Katie Holmes Is Still Shopping

Well, not much to report except that she’s still shopping! Here she was snapped out shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday.

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Wow! Sunglasses are getting really big these days!



  1. ella says

    yep kelley, i agree, gaining weight for a role in a movie surely is a possibility.. but that’s pretty bad timing indeed with his supposedly upcoming wedding.. if he continues like this, he will look like a-fat-p*g-in-a-suit on his wedding day, not good on their wedding pics.. that or it could all be down to stress taking care of new baby suri..

  2. says

    Thank you 2 kids and Shea, I was trying to interject a little humor in to everyones day, but you have a point 2kids, if they are getting married soon, it does seem like a bad time to be gaining weight. He could have an illness and be on prednizone for something, or they could be lying about getting married soon. SO many possibilities.

  3. Claire says

    I’m glad that so many of you think that a one second snapshot constitutes Kate’s “entire day.” How do you know what she does all day long from a snapshot that represents one moment of her day??

    Its too bad you all wish that you could be Kate. And to those of you who criticize Kate’s fashion sense… please! There is no way, you are as stunning as she is. And she DOES completely know how to wear Chanel. You obviously don’t have enough class to appreciate such designers. Lay off of Kate. Go back to Wal Mart.

  4. Lisa says

    #51 #52


    what a poor excuse-delude yourselves some more- my baby went with me to my step childrens soccer games- these kids are Pele for c—-t sakes

  5. dori says

    If this sight is called babyrazzi and it’s suppose to be about babies why are you reporting about Katie Holmes and her shopping sprees????????DUH????

  6. scarlet says

    I agree with Christine…There are far larger celebrity moms..Such as Angelina and her baby…She is always out with her children and she is bigger then Katie Holmes..Anyways who is Katie Holmes? Oh yes the puppet of Tom Cruise..She was a small actor until she hooked up with Tom Cruise…Anyways back to always out shopping without her baby…In fact her and Tom are always out and about WITHOUT THAT CHILD…It is all to strange..But hey Tom Cruise is strange..

  7. 2kids2many says

    That might be true, Kelley, but he does have a wedding coming up. I would hope that he would want to look his best for his bride. Couldn’t it “weight?” (Lame play on words..ha ha) But I guess if you’re getting paid $20 milion dollars to do a movie, what’s a little extra weight! PS-hope your stomach feels better! 🙂

  8. kelley says

    I can’t believe I am getting ready to defend Tom Cruise.

    Here it goes: Oh God please save me.

    Tom may be gaining weight for a role.

    Ok, please excuse me……I think I threw up a little.

  9. 2kids2many says

    #55- OMG Ella. Thanks for that link. You’re right…double-chin, chipmunk cheeks, but you forgot “man boobs!” Maybe that’s why Katie is getting so thin…Tom is eating all her food! HA! 🙂

  10. Tam says

    brad and angelina rarely take shiloh out, they always have the other two kids but rarely shiloh.. she is always left at home it seems!

    so what if suri is left at home.. then they dont have to have paparazzi following her down like a pack of dogs

  11. Shea says

    looks like The Bigot! and I hate Suri Cruise are the same person. Why cant people just go under one name instead of trying to make a point with their name?? cant they say it in the ACTUAL post? You actually sound like a child and probably are to say such hurtful things about a innocent child that hasnt done ANYTHING to anyone, least of all you. say what you wish about the parents, but dont be a ass and go after a child visiously like that.

  12. Charlie says

    When a person has money, they can do what they please & that means leaving their chidren with whomever they please. I would want to be around my children more than to be out shopping. Once in awhile it is okay. Otherwise I think moms should stay home & be with their babies. I would like to see more of Suri & hope to see more pics of her soon in the magazines. She is precious & beautiful!

  13. I hate Suri Cruise says

    Why I wish they’d Katie Holmes would take Suri out to the shopping sprees, soccer games and restaurants with her

    1. So the soccer ball could hit Suri in the face and make Katie Holmes look like a bad mother for taking Suri out with her.

    2. So the paparazzi could get too close to Suri and “accidentally” drop their heavy camera on Suri’s little body and little Suri can be paralyzed forever and they can blame it on her parents!

    3. So me and tomkat haters can make fun of Suri Cruise and her ugly dark hair and make her wish she was never born!

    4. So the paps can scare Suri and make her cry

    5. So scientology haters can shoot Suri Cruise with a slingshot!

  14. The Bigot! says

    I wish Tomkat would take Suri out to the soccer games or the restaurants I’d like to see the following happen to Suri on their outings!

    1. I’d really like to see Suri get hit in the face with the soccer

  15. Kalista Brat says

    You wicked bitches need to shut up!Just because you don’t see Suri out with Tomkat does not mean they are bad parents!You need to stop being bigots and associating everything Tomkat does with their religion!Just because they want to keep their baby safe does not make them strange!

  16. says

    Why is she never with her baby? And who is taking care of it? I just don’t understand…the first year is so big! She is missing everything to go shopping at Barney’s.

  17. sillygirl says

    Dear Lord: please let these women realize how stupid they look with these huge sunglasses on. PLease! Hey Katie, don’t you have a child at home that needs your attention instead of shopping all the time?

  18. Robin says

    Poster #40 – jealous? nah! I would have been jealous about 10-15 years ago when TC was in his prime and Scientology hadn’t addled his brain…but now? Katie can have her couch-jumping fool…poor girl! She would have been far better off with Pacey! and would have had a cuter kid to boot!

  19. Shocked Lady says

    Referring to #43, I have also read in one of many comments posted on http://www.perezhilton.com that Tom Cruise is gay, but I was really wondering as to what the hell are they talking about cuz I have never heared smthin like that before and NOW my I’m totally confused. Anyway sorry guys may be this is not topic related. Hope u’ll bear with me.

  20. Shea says

    Lindsay, yup IM jealous….jealous shes engaged to a in the closet gay man, that she would rather shop and go around the world then see her daughter, and hanging with a anoxic “celebs”, and not having a moment of private time without pictures being taking of me, hmm yea im so jealous LOL. I wouldnt wish her life on my worst enemy, let alone want it for myself. maybe its you thats the one that is jealous

  21. carleigh says

    I’m telling ya Katie has PPD. Instead of taking the med’s she needs she’s using her shopping addiction to “cope”. She lives in a freakin’ fish bowl, she can’t go anywhere w/o someone up her ass 24-7 whether it’s Tom Cruise or the photographers. Everything she wears, her mannerisms, what she says, who she’s with, what she wears, what company she keeps, whether or not she takes her baby out or not……….that kind of scrutiny is depressing for me to just sit here and type let alone live under that microscope. She needs to get a grip and clue. She had a small time career on Dawson’s Creek (wow that’s an impressive resume there) and a couple of movies but she’s done NOTHING except be Tom Cruises arm candy for the past year and a half. That’s got to be depressing. Katie needs some med’s and a one way ticket for her and Suri away from Tom the Intergalatic Lord of Cruise Control.

  22. dori says

    We coul;d envy Kate if she really had something to envy ..but she doesn’t!
    It’s Tom Cruise the weirdo we’re talking about here and the girl from Dawsons Creek who really has no career of her own. So spending money is her pastime to fill some void in her life I don’t envy her I feel sorry for her.

  23. Lindsay says

    You people are all so jealous of Katie, you can’t even stand it. You wish you could do all the things she’s doing. She is marrying Tom Cruise and you’re not. She is now afforded a million luxuries and traveling in a circle that you can’t even imagine.

    Admire the beauty and talent that is Kate, and work through your jealousy.

  24. frangipanee says

    Does scientologie teaches to shop everyday and leave your baby home?FLY to Paris,go to soccer.go for lunch supper,shop BARNEYS CHANEL and more and more.Excuse me i forgot speak on the phone to her family.Is she ever ever home and tell me after all these outings that there is no maid no nanny no cook.what scientology eats fresh air.;I feel bad for the father i am certain he thought she would have been a better mother. And this is only what we know of her outongs,

  25. Shea says

    I love this site! HOW often are you going to get a picture of a “famous” child WITHOUT their parent/parents?? The web mistress does a pretty great job I think on keeping us informed and you know what if this site is so sucky then why do you come on here for? Its not like were gonna miss YOU at all. I think its pretty clear no one is going to get a picture of Suri out so whats the next place thing? talking about her mother that rather shops then be with her!!!

  26. Dig a bit deepeer says

    What does this say about the content of this site….

    “Well, not much to report except that she’s still shopping!”

    Exactly. Nothing to report. So why bother? This site is beginning to suck because of junk filler like this.

  27. Ruby Jackson says

    Come on, Chanel? That’s for grandmothers. And what’s with the black turtle necks all the time?

    She has totally lost that ecstatic look of happiness and giddiness she had before she had the baby. Her smile now seems so superficial and forced. I wish she had the courage to leave before she makes another mistake and marries the creep.

    You know, it’s one thing to be out shopping, preparing for a wedding, and wanting to leave your kid at home, but how come they NEVER take the baby to the soccer games? They are there, together, doing a ‘family’ thing, but NO BABY. That is weird..

    Also… I AGREE, this site is boring, never about babies anymore. Maybe it should be called Momarazzi. The webmistress is asleep most of the time.

  28. Keppa says

    To all those who are simply SHOCKED that Katie could be away from Suri for an hour to go shopping because YOU bring YOUR children with you everywhere…..

    must be nice not to be hounded by a hundred photographers whenever you go outside with your child….

  29. Lala says

    I think she’s drugged……….. She always has the same dumb look on her face. I don’t know I’ve never really been a fan of hers or his ! I think she looks like a zombie most of the time. People who say “oh she looks happy”, ya I would be happy too with a BLACK AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD !

  30. Lisa says

    no ammt of money/shopping will not find this poor lost girl happiness. GO HOME AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR BABY

  31. kt says

    i love katie! she looks fab and is out running errands just like anyone. she has paparazzi on her all the time, so when she is doing normal stuff–like shopping a lot before (presumably) a big event, everyone sees it! i wouldn’t bring my baby out in public either if i had that kind of press attention. she and tom are great and i am happy for them.

  32. kgerman says

    I think everyone is way to hard on her. How would you like it if everything you did was scrutinized? I think we should just let her be. No one lives with her, no one knows what exactly is going on.

  33. Lucia says

    I’m glad i’m not the only one who thinks she looks old…thanks #23…for a while there i thought i was being mean to Katie….but nope…looks like others agree….

  34. Lucia says

    sure i have, you can wear Chanel hon but you have to KNOW how to wear it…. and she doesn’t know how! although when she was out with Victoria B. she dresses beautifully….so what happened????

  35. Lala says

    #22 She can wear Chanel all day long but at least pick something that doesn’t make her look 75 ! She’s not even 29 yet, but she looks old, and just ick !

  36. Elle says

    Please keep the Katie photos coming! She is probably the most famous mother in BH right now, and I love to see what she’s up to. Your Katie pics keep many of us coming back for more. I’m sure Suri will be brought out in time, but I don’t blame her for wanting to keep the photographers away from her baby. Thanks for the photos! Katie always looks so chic.

  37. jenna says

    Katie needs to do something with that hair. Long hair is not automatically pretty–you do have to take care of it. Make up your mind–get either a flat iron or some hot rollers but don’t just leave it stringy all the time.

  38. Lucia says

    wow…#14, just saw pics of Shiloh…she is so cute and looks so much like her daddy. See, i don’t understand why Katie doesn’t take Suri out? So weird and for someone who is so pretty like her, why does she dress like an OLD LADY! I hate the way she dresses. She use to be so outgoing and happy and it showed in the way she dressed…so carefree. Now it’s like she looks like an eccentric old lady who is trying so hard to look classy. I really like Katie Holmes but she has to do something about her apperance. She’s too young and pretty to look so old and run down….poor thing.

  39. thegrinchiscoming says

    I don’t know but this outfit looks awful on Katie, she is a beautiful woman but nothing she wears seems to really fit her right.

  40. Olivia says

    You got that right #12. Hollywood hair & make up have the secret shams. It’s only a matter of time before Katie gets tired of shopping. $, things, & stuff can only fill an empty broken heart for so long.

  41. babyhates says

    Nothing to report today ????????? This site sucks !!! You know http://www.icydk.com has new pictures of SHILOH, Maggie Gyllenhaal, kate hudson, kelley ripa !!!!!!!!!! I think this web-master is just lazy !!!!! Geeesss even http://www.tmz.com has pictures of Daniel Smiths Funeral (morbid but it’s something) !!!!!!! Please out ladies !!!!!!!!

  42. Dolly says

    Posting #12 100# true. Honestly we need to read it before we make our comments. I have reversed all what I have said ealier. We need to think twice. Ag shame.

  43. Fancy says

    Sweet Jesus at the closet door, wake up everybody ! What you’ve got here is a pleasant looking not very bright girl who was taken in by a conniving older guy who’s trying to maintain the biggest non secret on the west coast. Yes, I know that for a fact.
    If she had any wits in that over dressed starved body of hers she’d grab the baby and head for the hills.
    I repeat it’s all a big sham.

  44. kelley says

    Ok, so I admit I hardly ever go anywhere without my son. Then again I don’t have to worry about 15 paps hounding me anytime I step out of the house either. So here she is, planning a wedding and trying to have a life. She knows if she leaves the house she will be hounded and she knows if she has Suri it will be 10 times worse. I mean, just look at what happened when Angelina and Brad took Maddox on that rickshaw (so?) ride. So she can either stay home with Suri all the time, or bring her out with her and risk the maley.

    I think I would probably leave her home too.

    Here comes the but. Katie seems to be out at least every day now. She could simply try to schedule a day a week and get all the stuff done in one swoop. It breaks mu heart leaving my son at daycare every day, she has the means to be home with Suri and I think she should.

    I will agree though, this site is about babies, so really if it is just her, then let People cover the pics.

  45. Dolly says

    OMG. For how long is she going to do shoppping for the upcoming wedding?????. Presume ‘ll be THE WEDDING OF THE CENTURY and the whole world ‘ll be invited. Can’t wait for my invitation.

  46. Sarah says

    Like katie maybe does? The key there is “maybe” we dont know where suri is… Tom isn’t there is he? Whats to say he hasnt got her? Or the 2 sets of able bodied grandparents? Not to mention the fact that yes, as average mothers we take our children everywhere… if we were in the public eye 24/7 we may start to think differently. And maybe she is being a concerned mother and thinking of the fact her poor daughter would be photographed and mauled like public property!

  47. mage says

    She can leave her baby home all she wants. Depending on where I am going and how many kids I have with me mine may stay home also. But this is a BABY site. I want to see babies or children of families. Not single folks shopping.

  48. Missy says

    I agree with you Christine. I have boys, ages 2 years & 4 months. I take them with me when I go out. Sometimes I do leave them but not with a sitter-usually their dad or my parents, not with a nanny like Katie probably does. And when this does happen it is for a realtively short time. I, too, cannot admire a celeb who is NEVER seen with her baby.

  49. christine says

    If only Katie spent as much time with her new baby then she does shopping she would be someone I would admire..As a 1st time mom..My baby Isabelle is 5months..I go shopping with her everywhere I can with her..I do not like leaving her home with someone else to care for her. I am the mother and she is my responsibilty..To bad Katie does think that way…Very strange behavior for a new mother…I have seen so many other moms in the pubic eye that take there new babies everywhere.,..

  50. Ullie says

    Awww I can’t wait for the wedding, but I doubt they are going to give the photos to a magazine after all the lies they always publish about them. Maybe they’ll be in Vanity Fair, just a few pages. I can’t wait for the wedding, this ish the biggest wedding! I can’t wait!I wanna see little Suri again!

  51. Ally says

    So what mage, I think it is the right thing to do to leave Suri at home while she is shopping, the papparazzi would cause a frenzy if she took her out with her. I think Katie is prettyShe’s planning a wedding and all I look forward to is the wedding photos and hopefully Suri! Can’t wait for this wedding!

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