Katie Holmes Has Bought A Wedding Dress

First…a picture that makes you go hmmmm…

Katie Holmes
Katie reports that she has a wedding dress!

“I already have my dress,” Katie said while touring Paris.

But Katie’s real passion seems to be baby goodies and SHOES! “I’ve been shopping all day,” Holmes said on Friday. “They have beautiful things for babies here.”

Katie scooped up posh pink items for Suri at Baby Tuileries – and for Mom, eight pairs of Roger Vivier shoes, which start at $650. Wow!

Here she is in Baby Tuileries.

Katie Holmes

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  1. KELZ says

    OMG u people are fuckin evil ur bitchin about these people like ur opinions really matter to them, it sounds so self obsessed about how u all think they should be they are obviously happy with each other so why cant it just be left as that they should be able to live their lives the way they so wish. leave them alone and stop bitchin bout their looks lives and religions their doin wots right 4 them get the fuck over it!

  2. laurie says

    as far as i am concerned, katie holmes will always be the dork from dawson’s creek, she is just too plain. no glamour, no charisma, no personality, just the odd girl-next-door look and that’s about all there is to say about this girl. the only reason she will be remembered at all is for being tom cruise’s wife (whenever that happens).

  3. says

    Come on with this crap.Who cares if she has the dress,and all.I believe her,and her boyfriend is wack jobs.Did you see them getting security for the baby.They are not that high profile.Now look at her .. Tom has her looking like a crackhead.

  4. celeste says

    what the hell is she thinking! but who knows she might be an alien herself to be able to put up with his idiotic ways… does anyone out there have any idea where he really hides his spaceship? katie needs to invest in some kind of plastic surgen to shorten her legs to toms size, so she wont look like such an odd ball next to the likes of him. where did they get such a pretty baby?????

  5. Hana says

    #37 Tom never said to call Katie “Kate” to anyone the media made that up (It was gossp he was never heard say that or he wasn’t quoted saying that) it started because Tom and her family calls her Kate that is her bither name check it here if you like http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005017/bio. With Tom he always calls everyone by a nick name Nicole Kidman “Nic”, his child Isabella “Bella”, Dakota Fanning “D”…..Katie Holmes said it herself before Tom when asked if she will like to be called Kate Noelle Holmes (her birth name) in the future and she said even though her family calls her KATE she will always will be know as Katie Holmes.


  6. dori says

    The guy in the picture.. isn’t that the designer Lagerfeld or some other designer???He looks familiar.. does anyone know for sure who he is?

  7. dori says

    Katies been on a real shopping spree, hasn’t she?
    hope that it makes her feel better
    it just makes me wonder whats missing …does shopping like crazy fills some kind of gap in your life?

  8. carleigh says

    Calie we can’t leave this woman alone..it’s too much fun to comment and leave our varying opinions. You’ve stated yours and I respect that, to each their own.

  9. Calie says

    Why don’t you all leave the woman alone. She’s obviously weird, but she’s happy, or at least she appears that way, and that’s all that matter. Geez, I think all of you are spending too much time musing over these celebrities. Perhaps, if you thought about your own lives in such detail you’d be much happier. Really now, how many of you are better looking and more talanted than her?

  10. Olivia says

    A couple of years before TC and NK’s marriage was reported to be on the rocks, shortly before Pen Cruz came into the picture, we were vacationing in a town Washington state US in which a NK flim was being filmed. I don’t recall which film it was, but TC was not in it. Of coarse we along with everyone else were glued to the closest edge where tourists were allowed. TC had flown in for the week and it appeared he was taking over the set the second day of our watching . He yelled at NK, the director, and the other actors. He kept yelling Think Nik, THINK! Your not giving it your all. The worst part was he said something about his reputation, which I’ll be honest, I didn’t hear all of his exact words but the words “his wife and his reputation” were loud and clear and the look on his face was not pretty. It was several months later when the rag magazines began talking about trouble in their marriage and later TC gave an interview to people mag (I think) that NK was too clingy, had low self worth, anxity, and panic attacks which were too great a weight on their relationship. He had tried so hard to help her, but he just couldn’t take it anymore. He also said he had to hold her up on the red carpets because she had panic attacks. Then shortly later enter Cruise/Cruz articles. I stopped liking him after watching him and I was one of his greatest fans, I actually thought he was so hot, for an old guy until I saw him in person.. He was short, cocky, full of himself, and screamed at everyone when ever he was on the set. What he said during the divorce, was not the man I personally saw and heard. It was creepy to have seen his disgusting personal behavior and then read a kissy sweetie interview. It was right around the time he was filming the first creepy Cruise/Cruz did, I forget the name of that also. He ran a lot in that movie too, but then he always runs, pumping thoose little tiny short legs.

  11. Hadley says

    I think they are both normal people. I watched the Oprah show tom was in and I did not think Tom was crazy for jumping on the couch. It wasn’t scary or anything. I was smiliing when he did that. I thought it was sweet.The only part i didn’t like was when he shook Oprah’s hands.I’ve seen the viral videous and they do make it look wierd because they put the speed higher so when he jumps it looks like he’s jumping and moving real fast.I think a lot of bigots are out there and they just don’t like his religion and it has nothing to do with his couch jumping or vehement dislike of psychiatric drugs. I saw somebody’s blog on Blogspot a while ago and the blog was from 2002 and it was called 10 things I hate about Tom Cruise. One of them was that he’s short, and the other one was his religion. I think we should respect all religions.

  12. megan says

    by the way…..weren’t we all told by tom earlier in the year to stop calling her katie and to start calling her kate now she is a ‘child bearing woman’…..he really is such a control freak….glad he has finally lost control of his public image and the rest of the world is seeing behind his toothy fake grin!!

  13. megan says

    The fact is that as we all know toms ego is bigger than him (not that hard really considering he is ‘half a man’ height wise) even if him and katie hate the sight of each other now days we all know that there WILL be a wedding cause there is no way he would live it down if there wasn’t one after all his performances over the past year or so…its sad really cause i just don’t see this as being a life long relationship like they continually try to sell it to us as..its just like they have both painted themselves into a corner and will now have to go through with the farce for the sake of their public relations….glad i am not a celeb!!

  14. carleigh says

    To Alexis #30 sheesh you would think you are a Scientologist recruiter…sorry..couldn’t resist…lol My comment is that Tom Cruise has made himself the target of the things people are saying by being the loudmouth jackass that he is. Katie seems to be just following along and going through the motions. I am sure she is ecstatic to be a mother and Suri is a very pretty baby but this whole farcical production of them and getting married has been going on far to long. They just keep draggin their feet and when the media attention stalls there is always a TC & KH wedding report. I think they are stalling around to get married so that they can use the publicity to bolster TC’s ego and non-existent (at this point) career. Who knows IF and WHEN they will get married and at this point Who really cares anymore?

  15. Robin says

    I wish Katie had married Chris Klein…I just will NEVER get used to her marrying TC – she just seems so weird to me now BOTH of them do!

  16. says

    Tia, thanks I found that informative! I completely agree Kate can leave and probably would if she wasn’t happy. Her parents are very strong people and definitely would support her no matter what, she seems very happy to me.

    Did anyone else read the news report a few days ago that Nicole had contacted Kate and gave her well wishes stating that Tom was very supportive of her in the 10 years they were married. She advised Kate not to listen to the media saying something like they have to say mean things otherwise they don’t have a story.

  17. Denise says

    None of these celebrity marriages last. In a year or two they’ll be off to someone else. So let’s not get excited!

  18. Jill says

    Alexis, I hope that comment was not torward me. I have nothing against scientologists. I don’t know any personaly nor do I know enough about them to give any kind of informed opinion on them. My comment about “normal” places to take a baby was referencing a previous comment that siad that you shouldn’t take a baby to Vegas, or ball games, or resturants. And I agree, there are some places that you should find a babysitter before you go. What I ment by “normal”places was taking her to the older childrens soccer games since that is a family outing, or to the park to play, or to the store when Katie is on one of her many shopping trips. I don’t know about you , but I take my son with me to walmart or the mall. Thats all I ment by normal.

  19. Alexis says

    Oh shut up with the wierdo Scientologist shit, seriously, they are not wierdos, I have friends that are scientologist and they are the smartest people I know. I’ve read a few books from my friends regarding the stuff I’ve heard about Scientology in the media and I can tell you for sure that the only way you’ll know the truth is by actually reading one of their books. The stuff I’ve heard on tv and seen on the internet has been either completely false or twisted and turned around so it could look wierd.

  20. Jill says

    Thank you Lisa. Suri should be out ther with her family. I have seen many parents out out older childrens ball games with their babies. I take my son to my 10 year old cousins football games and he has a blast. And most feilds have parking close enough that if it got to hot one of the could take the baby and sit in the car in the air conditioning and still watch the game. The only reason anyone makes such a big deal out of how she looks or that shes not theirs is because they are never ever seen with her. Even in places where it would be “normal” to have a baby. If they had started taking her right away, then they would not be hounded as often. Look at Branglina. They always have their kids with them, but are not hounded nearly as much as TomKat.

  21. Lisa says

    get real the baby is not at home with grandma- she is most likely at home with hired help-probaly some scientology zombie weirdo. and younger siblings do go to older siblings games-what are some weirdo worried about a ball hurting suri!!!!! that is just tooo weird. My daughter went to all of her big brothers soccer games and loved it

  22. Bethany says

    I was wondering who that man was, too! I thought he was some mind-controller from the Scientology Institute who was tailing Katie.
    I’m curious to see what happens if they do get married. I’m thinking that they’ll get married, she’ll be miserable, want out, but not want to leave Suri. Because you know that Tom will not allow her to take the baby away from him and possibly raise her besides the scientology way. It’ll be messy!

  23. says

    Where did that immunization theory come from anway? Now that I think about it, I don’t know if that was ever a confirmed thing or not. I really hope it isn’t for the sake of everyones health.

  24. Tia says

    Sarie, Katie doesn’t have to put up with anything! We don’t know what their relationship is like so we shouldn’t jump to conclusion just because of gossips. To me she looks very happy and in love and she is an adult if she is not happy she can walk away anytime so we should give her a break.

    Lots of people think Tom is weird because of his religion but my brother in law is a scientology he has been one for 22yrs because of him I don’t find it very weird. My sister is Greek Orthodox and they have two kids even though my sister hasn’t converted they apply scientology method to bring up their kids. I remember when she was pregnant with her 1st child she use to play music for her, they never use to argue and eat certain food and lots of other things that I didn’t do and I know a lot of other ppl do that who are not scientology but this was part of the tools they used in their religion. One other thing they do I noticed was after my niece was born when ever she fails down they pick her up and ask her “what happened” and I said why you asking her what happen when you saw she fail he said by asking her what happened she will try to explain and be fine with what happen to her and that incident will not register in her mind….something in the line of that anyway I know Im not explaining it right but my sister and her husband have been married for 7yrs and their children are very alert and he is very good to my parent actually my brother in law is not weird far from it he is a very nice guy.

    Another thing I read in one of the post here at babyrazzi that scientology don’t immunize that is not true they actually make sure you do that and I think they confusing it with taking drugs its not the same.

    I’m sorry I didn’t mean to go on about this and I know some people might not like it but I though I’ll comment anyway.

  25. sarie says

    I agree with you Carliegh. You hit the nail right on the head, Tom is a major weirdo. Poor Katie, how dumb she must feel to have gotten her self into a longterm relationship with him. I pitty her and Suri for having to put up with his nonsence day in and day out.

  26. Bridgette says

    I don’t think they should bring Suri to the kids games either Jill. I’m sure the paparazzi don’t attack you with camera’s when you go out with your kids. People won’t pick on your kid either because his hair is too dark and long and say he’s not your kid.Nobody really cares as much about your kid as the media does about these A List celebrities babies. Their pictures are more valuable because they are sought after. Someone can hurt suri if that ball goes flying into the air and hits her head. Little children that small don’t want to be out their in the hot sun with all that noisy commotion.That editor lady for Vanity Fair said Suri sleeps a lot. She probably stays home with Katie’s mom, wich is good bonding time.

  27. carleigh says

    Katie is spending all Tom’s money to make herself feel better and nothing cures the “blues” like some nice new shoes. I don’t dislike Katie….It’s Tom the Intergalatic Lord of Cruise Control that I can’t stand. I just think he’s a major weirdo !!!!!!!!! Little Suri is a pretty, precious little imp though!

  28. HotMama says

    Well Katie definitely looks happy, however she has got to miss being with Suri. Wow, $650 on a pair of shoes, times 8, that’s insane, LoL!!!

  29. Jill says

    I’m glad Kate found happiness in her life if that is what this is for her. I don’t like Tom, I think he’s really weird from what I’ve seen. But then again I’ve never met him and know nothing about him personally. I just wish that they would bring the child outdoors more. Its healthy for the any child to go outside unless they have one of those rare medical condidtions that make it impossible (like the one where you can’t step in sunlight). I agree that Suri does not belong in Las Vegas or some resturants, but how about when they go to the older kids soccer games? Where is she then? That’s a family outing and she is part of the family. People would not make such a big deal out of it if the took her out like a normal person would.
    And to Bridgette’s comment “So stop being jerks and understand that Tomkat like Brangelina ain?t Britney Spears who straddle their kid along like a redneck ! ” Most parents in this world bring their children almost everywhere with them. Part of being a parent is its a full time job. You can’t choose to drop it when it isn’t convenint for you. I’m a stay at home mom and my son is with me 24/7. And not because I’m a redneck (which I am and am proud to be one, you obviously have a distorted veiw of rednecks), but because I am a mother and that is part of being a mother. I love my child and am happier when he is with me and I know that he is ok because I can see that for my own two eyes.
    Sorry for the long post ya’ll.

  30. Cam says

    Kate Bosworth use to date Orlando Bloom up until last month. She use to look very nice before but lost a lot of weight now.

  31. Ali says

    Sarah, K.B is in the new Superman Return movie and the guy with them is Karl Lagerfeld he is a designer for Chanel.

  32. sarah says

    Who is that man in the first picture? reading other posts the woman is Kate Bosworth, i do not recognise her. What has she been in? You guys must think i am a total idiot 😉

  33. Hana says

    Finally we going to see Katie in her wedding dress…hopefully very soon! Katie looks so nice and very relaxed.

  34. Bridgette says

    I’m sick of these people who complain that Tomkat is so mean they don’t even take Suri out.Just because you don’t see them taking Suri out to the ball games, Las Vegas, or the restaurants, doesn’t mean they don’t take her out. Sur doesn’t belong at those places.Even if they did, I’m sure other people would complain and say they are using her for
    PR when they see Suri out with them at a football game.Suri does not belong out were the paparazzi will attack her. She was outside in the vanity fair pics. You have to understand Suri isn’t just anybody’s baby. She is one of the biggest star’s in the world’s baby as well as Shiloh! So stop being jerks and understand that Tomkat like Brangelina ain’t Britney Spears who straddle their kid along like a redneck !

  35. Kalista Brat says

    I respect their decision not to bring Suri out. I really want to see more Suri pics, but i’ve seen some of the crap a few people said about this innocent child. The majority thought she was gorgeous, but a few said nasty stuff and that just shows their lack of values!

  36. says

    I definitely want to see more Suri, she is beautiful!!!

    Interesting, if her shoes cost $650, I could probably buy a house with the cost of her wedding dress!

  37. Lucia says

    oh it’s so nice to finally read some nice things about Katie. People were really trashing her for a while. I happen to love Katie and even though i’m not a big fan of Tom, i love them together and yes, Suri really is a beautiful baby. I wish them all so much happiness. I do wish they would show Suri off…she is cute. I wonder why they never bring her along to any of their trips. For all we know, she’s probably with katie now but maybe she doesn’t feel it’s safe for Suri to be out with all those crazy photographers. I would be nervous for my baby to if I were in her shoes. So maybe she’s being the over protective mom and keeping Suri out of harms reach. Well, can’t wait to see more pics of her!

  38. thegrinchiscoming says

    ditto Kelsey. K.B. looks awful in that picture and in every pictue I have seen her lately. She used to have such a beautiful and healthy look, now she looks down right sick.

  39. Kelsey says

    Does anyone else notice how awful Kate Bosworth looks in the first picture? She has gotten so thin and her face is so strained that she doesn’t look human anymore! Just my opinion, but I really think she needs to put some weight on A.S.A.P.!

  40. says

    I love Katie and Tom, even though he can be weird sometimes…but I wish them all the best in the world, and that sweet little Suri, she is the most beautiful baby I have seen in Hollywood in a long time.

  41. SUSIE says

    I sure would like to see Suri, I think she is a beautiful baby. I just don’t understand why i never see Tom & Katie & Suri out together. I would be soooooo proud to prance around with my baby

  42. kk_619 says

    Holy celebrities are so spoiled!!! I could never imagine spending $650 on a pair of shoes to start with, let alone 8 pairs!!! I sure do hope that they all realize what a gifted life they have!!!

    I hope we see some new pics of Suri soon!! It would be nice to see a picture of the whole family out and about, instead of always leaving the baby at home.

  43. Jenna H. says

    For some reason I still have doubts that they’ll get married, but I guess I’ll believe it when I see it. That’s a cute jacket that she’s holding though!

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