Katie Holmes Looking Slim & Sophisticated

Katie, just like Britney, has regained her slim figure very quickly! Here she was spotted in Hollywood yesterday.

Katie Holmes



  1. cherisse says

    i think that she is beautiful, but the thing about it is it think that when she lost some of her baby wieght she ended up losing a lot more (wieght) than she thought. And just because she is quit all the time and smiling funny maybe thats because the camara is always in her face 24/7 and she don’t want to be bothered but did not want to be rude but try to be nice.

  2. Dolly says

    Laugh hysterical!!!!. OMG. Ella you are so funny, #35 so hiralious. Can’t you leave the freaking poor thing alone.
    Ag shame, she is really trying her best.

  3. ella says

    the poor girl is trying too hard to be sophisticated (with the oversized sunglasses and all) to the point of ridicule. and her trademark goofy smile is not helping. she has a lot to learn about class and elegance, but unfortunately she is doing it all the wrong way.

  4. Allyssa says

    So what’s the real story of Viacom’s discontent with Tom Cruise. Well here’s a brief summary of what happened:

    Tom Cruise attacks the drug pushers, (psychiatrists), the drug suppliers, (drug companies) and the drug advertisers, (media conglomerates/main stream media).

    As a result he becomes public enemy #1 to these bastards because they fear the influence he has all over the planet. This story is just more attacks on him by this drug cartel. Let’s take a look at some facts:

    Based on the statistics above, obviously Paramount did not fire Cruise/Wagner Productions for underachieving. Cruise/Wagner Productions left Paramount and was brokering this deal with First and Goal for awhile now. Another very important fact is that Viacom, Paramount’s parent company, makes half of its revenue from drug company advertisements. This dollar amount is much more than Tom Cruise would ever bring in for them.

    The mainstream media is relying on individuals to not read past the headlines. They’re relying on individuals to not do any research for themselves. This story is also ol’ man Redstone’s senility acting up.

    I challenge the media to actually go out and do a little research on this and tell the real story of what’s really going on. Why is Tom Cruise, day after day barraged with insults and lied about in the press with wild abandon? Is it because his behavior is so completely reckless and what he speaks of is so completely off-base? Or is it really that he spoke the truth and might have hurt an industry that relies on the public’s ignorance in order to survive?
    By: bigboyburgers on August 30, 2006 at 02:24pm

  5. Olivia says

    I keep telling you all, TC likes boys. Get any woman skinny enough to loose her womanly curves ie no booba, no butt, and wa-la he has a woman on his arm that he can take out in public and still pretend it is the man of his dreams.

  6. lilyroz says

    It’s nice to see how dark hair and fair skin beauties are all over hollywood these days: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, Liv Tyler, Monica Belluci, Demi Moore, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Garner, Kelly Brook, to name just a few.. The list is endless. A refreshing change from the bleached blond, fake boobs and fake tans so often prevelant in hollywood. However, Katie Holmes may be a dark hair fair skinned girl but she is no way near these actresses as far as gracefulness, beauty, charm, charisma, personality and talent are concerned. Katie Holmes is just dorky plain jane and will probably never measure up. Sorry.

  7. ~Lisa~ says

    i agree with the first comment…. where is this girls ass???? sorry for being so crass, but she’s a pretty girl, but has zero curve at all!!!!!

  8. laurie says

    katie holmes will always be the dork from dawson’s creek, she is just too plain. no glamour, no charisma, no personality, just the odd girl-next-door look and that’s about all there is to say about this girl. the only reason she will be remembered at all is for being tom cruise’s wife (whenever that happens).

  9. starryeyes says

    she looks way too skinny, maybe too much time with posh!! she is pretty but with ur own trainer, and chef etc, of course she’s goning to loose the flab. she is desperatly trying to hard to play the mrs cruise.! it really doesnt suit her.

  10. Shea says

    Who said that was about you?? it was about cher. you know …..the actual celeb. Not everythings about YOU. 😛

  11. Jess says

    Katie looks absolutely beautiful! and it’s not a hearse its a door window with a curtain to prevent the constant paparazzi from taking her picture!!

  12. Cher says

    ha ha Shea. you funny girl. “i got no butt or boobs”. ever think about doing stand up comedy. that was funny.

  13. Shea says

    cher has no butt or boobs….

    Katie was curvier before she had suri. I just watched disturbing behavior and she had ALOT more curves to her.

  14. Cher says

    Dang. “Katie has no butt” “Brittney has sagging boobs” etc, etc. Don’t you women have anything better to do then knit pick people’s post partum bodies? How about if all you women who have made nasty comments regarding celebs “after baby” bodies post pictures of YOUR body 4 weeks after delivery or even 6 months after. Then we can sit here and make nasty comments about you.

  15. Bethany says

    My gosh…why do people insist on using the F-word in simple conversations? Not everyone thinks it’s cool to say that, and not everyone wants to read it.

  16. Kalista Brat says

    I think she looks fine, I think that’s just the way her body is. I think she’s pretty and who gives a fuck what she wants to wear! As long as she isn’t looking like a slut! I can’t wait to see her get back to work and I can’t wait to see wedding photos and Suri Cruise again!

  17. dori says

    It looks like sh’es back to her original figure. As I recall…..She was slim before the baby.
    I thought it looked like a hearse too Teehee

    ahhhhh the good life…..

  18. Bethany says

    I thought this picture looked very “funeral-ish”, too, Fancy! Very depressing, but I guess that’s the way her life is now that every move of hers is controlled. I’ll bet she is wearing some kind of slimming underwear or something like that…you know, the kind that go from chest to knees. Those things tend to squish you down so that you don’t have a butt.

  19. Fancy says

    Is that a hearse she’s climbing into? Maybe Tom buys her all her clothes slightly too small so she’ll shrink to fit before their wonder day of media, I mean wedded, bliss.
    Also, has anyone else noticed, the thinner she gets the more chubby hugs ol’ show me the chins puts on . . .

  20. foxy says

    she is so skinny she looks like she is from the corpse bride. where the hell is her a**? with all of TC money don’t you think she could aford a a** job. what is she getting into? looks like she is getting into a herse.

  21. carleigh says

    She wears black all the time because she’s “mourning” what her life used to be like………when she has a life of her own. Does anyone else notice how women who are with Tom Cruise just seem to shrink away to nothing? NK was healthy and beautiful when she filmed Dead Calm and Days of Thunder. Fastforward 3-4 years later post TC and she was a walking skeleton. Now that she is married to Keith Urban she’s filling out and looking so much happier and healthier. Katie is the same way she used to be thin, but not to thin, now she’s shrinking away to skin and bones. Note to Katie, grab Suri, hop in the car, stop by IN-n-OUT grab a few burgers and keep on driving anywhere you can to get away from Tom the “Cruise” controller before it’s too late.

  22. HotMama says

    She looks great, besides the no butt part, I mean, she seriously has such a flat butt, LoL! She always wears dull colors, I’m not sure why, maybe it’s a sign that she’s really not happy??

    Who knows, but I would love to see some pictures with her and the baby together!!

  23. TEAM JOLIE says

    does she ever wear anything with colour on it? It seems as if she is always in black or grey.

  24. kk_619 says

    She does look way too skinny. I miss the ‘Joey Potter’ part of Katie Holmes!! She was such a cute, innocent looking gal then. Now she just looks like she trys WAY too hard to be a ‘sophisticated’ wife to Tom Cruise. She just looks so fake now.

  25. says

    She is very angular. As best I can remember she has been for years now. She was still very young on DC so she still had a little baby fat in her face. She definatly has no butt though (not that I should really be noticing that) but I l.o.v.e her hair.

  26. anna says

    What is it about her that she looks so odd? Absolutley no curves at all, which is funny with a brand new baby.

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