Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie & Maddox

Brad, Angelina and Maddox were spotted enjoying an auto-ricksaw ride in India today. Maddox looks so much older now!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



  1. Terry says

    “Oh my” what a beautiful baby. The lips on her are identical to Angie’s. I can’t wait to see additional pics. What a lovely family.

  2. dori says

    That Maddox he sure is getting cuter and cuter isn’t he? From the pics I’ve seen he’s got a lot of personality. Just want to kiss that little face!!

  3. Tashiya says

    I want to see more of the pic of the Namibian-born Shiloh-Nouvel. She is the cutest baby of all time, though Mad is also cute

  4. desiree says

    this is the best family ever. I wish that they would show as much photos with Zahara and Shiloh as they do with Maddox though. Anyway, really beautiful family

  5. mage says

    i am currently working on my scrapbook of 1992…. i am enjoying writing down what i think the picture says and what i remember from the event. they aren’t alway the same
    maybe if i knew the kids personally i may have a different ‘feel’ of this expression.

  6. mage says

    i am currently working on my scrapbook of 1992…. i am enjoying writing down what i think the picture says and what i remember from the event. they aren’t alway the same
    maybe if i knew the kids personally i may have a different ‘feel’ of his expression.

  7. dori says

    did you ever hear the phrase ” a picture is worth a thousand words”. Sometimes the camera catches things we hide. Pictures tell a lot they can catch a look at your soul.

  8. says

    I saw the video of this ride on the news this morning, along with the Body Gaurd that choked the photog. I could not live like that. Trying to take this little ride and there were like 15 photogs on motor bikes swerving all around. It was terrifying to watch. I don’t blame any start for keeping their kids at home.

  9. courtney says

    have yall noticed that every time they have a day out with one kid its always maddox??? why dont they ever have one day out with zahara? or shiloh?? and plus the poor boy looks frightened……whatever its still cute thoguh

  10. Denise says

    How can anyone really, really, really tell how people are really feelng and what they are really thinking by just a few pictures. Everyone should go look at their own photo albums and pick out a few pictures and critique them. You can come up with all kinds of “look at her eyes” she’s not happy….”he doesn’t want to be there”…..! How can anyone judge photos and what’s going on on the outter edges of the pictures? That’s the problem with photo’s. They may look like one thing but there is lots of things happening around them that the photo’s don’t capture. I guess what you see is what either you’re hoping is happening or what you want to perceive is happening. If we were there while the photos were being snapped then we could pass and opinion on who isn’t happy or who is sad, or who is mad.

  11. says

    Jolie looks INSECURE and terrible My My where has all her confindence gone?? Brad looks like he could give a rats ass, about either one of them, Brad should get an Emmy for his “pretending like he gives a shit” look at his eyes….he doesn’t want to be there. Good show though….can’t wait to see the ending. LMAO

  12. dori says

    Maddox…poor kid looks overwhelmed, but the family looks happy. I’m glad to see Angelina smiling and the group looking well.
    Such a busy group… wonder when Maddox attends school. Isn’t he like 4-5 years old?

  13. Denise says

    If they didn’t mob the celebrities all the time you wouldn’t be able to see the photos that you make comments on all the time.

  14. marysmith says

    You have to love the look A. is giving B. in that last picture…like any other mom who is checking to see if Dad is seeing what she is in the kid. I love it when people come in here to leave gushie fan mail, and cannot understand the negative comments. WHY DO YOU DO IT???

  15. mage says

    maddox looks concerned, but his parents look like they are making the best of the situation.

    happy, happy family.

  16. AJ Fan says

    Maddox looks a bit scared but look how they are both holding him. There is so much love in that family.

  17. sarah says

    little mad does not look a happy little boy, it must be scary for him to be part of so much attention . Bless.

  18. sarah says

    mad looks very unhappy and not at all impressed. I dont blame him though, must get a bit scary at times. he is getting big now. Love this couple. Want to see more pics of shilou.

  19. Diana says

    Apparently in our news this morning over here in the UK it said that Brad and Angelina’s bodyguard attacked one of the British journalists. What a terrible way to behave. The journalist said that he was taking photos of them outside the hotel realising that inside the hotel would have been too much of an invasion of their privacy. Terrible really, but in a way I do feel sorry for them. They don’t deserve to be hounded like they are.

  20. Shea says

    I think their both tryin to hard to make mad smile and he wont have it by the looks of him in these pics.. these 2 are the most fakest people around and I dont care what you say about that comment.

  21. Jenn says

    I feel so bad for them. They are just tryong to take Mad out and get mobbed by all of this! Wow, so sad, can’t even have a outing :O(. But Carleigh, I totally agree, you cannot fake that. They are wonderful, I love ’em!

  22. Nicki says

    I think this outing was the next day, I believe the bodyguard incident happened the day before. There are a lot more pictures on JustJared’s and the do look really happy together. Maddox looks so cute holding his sunglasses. (Angie ends up holding them later, lol, like with most kids).

  23. carleigh says

    I wonder if this was the photo op where the Jolie-Pitt bodyguard choked out a photographer for getting to close. Maddox is a cutie and you can tell they are a happy family, you can’t fake smiles like those.

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