More Heidi & Family Amongst The Pumpkins!

Yeah, I know it’s more Heidi, but I can’t help myself…her family is just too cute! I’d already posted some pics of their Malibu pumpkin patch extravaganza, but here’s more! I love Leni’s outfit! It cracks me up how much buh buh action (for clarification, I mean bottle :))there is in these pics!
Heid Klum

Heid Klum

Heid Klum

I LOVE Heidi’s black patent leather Dansko clogs she is wearing in the pic below! I have been meaning to buy them for myself!

Heid Klum


  1. Shea says

    ok i gotta say something about the bottle topic. My son is 10 months old and my niece is 3 yrs old, that is weaned for along time now from bottles but When I take them places together she will SNATCH his bottle right up lol. I actually bring one for her now becuz she will scream if we take it away from her forever! Then my son starts screaming becuz she has HIS bottle.
    *Maybe those bottles arent hers but her little brothers?*

  2. says

    Carleigh you didnt miss much. Just someone going way to far and being quite profane and awful so I am soooo glad it was removed.

  3. Fancy says

    To whoever wanted to know way back when:
    Seals camera is probably the new Leica digital which
    is the same size and shooting format as their 35mm film cameras. They retail for around $5k and are a dream to take photos with.

  4. carleigh says

    What was all the talk and debate about cancer? I couldn’t access that post from KellyMay so I am out of the loop. I just think that cancer is a very sensitive subject. My gf is ill w/ it right now and struggling to survive. Since when I share personal details I get massacred on here I will refrain from much info. He’s sick, it’s killing me to watch him continuously suffer. I used to pray for him to get better but now I pray for him to just be at peace. To anyone who’s life is touched by cancer in anyway you probably know what I am talking about.

  5. kelley says

    Gwennie, I can relate to all the “my kid will never do’s”. So far I have broken the sit in a restaurant and cry and the never sleep in my bed rules.

  6. Gwennie says

    Come on! Some of you need to get over yourselves!! It must be nice to be the perfect parent, huh?

    Before I became a mother I always told myself that my child would NEVER have a pacifier, would ALWAYS sleep in his bed and would be POTTY-TRAINED by the age of 2. Well, guess what? My son is 3.5 years old, still has a pacifier at bedtime, refuses to sleep in his own bed and still wears a pull-up during the night!

    So Leni still has a bottle…so what? She looks happy, well-fed and loved. Isn’t that what matters?

  7. kelley says

    That is uaually how it happens Mage. And because of that, there isn’t much that is known about it as in most cases people don’t live long enough for the treatments to be studied. They have several samples of my stepdads blood to study on, and we hope this will help someone else in the future.

    Like so many other people who get this, he was misdiagnosed several times. First the found out that he was diabetic (probably from the pancreas being choked down) then his bac k was hurting, and they said he had a pulled muscle. At te time my mom asked the Dr. why he looked yellow, but the Doc didnt notice it. Two weeks later he was do jaudiced that I thought he could glow in the dark. The CT showed the tumor and they admitted him to put in a stint in the collapsed bile duct. He was litterally hours from death at that point, but the stint helped. They gave us no hope since they thought he was inoperable.

    They did the chemo and radiation just hoping ot buy him some time, but thanks to his young age of 40 he responded quite well and was able to endure the full 7 week course of treament and they shrunk it enough to operate.

    As for the bottle thing. I dont condecend as to tell anyone what to do. At the age you are talking about you werent likely to fall asleeo with a bottle in your mouth, which is one of the reasons to wheen off a bottle. The pooling mile can rot teeth. My son honestly acts like he could care less about his bottle. He would rather have all food, so I think it will not be much of a problem.

    I regularly let him drink from a regular cup. When he wants to drink and hold it himself I use the sippy cups so he doesnt end up with it all over him.

  8. mage says

    LMAO!! Only if you are new would you think a baby holding a bottle wouldn’t cause a stir…. a baby nursing, a mom wearing a nursing bra, toddler with a bottle, a mom with her kid, a mom out with out her kid- it is all fodder!!!

  9. denise says

    You said it babyhates. It’s funny how any of these pics turn into brawls. By the way, where did you come up with that name? Just curious!

  10. mage says

    Kelley- It was less than 30 days from initial illness to death for my uncle- 2 weeks after diagnosis. He had no chance for treatment.

    I grew up in Virginia, but have been to DeSmet South Dakota and stood in a sod house on the Ingalls property.

    My loft bed was like a bunk bed with out a bottom bunk. My dresser and desk fit under it, giving me room in my room to walk around. (originally a storage room) It was tall enough to stand under.

  11. kelley says

    Kellymay, Prayers are always greatly appreciated. I will try to make this brief so as not to bore people. I do want them to be aware though because it is a silent killer.

    He weighs 127 lbs having been 180 most of his life. He had a “whipple” procedure which you can look up, it is very serious and bad surgery. They took part of his pancreas, stomach and intestine. removed his dueodendum (sp?). He is on a feeding tube 18 hours aday and insulin. He had to go back to Duke two days ago because his sugar dropped to 40 and he was out of it. He should be home Saturday. He is hanging in there and defeating the odds. He was diagnosed in stage 4 and they said it was inoperable but after chemo and radiation it shrunk and they were able to cut it out of him. He had to have his bial duct replaced with a new vein but he survived. He came out of the hospital 45 days after surgery. He can;t eat much and gets naucious, but he is here.

    This man has raised me since he was 17 and I was 3. No blood father could have been better, He has never married my mom but he has never been anything but a father to me.

  12. says

    Kelley I forgot to mention, I’m sorry about your Dad. Pancreatic cancer tends to take over rapidly ๐Ÿ™ How is he doing? I will lift him tonight in my prayers.

  13. says

    Thanks girls!
    This all really comes down to respect, you get back what you give in this world. I appreciate and respect so many of you ๐Ÿ™‚ Corry, I think you make her think twice about posting again on this thread LOL

    Mage, where did you grow up? I have a ‘little house on the prairie’ type house in my head :p A loft sounds exciting though!

  14. mage says

    Kelley- Pancreatic cancer, i am sorry. My uncle has been gone almost 2 years from it…. aweful, aweful.

    I am sure my mother weaned me from the bottle early on, but around 12/13 I discovered I could get a drink of water to my loft bed that wouldn’t spill, taste stale or get bugs in it is I left it up there at night- and i could have a fresh drink with out killing myself trying to get down in the dark. My parents thought I was teched in the head, but didn’t stop me.

    Maybe if I was allowed bottles at an early age I wouldn’t want them later? ๐Ÿ˜‰ They make so many more types of drinking vessels now than they did before. As to the straw type sippies, playtex had some, as did rubbermade. There are some with built in straws, but they seem to grow ickies after a bit. I can’t reuse straws!

  15. kelley says

    If I could interject for a moment, Cher you may not even be willing to answer this question, but do you know where I could get that playtex cup. I have some, but they all have spouts and my son will be one in a month and I want to 86 the bottle. He uses sippies just fine, but they are also like a bottle

    and get this……i think kids should be weened from a bottle when they are done with formula (usually age 1) .

    Sorry about you loosing your mom, I am in with the man who raised me my father ( my real father took himself out of the picture so so much for marriage meaning very much to him) he has pancreatic cancer which is rare and deadly since they dont know much about it. He has had surgery and has defied a lot of odds but he is still fighting. SO I wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy, I dont think most people here would either.

    So, anyway, if you could post a link with that cup I would appreciate it much.

    Kellymay……….we love ya girl!

  16. justthefacts says


  17. Corry says

    I mean not you Olivia, just wait . You ‘ll know who she is when she’ll attack me, immediately she reads this posting. I bet you.

  18. Corry says

    No. No. That person is not you. We all know who guarreled and insulted almost every1 in this blog. So I don’t agree with you my dear, BUT I’m not going to mentioned her name coz she ‘ll attack me like a Black Mamba and believe me she is good in that. Clap! Clap!

  19. Olivia says

    I vote for ME. I think that I really put Cher in her place with that whole “Mummy looking down from heaven” bit. I hope that I really made her feel like a bad person for bringing up her mothers death again Kelly May. I’m glad that her mother isn’t alive to see what kind of evil person Cher is.

  20. Corry says

    I have a proposal. Let brng up a title in this blog. The most guarrelsome and agressive person on this blog. Please VOTE!!!

  21. Lucy says

    I’m so sick of seeing this family. Do they invite the paparazzi to come with them on their outings or do they send the paparazzi pictures? Who in their right mind would want their kids exploited as much as these people? Heidi Klum needs to find something else do to other than pose for the camera.

  22. Cher says

    see, once again a person is crucified because they mentioned that their mother died. i am not “hiding behind it” or using it as “my ace in the hole” as you have accused me of Olivia. i was simply stating how mean you women are and you just 100% proved that. why are you digging at my mothers death to make me mad? what kind of person are you Olivia to accuse me of that? if your mother had died, how would you like it if someone made that cruel “ace in the hole” remark to you-under any circumstances. you don’t know me Olivia and you don’t know my mother. “your mummy should feel pride when she looks down at you.” what shit are you trying to start with me olivia? You just basically proved my point olivia. your an idiot too! so…go spout off your inspirational words of wisdom to someone else. My goodness. How many of you women have your heads up KellyGay’s ass that you have to jump on her bandwagon at any chance you get. So olivia, my dear, “as my mummy looks down from heaven at her living legacy that she has left to the world” I say screw you!

  23. Olivia says

    There are not many people in this world who have not been touched by cancer, either themselves or a beloved family member or friend. IT IS SO SAD, SO HORRIBLE TO LOOSE ONE YOU LOVE. However one must ask the question of one’s self, “Would my loved one be proud of my actions and words if looking down on on me at this moment?” To make unsubstanciated accusations against another while hiding behind your mother’s death, Cher, speaks volumes. Your behavior certainly doesn’t say much for you, is that why you hold a family members death as your ace in the hole? You need to speak to a professional. Kelly May and I do not always agree, and we both can be annoying, to each other at times but she is a good honest warm hearted woman. For a long time I have read her words of comfort and support to commentors with illness’s themselves or close family. Your being unfair about something you do not know all sides of. Your new to this site, or at least the name Cher is. Grow up Cher your mummy when she looks down should feel pride by your actions. You are the reflection of her and her legacy she has left to this world.

  24. Denise says

    Funny how they post 2 pictures of the kid with bottles. Is that all they had to post? Seems to me they put pictures on this site to get arguments started. You people argue about everything! You people crack me up! They are probably laughing all over the place and taking bets on who’s gonna start what!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!!

  25. Stephanie says

    hmm i dont think shes too old for a bottle. but u never know maybe shes still breastfeeding so a bottle will help her keep her latching in place.

    shes a cutie though!

  26. Konstantina says

    Is it just me…or are there like a zillion pics with Heidi and Lene…and few with her holding Henry. Maybe just bad odds of the paparazzi??

  27. Cher says

    no sweetie, not Tj mom. wouldn’t want to be her. would be crucified if i were. funny how YOU accuse everyone (me Doh Tj mom) of having multiple handles. perhaps it is you with the multiple personalities. labor and delivery nurse/ palliative nurse/ shrink…Carleigh/Helley/KellyGay. your just pissed because someone called you for what you are a bitch! you think that your shit don’t stink “I am an amazing nurse and I know it” what an arrogant bitch you are. please tell me what hospital you work at so i can die instead of having someone like you be my nurse! Now quick, KellyGay, have them erase this comment before anyone reads what a fucking bitch you are.

  28. says

    I just did! My mother had cancer too! Hmm do you see me posting about it? TJ’S mom ( aka you) only posted that after tthe fact! Your gig is up my dear! I am an amazing nurse and I know it! God be with you!

  29. Cher says

    Posted for shock or not, you and your cyber friends crucified her. YOU re-read the post, KelleyGay. As a palliative nurse YOU should of been more compassionate. But you tore that girl apart. As someone who has recently lost their own mother to cancer, I was almost in tears how mean you people were to her. Oh well, go ahead and call me a “head case” too because my mother died from cancer. I probably just said that for “shock” value too. Should I post her death certificate for you? Are you going to also tell me that I find pleasure in saying that my mother died from cancer- just like you did to that other girl. I’m glad that YOU were not the nurse sitting by my dying mother!

  30. says

    Cher you wish I was a witch! Had you actually read the post you are talking about, you’d see the poster had mentioned that after the fact for shock perhaps? I am also palliative nurse so I would never make fun of anyone about cancer… often I am the nurse sitting with the patient whom is dying, eat your words honey! I’m sure you will have troubles swallowing soon! It’s very real again you are incredibly ignorant!
    Sad so sad, perhaps stop looking at us and look at yourself! You preach so much about others but yet I’m sure you cannot look in the mirror!

  31. Cher says

    Wow KellyGay, what did you do, ask that my comment about you be removed so noone would see what a real bitch you are making fun of someone whose mother died of cancer?

  32. Dolly says

    Hehe -hihi…#36 very funny question. OMG, it looks like an old fashion camera. Has he inherited it somewhere that he doesn’t want to part with it. Oh, come Seal, donate the freaking camera somewhere.

  33. jenna says

    Anyone know if Seal is a photographer? That camera he has looks like an ancient relic (aka not digital)–only real photographers seem to use those kinds of cameras anymore.

  34. says

    Actually Cher read the post again! That statement in itself shows how ignorant you are, sleep well tonight sweetie! I really want to be a complete witch right now but I won’t, you had to live with yourself, wow look in the mirror for once! I read had children…poor dolls!

  35. Tess says

    At 2+ years old she is too old for bottles… or sippy cups. Teach the kids to drink from a real cup for goodness sake. I get so annoyed with parents who use bottles and sippy cups way to long just because it is easier and more convienent for the parents.

  36. says

    Carleigh I unfortunately didn’t have someone telling me to take it from and I really wish they had, it was a huge battle! I nursed my second so I never even looked at a bottle!

    Cher, seriously I don’t care if your opinion differs from mine. It’s actually nice to see you commenting on the actual post rather then cutting us up yet you still manage to do so…

  37. jenna says

    Leni definitely seems too old for a bottle–she should be using a cup, maybe with a straw if she is out somewhere.

    Mage you really drank out of a baby bottle when you were FOURTEEN years old?! Wow.

  38. Antonia says

    Oh, yes Dolly. Happy family indeed. No wonder we can’t get enough of Heidi and Seal. Kudos to both of them.

  39. Dolly says

    Wow!! This seems to be a very happy rainbow family. Seal is a very caring daddy. Wishing them a longlasting life together.

  40. Dolly says

    Wow !! This is a happy rainbow family. Seal seems to be a very caring daddy. Wishing them a longlasting life together.

  41. says

    Lisa, you can insult me all you like. I was simply stating what went on in my house much like many others here. I’m not against bottles/sippy cups at all.
    I do agree Leni is absolutley beautiful and they are a great family unit.

  42. Kelsey says

    I too believe that a child should stop relying on a bottle at least before the age of two. I believe it should be up to the parent, but hopefully the parent takes into consideration the negatives that could arise from continued bottle use (speech and teeth problems). Having said that, Heidi seems like a great mom and she is probably doing what she thinks is best for Leni right now. And if for some reason Leni does develop a problem with her speech or teeth, I am sure Heidi has the money to fix it! No expense spared for her little Leni!

  43. Cher says

    …and how long were they in that pumpkin patch that she needed 2 bottles to drink (one with milk and one with juice?)

  44. Cher says

    Not just for teeth, but any speech therapist will tell you the first thing you have to do is get rid of the bottles and sippy cups! Playtex makes a cup that simulates a regular drinking cup but it’s still spill proof (if anyone is worried about their carpet)!

  45. carleigh says

    On topic….Heidi’s hair looks kinda ick in the first pic. Leni is a beautiful little girl and Seal looks like he’s a great daddy. I wish I could have seen Henri’s little face..maybe it wouldn’t be all scrunched up sitting in the shade??? But cute family!

  46. carleigh says

    Actually Cher there is a topic we can agree on! WOW…..stop the presses. I broke my kids of bottles by one yr. old (not because I agree/disagree with anyone else, it’s your kid do what you want!) but that being said I was worried that the longer they had the bottle the harder it would be to break them from it and I knew someone who’s little girl had a bottle till almost four yr. old and the back of her teeth were brown and decayed. This little girl had to go through 4 – 6 hours of painful dental surgery to restore her baby teeth and make them strong enough to last until she gets her adult teeth. When your child is ready to do something you as a parent will be the best judge of when to mark their milestones…toliet training, giving up the bottle, binky or whatever else. And bear in mind I have yet to see a 5-6 yr. old child wandering off to kindergarten with a bottle or breast hanging from their mouth.

  47. Cher says

    That kid is way too old for a bottle and sippy cups are just as bad. Drinking out of a regular cup is best for the child’s development. People should worry more about their children’s teeth and speech development than alittle juice spilt on the carpet- I’m a “Supermom” I should know. Okay, KellyGay, Carleigh and Helley, go ahead and crucify me now because my opinions differs than your all mighty one!

  48. Lisa says

    you can sugar coat it, say you were not derogatory but come on, “my kids were both off the bottle by one year of age” – please- what do you want- an award ?…

  49. HotMama says

    You know, I never really thought about it, and I think that it is better for your teeth using a bottle, rather than a sippy cup, plus it’s much better on spills.

    Anyways, who cares if she is still using a bottle, it’s not your child…..

  50. mage says

    my ped said sippy cups with the plugs to keep them drip free are no different than bottles and the dentist said the sippys were worse on their teeth.

    2.5 doesn’t seem very old in the life of a human, bottle on mama!

  51. Fancy says

    There’s no such thing as “too old for”. Each child grows and develops at their own pace, so, be it bottles, binkys, toilet training, or playing a jolly piano there’s no set age, only what’s right for that particular child. Getting off the soapbox now. . .

  52. says

    Lisa, I never once was derogitory, so don’t try starting something and jumping on my parenting style. People are allowed to have different parenting styles, and we should not be judging others for it. We all are adults here and are all capable of accepting others views and opinions.

  53. Carran says

    I love this family! They are just so cute together.

    But yes, two and a half is too old for a bottle; that is the first thing I noticed when I saw the pics.

  54. Lisa says

    # 6 and #7

    lets bow down to you supermoms

    shut up

    yes pediatricians recommend at 1 they are off bottles-but keep your self-righteous blathering to yourself

  55. says

    She is only 2 and a half… I know my own personal experince it was hell breaking that attachment finally doing so by inviting the bottle fairy to take the bottles to all the little babies, she was close to three then LOL

    I saw Heidi yesterday on Ellen, I love her!!!! She has an amazing personality! She’s says Henry always says “meatballs”, too cute!

  56. says

    I agree D’Anna, my kids were both off the bottle by one year of age.
    But I guess different families have different ways of doing things!
    She’s still adorable though ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. D'Anna says

    Ugh, isn’t she a little old for bottles?

    Well, I guess when your mommy’s a supermodel, you need to be attached to something.

  58. mage says

    we used bottles for years as they were the only spill resistant things around. i still like a bottle, but typically use a water bottle style. growing up a baby bottle with water was my bedtime companion from ages 10-14. only way i could get a drink at night and not have it spill or contaminated while I slept.

  59. ablove says

    I love cute, little Leni, she is so adorable! but can anyone tell me how i can regsiter at Please, I wanna be a member from this site.

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