Kate Hudson Rushes Ryder To The Emergency Room

Kate Hudson was spotted rushing Ryder to the ER at UCLA Hospital yesterday. Best wishes to Kate and Ryder. Hopefully Ryder is well.

Kate Hudson



  1. says

    Thanks for the update Carleigh, my support is with her! Did she say how she is feeling? I couldn’t imagine the stress so early in her pregnancy 🙁

  2. Ms D says

    Elaine, I have heard that “LOL” can mean either ‘laugh out loud’ or ‘lots of laughs’.

    Hope that helps you, at least a little!
    I’m not too good at ‘netspeak’ either. :-/

  3. Elaine says

    Ian, you probably don’t read womens fashion magazines. Muffin tops is used a lot in those and has been for a good few years. It refers to a flabby stomach area that spills over the top of tight jeans. I have only ever heard it in relation to women, I don’t know what the equivalent is for men, or if muffin tops applies to men as well. It may well not originate in Britain, but it is certainly well known here.
    What does lol mean anyway…lots of love? I have not come across this until I started looking at this site

  4. Ian says

    lol… Reading the above comment, i can assure you that muffin tops is certainly not a British expression, i lived their all of my life until recently when i moved to the U.S and have never heard of that before.

    Anyhoo I must say i have to agree, if a parent is rushing their child to the hospital then the paparazzi should show the family some RESPECT ( a word they understand very little about to all intents and purposes). I also respect the fact that she has kept his hair as long as it is, as has been pointed out before it is part of his religion and culture and therefore people have no right to criticise these facts.

    One final thought i would like to leave with a certain person who commented earlier……. I would NEVER wish cancer on anyone, ESPECIALLY on someones child, I have lost various relatives to this illness and have watched their life wither away into a non existance and for those of you who have been fortuatous in not having lost someone to this terrible illness, i assure you there is not one single person on this planet who it should be wished upon…. especially to an innocent child who has done nothing wrong except be related to a member of the paparazzi….. and that is hardly the childs thought.

  5. Elaine says

    I think muffin tops might be a British expression – anyway its well known here.

    On the subject of this photo I agree the paps should have left well alone. I am not sure how this works in the US but does the web mistress have to pay a fee for using the photo? If so I don’t think it should have been used – I don’t like to think the paps got more money via this site, and if pictures like this are not picked up it won’t be cost effective for the photographer to take pictures like this in the future.

  6. Nicki says

    Carleigh-Thank you for the update from Braydie about Kris. Glad things are getting better for them. My best wishes to them.

  7. Bethany says

    KellyMay- I got the expression off Oprah! I thought it was hilarious, and a great description of what some of us have to go through!

  8. carleigh says

    Hey girls I hope everyone concerned will see this..I got an email from Braydie this morning. Her son Kris is back in Boston in a rehabilitation clinic. She is staying in a hotel and going back and forth so she hasn’t had the time to blog. But she says she will check in periodically and she will be back when this situation has eased up in her life. I told her she was missed and that we are thinking about her, missing her and praying for her family right now. She sends her thanks and promises to check back in when time permits.

    That’s the latest I will write back as she lets me know more information.

  9. Nicki says

    I hope everything is fine with Ryder. Please Paps, leave these stars alone at times like this. Hopeful they are just visiting, but still.

    Carleigh, yes please tell us how Braydie is doing if you have heard. Please let her know we are thinking about her and her family and wish them only the best.

  10. Bethany says

    Sorry about that….one of my comments didn’t show up until I resent the second one. Don’t know what happened!

  11. Bethany says

    OMG….I wish that my waist looked like Kate’s tiny thing….she has no hangover whatsoever! Must be nice! I have such ugly muffin tops when wearing low-rider jeans, especially when carrying my child on my hip. Everything gets squished down over the jeans! I envy her!

  12. Bethany says

    OMG….I wish that when I wore low-rider jeans and my child was on my hip, that I looked like Kate! I have the most serious “muffin tops”, especially when holding a child. It gets kinda squished down! Kate is so trim!

  13. Jenna H. says

    I didn’t make comment #12, I wouldn’t say something like that! Yes, they crossed a line, but that doesn’t mean they should get sick. Anyway, from now on, I’ll be Jenna H.

  14. says

    Minni were are you from I have never heard the name Minerva before, neat!

    I like different names I tried to go unique with my kiddos, so far my daughter is the only one in her school.

  15. carleigh says

    Jenna what a hateful, spiteful, awful thing to say. Remember that what evil you wish upon other people is likely to be revisited on you…It’s not nice to say hateful things like that it’s just in bad taste and not right.

  16. Minni says

    Dear me, someone is posting with my name. How strange. Or perhaps simply another Minni!

    Nice to meet you other Minni! What’s yours short for? I am, sadly, a Minerva…

    I however have no problem with the long hair. Personal choice and all that… I have problems with this photo but then I come to a site like this so there’s not much I can say!

  17. andrea says

    Jenna- I am appalled at what you said about the photogs getting sick and dying. You should never wish that upon someone.

  18. missymama says

    Being a mother who has has to take BOTH her sons to the ER on seperate occations, I would have been furious having my photos snapped as I was entering the facility. If she really was going there for Ryder she was probably very concerned for her childs health and the last thing she needed was to be razzled more by the paparazzi.

  19. says

    Who cares about his hair, jez, he’s not your kid you don’t have to look at it everyday…people let it go!!!!
    This reminds me of the time Pitt shaved his head after Legends of the Fall…it was all people could talk about for months….
    WHO CARES!!!! It’s only hair.
    I know it is for religious reasons she keeps it long for now but that beautiful Kate has a cute hippie streak in her and I think it suits him cuz of who his mom is. Cute family and I wish them the best, I hope Ryder is okay.

  20. Diva says

    For some of us, long hair, even on boys and men, is a cultural or religious thing. Some people really need to cut out the judgment calls based on something they don’t know anything about.

    Cut your son’s hair, but don’t put your ideals on me… or Kate.

  21. says

    Minni Kate is a practising orthodx jew she will not cut Ryders’ hair until his is three.

    Ann-Marie, I miss Braydie too! Your right none of this is what she needed so early in her pregnancy!

  22. Minni says

    The child needs a haircut. He looks like a girl. With all of Kates money, she should be able to afford one.

    What is wrong with these young celebrities today?

  23. Jenna says

    that sucks. i hope some of these papprazzis
    get cancer and die. or maybe one of their kids
    can get really sick and have to go the emergency room and Kate can stnd over them and snap pictures in thier faces

  24. Ann-Marie says

    Hi Carleigh, have you heard anymore about Braydie, what happened to her son? Which son was it. All this stress cannot be good for her pregnancy. How far along is she??

  25. Mrs. Vreeland says

    I agree this one totally crosses the line.
    Whoever is posting this site should have given it a pass.

  26. Ms D says

    You know, MY question is..who the heck stalks out the hospitals ‘just in case’ someone famous arrives? Talk about stalk-arazzi!

    I hope the little boy is okay..and courtney you made a good point–maybe it was them going to see a friend. The only thing I noticed was that Ryder doesn’t even have shoes on–so it must have been one heck of an emergency, no matter WHO it was.

  27. carleigh says

    Courtney I see your point about maybe it wasn’t her kid that had the emergency. But still what if it was someone she knew rushed to the ER the girl is probably still scared to death ER’s are never fun and for the press to follow her there is just WRONG, plain WRONG. They need to respect certain boundries and in this case they didn’t.

  28. courtney says

    that is so messed up if it is because ryder is sick, they need to leave her alone, BUT it could be that someone she knows was just rushed to the er and she was rushing up there to see them….

  29. carleigh says

    The paparazzi needs to respect a mother taking her sick child to the hospital. I think this photo crosses the boundry of privacy in a bad way. On the beach playing or whatever is much different than when she is taking her sick baby to the ER…it’s scary enough having a sick kid and then to have pap hanging around snapping pic’s is just crossing the line and in BAD TASTE! SHAME ON THE PRESS!

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