Jessica Lynch Expecting A Girl

Congratulations and Best Wishes!

Jessica Lynch

Former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch is tickled pink: Her first baby with beau Wes Robinson will be a girl.

“We are ecstatic it’s a little girl,” Lynch says, adding that she’s eager to go shopping for tiny camouflage outfits for the infant, who is due in January.

The almost six-months pregnant Lynch, who says she’s gained about 10 to 15 lbs. so far, learned the baby’s gender about a month ago. Lynch, 23, and Robinson, 25, already have picked out a name for their daughter – but are keeping that a secret for now.

Baby’s first ultrasound photos are “adorable,” says Lynch. “She’s a definite thumb-sucker and she loves to lay her head on her hands.”

While she is continuing physical therapy for injuries she suffered in Iraq in March 2003 when her convey was ambushed and she was taken prisoner, she says she has gone off her pain medications because of the pregnancy.

“I have to suck it up and take a little pain,” says Lynch, who because of her back, leg and nerve injuries is considered a high-risk pregnancy. “Mostly it’s nerve pain where the nerves are trying to re-grow, just weird tingling and pain sensations up and down my legs.”

Several of her fellow soldiers were killed in the attack, but on April 1, 2003 Lynch became the first American POW to be rescued successfully since WWII. Still, she suffered extensive, injuries including fractures in her spine, a shattered arm, crushed foot and broken leg.

She plans to have the baby via C-section because doctors are worried the contractions and a natural delivery could put too much strain on her injured back. “I told them I’ll take another scar, another surgery,” Lynch says. “I’m kind of used to scars by now. One more isn’t going to hurt. I just want to make sure it’s – she’s – healthy.”

Robinson, who Lynch met through family friends, “will be a great dad,” says Lynch. “He loves kids. He comes to all my appointments with me. I don’t force him.”

The pair have bought some land outside Elizabeth, W.Va., not far from where Lynch grew up, and plan to put a house on it. The couple don’t have any immediate plans to get married.

As for life after the baby is born, Lynch says she’ll likely take a semester off from West Virginia University, where she is studying to become a pre-K or elementary school teacher.

“We are trying to take things one step at a time,” says Lynch. “I know it’s kind of backwards but, you know, it’s how things worked out. It really is just a blessing to find out I actually could have kids with my back and legs and nerve damage. It was really just exciting to know, oh wow, I can carry the baby and still go on with my regular life without having to be hurting too much. It’s a blessing. It’s going to be so much fun.”



  1. kelley says

    Yes, I stuck my foot in my mouth and said something without thinking about how it sounded. Funny though, it all got settled without anyone cussing at or abusing anyone else.

  2. kelley says

    Yeah, I think we had a bit of a match there. It’s cool though. I pretty much ended up defending myself for a comment that I didn’t mean to come out the way it did. Everything ended well there. Just goes to show that people can disagree without it resulting in profanity and crudeness huh? Well according to “she who will not be named” I just follow you and Kellymay around begging for your approval anyway. As a matter of fact I think someone on the newest Toby Maguire post is asking that aged old question yet again. “an old friend” we’ll just say.

    I’m going with the ignoring thing (which is so hard when there are so many things I would l.o.v.e. to say) I think it is for the best. Sure do wish you ahd that magic wand though,

    Funny……have you noticed that as soon as one (sue) stops posting another one pops up in their place with the same kind of mouth? Funny huh? Soooo original too.

  3. carleigh says

    Kelley I’m sorry you had me laughing w/ the Oh dear lord anna comment…I remember I think I might have been one of those who schooled you????

  4. says

    Oh dear lord Anna don’t ask that question… me. I got taken to school on that one like you wouldn’t believe.

    I hope nothing but the best for Jessica and I hope her child is born happy and healthy.

  5. Braydie says

    I havent written in awhile but seen this and I gotta tell her CONGRATS!! i met her acouple times at charity events I had to go to and she is A AWSOME person and deserves this so much. I wish nothing but the best for her and her new family!
    hi girls!! ( to the girls that know me lol) Kris is doing so much better, he has to come home for about a month but then he should be able to go back to school. I see the site is getting better. Ill stop in every once in awhile to say hi 🙂 later all have a great nite.

  6. Jill says

    I agree completly carleigh. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I pray that everything goes alright for her for the next few months. Congrats on the baby.

  7. carleigh says

    I hope she has an uneventful and peaceful pregnancy. She deserves some love, happiness and joy! Congrats on the baby girl hope we get some pic’s.

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