopping for a friends baby shower. At least if she did say that about her career she was being honest about it. There are a lot of women that put motherhood on hold for their careers. Nothing wrong with that. And we can only assume she said that because most if not all of these tabloids stretch the truth a lot putting words in the papers to sell more. So, don’t always believe what you read.

  10. Nicki says

    “If you can’t get enough of the Tom Kitten, the newest Trump Spawn or bursting-at-the-seams Brangelina, check out for the latest commentary and photos of celebrity breeders.”
    ~ MSNBC Newsweek BlogWatch

    This is why I asked why this was on here. This is posted on the homepage. There have been many pics of the Jolie-Pitt kids that NEVER ever make it here. That is why I asked nicely, why this was here. There is also a recent pic of Barron Trump yet it isn’t here, and if you read the first two lines one would think thier pics would be here.

    Just to comment on this pic, I don’t think she is pregnant or buying clothes for Coco, she is over 2. Maybe she bought the stuff for Melissa E’s new twins or even some other non-celeb friend. She does have lots of friends so could be for any of them. I hope Courtney C is pregnant again, she has said she really wants another child.

  11. Tasha says

    If she is prego i bet she just wanted 2 have a baby cuz brad and angie had 1 2gether and she is jelious. i am not against jen but i absolutly love brad and angelina together and their family is great!!! and if she is prego congrats 2 jen! : )

  12. says

    I’d much rather see her pregnant then a strung out crack head.

    However, propogating rumors is not cool, and if she is preggers it could only be slightly, and if she is anything like myself and most women I know, spending thousands on baby stuff would feel like tempting fate.

  13. nicola says

    I hope she is pregnant. She`s been through so much crap in the past yr or so. She deserves some happiness now

  14. Lala says

    #14 – yes she did say that a couple years ago……… how sad her acting or lack of acting is what’s actually hurting it ! I’ve tried to give her movies a chance but there all the same…………. Oh well !

  15. Lisa Marie says

    Geez, is this your website?? Why do you have to give the webmaster such a hard time over what she posts?? if you dont like it, dont look. seriously, i dont mean to be overly rude, but she is free to post whatever she feels like posting. And im sure she does other things, then just update her site, give her a break!!
    I found this site a few months ago, and i love it. I think she does a wonderful job getting the information and pictures she gets, and updates the site quite frequently.

    sorry, im not one of those B##chy posters who loves to start trouble, but alot of these posts just got under my skin.

  16. Tam says

    I agree she will have a beautiful baby when she decides to…. at least she didn’t jump into it so quickly like brad did with angelina..

  17. thegrinchiscoming says

    Thanks team! I agree with Nicki I saw Zahara’s pic on another site and also a new article about Madonna’s adoption drama. Now the father of the little boy said he did not know how to read and write and therefore he didn’t know he was signing adoption papers for his son. WOW is all I can say, people in Malawi seem to be getting more adamant about this adoption; I don’t know if she will be able to keep that child for much longer..
    I’m off for now

  18. Nicki says

    Why is this here and not the new pic of Zahara and Brad? At least that would make more sense than someone just shopping for baby clothes, who doesn’t have kids.

  19. says

    Jennifer is the picture of perfection. She is always so generous and caring. I don’t think she is preggers, but I too can’t wait till she has her own bundle of joy…her babies would be too beautiful for this world. Jennifer is so smart not to jump and have babies before she is ready, she has the common sense to know when something is right, she doesn’t do things to trap people, this is one chick who can take care of herself, and when the time comes she will be the BEST MOM IN THE WORLD. Way to go Jen, Love ya, and I wish you all the best in your future.

    #6 – cute name by the way,
    no she is not married to Vince.
    Maybe her dear friend Courtney is expecting again, she is Coco’s god mother, so maybe she wants to get a possible new baby nice gifts!!!
    Aaawww how sweet.

  20. Denise says

    And, I was seen buying baby clothes the other day. I never heard I was preggers. Just had a baby shower to go to. Duh!

  21. Denise says

    Jennifers not pregnant. I think she’d have more since than that and this is how rumors get started. Not a good post. Although she does look great. No her and Vince aren’t married.

  22. thegrinchiscoming says

    awww I would love to see her pregnant how cute! but I think the clothing are gifts for someone else.
    is she married to Vince Vaughn? or just dating?
    anyways, I wish the best for them.

  23. says

    Ummm didn’t we just see a pot where she was going to a baby shower for Toby Magurie GF Jen? That was a few days ago!

    I agree Carleigh, this is exactly how rumors get stated!

  24. Ms D says

    You know Carleigh..I tend to agree..when this kind of thing is posted on a site like this, THAT’S how rumors start.

    And, as you said, JMO (too)!!! 😉

  25. carleigh says

    Oh god………she should not be on here unless she’s been confirmed to be pregnant or has adopted a child. That is JMO!

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