The Hollywood Hot Moms Soiree!

There is actually a Hot Moms Club! How cool is that? You can check out their website here. Here Brooke Burke and Mariska Hargitay are pictured at the Hollywood Hot Moms soiree! I LOVE Brooke’s dress!
Brooke Burke

Mariska Hargitay



  1. yo says

    coolness …………….
    urrr so beautiful both of u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Ruthie says

    Warning: this joke is rated R!

    A total loser has given up on trying to find a woman who can tolerate him. Instead he decides to teach his dog to perform oral sex, but he’s not having much luck. Finally, in frustration he yells at the dog: “Pay attention, stupid! ‘Cause I’m only gonna show you one more time!”

  3. says

    sure, how about this one…………. Richard Cranium (nice way of saying Dick Head) …… I used to eat a lot of natual foods, until i learned that most people die of natural causes…….. How about…..never take life to seriously, no one ever gets out alive anyway.

  4. Doh says

    OOps better watch out kellymay your halo is slipping. Saying things like that wont get you into heaven….LOL

    Hey kelley those little sayings are fab, got anymore so i can tell all my friends…..LOL

  5. Doh says

    Kelley a word of advice, that little saying of yours made you sound really stupid. Better stick to the bitchin…LOL

  6. carleigh says

    KellyMay don’t defend yourself against that idiot! Doh is just another sh*t stirring moron who has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of knowledge to add to anything on here.

  7. says

    There is a Kelly/Kelley/kellymay on the board, I am not actively involved in any disputes and almost always say kind things about people. Please post factual comments rather then basing your opinon on a prior post where I asked another poster why a child should not see blood? Again I was very kind about it.

    Why would I be a happy person if those things were happening to me? Don’t you worry about my family life, we are just fine! Why would I be living behind a fat lie, cynical woman you are! I’m sorry about your choices in life, I reap the rewards of my own 🙂 Blessings my dear! LOL

  8. Doh says

    For someone who enjoys life kelleymay, you seem to have alot of arguments goin with other posters…!!!

    Something tells me that maybe your living behind a huge fat lie of a life – all not happy at home..?? Partner playing away…??? LOL

  9. says

    Ha Ha I am a person who enjoys life, why live it in such a negative light the only person your hurting is yourself oh and your family if you have one!

    Sarah no it was a general post! Any psychology book will tell you just that, I actually just heard it again at a seminar this week at my childrens’ school about why some children bully, just a well known fact 🙂

    Doh, picked an appropriate handle LOL

  10. carleigh says

    Doh you are the only one who finds your stupid comments to be even slightly amusing. Leave Kellmay alone and stop trying to stir sh*t you troublemaking idiot!

  11. says

    i think doh is kalista brat and i dont care if my comment is correct or not i type fast and i areadly posted and didnt read it and why does it matter we not in school are we Doh kalista brat some person Different

  12. Doh says

    What are you kellymay, some sort of agony aunt…or i bet your one of those holier than thou bible bashers….lol god i must stop laughing so much my sides are splitting…

  13. carleigh says

    P.S for the record I didn’t make fun of Suri or how she looks…get your facts straight Susie before you make an inacurate comment posted DIRECTLY at me. Thank you very much.

  14. says

    I understand Skyler, some people are so unhappy with their own lives that the only way they know how to cope is to put down others, it’s sad! Most of all I feel sad for them there is always something in life to be happy about 🙂

  15. says

    I don’t think I would describe Mariska as hot! Brook is lovely though. As far as posts that are hard to read, please keep in mind that there are people who are on here in other countries or who may not speak (or type) English as a first language.

  16. sarah says

    Doh- i agree 100% with you, it just reads back as incoherant waffle. Brookes dress is lovely, where did she get it?

  17. Doh says

    skylar would you like to use some punctuation. We might be able to understand your comment then. At the moment i can only describe it as unintelligible babble. Infact i can read my 3 year old nephews writing better…

  18. says

    is Kalista Brat the new alice i mean every comment she leave is always mean no more who is the celebrity but by far the meanst one was about angelina baby shiloh she was breceed or whatever she wrote shiloh will end up dead or reatard come on kalista do you have a heart i know this is a place for you to speak your mind but for once can you leave is a nice one i guess your sn is right brat you are one i dont want to start a online fight or anything

  19. says

    is Kalista Brat the new alice come every celebrity comment she leaves always mean come on i know this is a place for you to leave a comment but for once could you leave a nice one and i guess her sn is corrcet is a brat by far the meanest one she wrote was about angelina baby she was brecced or whatever she wrote shiloh will end of dead are reatard come do you have a heart i dont want to start a online fight but i’m just saying and i like brooke dress everything about it from the color to the sytle

  20. carleigh says

    They are both beautiful. I love Brooke’s dress it’s really cute. Mariska is glowing and gorgeous.

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