Denise Richard's Family Bed & The Dog Whisperer

Below Denise and Sam are pictured taking one of the family’s dogs to the vet back in June.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards has been indulging in major family bed with her dogs and her daughters, Sam and Lola. Denise has revealed that she often sleeps with her three pet pooches when she is at home alone. She said: “I dress them up all the time and they sleep with me often.”

She added in an interview with Animal Fair magazine: “The other night, I had both the kids and all the dogs in my bed. I didn’t sleep very well that night. I woke up with a kink in my neck.” Yikes! My neck hurts just thinking about it!
Denise’s puppy love has proved troublesome in the past. Earlier this year Denise called in Hollywood’s top “dog whisperer” to control her mischievous mutts.
Denise’s three energetic dogs – Boston terrier Lucy, French bulldog Hank and overly aggressive pug Betty have been wreaking havoc on her life, and driving her crazy.

Denise agreed to meet with Cesar Millan, star of the National Geographic Channel’s show Dog Whisperer, as a last resort.

Millan recalls, “It was chaos.”

The dog expert, who also works with Oprah Winfrey and Hilary Duff’s pets, blames a lack of discipline and exercise for the dogs’ unruly behavior.

Millan also believes the actress’ split from husband Charlie Sheen and single parenthood to two children could have traumatized the dogs.

He explains, “Dogs are like kids. If parents are tense, they will sense it.”

After an afternoon training session, Millan was able to restore order to the frazzled home.

He adds, “Once Denise started being the pack leader and not just the dog lover, it transformed the household.”



  1. says

    wow…so cute,i have two labs,my dogs sleep with me,i faced same same problem at the age of 4 months,i trained my puppies,taking a help from

  2. says

    Awww..too cute!
    My labs sleep with my husband and I and occasionally go sleep with the kids too. No fleas in this house, just alot of wet kisses 😛

  3. mage says

    I have never had fleas- ever!
    When my dog was young, DH had 30 seconds after I went to bed to claim his spot or the dog would take it. He mostly worked nights so it was nice to have the weight in the bed. The dog always slept on top of the covers.

    As the kids started sleeping on their own, the dog stayed with our daughter. As he got older and climbing was difficult he slept in the toddler bed or twin mattress on the floor.

    I know nothing about her, but good for her for letting her children sleep with her. Children and pets can get lonely when left alone in the dark. It doesn’t last forever and I am glad she savers it while she can.

  4. Lisa says

    I have a beautiful Boston terrier and trust me, they are a clean breed. They are loving, affectionate and excellent with small children. Denises girl Boston is Gorgeous!!!

  5. anna says

    Maybe she’s not a whore, but she’s close! It’s just nasty to boot your husband then start screwing your best friends husband. I have to admit, though, she seems to be with her kids alot, unlike alot of Hollywood moms. Is she unemployed?

  6. sillygirl says

    Hey.. my dogs sleep with me, they are a part of our family. They are flea free as I am sure Denise’s are as well. One thing is for sure, she must be a good mother as she is almost always with her kids doing fun things with them ( unlike katie Holmes). Both of Denise’s kids are the splitting image of the their Dad. And….Denise is not a whore.

  7. Olivia says

    That’s disgusting having all those dogs sleep in your bed with your children. Ever heard of fleas? Yet again, Denise is such a whore she probably has fleas herself so it doesn’t matter.

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