Human Rights Group Tries To Stop Madonna From Adopting

Wow…this is strange! The article at People magazine’s website explains in detail what is going on.

This is a picture of 13-month-old David.



I hope Madonna was sincere in her efforts to adopt the little boy from Malawi and that it wasn’t just a publicity stunt. I think it is very strange to hear that she is going to her Pilates and Kaballah center as if nothing were out of the ordinary. If I was attached to a child that I wanted to adopt and the process was suddenly disrupted I would be an emotional wreck.


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  1. kelley says

    Well Davids father has publicly come out that he is totally ok with David being adopted by Madonna. His sacrifice in that name of his child is endearing so I will say nothing else negative about Madonna.

  2. mage says

    then thistle it is. or maybe a wildflower. my grandmother called anything growing where you don’t want it to a weed- even if it was a rose.

    eh, i am a talking weed.

  3. mage says

    #18, Lucy I am from planet earth- not sure what your problem is about. (I assume you meant planet not plant. Not sure what plant I would be…thistle maybe)
    From the webmistress “I think it is very strange to hear that she is going to her Pilates and Kaballah center as if nothing were out of the ordinary.”

    That is what I answered to Pilates and prayer help relax and center a person, such things I would need if I had an adoption in jeopardy. I know how upset my mother was for the YEARS when my brother was in limbo- anything that happened in the family turned into, “I hope they don’t take him away”.

    My message #9 was in shock over #8 Belinda’s post with “unders her Jewish religion control, or under the Indian catholic control!!!. ” and “unless that little black boy is one of the Pope’s pawns, which is a very big posibility”

  4. says

    Madonna went to a country full of kids who have no parents, and the one she takes home happens to be one with a father that rides a bike 25 miles to see him all the time. Who for financial reasons cant care for him. So instead of really “saving” David by helping him stay with the father who loves him this is the child she is going to take hundreds of miles away. I personally think she could of made a better choice. I guess time will tell.

  5. Alexis says

    Ms. Angelina paved the road for many celebrities to adopt orphanages from third-world countries. Can you imagine the pitiful life Maddox and Zahara would have had she not intervened. Kudos to her! I’m not a fan of hers or Brad’s but they have gone above and beyond their duties as far as making kids’ lives just a little more bareable. It’s about time many more millionaires jumped on the band wagon.

  6. Cher says

    wow. close Doh-ho. guess again. i’ll give you a hint. it’s between 1-100. use your toes if you can’t count that high. Doh-ho, Doh-ho, it’s off to work i go.

  7. Cher says

    Doh-ho. i wrote it 3 times because i figured thats how long it would take for you to figure out all the big words. Doh-ho. Doh-ho. Doh-ho.

  8. Doh says

    #14 #15 #16 Jeez how many times do you need to write it…lol. Not a dumb question but a dumb statement from you in the first place 😛

  9. Lucy says

    Here’s the deal: The Malawi law states that anyone wanting to adopt a child from there MUST live there for 18 months. THe laws were suspended for Ms. Madonna.
    The human rights group is involved because the suspension of law for her can ultimately lead to the suspension of laws for anyone who has money or who is a celebrity. Further they are frightened, as stated, “of future baby traffiking or black market children.”

    Personally, this is revolting on all fronts. The message is gives is that Madonna’s celebrity and money make her a more worthy human being than any other person (rather non-celebrity) who would like to adopt a child from Malawi. The status of celebrity needs to be reevaluated.

    And Mage….what plant are you from? Your comment is obscene and doesn’t dignify a response.

  10. DJZ MOMMY says

    Im personally not a fan of hers because older women that try to dance around like the young pop stars, really isnt a good look. But hopefully if she really wants this child for the right reasons it works out for her!!!

  11. Ms D says

    From what it says here,
    whether this is a ‘publicity stunt’ for Madonna or not, she has donated quite a lot of money to the country, which is good, I don’t think anyone could readlly argue. And apparently she’s getting very close to (if she hasn’t already) taking custody of the baby now.

    And I can’t understand why a poor country would only allow other people from the same poor country to adopt babies born there anyway.
    I do think the celeb ‘parents-to-be’ get special treatment anyway, and I do seriously hope she’s not using this little boy to revitalize her career or something. Madonna is Madonna, always has been..and I don’t feel like it would make much difference to anyone else if she adopts from a poor nation or not.

  12. Bethany says

    Laws in Malawi say that only people from that country may adopt children from there…and obviously Madonna is not from Malawi. The rules were temporarily waived for her, but now this human rights group says that the rules should not be disregarded just because of who she is. I agree!

  13. belinda says

    I dont really know where the baby …and it’s country ,which Madonna has adopted, would be more worth living….unders her Jewish religion control, or under the Indian catholic control!!!. Prety difficult to choose…But I would, if I was a baby, choose to live in the place I was born….unless that little black boy is one of the Pope’s pawns, which is a very big posibility.
    A real show of help would be for Madonna, to donate half of ther fortune to the people which righteously or wrongly are his parents.

  14. anna says

    it may be a little quick, but who can argue that David will have a better life as Madonna’s son than in an African orphanage?

  15. mage says

    Many times when an adoption is in jeopardy, they keep the child from the prospective parents for the sake of the child. Maybe she is a wreck and that is why she is doing her pilates and prayers?

  16. says

    You would think she would be upset, but as I said before, she doesn’t care cuz she knows in the end MONEY TALKS. This selfish self serving woman will get what she wants…always goes that way, good people have to wait years and sometimes never get to be parents but because of her dirty money she will end up with a new addition to her family.
    I also found it odd that Madonna said she would never let anyone disrupt the relationship between Lourdes and Rocco, what does that say, so she brings this baby home and the first fight she takes him back..I don’t know it didn’t make any sense to me.
    Madonna should leave well enough alone and focus on her dying career, rather than another baby.
    She is a HAS BEEN wash out but hey what a good way to make the papers!!!!

  17. says

    Citing country laws that insist a person interested in adopting a child must stay with the child for 18 months, a Malawian human rights group is attempting to block the adoption of 13 month old David by Madonna and Guy Ritchie. i wonder why??

  18. carleigh says

    I don’t understand why a human rights group has any interest in this adoption??? Maybe Madonna is dealing with her stress by maintaining her normal routine of working out and praying at the Kabalah Center..who knows everyone handles stress in different ways maybe this is hers?

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