Marcia Cross Talks About Morning Sickness & Twins Bonanza!

Marcia Cross shares her feelings on morning sickness.
“I was really sick in the beginning, and I thought, ‘What the hell have I done?'”

Marcia Cross

Marcia, 44, recently revealed that she was pregnant with twins. “I was sort of blown away that I was having twins, so I just needed a minute to deal with it,” Marcia told Ellen DeGeneres, about her initial reticence to disclose that she was pregnant with twins. “So, we didn’t tell anybody. We just said I was pregnant. But as things happen in this town, it just got out, so everybody started congratulating me.”

Twins are everywhere in Hollywood these days! Elvis Costello and Diana Krall are expecting twins too! Here they are together on October 3rd.

Elvis Costello & Diana Krall

And Patrick Dempsey and his wife are also expecting twins!

Patrick Dempsey

Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey and wife Jillian are expecting twin boys.

Dempsey, who plays Dr. Derek Shepherd on the hit show, appeared on Live With Regis and Kelly Wednesday, and he confirmed the news.

Co-host Kelly Ripa said, “I hear congratulations are in order.”

The star replied, “Yes, yes, we’re expecting twins, actually. That’s the news now, so we’re excited. A little nervous. My wife looks beautiful, she’s doing great. We’re thrilled.

“We’re done after this. (We’re having) boys. Yeah, so it’s exciting.”

The couple already have a four-year-old daughter named Tallulah.

He adds, “My daughter, she’s excited as well. She knows and she’s practicing on her dolls changing diapers and things like that, so we’re encouraging that!”

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  1. says

    Oh Cher, you provide all the happiness and cherished laughter that I woulc ever need. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hilarious and if sometimes grotesqe humor you bring to my day.


  2. carleigh says

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  4. Cher says

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  8. Lisa says

    little girls are sooooooooooo much fun. I am so glad I had my daughter. I am not a train, car, dinosaur, baseball type of mom sorry

  9. says

    I was offered these test with my SON who I love dearly and who is most certainly never a bore. Nor am I (bored) which is something Marcia will probably never be with twins around. Whew…..did I cover everything?

    1) I refused to have the tests because I knew that I would not have terminated the pregnancy anyway so what would be the point.

    2) I desperatly wanted a girl, got a boy and would never trade him.

    As women, I think it is natural that we prefer the girly stuff. That is if we are “girly” type women. I knew plenty of moms, including myself, who can’t wait for monster truck shows and playing in the mud.

    Again I will say this, you are free to say what ever you want. Just be prepared, because having that freedom also means that other people have the freedom to dissagree with you.

    Don’t get all pissy about it. Just move on.

    BTW, could Doh please come on here, she sure has a way of keeping CHer occupied.

  10. says

    Ha Ha Cher, yes you are very right Down Syndrome risk increases with age, and actually no I do not know everything but since this pertains to my career Yes I do hold knowledge in this area 🙂
    A very good friend of mine had a baby with DS at 25 years old, all her tests were within the normal range too so you really just never know what is intended for you. All babies are miracles!

  11. Oh flippant one says

    The risk of downs syndrome and any other chromosome abnormality increases with age. Go ask KellyGay. She knows everything-oh flippant one. thanks. i like that.

  12. Cher says

    wow. why do people take some comments so personally. awesome. i opened a can of worms. and later i’ll open a can of soup for lunch.
    so, what happens if at 12 weeks she has the nuchal fold scan and bloodtests and they come out positive? abortion? twins w/ down syndrome? (not very chic in hollywood) why risk it at her age? i was told by the ‘comment police’ to stick to the subject, so i did and it just reminds me of my first comment “express your personal opinions on this website and people will crucify you”

  13. TEAM JOLIE says

    ok cher. while I find your comments very amusing, can I also remind you that you can have the nuchal fold scan and bloodtests at 12 weeks to test for Downs. You have opened a whole new can of worms there with the age comment!!!

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  16. Cher says

    bridgette. don’t express your personal opinions on this website. people will crucify you. trust me. i know.

  17. Ann-Marie says

    Looks like you made a lot of people angry Bridgette. BOYS R NOT BORING. My boys are busy, energetic and full of life and love. you need to give your head a shake lady.

  18. Lisa says

    there is nothing like seeing your husband with his little girl either. Daddys girl is definetely true

    my husband fiercely loves all three of his kids but has admitted having a daughter is special-he looks forward to walking her down the aisle-he is so protective of her and she definetely has him wrapped around her pinkie

  19. Lisa says

    no mom finds her baby boring- but I have to admit that the clothes for girls are so much fun, the ballet classes, princess and fairy stuff-there is nothing like it

    my stepsons are fun and were a handful when little but the girly stuff is the absolute best. My girlfriend who had 3 sons then got pregnant and had her little girl (now 4) said it best -she loves all her kids the same but if she never had her daughter she would of never known what she was missing.

  20. says

    I will beg to differ too about boys being boring. From a family of only girls and my first born was a girl then finally adding a male to our family, boys are not boring! My almost 5 yr old little man is so much fun, loving, busy and just plain cute! I have found my son in terms of energy to have twice as much as his sister ever did except she talked more (and that was only when he was younger he has since found his chatterbox) LOL

    How exciting for Marcia, I think she is beautiful! I hope her babes are redheads! I’m interested to see how they fit it into her storyline on DH 🙂 Neat!

  21. TEAM JOLIE says

    I have 2 boys and they are so far from being boring it is untrue!!! I would love another baby and would be ecstatic if it was another boy. Boys rule!!!!

  22. mage says

    my sister has twin boys and wow- what a lot of work. luckly my 5 came one at a time!

    i hope she has a safe and healthy pregnancy. it is not uncommon for older mothers to naturally conceive twins, i wish her the best.

  23. Lisa says

    when I was pregnant I wanted a girl so bad and I got my girl. My little girl is so much fun-I am so happy she is a girl- BUT I also have 2 stepsons and all moms love their children no matter what- nobody thinks their child is boring

  24. sarah says

    wow ! lots of celebs expecting babies, must be something in the water. Cant wait to see more pics.

  25. Shea says

    hmm i dont believe my son is boring. I hope you never have any boys Bridgette. WAIT yes I do…then you will be stuck with YOUR boring BOYS. also its sorta a 50/50. what if she has a girl and a boy? what i hope for her?

  26. Missy says

    Boys are boring?! What?! Well, my two boys beg to differ! There is never a dull day in my house, Bridgette.

  27. carleigh says

    It would be so cute if they got her beautiful red hair and porcelaine skin. She’s a natural beauty! I am sure she’s excited about her babies either way whatever they will be. She’s waited so long she deserves all the happiness and joy that are coming from motherhood! All the best!

  28. GG says

    Awww, come on Bridgette (“cause boys are so boring”) Little boys are as sweet as girls and hey ~ without boys or girls … where would we be???????

  29. GG says

    Awww, come one Bridgette (“cause boys are so boring”) Little boys are as sweet as girls and hey ~ without boys or girls … where would we be???????

  30. Bridgette says

    I hope the babies are born healthy and I hope they look like Marcia not her husband. I hope she has girls too, cause boys are so boring. I predict she will have girls because she is surrounded by females at work. My prediction is twin girls!

  31. says

    Yay for Marcia, that is SO exciting!!
    I hope she has a safe and uneventful pregnancy and delivers these twins with no complications 🙂

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