Britney Is Unstoppable!

Britney Spears

Though I find Britney’s fast weight loss inspirational, I also find it rather amazing…she only gave birth 5 weeks ago and I don’t understand how anyone could lose weight that fast after a c-section. Especially considering the grand assertion that she did it without a trainer, pills or nutritionist. If that is true, good for her!

Apparently Britney, 24, hit the Malibu boutique Planet Blue on October 9th for a shopping spree reward for all her efforts in losing 26 pounds.
“She is not treating herself with food and desserts anymore,” says a family friend of Spears, who gave birth to her second child, Sutton, on September 12.

According to an employee at the store, Spears gushed that she was “a whole new size – an 8,” and needed “all new clothes.”

Britney’s weight jumped from 120 pounds to 160 pounds during the pregnancy, but she quickly regained her top form with diet and exercise.



  1. kelly short says

    i think everyone is being harsh on britney shes making a come back and good for her if she had a tummy tuck so what she getting on with her life getting fid of her horrible man she can do so much better she pretty , slim . shes got two sons now all she can do is lokk after herself and her two sons and forget that kevin

  2. charlie flohrs says

    well I don’t have no pregnancy story to tell and if I did I got more problems than I thought…Ha Ha!!! But seriously listen to you ladies I just got done reading your comments and you all sound like your back in high school. you did this, you did that, you witch, you hag, you all need to get over yourselves. Brittany keep doing what your doing. You look gorgeous and your getting rid of your big problem which of course is kevin. Very proud of you, and don’t let these ladies get to you if you read these. Email me girl we can talk.

  3. n_o88 says

    thats ok brit, i had a daughter last Sept. and by the beggining of Oct. i was back down to a size 5, no flab at all….i also had a c-section and i did not have a lil’ nip/tuck. So dont rule anything out…..stop assuming so much stuff and leave her alone, no wonder they stay outta the spot light most of you are jerks!!!!!

  4. megan says

    i remember when britt got snapped at an airport in london a few years ago with a big blue bottle of diet pills poking out at the top of her bag,… she just has that last bit of weight to shift which will be the hardest – Kevin….

  5. Kristin says

    First off, I’d like to say that Brit looks GREAT and I totally think everyone needs to lay off of her. What does she do with her kids and in her life that is so out of the ordinary? Nobody has nearly tripped with a child in their hands? None of us have ever had a child accidentally hit his/her head?1 HAHA yeah right! My baby is 6 months old and has already had lil bumps n bruises. It happens, GET OVER IT!
    Secondly, I want to add that I was 126 lbs pre-pregnancy. When I was 4 weeks post-pregnany, I weighed 130 lbs. When I was 6 weeks p-p I weigh 119 lbs. So what? I used a trainer and pills too? I THINK NOT! People lose weight differently! Also, who cares if she did use a trainer? It is NOT illegal you know!

  6. MissyMama says

    I just read on Us Weekly, that the baby’s name is actually Jayden James, as specified on the filed birth Certificate.

    Where did Sutton Pierce come from and why lie about it?

  7. sillygirl says

    another air brushed picture. I wonder if I can have that done for our family christmas pictures?

  8. kitty says

    instead of losing all that weight, she should lose that sick loser of a husband of hers. But they both make the perfect couple. They both look dirty and dingy. Sorry had to say it.

  9. scarlet says

    SHE IS A LIAR…She does it so often it is second..She is a country bunkin with lots of money…You can not exercise for 6months after a c-section..I know I had one and it is to painful…BRITNEY GET YOUR BULL-SHIT STORY RIGHT…

  10. Olivia says

    I wish that I could look as good as Britney. My boobs sag so low that I can tuck them in my pants. They are so disgusting. And the stretch marks on them look like a road map. I look like one of those women in National Geographic magazine. Maybe Madonna or Angelina will adopt me.

  11. says

    Ann-Marie, after my section the OB told me the same thing but I asked the midwives with my second delivery why I still had extra skin. They told me because the uterus is still quite large after delivery that they cannot do a proper tuck. Usually the uterus is back to it’s normal size within 6 weeks postpartum.

  12. Ann-Marie says

    Actually after my c-section my Dr did what she calls a mini tummy tuck-she cut off some extra skin and sewed me up tighter. It didn’t work very well though because I still have a lot of extra skin hanging over my c-section scar. And I am very numb still, and I had Brayden 21months ago.

  13. says

    I see a lot of moms postpartum including some whom have had Caesarean back in there normal clothes within weeks, some woman are very blessed that way!

    I think she looks great, by the way a tummy tuck on the OR table just isn’t done after an C-section, it’s the uterus that needs to shrink to go back to normal size and there is no surgery that can make that happen.

  14. babyhates says

    DOH I agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet she get’s preggo again in the next year……….. “oopss ya’ll I didn’t again”

  15. Doh says

    wonder if she spends quality time with the kids….what am i thinking, of course she doesn’t cos she spends all her time losin weight for that big loser in her life…!!

  16. babyhates says

    It’s not mommy boobs because her boobs have always sagged ! She needs a freakin BRA ! I guess a boob job and milk aren’t a good idea !

  17. kelley says

    They are saying she lost 26 pounds. Good for her and all, but I think she should be proud that she kept her weight gain under control. Hollywood sucks, either you are over wieght or you are anorexic. She does look good, but that sweater is doing nothing for the mommy boobs.

  18. faithfulangel says

    I think Brit looks great – four weeks ago I had my third c-section and I can now fit into two pairs of trousers that I haven’t got into in a year and a half, so its not that shocking! And I didn’t bf so I haven’t that excuse either! Good on her, and she does look fantastic – and wonderfully normal after having 2 kids!

  19. girls mom says

    fyi she did have lypo after having the baby and doesnt she look so happy which is a good sign that she wont suffer from postpartum depression

  20. Erin says

    I don’t understand why it’s such a shocker that Brit lost 26 lbs in a month…a lot of that could have been fluid anyway. I lost 26 lbs in 2 weeks after a csection, I think it was a combo of fluid and also the fact that I didn’t really have much of an appetite after giving birth. This is not to say that I have Brit’s body just because I lost the weight…lol. She worked out hard before the first pregnancy, and that’s why she looks so good, I think.

  21. clara says

    I also just lost 30 lbs in 3 weeks after a c/ section. Too bad I gained 60!!
    I can totally see how you could lose it fast, esp. if you don`t gain much. For me, breastfeeding is what does it though.

  22. Cher says

    Who cares how she did it-she still did it! If she were still overweight everyone would be saying “Look how fat she is!” Give the girl a break! She looks great!

  23. says

    How did she do it
    running on the treadmill every morning for an hour
    lifting weights every evening for 45 minutes
    eating six small balanced meals throughout the day instead of the traditional 3 , which keeps her blood sugar stable
    replacing white flour with high fiber whole grains
    playing fast music during her workouts
    and breastfeeding which can burn 500 hundred calories a day (though we heard she was not breastfeeding)

  24. Shayla Rae says

    People stop complaining, Somehow someway Britney did it, and she looks amazing! Good for her 😉

  25. says

    I just noticed, she looks great and may have lost the weight without help, but HA HA, we got ya Brit…no longer are her breasts pointing to the ceiling she has what all of us mothers have breasts that are less than perky!
    I think its great and I’m sure its nothing a boob job won’t fix, but right on, she is after all like the rest of us!!!
    Have a good night.

  26. Jane says

    Her weight loss is not so shocking! Don’t hate me, but I only gained 20 pounds during my pregnancy (had a healthy and large 9 pound baby), had an emergency c-section at full term (40 weeks) and by 3 weeks post-partum I was down 30 pounds. No dieting, no exercising. Just tons and tons of hours logged in my rocking chair, nursing my baby.

  27. Melanie says

    it’s not a big deal!!! 5 weeks after my second baby I was 5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight – all I did was breast feed and chase after my 2 year old son – and nothing else! however – I have a lot of loose skin on my tummy and will definately need surgery if I ever want to wear a bikini!

  28. Ann-Marie says

    well I only gained 22 lbs my second pregnancy, I had a toddler to run after, i had a repeat c-section, and followed the weight watcher’s diet after Brayden was born and I breastfed him and it still took me 6 or more months to lose the weight and I started off at 130lbs, so I don’t know, I still think she did something drastic to lose all this weight. but I know Britney looks really good, and good for her to feel good about herself. Way to go Brit.

  29. Denise says

    If she got a tummy tuck, they should have lifted her breasts too. That shirt isn’t flattering on her, but then again she doesn’t really wear anything that is flattering on her. She better get her life together. She’s already sliding dowhhill.

  30. mage says

    i don’t know anyone who has had multiple csections and not needed a tummy tuck. not a major one, but just to reshape the tissues since they were sewn together while so stretched out. Even if she were to have one, I would think she would have to wait a few months. Those I know who had had c’s, get tucked about 5 years later.

  31. sarie says

    With respect to everyone in here, she did not gain much weight during this pregnancy. The normal weight gain for a person is around 25-27 pounds. This is including all the after birth, fluid, etc. I do not think that she had anything “nipped/tucked” , I think it is a combination of eating healthier, maybe a little toning up, and just the fact of haveing a toddler to run after all day, (this is the first time I have seen her out with out Sean. I think everyone needs to lay off her, She is doing a great job at getting her life back. I think that everyone just sees a celebrity who happens to lose weight a little quicker than themselves and are quick to say oh it MUST be plastic surgery, How else could she have done it. Ok I will get off my soap box now.

  32. Ann-Marie says

    yeah, I don’t buy it either. She must of had trainers and nannies etc. She wasn’t even breastfeeding which helps you lose the weight even more. Something isn’t right with this story. She does look fabulous though!!! Now she needs to work on her hair colour, I liked her a blond personally.

  33. tabloidaddict says

    I also read that she had a tummy tuck after her c-section, and that she had one after her first kid too….she denied a trainer, pills, and nutritionist, but she didn’t deny surgery!

  34. missymama says

    There is NO WAY this is true. She isn’t even supposed to be excersizing yet. I beleive she had a little nip/tuck on her tummy while the doc was down there sewing up her c-section. Way too suspicious.

  35. babyhates says

    She is lying !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know she had a personal trainer, and nannies so she can work out ! Why lie about stupid stuff !

  36. Liz Erns says

    Why do we always have to live these other peoples lives? she is not better or less than most of the mothers I know.

  37. Liz Erns says

    Why do we always have to live these other peoples lives? she is not better or less than most of the mothers I know.

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