Jennifer Meyer's Malibu Baby Shower

Tobey Maguire
Jennifer Meyer (engaged to Spiderman’s Tobey Maguire) celebrated the couple’s upcoming baby joy at a very Hollywood girls-only affair in Malibu on Sunday.

Jennifer Aniston carpooled with Courteney Cox Arquette to get there, joining such other guests as Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, Demi Moore, a pregnant Bryce Dallas Howard and some 50 others.

Around the Meyer family pool and lawn overlooking the Pacific Ocean (Jennifer’s father, Ron Meyer, presides over Universal Studios), the women passed the time swilling lemonade and eating such organic hors d’oeuvres as sesame shrimp and chicken skewers before the buffet lunch and lavish dessert table. Yum!

“It was a very mellow afternoon,” says one guest. “It was a totally easy breezy, chill shower. No shower games. No present opening. Just hanging out.”

The mom-to-be got goodies from L.A. baby boutique Petit Tresor and parenting advice from Kate Hudson, her friend since childhood.
Toby showed up to the party around 30 minutes before it wrapped up. That’s cute!



  1. carleigh says

    I see SCARE Cher the shit stirring wench is at it again! How ya doing Harem’em’scare’em Cher! GLAD TO SEE I COULD PISS YOU OFF TODAY! Mission accomplished Cher acknowledged me…I feel all warm and tingly inside!!!!!!! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!My day is NOW COMPLETE!

  2. rita says

    she is so not attractive…even with the glow…do you think they would be together if her daddy wasn’t a hollywood bigwig?

  3. Olivia says

    You’re fight, Robin! They do look like brother and sister. Do you think it really is an incestual relationship?

  4. Diva says

    lmao @ legally binding….. cuz, uh, yeah, that’s what makes a committed relationship, legality.

    My “husband” and I aren’t LEGALLY married, but we’re as committed as they come. I was LEGALLY married once, and it didn’t pose any deterrent for him to say “See ya” when he decided he wanted to stop being co-responsible for household bills and obligations and start buying video games and race cars! I’d MUCH rather have a child with my current partner than the “legally binding” one I had before!

    It’s becoming pretty funny how some of you are so bent on screaming about freedom of opinion that you’re effectively trying to quash that right for others!

    Oh, but that’s just my OPINION. {=0)

  5. Cher says

    O Mighty Carleigh: Ruler of All Babyrazzi Land, were you put of this earth just to argue with people. OMG. I guess that some people don’t have any morals. You’re right Carleigh, maybe they shouldn’t get married. God forbid they be in a legally bidding committed relationship before they bring a child into this world. Makes it so much easier for Tobey to say “See ya” when he leaves her for one of the nannies!

  6. Dolly says

    I agree with Cher. I prefer to get married first and have a baby after. Thats my opinion and I’m not crucifying any1 having a child before marrying

  7. carleigh says

    What does getting married have to do w/ anything? People if their happy which these two in the above picture appear to be happy, don’t neccessarily need to run out and get married. Having a child is a choice just like being married and the two don’t always have to go hand and hand to be the picture of societal contentment and blidd………when and if they get married is irrelevant their joy and happiness is not dependant on a piece of paper. No it doesn’t seem that Hollywood folks are to keen on getting hitched before having a visit from the stork but that’s their decisionl. I wish them all the best and hope they have a happy, healthy baby and a long, peaceful, loving marriage.

  8. Cher says

    Doesn’t anyone in Hollywodd get married BEFORE getting pregnant? I guess it makes it alot easier to get out of their 5 minute Hollywood relationship if they’re not married!

  9. Lisa says

    they look happy together

    Parenting advice from Kate Hudson…. she appears to be a great mom-I am not questioning her love or caring for Ryder but I will dispense some advice too- how about not leaving tobey for some partying, shaggy haired loser like Owen Wilson-keeping your family together-now thats advice

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