Heidi Klum With Henry

Heidi Klum looks great as she nears the end of her pregnancy! Here she is out in Beverly Hills with Henry, 1, yesterday. He’s a cutie!

Heidi Klum



  1. says

    Looking good Heidi and so is Henry. This is for TM, thought you had been confined by now. You are a threat to society and you need to get a life LOOOOSER!!!!!!!! Yeah you know who you are.

  2. justathought says

    P0..Ok.. I understand that you think he is unattractive.. but I bet you are ugly too. Just becuase you felt the need to make your true feelings. He is after all just a baby… and he doesn’t deserve your comments. If you had said, I don’t think he is cute.. I wouldn’t have been so offended…but the fact tht u choose to say uggggllly.. like makes me feel like you are not the nicest person. ANd, if you have say that you are not hypocrite..I bet my world that in real life you are.

  3. carleigh says

    Henri looks like GOD made him to look. He is a sweet little boy and for anyone to come on here and say nasty remarks about him being biracial are a bunch of biggoted ,hate mongers. Heidi is a lucky, lucky woman to have a loving husband (no matter what the color a GOOD man is hard to find nowadays), beautiful children and a blessed life. She’s worked hard for where she is and now her life is coming full circle. I am jealous of her because I want her happiness! I think we could all agree about that..she glows with happiness and that’s rare and wonderful to see these days.

  4. Babyfan says

    She is looking great! Does anyone know who runs this site. I know it’s not Kelly Ripa. But does anyone know who?

  5. HotMama says

    I LOVE the song Kiss From A Rose, I agree with Elaine, it is the most amazing song, and it does show what a beautiful soul Seal does have!!

  6. courtney says

    ok i sent a comment but it didnt post (juss lettin yall know incase it turns up 2wice) but what i said was, to #36, no one on here is racist, why would u say that? just because some poeple dont thing henri is cute??? and no one says anythign about her daughter because her daughter is gorgeous!! and actually if u search around u will find people saying her daughter looks like her dad which means shes ugly because the father of her daughter is not good looking!! just because henri is half black does not mean that thats why people say hes ugly, they say that because those are their opinions and u have to respect people opinions on here, because their gonna post them!!! thats what this is for! dont automatically assume people are racist when ud ont knwo that! u wonder why we have so much conflict in this world about racism, because poeople like u ASSUME people are racist when their not….

  7. Elaine says

    Henri is a very sweet looking kiddie. Anyway beauty isn’t just skin deep. I like Seal very much, and this is because of his talent as a songwriter and singer, as well as his looks. Kiss from a Rose is the most amazing song I have ever heard, and shows what a beautiful soul Seal has. I hope his children inherit that.

  8. Doh says

    You dont have to read what i write……and i can write what i want :-p….LOL

    I think you’ll find that you are the angry one hot mama…as i have said before this is for everyones opinions not just yours…

  9. HotMama says

    Doh, why do you always have to start trouble? Seriously, leave people alone! I swear you come on here just to argue, go to an anger management class or something, or better yet, get a life!

  10. Doh says

    Hey megan….WOW…….Dont you read all the comments….You can get done over for making a comment like that…..All the regulars on here like you to make nice comments…..You have to think like them and follow the herd…LOL

    Good for you girl…LOL

  11. Doh says

    Hey carleigh, how you doing buddy. Long time no speak. Nice to see you making comments about heidi and not ripping into me for a change….LOL

  12. mage says

    i carried my older children my entire pregnancies with the younger ones.

    if i had a nanny, i would definately utilize them for carrying/pushing stuff! Of course it can be done solo, but why would you if you didn’t have to??

  13. jay says

    I live in Austria and if only you guys knew how the Germans love Heidi and call her one of their most precious exports. Plus they love her Husband dearly. Heidi will easily gets the post of the President if she went into politics.

    Rocks 4ever becos she´s REAL-

  14. Lisa says

    there have been multiple pix posted here of Nannies pushing Henrys strollers-nannies at least two accompanying Hiedi at the airport, on the streets of NYC-get a stroller for two and push them yourself. it really is not hard to take care of your own children-honestlt- I always felt that nannies-babysitters are for when you are not there due to work, etc… not to help you have fun and take care of the kids when you are available…

  15. carleigh says

    Doh don’t express your thoughts and then try to pick an arguement with someone and then tell them to “get over it”. That’s immature and if you stand by your opinions STOP getting defensive.

  16. Kelsey says

    Doh, I just have to back HotMama up on this one. As far as I can tell, HotMama was not being mean-spirited when she made her original comment, so I really don’t understand why you have to personally attack her. You said that if she didn’t like what you had to say, then she didn’t have to read it, but that is the whole point of this blog, is it not? I personally come on here to see cute pictures, read other people’s thoughts, and express my own. It is never my intention to hurt people in the process, and although I don’t know HotMama personally, I have a hard time believing that she would write something just to insult you. That is just my opinion!

  17. HotMama says

    Doh, get over yourself! You know I’m right, so just get over it. As you can clearly see, others have agreed with me. I personally think that you are just jealous of her, so what do you have to say about that?! 😮

  18. lc says

    when he gets older he looks like he going to break alot of little girls heart,he is so cutie anyways i ask this quesion on baby blog but nobody answered is she suppose to be holding her kids like that is this stage of her pregnancy?holla back

  19. says

    I 100% agree with HotMama.
    I think she’s a great mother and very hands on.
    Nothing worse then seeing a baby out with Mom and the Nanny and the Nanny pushing the kid in a stroller. At least Heidi is hands on.

  20. Doh says

    yeah and she probably has a cook, cleaner, gardener etc. So whats left to do but play with the kids…

  21. Lisa says

    take a good look at a lot of her pictures she appears to have multiple nannies-hired help assisting her

  22. carleigh says

    Heidi is a very hands on mom and that is wonderful to see. She could be pushing her kids off on nannies while she spends the last few weeks of her pregnancy w/ her feet up being pampered but she’s still out and about and spending quality time w/ her two little ones. She’s a great example of a woman who can be a beautiful, sucessful, mother and wife and she’s doing a stunning job! Kudo’s to Heidi!

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