Katie Holmes Shopping For Bling In Beverly Hills

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise
Katie was snapped out in Beverly Hills shopping for jewelry. Reportedly, she already has her wedding dress selected and it is being designed by Armani and the rumors appear to be false that Tomkat was planning to tie the knot at George Clooney’s villa in Lake Como, Italy. I know I’ll catch a lot of flack for this, but I truly do not understand how this woman can be away from her baby daughter SO MUCH! I totally understand that as a new mom it is important and nice to be able to have a break every now and then, but to leave her daughter just to go shopping for jewelry seems very excessive and peculiar. Sorry, that’s just how I feel. I hope she is able to savor her daughter’s babyhood and truly bond with her.



  1. pat says

    Everbody needs to leave Katie alone….Let her live the life she has chose, she has a beautiful baby and a man who loves and wants to marry her….go get a life and leave them alone….Its a shame there are such nasty, hateful people in the world…….

  2. JSEE says

    The woman does shop A LOT. It does seem weird to me that she doesn’t bring Suri with her anywhere – I mean, if you go to a coffee shop, how fun is it to sit there and have your baby in the stroller with you and just be out and about together? I just enjoy being with my children. Moms need breaks from our kids, but this woman’s whole life is a break, she doesn’t have anything hard to do, even when she is home taking care of the baby, I am sure she has ten people there who could help her so she can shower and fix her hair and make-up, things us normal moms never have. I just can’t believe she doesn’t want to take her baby places, like to the park! As for the Paris trip, that is one thing I will never understand, women who can travel away from their kids for weeks at a time. I just can’t do it, one night away from my babies is pure pain. I am truly just into my kids, they are so fun to be with and no trip to Paris (which I have been to several times, so I speak from experience) is worth being away from my children. I will travel with them to Paris in a few years when they can enjoy it. Just different priorities. You only get a short time with your children and then you have the rest of your life to focus on all these selfish pleasures. This is why I had my children later in life, so that I had done a lot of fun things, traveling, shopping, career, etc. before they were born so that I was ready and willing to focus on them.

  3. Lisa says

    as a mom of an infant all I wanted to do was to spend time w/ my baby. obviously thats not Kates problem

  4. carleigh says

    Oh and on topic: Maybe this is all that Katie has to do to fill her lonely life??? Her baby isn’t allowed to be cuddled or be exposed to normal situations like parks, going out with her parents…it’s enough to depress anyone. Poor stupid Katie! I really do feel sorry for her though! But she made her own bed and now she’s got to lay in it.

  5. carleigh says

    No Dori you stupid BITCH I haven’t changed my handle. Unlike YOU I have work, school, children, and a LIFE! Unlike you who seems to have nothing better to do than to stir shit! I don’t “hide” or adopt a new alias I have always been Carleigh and will always blog under my own handle! Sorry to disappoint you but I’m BAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever attacked you before so I don’t know why you would even make those comments you made above if not for the fact your just trying to get another “friend” on here because you don’t have any actual friends that live and breath. Pretty sad actually that you would stoop to say something like that given that I haven’t provoked things with you. OH well just goes to point out what an immature little BITCH you really are! iF YOU DON’T LIKE ME TOO DAMN BAD! I’m not leaving! You could take a flying leap off the biggest shit pile and I am sure everyone would go GOOD RIDDANCE DORI THE BTICH IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been here since the begining and if YOU MISS DORI don’t like it tough shit—-find somewhere else to go that’s a CARLEIGH free zone! Otherwise kiss my ass and happy blogging and all that good stuff!

  6. dori says

    I’m glad Carleighs gone too. She likes to pick fights with people and thinks she knows it all. Good riddens to her!!Or is hot mama your new name Carleigh??

  7. thegrinchiscoming says

    I agree with the webmistress, Katie spends an awful lot of time away from her baby. Suri is a newborn that requires attention 24/7.

  8. may says

    #49 just because some celebs are seen photographered with their kids doesn’t make them a good parent nor not being photographed. What matters is how katie is with her child in private.

  9. HotMama says

    #40, who the hell do you think you are? What the hell has Carleigh ever done to you?! Starting a fight over nothing, you are seriously ridiculous!!

  10. Lisa says

    unlike the majority of all the new moms posted here Katie goes out A LOT and she is never w/ her new baby. NEVER It is dispicable and you can candy coat it all you want but she is a mother of a baby who is gallavanting all over the globe for Paris Fashion Week, out to lunch, shopping, soccer games, football games, out to dinner – always w/ no baby

    Hiedi Klum went to Wimbeldeon w/ her brood, Reese always w/ her kids, Gwen Stefani attached to Kingston, Britney w/ her baby. Britney gets as much paparazzi as Katie does and she manages to include her baby in her excursions. Take care of your baby Katie

  11. Jan says

    Hold on I don’t get you web mistress how is Katie going shopping for a few hours to buy jewellery seems very excessive and peculiar? Do you know where she is the rest of the day? would you rather she does not go shopping for her wedding or take suri with her with all the photographers around where the kid is probably going to be in harms way like Moses or Sean as some of you have said? From what I’ve read Katie is not working at the moment and will have enough time to be a hands on mum and have time to do other things in between. I’m a working mother myself and I spend 38 hours a week away from my son but we’ve a very good bond because we do things as a family when I’m off work. What would you say to those celebs who went back to work straight away after having a baby?

  12. Tia says

    Web mistress I DISAGREE with you! You didn’t point out that Katie’s wedding is just around the corner and its understandable she is been shopping hard the last couple of weeks for the wedding so be reasonable please. If she was like us she will take her baby with her but since she is a high profile celeb it will be very hard to have suri with her with all those paps around. I just seen Gwyneth Paltrow on http://www.perezhilton.com and http://www.eonline.com/photogallery/. Also we all know what happened with Britney and her son before so I for one think Katie is doing the best thing for her baby. If you actually think about it we only see her when she does a couple of hours shopping here and there and at the games on Saturday and since she is not working it works out she actally spends a lots of time with Suri bonding.

  13. HEle says

    SHE IS PLANNING A WEDDING!!! My God ppl she can’t even go out for couple of hours to shop for her wedding? I thonk she was buying gifts for wedding guest.

  14. Robin says

    Katie shouldn’t give two hoots about the paparazzi! get out your bodyguards & take little Suri out on your shopping trips every now and then before she starts calling the nanny ‘Momma!’

  15. Gisela says

    I believe that Katie spends a lot of time with Suri. Just think about all the mothers that work every day and can’t be with their children. They do bond!!!!!! I know from experience. So give her a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ally says

    OMG Gwyneth Paltrow looks like such a bad mother to Moses in those pics on http://www.perezhilton.com I think she should just keep Moses at home like Katie does Suri, she would really save her self all the trouble!She’s a repeat offender I saw! Somebody needs to teach her how to hold a baby properly cause she wasn’t holding moses fragile head!

  17. Torrance says

    I think Katie is a good mother, she protects little Suri by keeping her safe at home away from the papparazzi who would surely cause a commotion for a Suri candid. I give Katie all props, atleast she’s not one of those stupid moms like Gwyneth paltrow who keeps suffocating Moses by putting her hand on his face everytime she goes out, I mean what the hell Gwyneth? If you don’t want to the paps to take photos of your baby’s face then don’t take him out with you!Good job Katie. I love the way you’ve been dressing lately!

    If you want to see the photo of Gwyneth Paltrow suffocating baby Moses in an attemp to shield his face from the paparazzi go to http://www.perezhilton.com

  18. my comment says

    I’ve grown to hate her – plus she has a nasty fashion sense. She’s a has-been that never really was. that belt – gag!

  19. Babs says

    she is out an awful lot for a mother of such a young baby. we always see other celebrities out with their babies. i have yet to see katie out with hers. with all that said… she does look great.

  20. Olivia says

    #3–Bella Howard, I have only read to your comment #3 so far and I must say that it was extremely rude of you. It is one thing to rip into others who’s comments you don’t agree with, still disgusting, BUT telling the web-mistress to get a life was “vulgar on your part”. It is her web-site for one thing and she can darn well comment all she wants and I for one appreciate the time she puts into it for the benefit of those who enjoy seeing the photo’s and reading the comments which must also include you because you too make comments, rude stupid ones, but comments none the less. Don’t like her comments????? Go buid your own web-site! OR,,,,,,,,,, make your comments with the respect due the web-mistress of this site.

  21. Desiree says

    Oh shut up, you people are just bitter cause you feel you are owed a picture of baby Suri. You don’t look at it from the perspective of Tomkat. They surely spend a lot of time with their baby, especially right now that they don’t have to work. People badly wanted to see her pic, and then when it came out on the mags, some people were saying it was for PR when the photos of Suri were taken in Colorado 1 or 2 months before Tom parted ways from Paramount.No matter what Tomkat does, bigots, and people who have no integrity and choose to believe the hodge podge that is made up , or simply have lack of values and will talk crap about a beautiful baby! will continue to say crap!

  22. says

    ll she does is SHOP SHOP SHOP !!! Who does that ?! I have a new baby and can’t stand to be away from him…something is WRONG with the whole thing !!

  23. sillygirl says

    I agree with yall, Katie stay home and be a mom. You chose to have this child, now take care of her instead of letting the Nanny do it. Hell would of froze over before I left my baby for a week and flew to another country to go shopping. It is easy to see where her priorities lie. Kids like Suri always suffer with such selfish parents.

  24. thegrinchiscoming says

    I think the reality of being a mother hasn’t sunk in yet with her. It took me a year to bond with my daughter and I kept her 24 hours a day.
    Becoming a first time mom is not easy, thank God she has all the help and money in the world to make it easier on her.

    like someone else mentioned, I don’t think they would last a day if they had to cook, clean, change diapers, breast/bottle feed every 2 hours non-stop. INSANE!

  25. Fancy says

    I’m certain she spends at least an hour or two a day with the baby, when she’s in town. As for Tom isn’t
    he busy developing projects for for the sports team guy who bailed his ass when Paramount dumped him?
    I read someplace he wants to do a film with Posh’s
    gorgeous husband D.B. I’ll just bet he does. . . ;->

  26. Keppa says

    Wow, I love how Katie is obviously not “bonding” with her child unless we see the two of them out together shopping! Yeah, that sounds reasonable….
    If Suri was out and about it would obviously cause a huge commotion of people, just like ourselves, dying for the first time to see her. It’s not Katie, Tom, or Suri’s job to make us happy by being out in public to be photographed.
    Granted, I have no idea what her frame of mind is about Suri or Tom, but neither do you…we can question it all we want but I personally find it wrong to talk about her as a bad parent simply because our needs of seeing Suri out and about with mom aren’t satisfied.
    She looks beautiful and happy, and although we can’t really see either of those things about Suri, it seems horrible to assume the worst.

  27. Marti says

    If they would have started taking that child out from the very beginning, it wouldn’t be such a *big deal* now! :-O I can’t help but think how sad, it is, they can’t even take her out for a family stroll. 🙁 They should be taking her w/them to her older siblings games & soccer matches ~ get her out there, so everyone can get over the “shock & awe” then get on w/your lives.

  28. Jessi says

    I see what you all mean she is always away form suri and we never see her out with her at all. It would be nice to see her take her out shopping with her. The only time we seen her with her is the photoshoot her and tom did with suri.

  29. ALove says

    I totally agree with you. I’m always wondering when I see pictures of her, where the hell is suri?

  30. Rachel says

    I watch my 4-month-old niece twice a week, all day. She is a beautiful, happy baby, and I love her very much, and at the same time, I am very relieved to hand her over to her parents at the end of the day. I know that all of us have challenges that we would like to be rid of, including Katie. I’m sure any mother wouldn’t want everyone (literally) gawking and pawing (and taking pictures for their profit) at her baby if she were to take her out on her errands. (Look what childhood celebrity did to Michael Jackson and Drew Barrymore) So, let’s think about this: Katie is a (Famous and high-profile)stay at home mom for an infant. She also is planning a wedding. If any of you have experienced either of those, you know how much of a handful each of them is. I think that if I had the resources and the time, I would want to take a little time out from being a full-time mother and enjoy planning my wedding day, too.

  31. Dolly says

    I think it is more appropriate to have your wedding before getting pregnant. Then you ”ll be able to spend more time with your infant, rather than jumping up and down leaving her with the nannies while planning for your wedding. That’s my opinion.

  32. HotMama says

    I will say one thing though, she looks A LOT healthier in this picture, thank goodness, and almost looks back to her old self again, congrats Katie!!!

  33. HotMama says

    I don’t know what the deal is, but I do know that I would like to see a picture with Katie and Suri out and about, that would be nice! At least to show that she DOES have a child, and that she DOES want to bond with this picture. Seems strange that we’ve only seen a couple pictures of this baby, maybe only one, was it a fake or something? LOL!!!

  34. says

    I totally agree. I can’t be away from my almost 1 year old and 3 year old for a couple of hours without feeling a tremendous amount of guilt. I would never leave and go spend “fashion week” in Paris either, that’s crazy.

  35. dori says

    I can understand getting out and shopping a bit but this gal is on one helluva shopping spree. It just shows me she’s trying to compensate for whats missing in her life. All she does is go shopping and never with her child which I find strange.
    All I can figure is the wedding day must be comming up very soon.
    Too bad Suri has a nanny she’s bonding to rather than a mother.

  36. Elaine says

    I suspect that the first time Katie or Tom are seen in public with Suri will turn into a paparazzi riot. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are trying to avoid this as long as possible – I know I would if it was me. Anyway, is it possible Suri could be with Tom when Katie was out? A child doesn’t need to be attached to their mother 24 hours a day, and I do believe it is important for a mother to have some time to herself. I agree with one of the earlier postings that perception is probably different to reality.

  37. Dianne Doyle says

    I think she is a young mother and still has not grasped the meaning of being a mother. I sometimes wish half of these celebrity moms would do just half as much as us regular moms. Let them try to take care of their child while they have to cook, clean, laundry, and have a career at the same time. I bet they wouldn’t last a day. I am away from my child 8 hours a day and I can’t wait to get home. Unfortunately its the price you pay to be a celebrity but the one that suffers is the child.

  38. Sally says

    Oh yes Lexi you are right. Let Bella SHUT HER FREAKING BIG MOUTH UP. If she is not happy with the posting let her go to hell and be a personal assistant to Satan. We like this blog and we are here to stay. She shouldn’t come here and tell us what to say. If she is the PA to Katie, she should do her home work at Katie’s house before comes her and preaching rubbish.

  39. Bethany says

    Maybe she IS trying to get away from Tom. But I wouldn’t be able to be away from home so much either! Post #6, that was funny! I’m sure she IS in baby scientology classes, or at least watching Baby Einstein, I mean Baby Scientology videos.

  40. Doh says

    Dont worry people suri is safe and sound in the care of her weirdo father. He probably sends katie out so he can start to teach the meaning of scientology to little baby suri…LOL

  41. Dolly says

    What the hell is shopping? Does she want to tell us that she one of best freaking shopholic on earth. She better do it with her baby besides her, otherwise I’ll skin her alive.(baby neglecter of what???????????)

  42. Lexi says

    Hey Bella, if you don’t like what she is posting why come here and read it? Sounds like you have issues and need to draw attention yourself by posting nasty comments to someone who so nicely made the page for those of us who like to read about celebs. . .
    A tip for you, positive over negative is so much more becoming. . . why not try it?
    And if you don’t agree with her, or think bad of her, then high tail it back to your cave. . . we like her info.

  43. Diva says

    I’m in full agreement with the web-mistress….. if I had an infant I would not be spending a fraction of the time away from the child as Katie appears to.

    I’m sure, though, that Suri is already in Scientology baby classes most of the time, and I guess a mother has free time when her 6 month old is in school. {=0P

    Off topic comment…. if this particular “celebrity mom” didn’t spend time posting info about other celebrity mom’s on the internet, where would some people go to criticize????

  44. Top says

    I agree with the trip to Paris. That was certainly a long time to be away from a baby but don’t forget she doesn’t work or do any anything around the house so she can certainly go out shopping for a couple of hours and still spend a lot of time with her baby.

    Just because we see a picture of her out and about every couple of days it certainly doesn’t mean that she doesn’t spend a lot of time with her baby.

    Maybe she’s trying to get away from Tom!!

  45. Julie says

    I agree – Katie has been jet-setting all over the place lately and seems to be out shopping a lot. Maybe there’s a good explanation or perception is different than reality: whatever the case it would be nice to see her out with Suri more (or at all).

  46. Bella Howard says

    Oh SHUT UP. She is allowed away from her baby sometimes. God, she was probably with it the entire rest of the day. She is allowed out of her house oh hidden celebrity mother. Unlike someone, she does not sit home all day and post info about OTHER celebs on the internet. She is out living her life. You need to get one and leave Katie alone.

  47. Cher says

    Dang! If Katie spent half as much time with her daughter as she does shopping, she would be mother of the year. Poor Katie. She is really just a little girl trying to play grown up in Tom’s crazy world!

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