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Who doesn’t love Bono!? We see so much of him…as an entertainer and as an amazing humanitarian. He has a huge and generous heart. But he also has an amazingly devoted wife, of whom we hear very little about, but her contributions to her family and to society have been enormous. And I felt that maybe it would be a refreshing change of pace to celebrate a really great family…even if they didn’t just have a baby or announce a pregnancy!

Below Ali and Bono are pictured with their daughters.


Below Ali is pictured with one of her sons, John Abraham.

Whereas Bono is always in the limelight, his wife of 24 years works her magic behind the scenes. While Bono is traveling the world, Ali Hewson, 45, has been busy raising 4 children and being extremely committed to social causes. Alison (Ali) Hewson married Bono in 1982 when she was 21 years old. Bono and Ali had been childhood sweethearts; having been in love since they were 15 and 16. They now live in Ireland with their two daughters, 17-year-old Jordan and 15-year-old Memphis Eve and their two sons, 7-year-old Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q and 5-year-old John Abraham.

Ali has said that she is done with the whole stretchy maternity clothes thing. “The house is full enough,” said the mother of four. “No more kids.” “That’s it – we are done and we are very happy,” she chuckled. “Definitely no more kids. We are overrun as it is.” In addition to being a very hands-on parent — she has gone on record saying that she, not a nannny, stays up with the children at night, she champions many charitable causes, among them the Cheronobyl Children’s Project, and she created the Edun clothing line.(from which the proceeds go towards supporting AIDS prevention and the people of Africa) Celeb mom Michelle Williams also supports the cause by modeling Edun’s clothing.

Here is an up-to-date photo of Ali and Bono at the launch of Edun’s ONE Campaign t-shirts this week. Ali is so beautiful! This is my tangent, but she looks so amazingly gorgeous and she is 45 and has 4 children! She may be my new inspiration!

Heidi Klum also shows Support for The ONE Campaign!

Heidi Klum

As does mommy to Ryder, the luminous Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson

And Brad Pitt!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt


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  3. uhh says

    That’s a little violent of a thought. I think you’re taking South Park a little too seriously there…

  4. Taco Jorge says

    Bono is a faggot.I loved the South Park episode where he IS a piece of shit and sucks on his fathers tit.HAHAHAHAHA!

    I want to kill Bono and slice his throat.

  5. u2 fan says

    Karina, you are the stupiest person i have ever known
    be serious, u2 are one of the mostgroups ever. i know a lot of people that say they don’t like bono, it can pass, but you can’t say he sings bad. i think your ears are broken, or you are so idiot that you can’t diference what kind of music is good.
    maybe twice.
    U2 and BONO forever!

  6. pdhb says

    So do i. I know this thread is really old but its a bit annoying to see some people insulting such a wonderful guy. I just wanted to clear this matter up for anyone who reads this thread. Bono is 100% genuine in everything he does as far as his music goes and his humanitarian work. Half the work he does is not actually displayed publicly, you can read about some of his more private ventures in biographies. Its certainly understandable that not everyone is smitten over him, we all have our opinions, but to see people speak about him in a bad way in such ignorance i find very upsetting. Bono deserves every bit of credit he gets plus some. He isnt trying to save the world alone, he beleives in the good in people having the potential to make the world a better place and thats an extremely inspirational thought. And his nickname when he was younger “bono vox” was not given to him because it meant perfect voice, “bono vox” was the name of a hearing aid store in dublin near his school and his friends nicknamed him that because he was so loud. But i think “perfect voice” is quite suited anyway. But thats just my opinion. As far as being perfect as a person, well Bono definately isn’t, no one is. But i think i can say with some confidence, that the world definatly wouldnt be any worse off with a few more Bono’s

  7. zvezda says

    people what are you tolkin about? what family? open your eyes…. where is no family. Brad just made a huge mistake in whole his life. hi doesn understan yet what happend. Ange is strong woman and will lcontiniue live without him if he will go……. and Brad …. Brad will carry to be a heartbraker………. xxx

  8. zvezda says

    people what are you tolkin about? what family? open your eyes…. where is no family. Brad just made a huge mistake in whole his life. hi doesn understan yet what happend. Ange is strong woman and will lcontiniue live without him if he will go……. and Brad …. Brad will carry to be a heartbraker……….

  9. BonoChix says

    Hey, Karina, do you have issues or hemorroids? Bono may be a little over the top, but that’s part of greatness.

  10. Mary says

    Anybody who does humanitarian work is amazing in their own right. The fact that Bono is a huge star and is doing good by his fame instead of just keeping to himself, unlike most other famous people, is even more amazing. Not only does he contribute himself, but he’s using his fame to get some serious big wigs involved in all of this. And I don’t know how anyone could possibly think Bono is stupid. Have you ever even heard him speak?? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I think he’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Karina says

    let me tell u something carleigh .the ignorant one here is u.. im sorry u have no taste in life and in music u tasteless mule.. plus was up with worshiping BONO what is so great about him? cuz he helps wow….. there other humanitarians that do way more then he does but u dont see them been praise all over the news..

  12. Karina says

    why do some poeple get offended with what i say .. it is my opinion and i should be able to say what i want … and plus he is not a great singer he sucks … whats up with he’s music it is not even good and he’s wife is not even all that pretty… i stay with my opinion one day i will punch bono in the face. and die happy

  13. carleigh says

    His family is beautiful, his wife is a knockout. He’s using his celebrity to raise awareness and that’s admirable. I don’t particularly care for the band U2 but got give him his dues! He’s seems like a devoted hubby and great father..rock on Bono!

  14. Fancy says

    Love him or leave him he has in fact found a way to use his massive celebrity to try and make the world a better place. Hat’s off but be sure to give him his back or else!
    p.s. Ali is a goddess.

  15. Gwennie says

    Why is everybody bashing a man that gives so much of himself to the world?! He brings focus to real issues: AIDS, world hunger, ect. I just don’t understand the aminosity towards him.

    I have been a HUGE U2 fan since “The Joshua Tree” was released in 1987. It was the first tape (yes, tape, NOT CD) that I bought. I have deep respect for Bono, the boys in the group and his family. I wish them only the best and thank them for their tremendous work towards REAL world issues.

  16. Diva says

    I totally respect her…. she is a dedicated mother, wife, humanitarian and does it all without showing off.

    While I acknowledge the impact celebrity brings to an issue, I think Bono is an egotist with a God-complex. He’s “saving the world” cos he thinks HE can. You know… Bono isn’t his name, it’s part of a name he was called when he was in high school “bono vox” which meant perfect voice… leave it to Bono to just keep the “perfect” part to call himself!

    Just my opinion. {=0)

  17. says

    I love this family. THey use their wealth and celebrity to help better others and actually do something with a cause!
    Way to go Bono! 🙂

  18. Lisa says

    great family and Bono and U2 are great band who give back. Their performance w/ Green Day Mon Nite Football to Reopen the Orleans Superdome was breathtaking. Their halftime show during the Pats first Superbowl-where they did a tribute to those lost on 9/11 was awe inspiring. A great man, a great family man

  19. Meg says

    I’ve been a fan of U2 since the early 80s. Their music is inspirational and loaded with very important issues (i.e. human rights, war etc) I think Bono and Ali are truly a wonderful couple making an important contribution. I’m glad to see a website celebrating Bono and his “brown eyed girl” LOVE EM!

  20. Ms D says

    I am happy to see Bono listed here too. I’m not a HUGE U2 fan, by any means, but I do hold a lot of respect for him and all he has done.

    And I agree it’s refreshing to see someone like he and his family pictured here. And it’s really something that he and his wife have stayed together for as long as they have in “celebrity land”. LOL!

  21. Kelsey says

    We are all entitled to our opinions, but I really don’t understand why you harbor such animosity toward him Karina. This isn’t a loaded question, I am just truly curious why you feel like punching him. If you don’t feel like saying, that’s ok, I am just trying to better understand your comment. I personally have a lot of respect for this man, as well as his wife. It is refreshing to see a celebrity using their money and power to truly make a difference without gaining anything in return. I think I also love Bono because his song “Beautiful Day” was played at a memorial service of a very close friend of the family’s and it holds a lot of sentimental value for me.

  22. Lucy says

    You are stupid because you champion (and worship) the vapid, vacant celebrities like Heidi Klim instead of the ones that actually are doing something. I wish I could punch you in the face.

  23. Karina says

    that is so great that they help society but i just cant stand Bono .. he just seems so stupid to me i wish i could punch im in the face one day .. just one punch and i will die happy…

  24. Cher says

    Wow! Its nice to see a celebrity couple who got married first then had children and are still going strong after 24 years. Perhaps more celebrity couples should take their cues from them!

  25. says

    Btw, she is great too, it is nice to see a happy family doing things to help out the world….
    All the best to this family.

  26. says

    Here is a man! He is truly devoted to his work, and what he does he does from his heart. Bono does none of this stuff for his own selfish reasons of PR or to get onto the cover of People magazine. He shows empathy and true concern for what he believes in.
    Way to go Bono, You have my vote.

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