Melanie Brown & Eddie Murphy Expecting A Baby

Melanie Brown & Eddie Murphy

Melanie Brown, 31, (aka Scary Spice) is 4-months-pregnant with Eddie Murphy’s child. Melanie already has a daughter, 7, named Phoenix Chi. Eddie Murphy, 45, has 5 children with his ex-wife Nicole ( daughters Bria, 16, Shayne Audra, 12, Zola Ivy, 6, Bella Zahra, 4, and a son, Myles Mitchell, 13) and has a son from a previous relationship. Melanie and Eddie are planning to wed next month.
Here is an old pic of Melanie with Phoenix Chi and Nelson Mandela.

Melanie Brown & Eddie Murphy

And here is Eddie at the LA premiere of Shrek 2 in May of 2004 with his ex-wife and children. Nicole is gorgeous!

Melanie Brown & Eddie Murphy




  1. Elizabeth Q. says

    Ok…Nick Lachey so got Vanessa Minillo pregnant she has got a major pouch! How could she, that is Jessica’s man. Nick had to have been two-timing Jessica….man slut!!!

  2. says

    This is b.s, I was just watching acess hollywood and it said Eddie murphy dumped Mel.B (6 mos pregnant) has a new girlfriend and is denying the baby. He even said he wants a blood test when the kid is born!!!

  3. RIZZO says


  4. dori says

    I’ve got to admit thats a nice bunch of kids he’s got there. He’s probably lots of fun as a dad. I always liked Eddie Murphy.
    It’s just so odd that he ended up with scarry spice. Isn’t she from England? I wonder how they met?

  5. Lisa says

    I never said his new fiance was ugly- other posters were stating how could he leave her for that girl type of stuff… I just made the point that the articles (in Ebony and fitness magazines) I have read does not lead one to believe that Eddies ex is suffering at all…she seems to have profited quite well from their marriage…and devotes a lot of time, money and energy into her body and lifestyle thats all

  6. babyhates says

    Wow, “who cares if there marriage isn’t working out she’s beautiful and he’s stupid for leaving her with money and personal trainers!”, some times I wonder about some of you ! Why is it that when some one get’s a divorce the new wife or girlfriend is ugly ? I wish them ALL good LUCK!

  7. says

    She looks a hell of a lot better from her Scary Spice days, all the best to these two, I don’t know anything about outsdie of Spice Girls but I love Eddie Murphy, all the best to this large family.

  8. dori says

    I use to like scarry spice!
    I liked her because she’s got spunk. This pic of her is terrible or maybe she isn’t aging well, but definately not as cute as she use to be.

  9. Cher says

    Looks aren’t everything. most beautiful women are bitches and think they can get by on their looks only. you don’t know what she was like in private. so Eddie should stay with her because she is beautiful? that is just stupid.

    Congratulations Eddie! you are certainly one fertile man!

  10. Lisa says


    his ex may be stunningly beautiful-no fair to have that bod after 5 kids-but Eddie looks happy

    I read an indepth article about Eddies ex-what she gets in support per month and all that she spends on personal trainers-she has multiple- nutritional consultants- hairstyler- etc… she is not tooo hard off trust me

  11. tina says

    um sorry for this but i don’t like nicole at all, i love mel b, so congrats to them, i hope they will be so happy together, and sometimes the quickest things last forever, i should know i moved in with my now husband and father of my kids the day i met him! good luck to them

  12. says

    yea shea your right he does have an older son but in this pic is all his kids with nicole but all the kid took the look of nicole

  13. Shea says

    well actually if you want to get into that….since he only has one son …IT IS his oldest son. But not his oldest child.
    I cant believe he got with scary spice, just to gross for words. What she get pregnant on their 2nd date OMG ??

  14. Kristin says

    Is it just my imagination or do stars move at the speed of sound? It must be in the water! What interesting names Eddie and Nicole picked out for their children, I love it!

  15. thegrinchiscoming says

    Holly crap!! what was an ugly dude like him doing with such a beautiful woman like Nicole? shame that they split, because of their children, it must be very tough to be a single mother of 5.
    Of course, I know she has money and stuff but still…
    By the way LMAO about the Will Smith comment, that’s their daughter, that’s funny!

  16. Diva says

    Mel B isn’t UGLY…. she may not be 6′, long neck, gorgeous model type like Nicole, but she’s certainly not UGLY…..

    Oh, and that “son” you say looks like Will Smith… that’s his oldest DAUGHTER Bria, lol.

  17. jenna says

    Wow! Look at that Shrek picture…anyone else think Eddie’s oldest son actually looks a lot like Will Smith?!

  18. Dolly says

    Oh,no. I really don’t find it funny anymore. Eddie and Nicole were my fav couple and I cannot look at them separated. This is aweful. I wish they can settle their disputes or is it late already???????

  19. carleigh says

    Melanie Brown was appropriately named Scary Spice this woman is just plain scary looking. This woman has NO place on babyrazzi she’s not a celeb and she has no talent other than her 15 minutes of fame with the Spice Girls and that’s wwwwwwwwwayyyy over.

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