Madonna Has Officially Adopted A Boy From Malawi!

It’s official! Madonna did adopt a boy from Malawi!


Madonna and her husband took custody of a motherless 1-year-old boy from Malawi on Thursday after filing adoption papers and receiving interim approval from a judge in the impoverished southern African nation.

The boy’s father said he was happy for his son, named David, and pleased with the celebrity couple who wants to be his parents.

Yohame Banda, the father, said he met Madonna and her film director husband Guy Ritchie at the court as part of the formalities. While they talked, Madonna, who has two children, carried the baby boy, Banda said.

“They are a lovely couple,” Banda said. “She asked me many questions. She and her husband seem happy with David. I am happy for him. Madonna promised me that as the child grows she will bring him back to visit.”

Good for Madonna for doing this. It is sad though, because normally extended families take care of children like David, but so much of this particularly impoverished country has been affected by AIDS that there is often not any extended family healthy and able to help out. Hopefully, Madonna’s actions will bring extra attention and help to this matter.



  1. Opal says

    Come on people!!!! im tired of people going on about how morally wrong it is for Modonna to adopt this little boy. and also how she should have adopted here in the uk are America.
    I live in the uk and i know Modanna wldnt b allowed to adopt here bcos she is too old. She wldnt meet the citeria , you are not allowed to adopt if you are over 35 and Modonna is way past that.
    The other thing is why are people saying she should have used the money to sponsor the orphanage in the country instead, she has been doing that so get you facts straight.
    People pls dont hate her she is just trying to make this world a better place. and of course she as been trying to have another baby for years and it hasnt work out so it also for personal reasons but why should we judge her. Im sure all of us have somethings in our houses that is just luxuries that we cld very much do without but we dont. That whole wardrobe of shoes and clothes that we dont even wear. Dont u think we could have donated the money for that to charity? oh well.

  2. says

    It seems to me that the whole black and white thing seems to be an issue for you. Who really cares how old madonna is or if she is white or black? The child will have a much better life here then in the village. No amount of money right now to fix a village is going to make 75% of the people no longer infected with HIV. What a horrible thing to say. To leave a child in a place like that when you could help him have a better life here. I applaude her ,we all make mistakes when we are young it is who you are today that matters. And she is making a difference in a innocent childs life.

  3. Ms S says

    I agree with Mrs V. – Madonna would have done better to invest in the village and enable the boy to be brought up within his own community, than to go shopping for a trophy child. In England, a black baby would not be allowed to go to a white mother and father, paricularly not a mother who is in her late forties. Unless that mother is Madonna of course. It only goes to show that money buys anything, even children.

  4. Kadie says

    Why do people make such a big deal about overseas children’s parents still being alive during adoption, when people adopt american children who’s parents are still alive all the time. Strange.

  5. says

    #41….HELLO BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!!!!!

    …as I stated before, I DON’T CARE WHERE THESE BABIES ARE COMING FROM..Africa, USA, China, Timbuktu!!!
    My point was some people are NOT meant to be mothers!! It is reality, I see it everyday.

    I must say I have to agree with #42.

    Why and how does it get to that point, why isn’t there any kind of education or birth control and don’t tell me cuz there is no money, cuz if you have a housekeeper there must be something there, we do live in 2006.

    I am not saying there is anything wrong with adoption from where ever but I was complaining because of the fact it seems when you have money all the red tape magically disappears. That would never happen in North America.

    Sounds like a country so poor they have to sell their babies to the highest bidder on the black market. JMO, thats how it looks to me.

  6. dori says

    It sounds like the people of Malawi need some education on how not to spread aids. I hope they get some help.

  7. Vera from Malawi says

    Dear “Team Aniston”
    what is your problem?
    I assume you just hate people who adopt orphans because Angelina does?
    You cant compare the US with Malawi, it is a whole other world. Here orphans are everywhere and they are trying to be raised by there family but that is impossible. Imagine that almost 75% of all malawians between the age of 20 and 60 has AIDS or is HIV infected. These people are seriously ill. And they die every second. Their children are then to be raised by other family members who are: ill, very old or to young to raise children.
    My housekeeper died last month, she had 4 daughters. 2 of them are still alive, the other 2 also died, the ones left are now 25 en 21 years old. They raise 10 children together, their own children and the children of their sisters.
    the fathers of the babies of their sisters are also ill but they are now married with another wife, they see the children sometimes but not much.
    How they keep the children alive?
    Because they dont want to give up the kids for adoption, allthough the people in the village thinks they should, they have not enough money to feed and pay the school for the children. And in return the kids make drawings and they come around and play in the garden and harvest the fruit in the garden.
    But not all malawians have someone to support them.
    that is why they put kids up for adoption. So that people in Llilonge, Limbe or Blantyre can adopt them and give them a better life.
    so stop your nonsense because you make yourself look like an idiot!

  8. Mrs. Vreeland says

    There is an interview with the baby’s father at It’s every bit as heart breaking as you would imagine. Madonna is not a “bad” person but
    like many very wealthy and sheltered people her sense of entitlement is vast and her perceptual reality
    completely skewed, I’m being kind here. I recommend reading the interview.

  9. ls says

    Would this be illegal in the US???? She adopted this by and then his father was interviewed? I am not sure how I feel about this. Normally orphans do not have parents.

  10. sunnydayz says

    I think its great and Madonna and Guy are great parents to their children and will make great parents to their new addition. As another poster has pointed out, in Malawi, a father isn’t necessarily a child’s biological father, but the peer of the children in his village, so many villages now have so few adults, they are losing the adult population at a rapid rate due to HIV and AIDS. Modonna hasn’t done this as a trendy thing to do, but as a woman yearning to extend her family! She has two very well adjusted children and how great for the little Orphan to have a chance to join a loving family. Madonna isn’t one for following trends, she just likes to do her own thing and Guy is a great match for her! Madonna has her private moments and some of those are funding charities and organisations she doesn’t brag about to all and sundry! I wish them well and fun times ahead as a family!

  11. says

    Oh and by the way, must be nice to wake up one morning and decide to adopt a baby….This with Madonna is nothing more than BLACK MARKET BABY SELLING.
    The “Father” said it would be okay, so Madonna offers money to the (I don’t care if it is for the damn country) and takes the baby home….SICK SICK SICK. And she promises to bring him back to visit….its a bunch of bullshit. It is not right, I don’t care what you say! Madonna is self serving and takes what she wants…She should be ashamed of herself, and so should that country for allowing it to happen.

  12. says

    I don’t care WHERE they get their accessory from some people in this world are not meant to be mothers…face reality, and yes my comment was directed at Madonna, some people should stick to what they do best…LAY ON THEIR BACKS, and leave poor kids out of it.
    They are a shameful breed that are trying to cover up who they REALLY are by adopting babies, but ya know what, their dirty little secrets still shine through, a leporad never changes his spots. (There only my last paragraph was directed at a more broad scope)
    Have a good day!

  13. carleigh says

    If this boy’s father was ready to give his son up for adoption then no amount of money or help offered could have changed his mind. He believes he is giving his son the best possible opportunities in life by loving him and letting him go to a better life, better educational opportunities, better health care available, and all the better things that will come from not growing up in a poverty stricken third world country. This child will have the best that life has to offer and that’s not in question. The father of this boy has also stated that Madonna has promised to bring this boy back to visit his father on occasion and to keep in contact and keep him updated about the boy throughout his life. You can’t ask for a better arrangement for everyone involved. If Madonna hadn’t adopted him who only knows what would have become of him. Giving the boy’s father money to raise his son would have only been a temporary solution and Madonna is not responsible for being this man’s benefactor either so just giving him money doesn’t really accomplish anything to speak of. This boy needed a home and it was up to his father to make the most loving and unselfish gesture a parent can make..loving your child enough to let go and know that he is giong to be better off in the long run scheme of things.

  14. Jenna says

    I apologise for the spelling and grammar mistakes in my last post, i forgot to check it before clicking “submit”!

  15. Jenna says

    I understand why a lot of people are criticizing celebs from adopting abroad but i disagree. In Britain, there aren’t a lot of young babies available for adoption.While it is a shame that there are babies waiting for families in Britain and America there are probably thousands of couples waiting to adopt them. Babies waiting for adoption in these countires are almost always treated well, and not in danger of needlessly starving to death or dying from diarrhea like thirld-world babies are.

    I’m all in favour of adopting orphans from thirld-world countries. However, Madonna’s adopted baby boy was not an orphan. His father is alive and just too poor to bring him up. Madonna could have helped the boy so much more by giving the money spent on adoption to the child’s father, so that the boy could be brought up by his real family in his own country.

  16. carleigh says

    Team Aniston why don’t you go look around the DOG POUNDS for a new addition to the Jennifer Aniston family. I know your remarks have nothing to do w/ Madonna and are a vieled direct attack on a star that you don’t happen to like. At least the women have the money and inclination to make a difference in the life of ANY child whether it be from the United States, Malawi, Cambodia or Ethiopia or whever else they happen to find their children.

  17. says

    The newest in Hollywood accessories…….
    you can wear them on your back or on your hips,don’t miss out on the must have fashion accessory this year.

    Madonna shouldn’t have the biological kids she has let alone somebody elses kid. She is a dirty woman,
    and not in the hot Christina Aguilera way.

  18. mage says

    Madonna is too old to adopt in most US states.

    so adopting internationally brings attention to the plight, normalizes adoption and directly saves one child from an uncertain future and indirectly hundreds if not thousands….. seems like a total win to me.

  19. carleigh says

    Also a final thought for those who claim that stars should adopt in this country…think about the adoption system in our country vs, a foreign country. The tkids in our system may age out before being adopted which is SAD but for a child in a third world country they won’t have a chance to age out before the rampant diseases KILL THEM! To save one child from certain death,isn’t that slightly better? I just don’t know but I think it might be in a way.

  20. carleigh says

    I don’t care where the celebrities adopt their kids from if it’s overseas or in-country. The fact is though that when celeb’s do adopt overseas it brings a certain amount of attention to the particular country. When Angie adopted from Cambodia the talk was all about the plight of the kids in Cambodia and the same of Z’s adoption. By giving birth in Namibia it has become front focus. Now,Madonna adopting from Malawi will hopefully bring some economic assistance to this poor nation. Who cares where they get the kids from it’s their choice, their money and their time they are devoting to raising a child in need of a home for whatever reason. Hopefully in the process it will bring about some good changes in Malawi as well.

  21. eyesofpearls says

    Mrs Vreeland, I am all there with you! I think that this is just a good publicity thing – I’m sure there were so many parentless children out there who have no father or mother. It will be hard time for a one-year old to get separated from his dad – att hat age children know their parents.
    Honestly girls, I think this adoption hysteria is getting out of proportion. It’s great that some kids get a home – but the true reasons behind these adoptions should really be questioned – the way I see it is just a competition among the stars, nothing else. So sad, really.

  22. Tashiya says

    I also agree with the adopting in the US, but I think by adopting from the poor countries mybe they bear in mind that that particular child will come back later and save his/her whole poor nation from poverty.

  23. thegrinchiscoming says

    I applaud their decision to adopt either here in the U.S. or abroad, either way a child is getting a better chance at life.
    However, I wonder if Madonna is a good role model though, not a fan.

  24. Denise says

    I agree with adopting in the United States. There are hundreds of children here that need homes. But good for Madonna and the little boy.

  25. kk_619 says

    I agree with Tina. I think its ridiculous that these celebs all insist on going overseas to get their adoptive children. I think they just do it for publicity, there is no doubt about that!!

  26. Tina says

    It is nice that celebraties can offer children a wonderful life. But there are a huge number of children in the States in care and in need of a permentant and loving home. Why do celebrities (and others) look abroad? Becuase they stand a better chance of getting a baby. Children need care too. Of course it is never simple. All children need care whereever they are in the World.

  27. says

    Can’t people just be happy that a child without miuch is now being given a chance at a great life?
    I realize she has all this money and such, but you know what, helping and giving one child a home is better then nothing.

  28. mage says

    of the adoptions i know of in my own family, out of the 5, only one went smoothly and quickly. the others took years to terminate rights with the threat of loosing the children hanging over the heads of the adoptive families.

    my brother was a foster to adopt special needs placement with my parents for 3 years before it was final. My uncle and aunt had one take 3 years, another took 5. They did get a newborn that was final after 30 days. Another uncle went international since they were older parents and even that took 2 years.

    my friend who adopted 3 boys, while on the waiting list for 8 years adopted 2 special needs children internationally before they were given a baby. it was funny, they expected to receive an older child first since they were on the list to take next available any kind, any age that was available for adoption.

    yes, birth parents have rights, but how many years do their kids live in limbo till they are allowed to stay??

  29. carleigh says

    From what I have read in published reports Madonna did donate a larger portion of money to help this village build a school, a feed/medical shelter and is in the process of working with the Malawian government to develop further enrichment projects for this boy’s village in the future. I am glad this little boy will not be exposed to abject poverty, HIV and homelessness should his immediate family fall victim and die from any of the devastating diseases that run rampant in his country.

    However, I still think Madonna isn’t a good role model for kids she might be different as a mother. Her job as an entertainer may be a facade while her private life may be a very different story. She’s been skanky, slutty, dirty and provacative in the past but I hope it doesn’t effect her kids.

  30. Vera from Malawi says

    You guys have so no idea where you are talking about.
    this “father” is not his real dad. And banda is not his real surname. People in malawi don’t have surnames, if they are asked they just call out a name. And when they say banda they say that because mr Banda once was their president, and by calling themselves Banda they think they will be one oneday.
    And the little boy’s name? It is not common to give a baby under the age of 5 a name. By giving it a name you will get attached to the kid and in its first 5 years it has a great chance of dying (malaria, AIDS, HIV, etc)

    Somewhere I am glad she adopted the little boy, I hope the boy returns to Malawi after its education so that he could help build this country.
    Because Malawi needs work for the people that finished school, help for the elderly people and help for the orphans.

    how I know?
    I live in Malawi

  31. Dawn says

    I think it is great for David, but as an adoptive parent and foster parent, why is it that the celebrities keep going over seas when there are so many children right here in the US. I applaude their selflessness but with they would help those at home first.

  32. Kristin says

    I guess everyone wins, this little boy gets a family who can take care of him, and Mama Madonna gets some great publicity!

  33. dori says

    It’s just so wonderful that there is an awareness is out there for the needs of these children.
    I hope this doesn’t become a hollywood trend but a real reaching out to people in need.

  34. Bethany says

    That was a good point made above, about Madonna contributing to the father so that he could keep his own child and raise him, but I doubt that would have drawn enough attention to her. Seems like an attention stunt to me. “Look at me! I’m getting old and I’m finally back out on tour! That’s not getting enough media attention, so I’ll do what everyone else is doing and adopt a kid from overseas!” Ugh, I wish someone would adopt from the US. We have children here who need homes.

  35. says

    I’m just happy that the boy has a Momma.
    As much as we all say So and so has SO much money to help the whoel village out”, we need to realize that we too sometimes have extra money that could be better spent for other people in bad situations.
    I believe were all guilty.
    I’m just happy she found another little boy!

  36. anna says

    Maybe the reaon why they go overseas to adopt is because if they were investigated here, they would be turned down for adoption. Just because they have money does not mean they’re decent people.

  37. amy says

    I totally agree that Madonna could have helped the entire village. While it’s a great thing that all of the sudden celebrities want to adopt, I think they should use some of their money to help educate people, to escape poverty. When you hear about certain celebs buying several pairs of $650 shoes, it’s sickening to think of all the starving babies out there.

  38. Ms D says

    Sorry “Administrator”..I was still posting when you left your other response.

    Don’t mean to repeat a question!

  39. Ms D says

    Well, though I’m pleased to hear I wasn’t spreading false information before 😉 and I am happy for the family..I’m wondering why exactly this little boy was available for adoption when he has a father who could take care of him..?
    Not that he won’t have a ‘better life’ with famous, rich adoptive parents in the U.S. (or wherever Madonna is living these days), and I know it was mentioned how poor the country was, but is it typically ONLY the mothers who care for the children over there? (and I’m honestly curious here–as I don’t know.)

    But yes, it does almost seem like a ‘trend’ these days to adopt babies/children from overseas, and I do agree with is a good trend, and it is nice to see the celebrities ‘sharing the wealth’– though I also agree with Mrs. Vreeland–all that money could be better spent helping the entire village, if you honestly want to help.
    If you JUST want to adopt a baby to raise, you don’t have to go over there and leave the country no better off than it was before.

    But this is not meant to belittle her choice to help THIS congrats! 🙂

  40. Administrator says

    Well, I don’t know the whole scenario obviously, as I am not directly involved in any way, but it seemed the father felt unable to care for the little boy and welcomed the adoption but I agree that it seems tragic that he couldn’t keep his son and raise him himself. 🙁

  41. Mrs. Vreeland says

    Here’s a thought, Madonna takes her annual leotard budget and creates a sustainability plan for the baby’s village! I suppose somehow helping the financial health of the little boys village and making it possible for his father to raise him was out of the question? Didn’t fit into what Madge wanted? There is something very, very wrong with this whole scenario. Are there no orphans w/o any parents? Madonna is so self involved she’s clueless.

  42. HotMama says

    Well congratulations for Madonna, and David!! He looks very happy to finally have a mommy. Seems as if adopting children is the new fad, hey more power to them, I welcome this fad, it’s one of the best ones out there!!!!

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