Tori Spelling Looking Super Preggers!

Oh my! I don’t know what to say about this outfit that Tori is sporting! It sort of makes her look instantly 9 months pregnant! She still looks cute and very happy and glowy. Though most women probably couldn’t pull off pigtails and this outfit while pregnant.
Tori Spelling



  1. Shea says

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  12. Doh says

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  13. Shea says

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  14. cheena says

    i see i was ignored…i guess you like to fight….well good luck to you all then..because you’ll need it…peace…

  15. Shea says

    Cher….wow you think becuz you called one child ugly doesnt make you a baby hater ….hmm yes it does and im sure in your warped little pea sized mind you believe you are not one. NO child deserves to be called ugly and I dont have to be a “family member” to stick up for a innocent children from people like YOU. She doesnt look like E.T. YUP im a stalker…for calling you a baby hater ??? wow your stupid.
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  16. cheena says

    Isnt this to post opinions? YES? well then why are all of you taking this so personal why do you need to font fight? Havent you ever heard of the term live and let live…what she looks like doesnt show what shes really like if that was true there would be some really bad people around because not everybody is a joy to look upon..just remember that we all make mistakes and if she (tori) did wrong on how she got her husband then go with what comes around goes around…A person always pay for their let life decide whats up…but enough of the fightin…its not goin to change her or her situation in the least… And is only making all of you look like its ur kids debating than the adults that i hope u are…

  17. Cher says

    oh and by the way, since you found it necessary to correct Linda’s spelling, may I do the same for you? Honey, in your #64 post your spelled realize “relize” Don’t you realize there is an “A” in realize. Oh aren’t we just the kettle calling the pot black. Go get that help, honey. I hope you RELIZE that you are sick.

  18. Cher says

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  19. Shea says

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  20. Shea says

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  21. Shea says

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  22. Cher says

    Good MOOOOOOOOOOOrning! How’s everyone in the barn today? Eating Shea Pet, got enough fooooooooood today? “Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo moo!”

  23. Angie says

    Listen here Rhea, you don’t tell me what I need. I think you need a new hobbey. And don’t make anymore comments about me ok shit head. Fuck Off!!!!…….I don’t need advice from a werido.

  24. Rhea says

    You know Angie, maybe you should try anger management therapy…are you sensitive about the topic of plastic surgery because it resonates with you?
    You missed the point anyway, in your headlong rush to type your spell check challenged flame, what is important is that a person is happy, not how they look or are trying to look.

  25. Linda says

    Hey Hey, Angie whuz up! I know everyone has to be so negative, don’t you hate that shit!!! Will you mooooooooooooooo with me.

  26. Angie says

    Ok Rhea! what the fuck are you, you don’t know shit about plastic surgery. Even without that shes pretty. You know shes human!! God created her, not you dum ass!! soooooooo f—k off

  27. Angie says

    Tori is a cutie, hey god made her that way. I don’t think your any better looking (Shea). I wish Tori a healthy beauitful baby!!

  28. DonA says

    I love tori shes excellent, pretty, And she makes wonderful movies. Good luck to her and her baby!! lots of JOY. ( You know shea you shoud’nt be that judgemental. Unless you still havn’t lost your baby weight, don’t take it out on the Celebritys. Go jog your fat ass!! RUn RUN Run faster)

  29. Rhea says

    Tori’s appearance just shows there are limits to what a plastic surgeon can do. She can’t help how she looks, though she’s obviously tried to improve on whatever nature gave her. It’s not important anyway, she looks happy. That’s what counts.

  30. Mya says

    Hey you can tell Shea is a FAt ASS, she said eat me. Her mind as you can see on (# 30) EatingShea is geting hungry. Fat ASS

  31. Angie says

    Good luck to Tori, I wish you a healthy baby. May i moooooooooooooo with you guys. Haters go to HELL

  32. Linda says

    Linda, Mya, And Cher. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IN your FAce ShEa. What the fuck kind of name is that. It looks like a Chia Pet. HAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAHH DaM did I laugh hard.

  33. Linda says

    Its enough she disses Tori, but where does she go off saying im fat. Noone get get fatter then shea shes a (FUCKEN COW) Shes the FAT ASS !!MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO You go CHER I like # 20

  34. Mya says

    Hell, I fucken agree with LINDA. DAM ur right. Tell It To THE BIATCH!!!!!!!!!! Tori is pretty cool, I wish her luck& a Healthy Baby. I don’t like haters either.

  35. Linda says

    You know it is true (what comes around goes around) and its gona hit you on your FAT ASS I prey that it does!!!!

  36. Linda says

    Sorry to the people that read my comments. But when u Fuck with me. You betta be Ready to handle it. You should’nt have dissed me shea, you wouldn’t have to read this. So don’t FUCK W/ME. Im SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!

  37. Linda says


  38. Linda says

    Plus I don’t think you have kids, your to imature to have any. I feel sorry for them.You need help!!!

  39. Linda says

    Hey Shea you stupid BITCH don’t FUCK with me!!!!!! Im not fat bitch im 105 lbs. I think your the fat ass here. You must be so depressed your putting other people down. So get a FUCKEN LIFE!!! I have two kids and I lost the weight just like that FATTY!! Dont fucken say shit about me u DON’T fucken know me.

  40. Shea says

    MY opinion LINDA, is that she is butt ugly…dont like it dont read it. also , I didnt get fat with my last 2 I dont think if I ever have another one Ill get even remotely close to how big she IS. MOOOO
    I dont think Ill get back anything in return. also how do you NOT know that im a actress? ok since you like to tell people what they are or arent…then Ill give it a try…..your a fatass just like tori LINDA. LOL so E@T ME!!!!
    oh yea when you try to tell someone off your have more of a impact when you spell things right. pergnant…PERGNANT LOL whats pergnant LOL ….

  41. Linda says

    Hey, Shes not the most beauitful in the world, but shes not ugly!!! Shes an actress which your not SHEA!!!!!. So F–k oFF!! I hope you get really FAT when your pergnant.
    ( Like A FAT COW) Don’t put down people cause you’ll get it back in return. If you have nottin nice to say don’t say shit…

  42. Shea says

    Yes im jealous! ill admit it…I wished I could be a fat cow that wore moo moo’s while I was pregnant, i also wish that I could have those pigtails and ugly face. Damn I forgot she has money too I guess that makes up for her ugliness, huh dean (wink, wink) 🙂 I JUST WANNA BE TORI LOL….. no not really.

  43. Linda says

    I think Tori Is Beauitful!! Shes a great actress, and all you haters can go to HELL!!!! Stop dissing someone you’ll never be! Jealous so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you Tori

  44. Alexis says

    Sarah…..She committed the ultimate NO-NO. Her hubby was already married when she met him. Well, as you can guess: he busted up with his wife and hooked up with Tori. That’s life; happens all the time. However, doesn’t make it right. What I think is funny as HELL-o is when the hubby goes back to his ex. As does happen in many situations like this. She would be a nobody if not for her famous late father. She definately doesn’t fit the Hollywood image. But, that’s JMO. =-)

  45. sarah says

    I obviously know who she is but thats about it. Here in the uk you dont really hear of her. Why is she not liked? I have only seen her in 90210.

  46. Rhonda says

    The sad thing is she probably spent more on that outfit than I did on my house! True, everyone’s taste is different but that garb should be cut up into little patches for a baby quilt. She does look happy though. This will be her first child but what about her hubby’s? I know he’s been married before but not sure if he has children. Well, congrats to them! Just too bad her father won’t be there (in person, anyway) for the joyous occassion.

  47. celeste says

    she’s big because of all that hay that she’s been eating.!!!
    sorry tori i like you, but your looks have got to go. lets just hope that her child does’nt inherit her long,long face. just pushing will hurt twice as hard…..the reason i like her is because she reminds me of my horse edna, same look, same color hair and edna is very preggers also.

  48. says

    Don’t like her. Havent liked her in years. All the messing with a married man stuff aside, I just always thought that she was only sucessful because of who her father was.

    That sack dress is gag me awful. Did she forget to look in the mirror that morning? I can’t say much about the pig tails though, I have worn them myself a few times this past summer.

  49. Bethany says

    Her outfit is horrendous! I have never found her attractive….let’s hope this kid doesn’t come out with a horse face like Tori!

  50. carleigh says

    #13 there is nothing even remotely funny in regards to your comments about an eating disorder. She was a very skinny girl before she got pregnant. Maybe she’s having twins? Maybe she is further along than she is letting on? Maybe it’s just a bad angle and bad outfit for her frame? Maybe she is just simply enjoying the phrase “eating for two” and she’s allowing herself to indulge once in awhile. She’s by no means a lard ass and I don’t know where you would even get that picture???? Pregnancy effects each woman’s body differently…..remember Skinny butt little Katie Hudson got as big as a house REAL FAST just because she was so petite and tiny the baby weight hit her quick. Katie recovered and looks fab enough to wear a bikini. Just wondering where you are getting your skewered visions from? Women are entitled to gain weight during pregnancy so it makes me wonder if you are a mother why are you making such hateful snide comments about Tori’s body?

  51. Alana says

    She is going to end up another Anna Nicole but Anna just got fat, shes going to use this as a reason to get fat and either A) Stay fat or B) get anorexic skinny. She’ll get all that money now that her mom is going to want to see her grandchild and shes going to end up on her own reality TV show having eating contests and whining incessantly. She’ll find more to whine about when her husband leaves her for being a lard ass. There is no reason for her to get so big, so fast. You almost wonder if she had an eating disorder before and found out she was pregnant and chucky it out the window. Not so far along Tori has probably been hiding inside Skinny Tori for a while. LOL

  52. Shea says

    her husband the cheater isnt that great looking either. This kid their having DOESNT have a chance in hell.

  53. says

    I agree, not a flattering outfit. Does anyone know how far along Tori is? I didn’t think she was that far along but this outfit makes her look, well, large and frumpy.

  54. carleigh says

    She looks like Edith Ann from Saturday Night Live…awful! The outfit is atrocious and the pigtails are a BIG no-no if your over 12 years old! All and all though she does look happy and she does have a glow about her! Maybe this new baby will bring about an end to all the bitter rivalry and bring her family back together!

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