Angelina Jolie Transforms Herself Into Mariane Pearl For Role

Angelina has transformed herself into Mariane Pearl for the movie, “A Mighty Heart.”

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

And this is Mariane Pearl with her son Adam.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have made a $100,000 donation to the Daniel Pearl Foundation in memory of the American journalist who was kidnapped and eventually killed in Pakistan in February of 2002.

The gift, made through the recently formed Jolie-Pitt Foundation, was presented on Tuesday, which would have been the late Wall Street Journal reporter’s 43rd birthday.

“On this day our thoughts go out to Danny’s family.” Pitt and Jolie said in an exclusive statement released by their rep, Trevor Neilson.

Pitt and Jolie arrived last week in Pune, India, to film the Pearl biopic, A Mighty Heart, based on the book written by the journalist’s widow, Mariane Pearl, whom Jolie portrays in the film.

At the time of his death, Pearl was investigating links between the terrorist group Al Qaeda and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence.

Pitt and Jolie formed their foundation last month in order to give away $2 million, to be evenly divided between the Global Action for Children and Doctors Without Borders, to help families affected by HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty.



  1. BPfan_17yrs_counting says

    Yep Team Common Sense…..or lack there of…… does apply to you too because if you actually understood what CS meant, you wouldn’t have dared suggested that it’s what you engaged when stating what you have. Common sense is about “practical” sense of judgement; something useful or beneficial, and although your words would come in handy for those like yourself who also dislike, hate, wish ill on Jolie & Pitt, they really offer nothing of use to anyone else, and as such, it shouldn’t be considered as common sense let alone much else but your person opinion.

  2. Team Common Sense says

    AJ is a person who will continue to seek her SELF WORTH in others (men, children, women).

    JA got screwed over in a way that each and every person hopes will never happen to them (Public, Cold, Heartless).

    BP will eventually get it in the end. (Wacko Mother at the core who has already alienated HIS family. NO intention of staying in long term).

    Now, does the get a life comment also apply to Team Common Sense or would you like to slam me in some other way for not Worshiping the GREAT AND ALL POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, GLORIFICUS……Opps sorry. Wrong God.

  3. Kat says

    I have read your comments and it has been mentioned that we are entitled to our opinions, i read a comment about angelina writing out checks and occasionally adopting a third world baby and she goes back to “cushy malibu” (comment #8) if you ever read the world news magazine there are pictures of angelina in pakistan, helping the citizens there that were displaced by a earthquake, it is a far cry from “cushy malibu” and if you were aware of world events you would know that she was among those people, providing them with supplies they so desperately needed. So to belittle her efforts is plain stupid, we don’t see you up there helping those in need and Number 8 you sound jealous of her, do you wish to give yourself a purple heart? what have you done? i bet if a total stranger asked for your help,i bet your stingy. fing some peace, becuz her checks she is writing is helping people and you should educate yourself on world news. i don’t why i am telling you this, but facts are real. and as much as you may dislike her, the effortrs she has made has only brought attention to these deprived nations, so go back to you “cushy home” and read up!

  4. pen says

    I don’t remember readinf a bunch of stuff about Angie being a bad mother and adopting Maddox for publicity before her and brad got together. It’s funny how people will try and turn everything about this woman into something bad just because of her now being with brad

  5. teamJolie says

    ok you know what all you losers out there pissing off about angelina, screw you. she has the right to use here money, becuase she earned it all herself. and its not like she doesn’t give out alot of money. honestly, she gives again and again, not just once. and that whole aniston crap? ok you know what if aniston doesn’t hate on jolie none of you have a right to ok. jolie has done more for people who are less fortunate than any of you can ever do. so suck on that before u talk

  6. dori says

    Angelina is not totally to blame for the break up of Brad and Jen Brad chose to leave his wife You should be mad at him .

  7. carleigh says

    #53…Billy Bob was not married when him and Angelina got together…he was living with Laura Dern you uninformed clod! (Billy Bob actually left his first wife to be w/ Dern! Sooooooo..what does that make him?) Secondly, Brad Pitt made a conscious choice to leave his wife and file for divorce so that was HIS choice. Whatever the motivation was behind the divorce it was for BRAD to decide to leave his marriage. No other person and I don’t care how good the sex is or how much you think you love them….no other person can make YOUR own decisions for you.
    I have seen the movie “Alexander” and it was painful to watch ALL the actors in this even Colin Farrell was horrid in this movie. It was a BAD, BAD movie and if you made it through the first 1/2 hour and kept watching it was one of those movies that make ya go “damn I’ve watched it this much, it sucks but I may as well watch the end anyways”. It was a BAD movie and nothing could help it not even the A-List cast.
    You want to sit there and call her an adulteress, mistress, bad actress, and from your comments above you think the adoptions of her kids were for a publicity stunt or for self promotion? You tell Jorge he can’t call her a good person till he meets her—yet here you are slamming here and I don’t believe you’ve ever met her either have you?? Sounds a bit hypocritical to me don’t you think?

  8. says

    I truly commend Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for their wonderful gift to the Daniel Pearl Foundation. If more stars were to follow in their footsteps, so much more could be done throughout the world.

    Perhaps Brad Pitt finally came into his own after coming together with Angelina. One has to think how artificial his life was prior.

  9. JC says

    Hey Jorgie–
    How do you know she’s good inside? Just because she adopts children doesn’t make her a good person. Let’s remember she was with Billy Bob when he was still with his wife, which makes her a mistress, which translates into her being an adultress, which means she wasn’t very good thinking about another’s feelings. Let’s also remember that she was with Brad Pitt while he was still legally married to Jenifer aniston. Let’s also not forget that this woman is a celebrity and sometimes celebrity’s do things, like adopt children, for their own good. So, while you can judge her acting, which actually isn’t too good (have you seen Alexander?) , whether or not she’s a good person remains to be determined when you meet her.

  10. says so far everything I am seeing says she is in fact black. So, I’m going to go with the fact that Ang can still play her. I dont think there is any reason why only a black actress could play this part? If you reverse the situation and say ok, only a black actress should play her then thats no better. Ang can totally play this role, and she will probably give it great depth and believability.

  11. says

    Someone please see if they can clarify this? I saw the HBO documentary the other night, and she looked cuban to me. I don’t remember them saying anything about her being black, but I might have missed some of it (11 month olds don’t generally let mommies enjoy much tv). Anyone have any data?

  12. says

    “Is it because you assume Marianne Pearl is? Just asking. Marianne is mostly Cuban, with Dutch, French, Chinese, and other ethenic backgraounds also.
    But to answer your question, no Angelina isn’t part Africian American. She is part Iroquios Indian, along with French Candadian, Checolslovaskian(sorry for sp).”

    This report does not support that?!? I have read a few reports there is dispute over Angelina playing an African-American. Just curious Nicki what is your source- your info makes it more interesting!,,2004580002-2006470388,00.html

  13. AJ Fan says

    What a sad story. But that is incredibly generous of both them. Needless to say Angelina will play this role beautifully.

  14. says

    Lisa, you are right about that. We all have our faves so we do tend to be more critical to the people that we are not fans of then we do others. I can admit that. I havent been able to listen to Garth Brooks since he cheated on his wife with Trisha Yearwood, yet I still like Reba even though, I believe she stole her husband from another man. (country singers, sorry if you guys dont know who they are)

  15. Lisa says

    such irrational hateful comments here, I find it funny that Kate Hudson and her breaking up her family with a baby involved does not make all you Angelina Haters mad. She left her husband/father of her baby to screw around with Owen Wilson!!! Brad had no children-just a self-absorbed work-aholic cold wife who he no longer wanted to be married to. no children whose lives were ripped apart…get over yourselves

  16. cattie says

    FYI ?I?m not sure if you realize this or not but Angelina Jolie is not as white as some of you think?you all seem to know who her father is and what colour he is BUT her mother is Marcheline Bertrand and her parents were a Qu?b?cois father and an Indigenous (Iroquois) mother.

  17. sarah says

    WOW !!
    There are some really bitter and nasty people out there. #2, #26, #38 and #39 this lady has no impact on your lives, it sounds as if you are so consumed by hate that you see it as your duty to shit sling at anyone who,
    A) disagrees with you
    B) Is famous and trying to good in this most of the time nasty world,
    Oh and team aniston ~ get over it already, im sure Jen has.

  18. Jorgie says


  19. jordan says

    um what is she 30 yrs old???? she looks like shes older than jennifer aniston and her face looks like its gonna explode and it looks wrinkled all over..
    ugghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! freakin hate this bitch like i;ve never hated anyone brfore.

    ANGELINA, i hate you and everyone else in my family and friends and we think that you do0nt deserve happinees o0r any joy and you shouldnt ADOPT or give birth to a child cuz your not responsible enought to take care of a child.
    its just an advice.. you take it or leave it..

  20. genesis says

    k angelina jolie in that hair and that fat belly looks like a freakin beast and im not surprised a bit.
    and i feel so sorry for shiloh cuz she has parents like angelina and brad.. they can take care of kids.

    i hope you two never find happiness in life and suffer all the time; thas all i have to say to them and thas all they both deserve…
    GO TO HELLL!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. says

    TEAM MANISTON, Getting worked up again eh. I must admit I had to laugh when I read your post to me. Seriously, you really do have a mental problem. Please get some help because I do sympathise with mental illness sufferers. By the way, didnt your doctor ever warn you about getting this worked up? tch tch tch tch! As for hating me, geez get a life and so you know, I couldnt care less. You just managed to sound so miserable but then again you are miserable.As for hating Angie, you are nothing and she is a star!

  22. Nicki says

    28. HotMama
    As far as Brad and Jen’s production company producing it, that does seem kind of strange, but hey, whatever works!!

    If you look at the final divorce papers, Jen is no longer a part of Plan B, but when Brad got the rights to the movie, they were both still attached to Plan B. Maybe thats why some people still associate them togetheer.

    32. Babee Dahl
    Anyone know if Angelina is part african american. And no it’s not because of her lips why I ask this question.

    Is it because you assume Marianne Pearl is? Just asking. Marianne is mostly Cuban, with Dutch, French, Chinese, and other ethenic backgraounds also.
    But to answer your question, no Angelina isn’t part Africian American. She is part Iroquios Indian, along with French Candadian, Checolslovaskian(sorry for sp).

    Not that you asked, but Marianne Pearl handpicked Angelina Jolie to play her in this story, a story about her own experience with the horrific brutal murder of her husband.
    I’m not sure if I could sit through the whole personal story, but it is an important story to be told, and I will try. I hope I can.

    I thought when I first saw the pic, “Wow J-Lo is looking great with her new ‘do’, “then I realized it was Angelina,lol.

  23. Babee Dahl says

    Anyone know if Angelina is part african american. And no it’s not because of her lips why I ask this question.

  24. carleigh says

    The movie “Girl Interupted” was based on a a true story writen by Susan Kaysen. It was about her life before, during and after her stay in a Massachutes Mental Facility. The same mental facility also housed Slyvia Plath and Ray Charles. It chronicles the lives of patients in a mental hospital in the 60’s and Angelina pulled off the role of Lisa Rowe quite well.

  25. HotMama says

    I perosnally think she will play the part well. She has always had a great acting talent, and takes things to a new level. Good for her.

    As far as Brad and Jen’s production company producing it, that does seem kind of strange, but hey, whatever works!!

  26. says

    I never thought I could hate anyone more than Angelina but you take the cake!!! Shut your stupid mouth, I don’t care what you have to say, this site is for people’s opinions and I have a right to state mine, if you don’t like it leave and just go back into the gutter you came out of!!!

    As for her “Girl Interruped” movie…it was so good cuz the pyshco Jolie wasn’t acting or playing a part in that movie,
    IT WAS HER TRUE SELF. She probably sold her diary to some big wig and they turned it into a movie.

  27. babyhates says

    She was also in a movie called “fox fire” it was a CHICK MOVIE !!!! It was pretty good ! I like her movies, she’s pretty good. I don’t understand where the am better then everyone in the world people in here come from. Everyone has made mistakes and it’s a part of life.

  28. Lisa says

    good enough for an academy award but I guess not good enough for the Angelina haters here on this board

  29. says

    Two very good movies for Angie Carleigh. She did a good job in both. I was a gone in 60 seconds fan myself. She had that whole grunge thing knocked and totally believable with the bad girl roles.

  30. dori says

    Yes girl interrupted I did see. But Gia I did not. I would be interested to see her sink her teeth into a convincing juicy roll.
    She was good in girl interrupted. But the role was not a lead.
    It will be interesting to see her actually carry a movie.

  31. carleigh says

    Dori two really good movies that you can see w/ Angelina in them are Girl Interupted and Gia. Girl Interupted she plays a very convincing mental patient (I know, I know there are some who will take a stab at that but she did a great job!) and Gia was the first movie that i ever saw her in and she played an HIV positive, drug addicted, super model and she was so good in that one she made you actually cry and feel sympathy for the character. Just an FYI if your interested.

  32. babyhates says

    Team MANISTON needs to get a life……….. hahaha Jen got dumped again ! Ohhhhh go run to her and make her pathetic-A$$ feel better !!!! I don’t really care who plays Mrs. Pearl but I guess Ang looks good (I though it was JLO at first)……… Ummm am gonna go see this movie !!!!!

  33. dori says

    She looks like she fits the rols very well.The thing is I don’t find her a very believable actress. I haven’t seen her in any particularly challenging roles so far. This is a very serious role for her. It will be interesting to see how she performs .

  34. says

    Angelina and Brad seem to have others best interest at heart, I can’t help but respect that! I had to take a double take, Angelina really plays the role well!

  35. says

    Damn, why does everyone insist on getting nasty towards each other. Carliegh like Angie, Team Aniston doesnt. I am on the fence, but sheesh. These two have every bit as much right as each other to feel how they feel. Why can’t we all just say what we want to about the person in the post and not attack each other?

    Personally I feel that Angie will do this role justice. I dont think that given the look that Aniston would have pulled it off as well. Jen is funny to watch and I like her just fine. I think Angie has been extreme in the past, and she gets on my nerves from time to time, but there is no denying how interesting she is to listen too, and she has pulled out some stellar performances on the screen.

  36. Ms D says

    I read that someone named Dan Futterman is playing Daniel Pearl, and that Brad and Jennifer Aniston’s film company is producing it.

  37. Ms D says

    I read someone named Dan Futterman is playing Daniel Pearl and that the movie is being produced by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s film company .

  38. courtney says

    im excited to see this movie! even though its gonna be really sad because u know he dies!! wait…whos playin him thoguh!?! brad?!?!

  39. Jenna says

    are you kidding me?
    what self-back-patting ego stroking goober. Im so over hearing angelina this, angelina that, she writes checks
    to orphanges, and adopts the occasional 3rd world baby then its back to cushy Malibu, where’s my spare purple heart?
    let me get that to her STAT!

  40. says

    To the prozac nation of team maniston: obviously you need to be prescribed something much stronger or better still a mental asylum would be more suitable for you! looney tunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Diana says

    Team Aniston – you sure are very bitter and twisted about Angelina! At least they have given something to this very good and honourable charity! And Janice, Angelina Jolie could never look ugly! If anything she looks like Halle Berry in this shot!!

  42. says


  43. says

    Angie, you rock! And to Mariane and Adam, he is in a better place and thankyou very much for giving us a chance to know more about your beloved husband and father. May his soul rest in peace. Love to you both.

  44. says

    It’s too bad they picked Jolie to play her, this woman’s life (PEARL) sounds like a good story but it is one movie I will NOT be watching, renting or buying. I refuse to give royalities that come from watching movies to that dirty woman. (JOLIE) Jolie can buy her crap with her own money. She WON’T be getting any of mine!!!

  45. carleigh says

    I am sure Angie will pull this role off to perfection. She immerses herself in her roles and does so with a passion. She makes a character her own and really digs herself in and in the process makes you feel drawn in and emotional. I can’t wait to see her tackle this role I am looking forward to it. And to think Jennifer Anniston thought she could play this role??? Yeah right Rachel Green meets Marianne Pearl. Jennifer A. is a comedic actress and should stick to that it’s what she is adept at…JMO,, JMO,, JMO

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