Britney's "People Magazine Cover" & Her Recovery At Home

Well, this “People magazine cover” was circulating about today…clearly the result of people being so starved for Britney news! It was obviously a fake, as evidenced here! It was really a pic of Rachel Bilson with Britney’s face photoshopped in. Well…it was very pretty!

Britney Spears

Apparently, Britney is still very much in recovery from her c-section. She spent her first week home from the hospital in bed trying to rest. And she decided not to breastfeed Pierce (as the family has taken to calling Sutton Pierce), as she had a very hard time breastfeeding Sean Preston. Instead, she has gone straight to the bottle so that Kevin and her mother can help out more. It’s too bad she couldn’t do the breastfeeding, but totally understandable too. So many moms I talk to do the same with their second child (or don’t breastfeed for as long as they managed to with their first).



  1. D'Anna says

    It doesn’t matter what you eat for breakfast. I eat stuff I shouldn’t too.

    I’m glad I”ve breastfed for as long as I did. My baby wound up with rotovirus last Spring when he was 22 months old and the doctors told me he did not need medication or to do anything more than let him nurse when he wants to.

    It’s not just food you’re giving your baby, but medicine and comfort. Do you know what the whey is in formula? It’s stuff that isn’t good enough to get into the milk that YOU drink. Do your research and it becomes much more than a choice. It becomes an obligation.

  2. faithfulangel says

    I was very interested in this because I had my third baby a week after Britney had baby #2. I have had 3 c-sections, and have bottle fed each of my boys because I actually couldn’t feed them. The hospitals over here are very much for bf & so the midwives are very supportive, but as much as they tried on the first 2 occasions to get anything – and i do mean anything – out of me they failed. So they actually told me i had to start a bottle for them as they were getting too hungry. With my third, i fed him for the first 3 days, but because he fed all night every night and for most of the day (and he was10 lbs 3 at birth) they advised me to bottle as i had a 4yr old and a 2 yr old at home and that i wasn’t going to be able to fill him with my limited supply. I don’t feel as if i have missed out at all. My boys are totally loving and bonded with me & love to snuggle and give me loads of hugs all day, and although i know that it would have been great to bf – i know that i’ve bonded so much more being a happy and contented mum. If Britney has or hasnt tried this time – who cares? The fact is that if she is happier and the baby id happy then she should go for it and not have anyone critise or run her down for it. I hope eveything goes well for her recovery.

  3. says

    Oh I do have to comment on the BFing stuff now. I try to stay mum because I am actively involved with providing breastfeeding support for new momsin my career. Reading this whole thread it is so obvious the ignorance in regards to breastfeeding, there are so many more benefits listed here that formula cannot and likely will never be able to provide. This is the sole reason they state breast is best, you cannot argue the food your body makes isn’t the first choice intended for your child. When it comes down to it we are all mammals, we nurse our young. That being said, formula has it’s place as a mom myself that had a bad experience myself after a caesarean and ended up with nerve damage in my breast, I was so thankful for formula. My failure in BFing was due to ignorance and lack of support, subsequently I researched and educated myself about nursing with my second pregnancy which increased my comfort level ten fold, and successfully nursed my son with no hitches not one but I was comfortable doing so which was very different then my feelings with my first babe. A mom whom is not comfortable nursing or is worried etc. will not be able to nurse her child. You actually inhibit your milk production with stress also the let-down reflex basically feeds the baby this too can only occur if mom is relaxed. Breastfeeding subsequently releases a hormone that helps mom relax so it is very beneficial for mom too and that’s not even touching base on the lower cancer statistics in moms whom breastfed.

    Each woman is different, each babe is different (and some truly have problems latching) do what’s right for you but do not go into it blind, the more you know the better and get good support 🙂

  4. says

    Can you download Courtney? Here’s the link to the actual interview it a MP3.

    Here I’ll cut and paste a short transcript from ONTD. When you hear it he refers to the babe as his child never conforming nor denying the babe is a boy! It really struck me as odd when I heard it! I really wouldn’t be surpised when he also has said the media can seel anything to anyone!

    Jackie: There’s rumors that Sutton is not a boy. Have you heard that?
    Kevin: Only from my friends, cause I haven’t told them so I haven’t told them anything and my wife hasn’t spoken to anybody about anything, so…
    Bender: Cause word has it that she’ll reveal the news the week your cd drops.
    Kevin: Um, I don’t know, that might be all rumors too.
    Jackie: Isn’t that strange when you hear that, when you have a child and people tell you the sex is a different one.
    Kevin: Yeah it’s crazy. Well it’s even crazier when people are telling me my child’s name.
    Bender: Oh so Sutton is not the baby’s name—
    Kevin: Oh yeah there you go

  5. Christy says

    I know how Britney must have felt after the c-section and trying to breast feed. It was hard for me to breast feed my little girl, Rreiawna, after I had a c-section with her back in August. However, I did breast feed her until she stopped latching on. But its cool that she is bottle feeding so the daddy can help out.. With my daughter breast feeding, I couldn’t leave her with anyone at night because thats when she wanted the breast the most. But she did feed off of them durning the day, also I would pump if I went anyway.

  6. says

    ok, weird! WTH? If she comes out and says that baby is girl the week his cd drops I will totally write her off as a publicity whore. It will be the nail in her coffin, and I think she will loose any respect she has left.

  7. RINA says

    I never had a c – section, but I was pregnant with triplets….And that was hard enough… I ended up loosing to of the boys before I could have a chance to meet them and hold them. 15 months after that I ended up having a baby girl which was just a miracle from day one. I hope all goes well for the women who have c – sections and complications after birth…. I am sure that everyone heals well.

  8. says

    I think the human race has survived and thrived because of this type of research. I don’t think it will ever come out that mothers shouldnt breast feed, but I think they have made excellent strides in understanding that when bf a child you have to provide the nutriants that they need, your diet while bf directly effects what your child gets.

    I think this is a touchy subject on both sides. When I was preggo, I dont think a day went by where I wasnt bombarded with someone or something telling me to bf. Even the infant formula packets in the mail started out Breast is Best. I had real ahgnups about it, and felt victimized by the media, the baby books the doctors and all the mothers and fathers (my brother) telling me why I should breast feed. It was awful, and all it did was make less perceptive to trying it. If I had one more person tell me that my kid was going to be sickly if I didnt I think I might have punched someone.

    As a mother who didnt bf, I just would like everyone to know, that it is not necessary to try to sell the idea to someone. If you want to do it, then great. If you meet someone who says they dont want to do it, and they ask your advice then fine, but believe me, if someone does not want to bf, telling them all the reasons that they should is not going to change their minds. It might make them feel obligated to do it, but in the end if they feel forced to do it I dont think it will be a positive experience for them.

  9. mage says

    anemia is a lack of iron, vitamin d is a hormone produced by sunlight exposure. when tested, most babies do not need the suppliment, but in order to catch the few who need it, some doctors say all babies should have it. kinda like the fortified cows milk- it doesn’t have it either unless it is added.

    i have never read of a baby under 6 months who was a full term infant becoming anemic on human milk alone. the iron in commercial formulas is not as bioavailable so there is way more in the formula.
    preemies do need more iron in their diet, iron stores are part of the last 6 weeks of gestation for the infant. starting solids with dark green veggies is a wonderful way to compliment the human milk.

    how did the human race survive all this time with out the research? lol

  10. says

    I’ve tried to stay away from posting comments on Babyrazzi for awhile because of all the animosity, but I have to comment about this topic.

    I’m really glad to read that Britney at least attempted to bf her first son. I know that Babyrazzi doesn’t get any of this info firsthand, she links from other sites, so there may be more to this story. There’s all sorts of reasons why Britney may have chosen not to bf her second son in addition to the ones listed on this site. Celebrities have the money at their disposal to hire someone to feed and watch their children so to read that a celebrity is a ‘hands on’ parent is great. Britney has taken some wrong turns in her life but I think we can all see, even with mistakes that she has made, that she really loves her children…you can see it in the way Sean just cuddles up to her…he loves his mommy!
    I myself have severe allergies and asthma and 30 years ago, moms weren’t pressed to breastfeed and there wasn’t the research to show that breastmilk can help prevent the severity of allergy/asthma symptoms. Therefore, I wasn’t breastfed, and my mom has had to hear countless times throughout my life how much breastmilk would have helped me…which is horrible, because it makes her feel guilty…and she had no way of knowing back then that bfing would have helped me, and she lives her life for me (and now my daughter.)
    For this reason, I was all for bfing my daughter…and she would never latch on. Very depressing for me…I wanted the whole bf experience, but I had to look at the positive…I was still able to pump and give her the expressed milk, and I feel that I gave her a good start. Good for everyone who has mentioned how uncomfortable it is to pump or bf while recovering from a c-section…and someone mentioned that it’s harder to recover from a c-section while staying in bed…that’s true (in my experience, at least) as well. Maybe that is the reason Britney chose not to bf.
    Lastly, breastfeeding is a personal choice. I am really saddened at the negative comments directed towards mothers that do not breastfeed. Just because someone chooses not to bf doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to be just a good a parent as someone who did…and I so appreciate the comments from Kelley and Joelle about infant mortality…thank God for the age we live in when we have an alternative for feeding our children that will keep them healthy and happy when bf isn’t chosen or isn’t an option. For the people making the negative comments about not bfing…try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes like myself…what if it was physically impossible for you to bf your child? 100 years ago, as pointed out, you ran the risk of giving your child germ-infested cow/goat milk or having someone else nurse your child…be thankful that you are able to provide sustenance for your child and that science has provided you with an alternative that is just as good as breastmilk. I was only able to pump for 7 weeks due to my milk supply (and no, it wasn’t because I was lazy and didn’t pump often enough, I couldn’t make the supply, I always supplemented with formula anyway) and my girl is 8 months old and healthy. BTW, pediatricians will sometimes recommend that bf children take a Vitamin D supplement if child isn’t getting any iron fortified formula and breast milk doesn’t provide enough. Children can actually become anemic on just breastmilk.

  11. Jill says

    I have been reading this post and watching what is happening. Why are we at each others throats? We are all women, we are all mothers. Whether we chose to breastfeed or bottle feed we still bore children and cared for them and raised them and loved them. The women that bottle fed their babies do not love their children any less than the women who breastfeed theirs. The women who breastfeed did not care about or think of their children any more than the women who bottle feed. I breastfeed at home and out and about when my child was with me. When he was with a babysitter or at daycare for what ever reason, he had formula. It was what worked for our family. Stricktly breastfeeding or stricktly bottle feeding is determined by what works best for that particular family. I beleive that none of us should judge any one else or be at each others throats, because as i stated at the beginning of this post we all have two very important things in commen, we are all women and we are all mothers.
    Sorry for the long post but I just had to get that out.

  12. mage says

    “When your closed-minded, like yourself, you tend to judge. which, in fact, is what you are doing”

    right on Lisa Marie. I believe all humans fall into this catogory. (i chose not to use “sides” as there should not be a split bf/ff or sahm/wohm or married or partnerd, etc)

    not judging is very hard. i know i am guilty.

  13. mage says

    kelley, my comment was in response to gina:

    “either way, breastfeeding mums have gotta stop with their ego. do u not think we bottle mums have tried breast feeding??? get off your high horses and stop thinking of yourselves. “

  14. Lisa Marie says

    That was a very informative post Joelle. Thank you! How you expressed your opinion on is as well as facts, was done very tactfully. You express your feelings, as well as not offend others.
    THAT is what i was talking about.
    Good for you 🙂

  15. Joelle says

    Breastfeeding for dummies

    I have read, heard and taken part in many discussions re: breastfeeding. And before I get any further into this post let me make one thing clear: Whether or not to breastfeed is a personal choice and one that should be made by consulting your doctor after having all the facts and as much information as possible. I am hoping that by working this out on paper, then via Web post, that some of my readers will leave feeling better about their own decisions to or not to breastfeed. Personally, I am an advocate of breastfeeding for many reasons and came to the decision to exclusively feed my child breast milk for my own selfish reasons. First and foremost: I can, and because my body produces a good supply, and because I choose to believe the scientific research that it is better for my children, I have and will again.

    Let’s start with the information. For as long as women have been bearing children, our bodies have been genetically geared towards providing breast milk to our young. It is a part of the reproductive process in all mammals. If you believe in god, then you’d say it’s what god intended. If you believe in evolution, then you’d say it is how we’ve evolved to survive. If you live in the present, many people would say many different things about it. In part because, there are many different options to suit many different styles of living. So what is the alternative to breast milk? Formula!

    Now when god or the monkeys made us upright-walking-on-two-legs kind of people, we weren’t given the option of formula or breast milk. Women for hundreds of year’s breastfed their babies, those who weren’t able to used a wet nurse or created home made formulas known as dry nursing. It wasn’t until the 1860’s that a man by the name of Henri Nestlé created the first “marketable” formula, and thus eschewed in a new industry that used marketing tactics aimed to diminish the benefits of breastfeeding in order to raise profit margins.

    The availability of formula to women who otherwise would not be able to breastfeed has no doubt saved 100’s of 1000’s of lives. Infant mortality rates in impoverished areas of the world have decreased. And for the millions of infants born to women infected with HIV, formula offers them a prosperous life whereas being breastfed would surely offer a short life. Formula as an option to feed infants that would otherwise not have the chance is a must have.

    For women like me who choose to breastfeed and choose to promote educated breastfeeding, know that it is not the easiest thing in the world in the beginning. It is hard, it is exhausting, your boobs swell up, they leak, and you have to pump which can make you feel very dehumanized and emotional (as if just being pregnant wasn’t enough). But we also know that typically after 6-12 weeks, it gets much, much easier. The benefit of breastfeeding, or giving your child breast milk for any period of time, is innumerable.

    Infant formula remains the best substitute when breast milk is not available or is withheld, although numerous studies have shown that infant formula provides inferior nutritional value when compared to breast milk. Some studies show not breastfeeding one’s infant can increase the risk of infection and disease, including diabetes, asthma, middle ear infections, etc. both immediately and later in life, for infants and for their mothers. Infant formulas cannot come close to reproducing the bioactivity and immune protection of human breast milk.

    Of course, choosing to feed your infant is not an option. But the choice you make as to what you give your baby is. As with anything it is important to do the research and make the most educated decision. Regardless of your choice, you should always consult your doctor and maintain and open dialogue with them.

    Women on both sides of the argument make their decisions for selfish reasons. And women on both sides of the argument will defend their decisions for selfish reasons. Just remember happy mother’s = happy babies.

    I haven’t even begun to touch on societal acceptance of either formula feeding or breast milk feeding because it is just such a huge up hill battle. I can’t over-emphasize enough how important it is to not make a mother feel any guilt or shame for what she chooses to do with her child. I just hope that all decisions are made from an educated standpoint.

    Thank you for reading and sorry for such a long post!

  16. Lisa Marie says

    Sparkie, it makes me sad when i see comments like yours, that are so judgemental.
    It has nothing to do with laziness, or a mother not caring about her childs health and well being.
    If a mother chooses not to breastfeed, and she chooses to feed her baby formula, she IS thinking about her childs health. Formula has the vitamins and such, to keep that child healthy. yeah, it may not be as good as BF, but it is STILL good, and HEALTHY!!!
    i didnt BF my 1st son, my own reasons, and i only BF my 2nd son for 3wks.
    my 6yr old, is PERFECTLY healthy, and rarely gets sick. i think its been close to a year, since he had his last cold.
    My 19month old, is healthy as well. not only that, but smart as hell!

    Sex, is a WHOLE other thing, and there is no comparison. none what-so-ever.
    your right, it is an on going debate, which that it will always be.
    but some who believe either way, can choose to be openminded about it or not.
    When your closed-minded, like yourself, you tend to judge. which, in fact, is what you are doing

  17. says

    Mage when you added that comment about bf mothers are thinking of their babies, I hope you didnt know that you insulted non bf mothers and not thinking of their babies. You may not have intended that, but because of the tone of the comments on the board, that is how that comes off to me.

    Thank goodness Nestle invented formula, before that women who were UNABLE to breast feed has to resort to unpasterized goats milk or if they had the cash…a wet nurse.

    Stands to reason why life expectancy and infant mortality rates have grown and fallen respectivly for the last 100 years.

  18. sparkie says

    Sorry guys. I just tire of people trying to justify formula feeding. It`s never going to win the old debate. Mage, you are right. When i hear people saying they stopped after a day cos it hurt etc etc it just makes me sad. Its for the baby for goodness sake. I bet it hurt when you first started having sex but how many of us stop doing that???????????

  19. courtney says

    i wanna see sutton!!!! whats the deal brittney!!! she showed sean preston like the week he was born! 🙁 i hope we get to see him soon!! i wonder if maybe she just re-did the pic exactly how it was before…but im sure they just put her face ont he original, why would they do that and not just have her take her own picture??

  20. gina says

    either way, breastfeeding mums have gotta stop with their ego. do u not think we bottle mums have tried breast feeding??? get off your high horses and stop thinking of yourselves.

  21. carleigh says

    No Sparkie I haven’t seen a dog or cat buying formula but I haven’t seen a human giving their infant dog/cat milk either…lol

  22. sparkie says

    Breastmilk contains everything needed for a healthy human baby and cows milk? well…..what can I say?

    You ever seen a cat or dog etc buying formula????????????

  23. mage says

    wish bottle feeding brought dh and the kids closer. i have pics of him feeding all the kids, but it was very rarely him.

    jay- that is what started me bf and bedsharing- dh would not do any part of night time parenting so i took care of me first!

    not that this means anything, my sister bottle fed breast milk to her boys and that HAD to have been more than twice the work! they needed the bottle to not turn blue, but she wanted them to have human milk over the artifical baby milk so she pumped to serve.

  24. jay says

    I hope BRITNEY has a speedy recovery. As to breastfeeding,i actually breastfed my kids 1 yr long out of laziness. Just could not wake up to make bottle food,wash and sterilize them. I think Breastfeeding is over rated.

  25. gina says

    either way, i bottle fed my daughter, cuz when ya see your own newborn turn blue thru distress cuz she couldnt latch on and is hungry. come back here and tell me you wouldn’t have done them same. all this breast is best is bull…yeah it might help me bond, but what about my partner, at least with bottle feeding you can both bond…

  26. Jenna says

    i wish they would leave her the hell alone.
    she cant even rest from having a c-section in peace
    that would drive me insane

  27. Doh says

    Yeah, you cant believe everything you read. Just cos babyrazzi says so doesn’t mean its the truth so lighten up everyone…LOL

  28. missymama says

    From what I’ve read we aren’t judging her. Us pro-breastfeeders are just disappointed that she isn’t even going to try. And from what I have read no one on here has said that formula fed babies are unhealthy or that making the decision to formula feed your child makes you a failure.

    We are all entitled to our opinions, and our decisions to breast or bottle feed. Stop taking things so personally!

  29. Denise says

    mage, I ate leftover chinese for breakfast so I can’t talk. But then again I’m not bf. Lol. And you’re right. I’m glad no one looks at me either. We all have our faults no matter who we are and we all have good things about us. Because….we are just human.

    Lisa Marie, my neice had trouble with her first bf. Hurt when the baby latched on and found out it was a yeast infection in her nipples. Took her weeks to get rid of it. Had to take that yeast pill everyday for 6 weeks before it got completely better.

    Joelle, you are right too. Breastfeeding isn’t looked upon these days in some areas nicely. Woman can’t breastfeed in public without making someone sick to their stomach. And it is looked upon as not socially acceptable at times. But I think that will change in time. Everything has a cycle and it will be more common in the future. Like you said the milk companies are making bookoo money so they aren’t likely to endorse bf.

  30. Lisa Marie says

    no one know’s the exact circumstances on why she is not BF, so honestly, its not right to judge her decision. I BF my 2nd son, for 3 wks. the pain never let up, and i cringed every time he latched on. The dr felt it may have been due to my Breast reduction 4yrs prior.
    if you are able to BF after a CS that’s good for you. everyone is different, and is able to handle things differently.
    Im not a Britney fan, and never was, but i would say the same thing for anyone else.
    you dont KNOW that she isnt BF so she can get back into shape faster. until you hear that come out of her mouth, you have no right to judge her, imo.

  31. babyhates says

    ANYWAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Brit comes back !!!!!!!!!! You know K-FED is coming to my town as part of his tour !!! GAG !

  32. mage says

    lol denise- the baby watchers- the Matt Lauer watchers…

    I am SO glad no one looks at me this close! (pizza and coke for breakfast today, I exceeded the speed limit on the way to work and oops, am posting FROM work, lol)

  33. Joelle says

    Ok, I am so not a fence rider, but I have to address something that hasn’t been brought up in the comments and that is the history of women feeding their children. It wasn’t until the mid-fifties that formula became the common way to feed your child and breastfeeding became a disapproved practice. Look up the origins of “formula” and you’ll see that it was created by Nestle for women who had trouble producing breast milk. Yes, the candy maker created formula.
    The very idea that formula has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry, not with your child’s health in mind, should give women an indication that your choice to breastfeed or not is driven by societal acceptance or disapproval to breastfeed and/or marketing tactics by formula makers.
    How many of you were sent home from the hospital with black diapers bags and samples of formula? If you look at the statistics of women who are less likely to breastfeed, they are typically from the poorer reaches of our society…the ones who can’t necessarily afford to buy a $20+ can of formula a week.

    To breastfeed or not to breastfeed is very much a personal choice. The best choice is an educated one and you can interpret the information available to you in whatever way makes you feel comfortable and happy.
    Yes happy mothers = happy children, that is a statistic that can’t be argued.

    However, if you take away the past 60 years from our history, the women before us would tell you that the best thing to give your child, the thing that will give them the best, healthiest start, is breastmilk.

  34. Denise says

    You are right Misti. Don’t know why I fell into that hole. I said I’d never do that and look at me. I guess arguing is contagious. No one ever wins the argument and ends up making others mad. So, let’s all be happy! K? Who cares what Britney Spears does?

  35. Denise says

    I realize the child will get the nutrition it needs first before the mother. That is why the mother needs to eat properly to make sure she gets the proper nutrition also. Keeps mother healthy to take care of the baby. Some mothers don’t think of it that way tho. They eat badly, smoke and drink while breastfeeding. Eating badly I can understand while bf, smoking and drinking..that I don’t understand. And for the record I don’t know if Brit does that..I’m just saying. But bottom line, it is the mothers choice on doing it or not and no one should confuse being a good/bad mother with breastfeeding or not. Like I said before, it isn’t for everyone.

  36. misti says

    WOW! I thought this was about Britney and her new baby…not a war or everyone’s opinion on “to breastfeed or not to breastfeed.”

  37. mage says

    feeding human babies human milk is normal. it can be very hard to bf when your tummy is healing from a csection. staying in bed slows healing for any major abdominal surgery. i am glad she has help around, new mothers need it.

    how come this major medical choice gets people so flustered? i do not feel guilt over not bf the kids any more than i feel superior for bf the kids i did. i did what was best for all concerned at the time.

    as to nutrition, the baby will get the nutrients it needs from the mother’s milk before the mother gets her nutrition. in 3rd world countries it is called secondary malnutrition where a healthy child in poverty but bf weans and the food replacement is lacking.

    but i bet if i said i rode in cars with out car seats growing up and turned out just fine so my kids don’t need carseats either, i would surely get flamed. even though there are TONS of research supporting car seat and seat belt use is best.

  38. CanadianGirl says

    One other thing, I bonded immensely with my children. I’m just going to come right out and say this: If it takes having your breast up to your childs mouth in order for you to bond with them, I think you need to look at deeper issues other than just breastfeeding as your problem.

  39. CanadianGirl says

    I didn’t breastfeed either of my children and they are both happy, normal, healthy children. Breast is not always best. I personally think a happier, saner mother is better for a child than a woman forcing herself to breastfeed when she feels uncomfortable about it (for any reason) just because people are going to look negatively at her. Nobody should comment on a persons ability to mother a child just because they choose not to breastfeed.

  40. tina says

    lisa after reading all the comments again, i cannot understand where the anger comes from? one person said it was a shame one other said it was sad, thats not everybody. everyones experience of child raising is different, my first was bottle fed as i couldn’t feed her myself and it took me a year and a half to bond with her, and we are still not totally there now and she is 5! i love her with all my heart but it still feels like were missing a connection. consider your self lucky to have that bond right away, with my other two i know what i missed out on with my first little girl as my bond with them was instant. i have done bottle and breast feeding and both ways are fine with me.

  41. Lisa says

    leave it to you guys to use the word sad and sorry-I bonded just as much w/ my baby breast and then bottle feeding her. get off all of your high horses-there is nothing sad and my baby was happier once I switched over to the bottle-I find it funny that people say their baby was happier because they bf, shut the hell up w your belittling condescending self righteous attitudes

  42. says

    I did not breastfeed my son, because frankly the whole thought of (me) doing it gave me the wigs. I’m no prude or anything, and other women doing it didn’t phase me in the least, and I always saw it as a normal thing.

    After having my son I thought about it and realized that the idea of me doing it doesnt bother me anymore, so I may try if I have another baby.

    It’s wrong to knock someone for not breastfeeding. It’s one thing to think it is a shame that she isn’t (as most of the people here have said) it’s entirely another to make heinous comments about her not trying for selfish reasons. How is it being selfish to not breastfeed? It’s not like she is going to starve him to death or anything? The girls is a twit, I will grant you that, but not breastfeeding does not mean anything negative about a person.

  43. Denise says

    I breastfed both of my boys and loved every minute of it. The bonding was great. It’s really not for everybody and you need to eat right so your child can get the proper nutrition. Doesn’t look like Brit eats or drinks very well and that would make me think she doesn’t need to breastfeed. Oh, and by the way, I live just a few miles from her home town and she isn’t very popular here.

  44. rachael says

    Well i think its up to the individual as to whether they breast feed or not, personally im sick of hearing the ‘breast is best’ comment, i was bottle fed and theres nothing wrong with me and i bottle fed both my daughters and my son and they are all very healthly and contented children. At the end of the day peole need to dowhat suits them, a happy mummy means a happy child.

  45. Yera says

    Of course the decision to breastfeed, yes or no, is up to the individual. It’s just that too many women give up – or don’t even try – because of incorrect information, or lack of competent support. I breastfed my firstborn for 14 months, but had I not been so adamant about it, I am sure I would have given up after three days because the nurses at the hospital I stayed at were very unhelpful. Once I got the hang of it though – and it took me six weeks before I actually started to enjoy it – I found it the easiest way to feed my baby boy and keep him happy.

  46. tina says

    i came looking at the comments because i know that breastfeeding is always a hot subject,

    i breastfed my first born for 3 days, i have to many midwives telling me to do it in different ways, i ended up sore and in pain and she ended up hungry, she is now i very healthy 5 year old but it really did knock my confidence, my 2nd i really wanted to try again my way! and she fed for 3 months before she decided it wasn’t enough and went to bottle, she is now a healthy 2 year old and my son was breast fed for 6 days before we found that my breast milk was making his jaundice worse his level was 595 (blood transfusions are usually done at 450) but as my son’s levels came down so fast on the lights he didn’t need a blood transfusion, thankgod. he is now a very healthy 10 month old. i was dissapointed that he went straight to bottles as he was such a good feeder on the breast, but i was to scared that his levels would go back up.

    If britney doesn’t want to breastfeed then fair enough its her choice, maybe she did try but that bit didn’t come out in the story, little pierce will still want for nothing and maybe kfed might get off his selfish butt and help!

  47. TEAM JOLIE says

    Ms D – I couldn’t have said it better myself. Sparkie it’s not that I am bitter it’s just I disagree. My sons are a lot healthier than some of my friends’ children who were breastfed. Not that that means anything. My point is that it is down to the individual and noone should be criticized for making a personal choice.

  48. Ms D says

    I tried not to comment, I really did. But I just couldn’t stand it anymore..I was weak! 😉

    You know, everyone is entitled to their own opinions about I can agree with team jolie there.

    I get sick of hearing all the “Oh, you MUST breastfeed!” stuff too. I didn’t breastfeed any of my kids..and they are all very healthy and always have been. I don’t regret it one bit, and It’s a shame that anyone feels the need to shove it down people’s throats, or try to make them feel guilty or bad about their decision.
    If you want to do it, by all means,do! More power to you.
    But not doing it doesn’t make you a ‘bad mother’, either.

    Now what Britney does, I couldn’t care less. If she chooses not to, that’s her choice, and it’s nobody’s business anyway. Not that I’m a Britney fan, but in this case, I don’t know why everyone is so upset/disappointed in her choice to stop breastfeeding her son, for WHATEVER reason.

    Besides–I always heard that even if you only do it for a very short time it’s still helpful for the baby.

  49. thegrinchiscoming says

    Wow so much money and nannies that could help her and she is not breastfeeding? those are just excuses to be a lazy ass bum.
    I agree with momma she will eat junk food anyways; by the way what a ridiculous reason to stop breastfeeding, she would lose much more weight if she would breastfeed.

  50. momma2mingbu says

    How sad that she didn’t even try to breastfeed her child. She could afford an IBCLC to help her get breastfeeding to work. Even breastfeeding part time would have provided them with a lot of benefits. Oh well…..she’ll have the kid on Diet Coke and Twinkies by New Years anyway. ICK.

  51. TEAM JOLIE says

    I didn’t breatfeed either of my sons as it just didn’t work for us and I really resent being made to feel like some sort of social pariah because I didn’t. There is NOTHING wrong with bottle feeding – my sons aren’t emotionally scarred for life but rather are 2 healthy strapping boys. Get off your ‘nursing’ high horse Babyrazzi. It is difficult enough to rear children without being made to feel guilty by the self rightoeus.

  52. says

    I had a horrid experience with my first post C-section and attempting to nurse which went very wrong but had an amazing homebirth Vbac with my 2nd and nursed with no problems. I was definitely more relaxed the second time around which I know made the world of a difference for me.

    I really think Brit wants to kick ass back in to shape fast and nursing doesn’t allow that. I’m sure the negative publicity about her weight swayed that decision just a bit unfortunately.

    I can’t wait to see SPF2!!!

  53. says

    It’s a shame she doesn’t want to re-try nursing, but it is her decision, not mine 🙂
    I had two c-sections, soon to be a third and have nursed, and plan to nurse all of them. elps to get the body back in prime shape:)

  54. carleigh says

    when I breast fed my girls I found it was soooooo much easier to drop that weight. Hell I wish it was that easy

    I can’t wait to see SPF2

  55. missymama says

    Its sad that she won’t even give breastfeeding another shot. I too had a difficut time with my 1st, but managed to breastfeed him for 10 months. My second is 11 months and I just weaned him, the 2nd time around was much easier.

    But I guess if she’s looking to get her body back quickly she’ll have to not be tied down with breastfeeding and have that extra time to excersize.

  56. HotMama says

    From personal experience, breastfeeding is kind of rough on the body when you are going through recovery from a c section. I hope she’s feeling better soon, and wish her quick recovery. I just wish she would leave Kevin, I think he’s such a scum bucket who started his “career” from her fame, if it wasn’t for her, nobody would know who he was. He doesn’t really have any talent anyways, at least not in my eyes. LoL!

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