Beck & Wife Expecting Their Second Child

Indie rocker Beck and his wife Marissa Ribisi are expecting their second child together. The devout Scientologist couple have been married for two years and were highly secretive about their marriage and the birth of their first child.Their son Cosimo Henri Hansen was born in May 2004, but the actual birthdate and location have never been revealed.





  1. Cher says

    Yes, Kate The “Not Related to the Topic Comment Police” has spoken: Carleigh: Ruler of all Babyrazzi Land

  2. Antonia says

    Yes Kate. Life is too short. We need to make the best out of it. Anyway thank you for your complements.

  3. Kate says

    To me a BIG loud of applaus needs to go to ANTONIA. Down to earth person, a peacemaker of all time. Welldone Antonia and all girls should grow up and take an example from you and settle their disputes. Kudos to your mother or to whoever brought you up that way.

  4. Linda says

    You all need to grow up!! Anyway congrates to the couple. I agree with cher. People should keep rude comments to theirselves

  5. carleigh says

    Blah, blah, blah….got something relevant to say??? Guess not cause all I hear is blah,blah, blah.

  6. Cher says

    Watch out, Ariel. All Mighty Carleigh: Ruler of all Babyrazzi land has stated in comment #11 that we are not allowed to Congratulate these people. I got in trouble for it!

  7. carleigh says

    I didn’t say you couldn’t state your opinion you stupid BITCH! I didn’t even say one damn thing to you CHER. I stated a comment and your the one who took upon your low life self to call me out so you can SUCK on your own dick! Personally someone with the name CHER asking me to suck it’s dick is a bit scary for me! What exactly are you? You obviously can’t be a female w/ those kinds of body parts! I’m not trying to scare you off SWEETIE………I simply want you to leave me out of your stupidity laden drivels and stop stirring shit w/ EVERONE on here. Your a real pain in the ass CHER! (Or should I say SCARE!) So here’s my original thought for you PRINCESS or should I say QUEEN (one never knows w/ a name like that and male genetalia just WHAT you might be)……go find something else to do….you personally bore me to death! (AND go ahead and rant and rave because I won’t reply to your stupidity again.) Maybe go check out a gender reassignment clinic for some help w/ that dangling appendage ya got?

  8. Cher says

    Congratulations: The mighty Carleigh has spoken. Hail O Mighty Carleigh! Ruler of all Babyrazzi land! Sorry, sweetie, you’re not going to scare me off with your big words and comments. I’ll say what I want, when I want, and to who I want. and if you “Oh mighty Carleigh ruler of all Babyrazzi land/ not topic related comment police” don’t like it, well…you can suck my dick. Hows that for an original thought! Funny how YOU can say shit to people, but God forbid anyone speak against the Mighty Carleigh: Ruler of Babyrazzi land! By the way, I already have the Beck album. Thanks anyways! Cut and paste!

  9. carleigh says

    No, Cher or should I say SCARE..I did make a topic about Beck with obviously you didn’t agree with because you decided to critique me and call me out with your stupid BS. I did originally stick w/ the topic and post something besides OH Congrats Beck and Marissa. The only reason your stupid ass posted that is just because you had to POST something, how original. As for the BITCH crown no I think I’ll keep mine because I’ve earned it. The only thing you’ve done is call me out and make a boring unoriginal congrats quote….gee I think you just did that cause you couldn’t resist trying to stir shit w/ me. Why don’t you go buy a Beck album since you have no other viable hobby instead of cutting and pasting my quotes. Get your own opinions and post them..if something was directed at you fine then respond otherwise keep your digs towards me out of it! Unless you get off on it or something then by all means I wouldn’t want to take your fun away.

  10. Cher says

    Carpee- “please stick to the topic. your comment had nothing to do with Beck” Wow! The “comment police” can’t follow her own rules! Oh, and by the way, thank you for the anal crown! What you do, take the Big Bitch crown off of your head?

  11. carleigh says

    And the ANAL crown goes to………CHER! Everyone give her a BIG round of applaus…yeah for you Cher…find something better to do…must be incredibly boring to be you, if all you have to do is cut and paste Carleigh quotes all day long.

  12. Megan says

    I guess no one here likes Indie/Alternative rock? Beck is a great musician. Weird to me too about the Scient. thing/secret birth, but, eh… to each his own.

  13. Cher says

    This is an exact quote from Carleigh on another thread:

    “Stop the all caps first off it?s highly annoying and does little more than that. If you want to be effective and get your point across it?s not neccessary to CAPS every last little word you type.”

    Practice what you love to preach.

    Topic related comment: Congratulations, Beck & Marissa!

  14. thegrinchiscoming says

    WTF??? what an odd, odd couple. and honestly very creepy about the whole secret birth location.
    And I agree who cares anyways?.


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