1. Rhonda says

    He is toooo adorable! Bet his first words will be “you’re fired”. Wonder if Melania would have been interested in the Donald if he had worked at McDonalds? My point exactly!

  2. celeste says

    with all that money Donald has he should get a hair implant. Instead of wearing my poor dead cat missy on his head. I cry for her all the time. If you look at his picture really good you could see my cat missy’s eyes pleading for someone to snatch her off his head, and send her home to me. Barron please if you have a heart grab missy and run. opps you can’t run yet, but maybe you can grab missy and give her to your mommy to send her home to me……hopefully next time we see Donald he will be wearing diffrent road kill.

  3. Tashiya says

    Wow, congrats to Melania. Baby Barron is so cute and looks intelligents and mature. I dore him.

  4. Ms D says

    Well if it was a staged picture, I don’t think it was a very good one.
    Yes, the baby looks really cute from the side, but if it were set up for photogs wouldn’t they at least TRY to show the baby a little better?
    Or do you mean staged as to make it appear to be a candid shot?

    Sorry, if I misunderstood the term.. 🙁

    Oh and LOL @ Robin and the ring comment! 🙂

  5. Jess says

    Katie doesn’t intentionally call the 200 paparazzi when she goes out, they are constantly camped out where they live. I’m sure Melania’s NANNIES were not away! Definetly staged!

  6. says

    well I would like to point out, that this picture is on (so far from what I have seen) 5 differnent web sites including People. SO it is safe to say, that because she is not as big a star as Katie or Tom, there was either only one photog or it is staged. If it were Katie there would be hundreds of shots, because there would be far more then one photog, so kudos to her for not subjecting her shild to that.

    I bet Katie wishes she were Melania, so she could go out in public and not worry about getting mobbed.

    Was is the deal with the Don and that hair? He cant really think that looks good. Besides, cant he afford hair transplants? I know they are pricy, but I would think he could handel it.

  7. halmoni13 says

    First thought I had was, I hope they have a body guard or two with all the nutjobs running around.

    I bet if Katie wasn’t with Tom, she’d be out and about with Suri too. Katie has the look of a prisoner all the time now, and her smiles look forced. When I had my kids I was always with them, took them with me whereever I went. Never wanted them to be very far away from my side. Of course, I didn’t have a caravan of paps with me either. I’ll give her that excuse.

  8. courtney says

    o he is adorable!! he is growing so much too!! all these babies we saw when they were newbrn now were watchin them grow! aww!

  9. babyhates says

    I know this wasn’t a regular park !!!!!!! It was a PHOTO OP !!!!!! Just so people can say “oh what a good mother” !

  10. Ruby Jackson says

    At least she takes her baby out in public, with her to the park, unlike some other mothers we know (Katie).

  11. Lisa says

    he is tooo cute, sorry Donald Angelina is mmore attractive to me then your fake trophy wife. they are both so obnoxious-enough with the babies/wifes Donald

  12. HotMama says

    Yes Christal it definitely is getting a bit chilly here, LoL! He is such a doll, he looks so content with Mommy, as they enjoy their day together…..

  13. Christal says

    what a cuttie he is! and i love the hat! really that cold in New York? (I’m in Arizona, so would be a bit much)

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