Pumpkin Patch!

Oh my! It’s pumpkin patch fun! All the celebs and there tots were out to pick the perfect pumpkin in Malibu. Little Coco Cox-Arquette looks so cute in her ballerina outfit that she wears a lot and it look like the other little girl is saying that she wants a pumpkin, “This big!”
Courteney Cox-Arquette

And Heidi Klum and Seal are carefully inspecting their pumpkin!

Heid Klum

And Meg Ryan was also there with her adopted daughter, Daisy True.
Meg Ryan
Many thanks to Kellymay for sharing!



  1. Lis says

    I was thinking the same thing, Donna. It is obvious that Daisy is adopted, so why must we add that each time? I would be willing to bet that adoptive famiies (and children at times) would love the chance to be considered a “real” family without being labelled. Somehow saying “and her adopted daughter” sounds temporary and in my humble opinion, Ms. Ryan is raising her daughter that grew in her heart just as she raised the child that grew under it.

  2. says

    I may not get all excited to see Heidi Klum, but she has her own set of fans who do, so it really doesnt bother me if she is on here a lot. She is showing plenty of others too.

  3. DJZ MOMMY says

    Why just because they are out with their families would you call this a publicity stunt? Do you need a reason for doing things with your family? Obviosly you do since this is the first thing that came to mind, when you see families doing family stuff!!! Before anyone says anything about she’s entittled to her oppinion ,I’m very much aware of this, but I cant see how you can look at these people and say this is a publicity stunt.

  4. Donna Peck says

    This is just a minor criticism, but it would be nice not to single out Meg Ryan’s daughter as “adopted.” Like all adoptive parents, I consider my children just my children, not my “adopted” children. I know that sounds overly-sensitive…but I thought I would point it out anyway…thanks!

  5. Jessica says

    Awww.. i love going out pumpkin hunting w/ my husband and little girl.. then bringing them home and decorating, and carving them out!.. Looks like they are rally enjoying it, and seal is really checking out that deformed pumpkin lol

  6. HotMama says

    That’s awesome, I love seeing parents out and about with their kids, and what more fun than to go pumpkin picking!! That pumpkin the Heidi and Seal have, looks pretty sick, LoL!!

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