Unicorns & Princesses!

Awww…I love Sam’s backpack! Unicorns and princesses! (oops! it’s not really a unicorn..I thought one of the ears was a unicorn horn. My childhood obsession with unicorns overtook me!) Fun! Denise looks great as she picks up Sam from school yesterday!

Denise Richards

Denise Richards



  1. Rhonda says

    FINALLY!! A respectable looking picture of Denise with Sam. Maybe Sam will outgrow her “daddy” look and evolve more into her own. Kudos to Denise for doing what looks like a mahvelous job!

  2. carleigh says

    I am sure that Sam’s backpack doesn’t have 20 lbs. worth of preschool books in it. She probably has a juice box, some pictures she drew and maybe a snack or two in there. My two and a half yr. old daughter throws a fit until I give her a little bag of groceries or milk to carry and she says “oooooohh it’s ssssssooooo heavy ” and makes little grunting noises as she carries it to the backdoor. It makes them feel like they are a BIG girl and they get a kick outta helping mommy! It’s sweet!

  3. Robin says

    p.s. her Daddy is now the richest ‘comedian’ on TV – the least he could do is get his lil one a more portable backpack PLUS I NEVER see him with either one of his kids! Kudos to Denise for being there for them!

  4. Robin says

    my 2 1/2 year old goes to preschool twice a week – its a nice break for both of us! my girl has a Disney princess mini suitcase/backpack with wheels on it so her little back isnt overwhelmed!

  5. Bethany says

    Do the kids of the Hollywood elite go to “special” preschools, or do they attend a regular plain jane place? I’m sure they cost a bundle, but I was just curious. NOthing like that here in Tennessee you know!

  6. Lisa says

    I live in New England too, my daughter went to a pre-school at 2. It was more of a structured Day care but she did have a bittly little backpack for her snuggly nap blanket and stuff. was wonderful for her at 2

  7. Kristin says

    school??? The baby was born in 2004, which makes her 2, and she is in school already? That seems a little early to me, up here in RI, we usually wait until the kid is 3 or 4 to send them off.

  8. HotMama says

    She looks so adorable her little tiny self carrying that big bookbag, LoL, it’s so innocent looking. Denise looks amazing, it’s a wonder what jeans and a shirt can do for a person, just the normal stay at home mom, kind of look, it fits her perfect, and she looks so much happier!!

  9. carleigh says

    Denise looks fab in these pic’s no bra straps hanging out, the jeans and shirt make her look like a nice, normal, respectable mom…she’s looking better these days thank god!

  10. Lisa says

    looks like just a horse on the backpack, see no unicorn horn-cute anyways. I do love how each pix of Sam getting picked up from preschool she is carrying her own pack. Even at this young age any little gesture to foster self-sufficiency/ a bit of independence is great

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