Reese Witherspoon With Ava & Deacon

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Reese, 30, was spotted in NYC with Ava, 7, and Deacon (who will be turning 3 on October 23rd!) leaving her hotel. The whole family is there for events for the movie Flag of Our Fathers which Ryan appears in. Ava is holding what looks to be an American Girl doll. I know too much about this because just recently I received both the American Girl catalog and My Twinn catalog in the mail on the same day. They are cute and all but my favorite dolls are the simple and classic Corolle dolls.

Here is the American Girl doll named Samantha.

Reese Witherspoon



  1. Lisa says

    my daughter is 7 and is lusting after an American Girl Doll for christmas. Corelle are great for younger children but the American Girl Dolls are recommended for 8+

  2. says

    Reece’s children are the same ages as mine, I enoy seeing them! She’s a hands on mom!
    I saw really great pics of her and Ryan recently, she’s looking fab!

  3. Claire says

    I have Samantha, one of those look a like ones, but mine looks nothing like me haha. I got mine before u could get ones with freckles and everything. and i have my bity baby. the magazines still come to my house and i still look at them lol. the outfits are too cute. those kids are tooo cute!! deacon is huge!

  4. Stephanie says

    ooh cuute! ava looks just like her mommy! and Oh i have Samantha too! and i also have Kit and the Bity Baby form the back of the AG magazine=)

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