Jennifer Garner & Violet Anne

Jennifer Garner is here with her stunt double and daughter, Violet Anne in Arizona. Jennifer is in Arizona to film the movie, “The Kingdom.” Violet is maintaining her extreme cutness quotient! Violet Anne is now 10-months-old.

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

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  1. Shea says

    Cher, hey you bitch, I never once said ANYTHING to tj mommy. NOT ONCE. so dont include me in your bitchfest of a post. I dont care if you HATE me . wtf Im not your friend I dont know you your not family WHY WOULD I CARE??? you seem to think you are so important that if you left someone would actually MISS YOU??? no they wouldnt.
    WHY dont you RE READ the posts! you are such a freaking dumbass to include someone that wasnt EVEN involved! ITS not like YOU”VE been a freaking angel either on this blog so quit putting blame on people when YOU DO THE SAME FREAKING THINGS DUMBASS! also if you hate us so much WHY COME ON HERE??? what so you can try to “go off” on other posters im sure…becuz you have NOTHING to say about the actual topics! SO fuck off and Stick your lips to the comp screen cuz thats my ass you’ll be kissing!
    FREAKING asshole.

  2. wheng says

    baby violet anne is really a beautiful baby resembling looks with her mom Jen….

    thanks for posting this pics……i hope you could also posts pics of the Affleck’s family when violet turns 1y/o this December….thank you so much.

    God Bless Ben, Jen and baby Violet Affleck….all the best!!!

  3. Cher says

    this was the first thread i ever read on this website. you women are mean and spiteful just becuz someones opinion differs from you. and to make fun of someone who just lost half her family to cancer. pathetic. shame on you KellyMay, Kelley, HotMama, Minni, Team Aniston, Shea and everyone else. if you ever wonder why i hate you people so much re-read what you wrote and how much pain you obviously caused to JTs mommy. what goes around comes around. pathetic spiteful bitches!

  4. Shea says

    Doh since you include dme in your little stupid post….Ill respond. NO you dodnt hit a “nerve” let alone a “raw nerve”i dont care what name you use, use im a idiot, fits you better.. NO you didnt “upset” me one bit. Kinda retarded that you think you can actually “upset ” someone over a computer. Looks like you really CANT not say anything about the topics, so from now on say what you wish I wont be reading them anymore. DOH = ignored and an idiot.

  5. Doh says

    Oh deary deary me…..looks like i hit a raw nerve there….didn’t mean to upset you kelly/carleigh/shea/kellymay……LOL

  6. Shea says

    really … Doh your not smart enough to even stop using your “signature” LOL. like anything you say is even remotely funny…..
    you seem to think that No ones else’s opinions dont matter if they dont agree with YOU. and yes, you TRYING to tell us that we cant argue on here is a lecture. FAIR COMMENT ??? about what? IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT WE WRITE DONT READ THE POSTS> how hard is that for you to do and not say anything negitive about other posters? try saying something about the topics.

  7. Doh says

    If you want to think that kelley then that fine cos i dont care what you think……seems to me you think everyone is the same person if they dont all agree with you/carleigh/kellymay/shea…..whats going on there then… :-)….LOL

  8. says

    So in otherwords, Doh also uses the name Tayshiya. We know they are both you Doh so stick to one name. One of you is more then enough.

  9. Doh says

    Shea you have to realise that this place is not just for you….it is for other people and their opinions too.

    Tashiya made a fair comment….why cant you accept it….and it was hardly a lecture….LOL

  10. says

    jan i always fan you gal.congradulation in your family and keep up with your amazing and beautiful smile coz i always fan you in that way…………..violet and jan are like daughter like mother.thanx for the the alias tv movie.i really like it.

  11. Shea says

    Doh you are a idiot. DID i say I went to anger management classes either NO but you think that you can say I did. when kelley says you did you get all pisses off LOL. thats too funny. you have nothing to offer anyone here and you never say anything about the topics. why are you here for ?

  12. Doh says

    erh dont believe i said i went to anger management classes kelley but if you want to believe that and it makes you feel happy then thats fine by me…LOL

  13. says

    Ohhhhh, so DOh has attended anger management. That must be the place where they teach you to spew verbal Diarrhea instead of physically attacking someone. No thanks.

  14. Doh says

    Now shea dont forget to go to your anger management classes….seems to me you might have missed a few…LOL

  15. Shea says

    jesus SHUT the hell up DOH. Dont you have ANYTHING to say about ANYTHING other then other posters???? ALL you talk is crap about others. When YOUR the one thats a idiot.

  16. says

    Sorry Doh, have never preached anything, just shared parts of me but I do appreciate the compliment, Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

    Minni, I feel awful because quite obviously this girl is in a lot of pain and I really hope that I did not make that worse for her. In this day people often take drastic measures to cope with life, words do hurt and can be the only social contact some have. I am real unlike some others and I do care! One of our great members left because of this and that just not right when it”s a site meant for entertainment. On that note, I really like the site celebrity babies guidelines they don’t allow any of this to happen.

    For some reason, dumbass comes to mind here, I think we are experiencing that multiple personality syndrome with a certain poster LOL Hopefully they fulfilling whatever need they have by being the way they are. Whatever works in their world ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just read last night that crazy people don’t know that they are crazy! That’s funny!

  17. says

    Sorry Doh, have never preached anything, just shared parts of me but I do appreciate the compliment, Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

    Minni, I feel awful because quite obviously this girl is in a lot of pain and I really hope that I did not make that worse for her. In this day people often take drastic measures to cope with life, words do hurt and can be the only social contact some have. I am real unlike some others and I do care! One of our great members left because of this and that just not right when it”s a site meant for entertainment. On that note, I really like the site celebrity babies guidelines they don’t allow any of this to happen.

    For some reason, dumbass comes to mind here, I think we are experiencing that multiple personality syndrome with acertain posters LOL Hopefully they fulfilling whatever need they have by being the way they are. Whatever ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Minni says

    God only knows why kellymay is feeling so bad anyway, TJ’s mom was clearly having a very bad day and in need of confrontation.

    Sad, yes: but no ones fault.

  19. Doh says

    AAAAAHHHHHHH someone please give kellymay her saint hood then she might go and preach all her goody goody crap somewhere else…..LOL

  20. says

    Thank you girls!

    Tj’s mom, I have thought about you all evening! Again I am very sorry. One thing that gives me great peace with the role I play as a nurse is the peace for the family not to have to witness sometimes the horrible deaths almost always at the hands of cancer, I am very sorry you had to witness that with your children at your side. I cannot even begin to imagine that personal heartache. Countless times myself I drove home after a long night in tears after barely knowing these people. Please know I am not a vindictive person, I care very much and sometimes too much. Please be at peace, I feel terrible…

  21. says

    I am not picking on you Tj’s Mom, I am just curious thats all. My kids and I are outdoors all the time and sometimes when you are hiking, skating or playing sports outside, it is just not feesible to wash off the cut, we have all had accidents and they have stayed that way for hours till we got home to wash up, what can ya do…I don’t understand what the freak out is about, unless you have a infectious blood disease that I understand. But oh I don’t know I am done.
    Have a good one

  22. says

    Tj’s Mom said “I would never let my kids see me with blood on my arms”……..
    So what would you do if you were playing outside with your child and you had an accident and fell and cut yourself and started to bleed or worse yet, your child falls and bleeds? Leave your child by himself to go wash the blood? I am protective too but life is life and accidents are reailty, family blood is family….I am not worried about my kids watching me clean up after an accident on myself or them. Its no like Jen showered in blood and is holding Violet.
    I have to admit I never read the posts all word for word, but Sorry there Tj’s Mom, you do sound a little off. Raed what you said again, and see if it says what you meant to sounds very odd and not normal to me. But whatever…JMO

  23. says

    Yeah Kellymay. I agree with hotmama. Don’t worry about it. You didnt start anything. Im the asshole so just remember that.

    How sad about that beesting. I try to not over react when Jaiden falls down or something. I usually guage him first. I found out that whenever he would fall or something and I would do the (deep breath thing) he would automatically start crying, but usually if I just looked at him he would look up, see that I was not freaking and he would be fine. These are all minor occurances of course, hitting his butt while trying to cruise and such. Most of the time they are nothing, and sometimes he needs a cuddle to feel better then he is right back in trouble again……boys! lol.

  24. HotMama says

    KellyMay, I give so many props to you, you are a true angel!! I’m sure you have helped many people deal in their time of need…..keep doing what you’re doing, and realize that you make a difference in MANY peoples lives!!!

  25. HotMama says

    Ok, apparently TJ’s mom, you belong in a mental institute, maybe you have dealt with too much trauma in your life that you can’t seem to handle it.

    Then again it makes a person wonder if all this did happen, because you seem to enjoy throwing them around in peoples faces, like it makes everything that you’ve said ok, not even close.

  26. says

    Wow as the nurse who just sat on friday with someones mother whom was dying from cancer, you have some major issues especially if you are relating BooBoo to your children as a dying grandmother. I have seen a lot of death in my career and truly believe we are not born alone nor shall we die alone hence my need to fill palliative care as a nurse.
    My intent was never for this too happen, far too often parents transfer their own fears to their children that was what I was trying to omit. I have read and reread the posts, this is not mine to hold but yet a personal issue that I cannot help. I had a girlfriends child pass away from anaphylactic shock due to a beesting which the ER doc said likely wouldn’t have been so bad had the child not freaked out but unfortunately her mother transferred that fear of bees which was fatal. Freaking out is not good, calm understanding is very important especially when it comes to situations which cause shock.

    I am sorry I have caused such angst in your heart, as a public servant directly involved with people in all stages of life I am truly sorry, WOW!

  27. Minni says

    Kelley, you’re brilliant.

    She’s best ignored at this point.

    I was looking at old photos of Violet on here – in some of them she has the cutest little teddy bear hat!

  28. Lisa says

    what a bunch of mean women you all are because you have your heads shoved up Jennifer Garners ass. I’m sure if it was Angelina Jolie you would be posting differently. and this little girls parents with their quick romance-pregnancy and shotgun better get married wedding will probaly last until maybe she is in elementary school.

  29. says

    Head Case! My father is LIVING with Pancreatic Cancer, so the pain of watching someone die is impossible. I am sorry that you lost so many family members to this tragic disease and I hope with that kind of family history you are getting regualr check ups. I will not engage in this discussion with you any further and I feel I can only look like the asshole in the end. Bitch….whatever it was that you called me.

  30. Minni says

    I’m NOT your “dear” bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go practice your “Dr. Phil” wanna be psychology elsewhere!!!

  31. Minni says

    Pleasure in SAYING it dear, in context.

    Try reading my comment before getting abusive. I think you’ll find that it was both commiserative and somewhat supportive.

    Perhaps you need to calm down. I find that looking at pictures of babies helps me…

    Oh and I think your use of the exclamation mark is creating some of your problems – it certainly makes your tone sound jubilant.

  32. TJ's mom says

    Fuck you too Minni. Oh yes…it was a pleasure watching my mother die. What kind of thing is that to say? May I add it was a pleasure watching my aunt die two months later! and it was a pleasure watching my father have a heart attack 3 months after that! and it was a pleasure having my mother-in-law die 3 weeks ago! You don’t know me, bitch! You think that you are so high and mighty! I just can’t believe you fucking women would get so fucking bent out of shape because of a fucking innocent comment!

  33. mage says

    DH is the one who feeds my 5 kids beer, I give them pizza. I have naturally curly hair and haven’t watched Oprah in many years. And we don’t smoke. My kids did not see my grandmother die of lung cancer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think that if mom is acting ok, the kid will react ok about blood. (at least that is how my kids are) My 6 year old had a bloody nose and DH was more freaked out than any of the other kids. It is a normal body function/reaction. Bleeding cleans wounds.

    I baby sat for a kid who totally freaked out at the sight of blood. If that were the case, I would not let him see me injured, but at 10 months, not that big a deal.

  34. TJ's mom says

    Ya know…everyone just go ahead and call me a fucking bad mother because I wouldn’t want my kids seeing me with blood on my arms! All of you dumb fucks have taken a totally innocent little comment I made and have blown it up into something major! You can all go fuck yourselves! Now I know why people leave this site! All of you get off your fucking high horses! AND to you “HotMama!” go fuck yourself! My children watched my mother die a slow death from cancer everyday for 18 months straight! YOU fucking grow up, bitch! I hope you or your children NEVER have to witness that! Oh…and change your handle “Hotmama” sounds like you fucking live in a trailer watching Oprah with curlers in your hair smoking a cigarette while feeding your fucking 5 kids beer and pizza! Fuck you all!

  35. Minni says

    TJ’s mom – anyone who takes that much pleasure in thowing their mother’s death in somone’s face to score points, win an argument or make someone feel bad is a shockingly unbalanced person. While I am deeply sorry for you in the face of the loss of your mother, the way that you fling the knowledge at poor Kelly suggests deep problems. “cancer! TAKE THAT AS YOU WILL, BITCH!” – surely you shouldn’t enjoy saying that?

    I think maybe you need to calm down and realise that thowing that at Kelly was cruel and a poor way to argue, that Kelly couldn’t have known your situation, that your children are no more intelligent than any one elses and that you maybe need a little professional help with your bereavement.

  36. Mary says

    Violet was born in DECEMBER of 2005. Exactly on December 1, 2005.
    Violet is so cuteee!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. HotMama says

    She is so adorable!!!

    And as far as the whole “blood” battle goes, she’s 11 months old, I’m sure she’s not concentrating on the blood, but rather that her mommy is right there, and loving her to pieces! So TJ’s Mom, GROW UP!! I’m glad my kids don’t grow up living in a bubble, like yours apparently do!

  38. TJ's mom says

    Just so you know, Kelly…my kids learned the word “boo boo” while they watched their grandmother (my mother) die a slow and horrible death from cancer! TAKE THAT AS YOU WILL, BITCH!

  39. Minni says

    Dear me!

    How sweet though.

    An argument is only private if carried out in private. Logic again, I’m afraid.

  40. says

    Ohhh, my goodness. Looks like TJ’s mom missed her morning cup of coffee. I guess raising brilliant children takes a lot out of you and makes you a judgemental nutjob. I don’t think I was the one comparing the development of children, I believe that would be you with your my kids smarter then your kid crap. I certainly am proud that my child had not HAD to learn the word boo boo, so take that as you will. He can say mama dada, and dog and he know what all three are. He would not know what a boo boo even is…..thank god!

    Oh, and fyi, three of my friends had babies in the same month as me, and all 3 11 month olds would now give two hoots about a little blood smear.

  41. carleigh says

    Braydie posted about 10 days ago that she was done coming on here. She has a lot of personal things going on in her life right now and I think she got tired of all the agruing and bickering on here towards here. Even when she wasn’t around someone would pick her apart and leave scathing comments about her. I think she just has a lot going on right now and just needed to pull out of here for awhile and take care of more important matters in her life. I can’t blame her a bit but I wish her the best and I miss her to bits!

  42. courtney says

    i bet that baby is so confused!! haha because shes bein passed from her om to a lady that looks exactly like her mommy!! thats funny! and about the blood thing, a baby that young doesnt even knwow hat blood is!? for all she knows its just a color, something bright! so im sure it doesnt matter, now maybe when it gets older im sure theyll have to explain to her that mommy and daddy make movies but their not real! violet is gonna be so gorgeous though!

  43. TJ's mom says

    Minni- I’m sorry, when did you become part of this “argument”? Did I respond to KellyMay’s # 26 post? No I did not! When I said that I was done, that was my last post on the subject! My comments were NOT sprinkled with insults, but I will insult you “Shut up you stupid ass! Stay out of my argument!” How’s that for LOGIC FOR A BEGINNER, OH DEAR….!

  44. Diana says

    Hi KellyMay – I understand what you are saying and know the angle that you are coming from! I was just saying to Carleigh in the most recent most about Heidi Klum that I miss Braydie’s comments!! It used to be fun when she was on here looking at her funny quotes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. Minni says

    Surely dear TJ’s mom, if you would truly like KellyMay to leave you alone you would simply stop resonding to her? That would be the logical grown up thing to do. By responding to her you suggest that what you want is the final word. Also you will find that your comments have more relevance and are taken more seriously if not sprinkled with insults. Logic for beginners! Oh dear.

    She’s a cute baby.

  46. TJ's mom says

    GET OVER IT, KelleyMay! I have better things to do with my time than argue with you! Go deliver a baby or something! I stated my comment! I answered your question and I’m done with it! Quit trying to stir up shit!

  47. TJ's mom says

    Kelley, don’t tell me to “chill out”. Maybe my kids were just smarter than yours! At one year old, my daughter could say “boo-boo!” and knew what blood was! May I suggest that you stop comparing your child’s developement based on what has to say! Every child is different! My daughter could say alot more than “mama and dada” at one years old! Or perhaps I should have told her to be quiet because according to the website, she shouldn’t of been talking yet!
    And KelleyMay, just to let you know, I don’t “freak out” over blood and I simply stated that I would not want my 1 year old to see blood all over me! It is NOT a touchy subject for me. In your post, you asked me WHY I wouldn’t let my child see me covered in blood, and I simply answered you! YOU, KelleyMay, are the one making a big arguement over my first comment! Perhaps YOU are the touchy one….!

  48. says

    ……………Violet and my son were born within 2 weeks of each other. My son does not and would not have the slighteset idea what something red on an arm would be. Kellymay is right on this one. I think if you were talking about a toddler that is 18 months old they might have that much awareness, but at 11 months old (thats how old she is) you can’t even say boo boo, unless the child is far more advanced then 80 % of her counterparts most children this age can say mama, dada and maybe 1 to 2 other words and even then they may not have an awareness of what they are saying.

    Chill out, I’m not saying that you should let your children have a blaze outlook on things like blood, but circumstances being what they are, should she have avoided all contact with her daughter because she has makeup on her body that day? Then you would be saying how awful it is that she leaves her daughter alone all day.

  49. says

    I guess if you choose to teach your child to be scared about blood then that’s your choice. Jen is an actor there is a perfectly good explanation why she has blood on her arm and it is only a big deal because you are making it one hence you influence your child to do the same This isn’t a car accident or an druggie bleeding out on the street, Doh there;s a difference there. So the next time your child is feaking out because they saw blood (as momma likely freaks out too) then think about this post. Blood is natural and yes it often means an injury occurs but you bleed fair less when you are calm rather then freaking out. My children understand that our body is full of blood, when they get cut there is no drama because of the blood therefore care is much easier under control. They are not desensitized they are very well informed and taught not to be scared of things beyond their control, I help deliver babies again blood is incorporated into my everyday life, sorry it’ such a touchy topic for you. Sheltering your children to life doesn’t teach them good coping skills nor does it educate them about real facts like HIV!

  50. says

    You know what I have noticed from a lot of other threads? There are a lot of Jack ***’ out there that like to make stupid threads like this to get people all worked up, and they never reply more than once. They do it on purpose just to get a rise out of people, and it needs to stop!I think people replyin to there threads, just encourages them even more.

  51. Doh says

    Totally agree with you TJ’s mom. Also kellymay you shouldn’t teach your children to be so blase about blood….hello, ever heard of HIV positive. You being in the “medical field” should realise that it is a big deal.

  52. TJ's mom says

    First of all, KellyMay, Violet was born in November of 2005. She is NOT 6 months old, she is almost a year old. At one years old, a child cannot tell the difference between real blood and fake blood. At one years old, my children knew that blood meant an injury (or “boo-boo”). Would I stand there in front of my child bleeding? Perhaps you would (because blood is “not big deal”), but I wouldn’t. As a parent, it is my responsibility to protect my children from anything unpleasant! Blood is not a pleasant sight. At one years old, did you let your children watch slasher movies? “It’s just a little blood?” At one years old, did you drive by a car accident and say “Hey! look out the window? It’s just alittle blood?” At such a young age, why would you want to expose them to anything unpleasant? They have their whole lives to witness all the violence and bloodshed around us? Why start at the tender age of one? I like Jennifer Garner! I really do! I just stated was that I wouldn’t want my kid to see me with blood on my arms (real or fake)…no matter how old they were! I’m glad that your kids can “move on” when they witness blood and violence! That’s great that they have been so desensitized to the hurt and pain of others! But for me, I’m going to shield my children from that for as long as possible…it’s my duty as a responsible parent!

  53. says

    “Eww..I just looked at the picture again! Did anyone notice the fake blood and cuts on their arms? Hmmโ€ฆI donโ€™t know if I would want my kid seeing that?”

    Yes, I did notice it but I don’t think it’s a big deal.
    Do you think Violet knows what that means or what it implies? At 6 months old she has no clue, we perceive it as something bad but in the mind of a child they wouldn’t because they rely on us to teach them. One day Violet will ask her mommy why she had blood on her arm and I’m sure Jen will explain about her job with likely never another thought.
    Why wouldn’t you want your child to see that? Mine would ask why and move on, I guess because I work in the medical field blood isn’t a big deal.

  54. carleigh says

    Violet Anne is a beautiful little girl and she looks just like her mommy ….. how cute is she! (THANKS TO WEBMISTRESS FOR THE FACE PIC’S YOUR THE BEST!)

  55. TJ's mom says

    Eww..I just looked at the picture again! Did anyone notice the fake blood and cuts on their arms? Hmm…I don’t know if I would want my kid seeing that?
    Oh…and by the way, all babies with chubby cheeks have “chinese eyes”. Violet is a little cutie pie!

  56. Shea says

    jens eyes are slated the same way. dont try to make something outta nothing. I think jen and violet look just alike.

  57. Kalista Brat says

    I wish they had a face shot. I hardly ever see pics of Violet. I still can’t really tell what she looks like from the pics I have seen. I do notice her eyes look kind of chinese and slanted like Suri’s eyes. I don’t know if anyone has noticed that.

  58. says

    Ye si’m sure that is confusing but one only sounds like momma! She’s cute, I’m glad Jen has her on set with her. Ben seems to try to be with them as much as possible too!

  59. carleigh says

    I wish it was a better face shot of Violet so we could really see just how cute she really is.

  60. sarah says

    aaahhhh how cute. Bet violet is a little confused being passed between 2 “mummys” that look the same !!!!

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