Ben Affleck Is A Cutie Poo Daddy!

Too much cuteness! I love Ben Affleck! Ben and 10-month-old Violet looked so sweet and happy as they enjoyed a stroll along the Santa Barbara coast over the weekend. And I love the ice cream cone Robeez that Violet is wearing.
Ben Affleck


  1. wheng says

    i love daddy’s taking care of their little kids… i’m so happy for you Ben. God Bless you and your family…

  2. wheng says

    a dad and baby bonding time, so cute. Surely family is Ben’s piority…he’d seen the hollowness of fame, ups and downs in his career and finally stand up again and found the most precious gift God gave him to treasure for life….., it is having a wonderful wife Jen Garner and a beautiful daughter violet.

    This man deserves to be happy and i’m glad he found what he’s looking for. I am very happy for you Ben.

    God Bless Ben Affleck, Jen Garner and baby Violet Anne!!!

  3. Lisa says


    a little biased opinions don’t ya think

    of course, my little girl at that age was more adorable- to me and my family I’m sure just as Violets family think she is the cutest baby in the world. get over yourself

    and your boyfriend-is he a globe-trotting movie star heartthrob- well then I doubt that he compares…

  4. katie says

    she is one beautiful baby
    she has her momma’s eyes and porcelin skin
    ben better watch out for those boys!

  5. Brittney says

    They make a really cute pair but my niece is cuter. However, Ben u r still looking as good as gold although my boyfriend is a lot cuter than u.

  6. carleigh says

    Ben looks so happy it’s sweet! Violet is a little doll baby she’s just so pretty she’s gonna be a heartbreaker when she grows up! Nice to say daddy and his girl spending one on one time! Ben appears to be a wonderful dad the role suits him well.

  7. Dolly says

    Mama mia, Ben is so handsome and sexy. What a dish!! Jennifer is a lucky woman. I really envy her.

  8. Elaine says

    There is a brand of soft leather shoes available in the UK called Bobux, which originated in New Zealand. They are very cute and the ones Violet is wearing look similar to Bobux designs I have seen. They have also been used as “inspiration” by other manufactuers of baby shoes. The bobux ones we had were the best!

  9. Lisa says

    never really like him much but this picture makes him look like the most handsome man ever-look at him w/ his princess. daddies with their little baby girls are the best!!

  10. says

    Neat Susie are they originally UK based? They really look a lot like Robeez(which is an original Canadian company), naturally spins off happen with a good product. I think I saw The Gap here in Can. with some soft leather shoes too! Either way they are by far the best shoes I ever put on my child’s feet!

  11. says

    What a great picture! I love Violet’s smile and yes I did notice the Robeez, also Julia Roberts kiddos were wearing them too! Robeez rock!!!!

  12. Ms D says

    Now that’s cute.

    It’s always nice to see the daddies with their babies–and they both look really happy, too. 🙂

  13. AnotherMama says

    How Adorable! I love to see daddy’s with their little girls! He looks good. How is it that some Men look better as they get older, but usually for women its the opposite.

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