Madonna Has "Never Been Happier"

The following picture is of an unidentified woman carrying little David through London’s Heathrow airport.

It’s great to hear that things settled down with Madonna’s controversial adoption.

Madonna has revealed she’s “never been happier” after an emotional trip to Malawi to adopt a 13-month-old baby.

After being allowed to take little David Banda home, the superstar added: ‘It’s so worth it. He’s just the best baby ever. Guy and I have never been happier.’

Madonna, 48, wants David to be a brother to her children, Lourdes, 9, and Rocco, 5.

Best wishes to the family! A detailed article can be found here!



  1. Rachel says

    I too have mixed feelings. On the one hand I am pleased for orphans who get adopted and get a better life. On the other, this little boy is not an orphan and I feel sad when I think of all those couples out there who can’t have children and have to wait many years, go through courses and tests and much more before they can even begin to adopt. I feel like Madonna and other celebrities can just buy a child, and this is not right.

  2. eyesofpearls says

    This has made me change my opinion about Madona! Couldn’t she take a parantless child rather than take a little boy away from his father? Do you know how dreadful it is for a boy of one who has just started to recognize faces to be placed in a completely different environment, climate, family? Madona has done a dreadful thing, despite her “humaine” reasons. The boy’s father will be suffering and this boy will be suffering, only he doesn’t know how to show it yet! She just wrecked one family!!!!

  3. Cori says

    He’s the best baby ever!……because a Nanny is taking care of him…….How would she know anyway? He’s only been there a day!

  4. sarah says

    Little david is flown in from Africa to Heathrow (here in the uk) at 6am, at 11.45 she is photographed going to a pilates session. Whats she done with the little tot, left him with her PA again????????
    Looks as though she’s got bored already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Susie says

    He looks PETRIFIED!

    Why couldnt Madonna adopt a child with no living family at all?
    There are hundreds of orphaned children in Africa, whats wrong with them?

    This is disgusting, he should be sent home to his loving family. (That is if she really does care for his wellbeing!)

    She could be his Godmother, and financially help him through life. I’m sure if she paid Davids father the same amount of money she pays her car valeter a year, he would be classed as a millionaire in Malawi, he would be a very healthy, happy little boy with his Daddy!!!!

  6. sarah says

    why couldnt madonna go to collect her little boy herself instead of sending her PA?????? Her PA for crying out loud !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she must be sooooooooooo busy to not be there in person to hold little David on his first flight which must of been confusing for him. I think that in itself speaks volumes.

  7. says

    kudos to madonna and all the celebrities who also adopt internationally angelina jolie Josephine Baker Calista Flockhart, Edie Falco Lauren Holly Mia Farrow Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, Julie Andrews Emma Thompson Marie Osmond Sharon Stone Jill Larson Blake Edwards

  8. Kristin says

    Actually you guys, Madonna left Africa late last week to celebrate her daughter Lourdes’ 10th birthday in London last Saturday. This woman carrying the baby arrived in London with the baby today to bring him to “master” Madonna. I personally think she is doing this for publicity and she has donated money to the town she bought this little boy from but I’m pretty sure KABBALLAH is written all over it.

  9. Kelsey says

    eBirdie, you said it just right! I agree with you 100%. And I also have a lot of respect for you because you not only stated your opinion, but you spoke eloquently and were professional enough to not attack anyone else in the process! If only more people would leave comments like you do, this site would be much more pleasant. Way to go!

  10. eBirdie says

    I’m torn by all the details in this whole situation. On the one hand, I think adoption is a great thing. Domestic or international, child or infant – when a child without a family is brought into a family that wants them and will care for them, it’s amazing. It would be sad for that child to have to wait two more years to enjoy that family. On the other hand, I don’t like the fact that it is fame and money that was able to bypass that two years. In my opinion, there are families who could have provided that boy with a home much more stable and well-rounded than what Madonna and Guy Ritchie will provide. Tons of money does not a “good home” make. I also have reservations about taking a boy away from his family. It’s not that they didn’t want him or had severed all ties and abandoned him long ago. Having money and opportunity and all that is a good thing, but it is not necessarily the best thing. If David could have stayed with his family and thrived that would be best. Yes, even if he had been poor his whole life. He’d have learned different lessons than we do, but different is not necessarily bad. Also, it seems like this kind of situation only encourages poor, desperate parents to sell or give away their babies. That is not what we want the world of adoption to turn into. In my opinion, there should be stricter laws about what constitutes an orphan or an adoptable child. Children whose parents are simply needy should not have to be given up for adoption; they should be enrolled in a program that will help them be able to stay together as a family. Maybe we need more charities like that. Maybe Madonna could start something like that. Also when healthy infants are taken away for adoption just because their families are poor, fewer children are being adopted whose families are actually dead or gone or unaccounted for.

    On a sidenote, I’m also not sure how I feel about celebrities going to a country and picking an orphan…I like the idea of referrals because there is less tnedency to choose one child over another just because they’re “cuter”. All these children adopted by celebrities fit very well into the world’s idea of beauty. Not all orphans look like that and they are just as needy for a home.

    But, I hope David is happy and can come to know the faith and culture of his father in spite of the home he is being brought into. I hope this situation works out for the best, for David, for David’s family, and for the other orphans around the world whose lives may be influenced by the adoption practices of celebrities.

  11. Dolly says

    Bethany, you really made me laugh, with your comment. “freaking airport and poor thing probably so confused between Maddona, the nannies, orphanage and social services people”, OMG, I almost laughed my lungs off. Can you imagine, Ag shame, poor little boy. Hope everything ‘ll be fine.

  12. dori says

    I am delighted to hear things are going well with this adoption. Madonna will give this boy a wonderful home. He is very fortunate . I have no reason to believe that Madonna is anything but a good mother.

  13. Bethany says

    If she’s “So HAPPY”… why can’t she carry her own child that she just adopted through the freaking airport? The poor thing is probably so confused between Madonna, nannies, the orphanage, and the social service people that he doesn’t know what the heck is going on. All a publicity stunt by Madonna, unfortunately.

  14. carleigh says

    By the way Madonna has helped out a number of orphanages and is commited to building health clinics and many other improvements in this country. Good for her to share her wealth with the poorest people and that they will directly benefit it.

  15. carleigh says

    He’s cute. I do hope the adoption goes through so this little boy will have a chance at not just a life in general but LIVING. If he is forced to stay in Malawi there is a very good chance that he won’t live to see his next birthday. He is very lucky and I hope he has a good, rich and full life. I did read the article on and apparently there is a human rights group fighting for the judge to block the adoption. Apparently there is a 24 month residency requirement that the government normally imposes on adoptions in this country. I think it’s sad and unfortunate because I read that there have been only 5 Malawain children adopted in the past. They state that this residency requirement will allow the adoptive parents to appreciate the culture and therefore benefit the child in the long run. Who wants to spend 2 years in a hell hole?? I know I wouldn’t. The government should take into consideration their dire situation, their AIDS epedemic, disease factors, child mortality rates,extreme poverty and unsanitary conditions that these kids have to live in. To impose a residency requirement will most certainly deter even the most devoted person to give up and most likely result in the child being forced to remain in a life threatening situation when if he/she had been adopted their life would or could have improved. Giving these poor little kids a chance at life at all should be the most important focus but saddly it doesn’t appear that way.

  16. Dolly says

    The baby looks so cutie and healthy. All the best to Maddona and hope she and her hubby ‘ll take good care of him in order to prove their doubters wrong.

  17. HotMama says

    Kelley, I completely agree with you. But, I do know that, his wife died, I’m not sure of what, and then his other two sons died from Milaria. He wanted him completely taken out of the situation, because he didn’t want his son to become ill like the rest of his family. I have heard that Madonna will be bringing the little boy back frequently to visit with his father. However I do agree that she should help his father out too, throw him some money, or help him get out of Milasia.

  18. says

    I’m saying this here like I have said before. Please please please celebs, please start adopting older children. Babies are not the only kids who need and deserve good homes.

    That said, I have seen on other sites that instead of adopting this boy, she could have used her millions to make it possible for his own family to keep him. His father only gave him up after his mother died because they are poor and he could not feed him. Madonna knows this, but her solution is to take him away. His father apparently rode a bike 25 miles every few days to be with the son he loves very much, but could not care for. His preacher told him that he should let Madonna take the biy because he would have a better life. As a father he wants the best for his child, but I still think it was kind of selfish for Madonna to take him rather then to help. JMO.

  19. Marti says

    This child has NO idea how his life has just changed for the better. He’s a lucky little boy and he’ll be loved & cared for and shown a life that most of us can’t even imagine.
    I wish them, all, the very best!! 🙂

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