Keisha Castle-Hughes Is Expecting Her First Child

Keisha Castle-Hughes

Oh my! Keisha Castle-Hughes, 16, is pregnant. Keisha and her boyfriend, Bradley Hull, 19, are expecting their first child this spring, her rep confirms. The two have been dating for three years.She seems awfully young, but congratulations! She does seem very mature for her age and I remember being very impressed by her performance in Whale Rider. She received a Best Actress Oscar nomination for the role…and she was only 13!
Interestingly, Keisha also played the Queen of Naboo in 2005’s Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. She was born in Australia, but grew up and still lives in New Zealand.

RANDOM THOUGHT! If you already have a hyphenated name (Keisha Castle-Hughes for example) and you get married, do you change your name to Keisha Castle-Hughes-Hull?



  1. Shea says

    Damn baby spilled juice on keyboard and keys are sticking sorry everyone for the misspellings…they really werent though lol 🙂

  2. Shea says

    PEN, Birth control iS 100% WHEN YOU DONT HAVE SEX! Shes 16, SHES a child! AND yes I do pay for all the under age unwed mothers that have to go on chid welfare. I know where my taxes go to, thank you. In my state, outta a hundred girls (under 18) 40 % get pregnant by age 18. 10 % have abortions. 7 % get married, 23% go on state funds ….so yes I believe that I do have a right in this matter when my money I WORK FOR goes to a child thats raising a child. AND not for MY child. I know having a child isnt a bad thing I NEVER said it was NOR did I ever say that she wouldnt care or love her child.. Next time try not to actually write peoples posts FOR THEM. Call me a bigot, I dont care. This IS MY opinion. MY feeling on the matter. when childrens PARENTS dont give them the guidience and education they need about sex. When girls get pregnant JUST becuz they can. Who’s to say this CHILD didnt get pregnant to “trap” her of age boyfriend? YOR the one that sounds like one of “those” parents that doesnt give a shit what her kids do. Go cheer on your daughter when she gets pregnant at 15,16 years old….or hey you can go cheer her on when she gets aids becuz condoms arent “kool”.
    YOUR the idiot.

  3. Candy says

    everyone says how mature she is and how respnsible and now look at her 16 and pregnant and on top of that with a boyfriend whos 19 my advice for her: if your going to have sex be responsible if not wait till your 20 and READY to be a mom

  4. pen says

    Shea —I have never read such idiotic and bigoted comments. I am sure tha you will write some scathing reply but I had to say that. Birth control is NOT 100% she could have been using it and gotten pregnant anyway. To say that someone doesn’t care about their child because they have the good sense to say they will support their child even in a far from perfect situation is just plain dumb I would rather have that woman as a parent a thousand times over than someone who feels this is a bad thing. To say you have a right to say young mothers are bad because you will have to support them is also pretty dumb because I know of plenty of adults who feel society should support them to. Anyway congrats to the mother to be I hope she and her child are happy and healthy.

  5. gina says

    shea….i like what you just said, dont worry my daughter will be on birth control, of some sort, but i have 16 years to wait yet, lol

  6. gina says

    shea….i like what you just said, dont worry my daughter will be on birth control, of some sort, but i have 16 years to wait yet, ol

  7. Shea says

    Shakira. actually, i never “judged” anyone over the age of eighteen. I will probably be “paying” for it If that person is under 18 and having a baby . so yes I believe I have voice in the matter. I believe you meant quicker then expected. You really have no point to your post that actually concerns me. you might think it does but it really doesnt, I never said anything like what you wrote lol. why dont you read my posts again

  8. Shea says

    why do we have to get “used” to anything gina? as a parent you can change what YOUR children do that YOU did. you should strive to have them have better lives then what you had. Make sure they are on birth control, even if their not having sex. JUST becuz someone can afford a child doesnt mean it will be taken care for or loved. im not goin to congrat a child becuz she can afford to have a baby and provide for it.
    I wasnt “picking” on you, maybe you dont know how your posts sounded. however the point is what you said. you said “who cares, seriously” I DO.

  9. Shakira says

    This is for #20 Shea. waht you said was so wrong. How dare you say that someone can judge her because that person was an adult when she had her first child? You or no one else is perfect. You are not going to be the one raising her child so why does it matter if she is having a baby? That baby is not going to live in your house nor you are not buying any diapers. How would you feel if someone judged you? Not good so leave her alone. She just is going to have to grow up quivker than expected. Don’t look at it as a accident look at it as a blessing from God because some people can not have children and would love to have them.

  10. gina says

    aww im throwing my sweets out my buggy and throwing a tantrum….wah,

    now, i have planning my children since i was 14 cuz i had a sh!t childhood, no need to go into detail, at the end of the day in these day and ages, “children” are having “children”
    i have been on many different sites tonight hearing of 13 year olds having sex, having kids just before they turn 15/16, so really now, i see it as quite an epidemic, as i have said before on this blog, 12 year olds are now having babies, so 16, who cares, seriously, at least she is with the father of her baby, unlike some. yes i would support my daughter if she was to have a baby at 16, but i would also support her, if she wanted to go to college and university, hence the reason, she has 2 bank accounts at 6 months old.

    i have read through your posts and yeah i was angry {and was misreading}, cuz, your right, at 16 they should know about birth control, but im sick of being picked on by people as im sure other teen mums out there are, of having to hear people think were doing this for benefits, etc.

    but at least Keisha can afford this baby, in the sense of, providing for it, so shouldnt we be congratulating her???

    theres nothing out there, i feel that will ever stop 16year olds having babies, its the new generation, and unfortunatly, we have to get used to it.

  11. Shea says

    Gina ….first off i dont make anyone feel like shit…this is a computer and if your so sensitive maybe you shouldnt come to blogs. I also never said you “wont” care. I said you DONT care. Which sounds like the truth since you said ” I’m glad i had my daughter just turned 19…which i have been planning since i was 14. i will support my daughter if she has her first at 16!!!” YOU planned to have that child at 14 yrs of age. you said you would support your daughter if she has a child at 16, lol that means she will be having sex also at 14 to 15 years of age. maybe you should focus on her education INSTEAD of when she is going to have children. I NEVER once said you never loved your child, I said you dont care what they do. I guess i dont care, I dont wanna see a CHILD having children. Becuz that is WHAT I dont want to see. Just shows your age by your cursing, lol, or lack of spelling the curse words.
    also I dont have to “shut the fcuk up” i have a opinion just like you. Do I tell you to shut the fcuk up ? you sound like a little child that didnt get her way.

  12. gina says

    shea!!!! until u see me with my daughter u have no right to say that i wont care. but we should support “children” as u put it, like her, not condem her. that child will receive the same amout of love from her, the same as a 40 year old will love her child. so shut the FCUK up. its people like YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that make teen mums like her feel like SH!t because YOU dont care

  13. Shea says

    circumstances?? omg….she said herself she had many b/f’s before age 14. Sorry but I believe she meant it in a manner which she was saying she had many b/f’s she had sex with before she got with this true love of hers. You seen it one way and I seen it another way, until she says diferently I will believe what I think she meant. Also it doesnt mean she WONT teach her kid how to be one either does it? She hasnt lived long enough to have informed, responsible decisions, She’s a child raising a child. JUST like this Keisha Castle-Hughes. shes a CHILD. Its people like Gina that doesnt care one bit if her child does whatever she wants….maybe it wont be a child at 16 GINA….maybe it will be AIDS…will you support that???????? get help.

  14. carleigh says

    Shea just b/c Stacey might have had several bf’s in her youth doesn’t make her a slut (she may not have even been sexually active at that time) and doesn’t mean she’s going to “teach” her daughter how to be one. Think about it like this..maybe Stacey has learned a lot in her young life and can teach and guide her daughter to make informed, responsible decisions based off her own life experiences. There’s no need use derogatory remarks towards someone, you just don’t know what her circumstances are…give her the benefit of the doubt.

  15. gina says

    the difference between a 12year old mum and a 16 year old mum is the 16 year old mum was brought up….NOT DRAGGED UP!!! I’m glad i had my daughter just turned 19…which i have been planning since i was 14. i will support my daughter if she has her first at 16!!!

  16. Shea says

    Jess becuz this is a blog and not her fan site. If you want to hear OMG CONGRATS….go to her damn fan web site.
    as for being pregnant at 18….W/e you were a ADULT…she is SIXTEEN. NO one is ready to be a parent. no matter how much or how little money you have. when did you start planning? when you were 14?
    This girl is a CHILD. NO MATTER how much everyone tries to suger coat it.
    stacey, wow lots of b/f’s before age 14. hmmm, WTH? wow no wonder you thought it was ok to have a baby at 16. I hope you dont teach YOUR daughter to go out and be a slut at …..what…12 yrs of age??? I AM ALSO GLAD I HAVE BOYS …..after reading some of these “success” stories OMG.

  17. Amy says

    Her boyfriend is over 18 and she is under 18. Isn’t that considered statutory rape? It doesn’t matter about consent, either.

  18. Jess says

    Why cant people keep their “oh she is too young” comments to their selves and just say CONGRATULATIONS…i hope all goes well and she has a nice healthy baby….i had my daughter @ 18 and was MORE than ready to be a mum!!!!! infact she was planned and we are now planning our second now that she is 1 1/2…..times have changes now days people are having babys alot younger and if they are ready for then GOOD ON EM!!!!!

  19. gina says

    why cant a girl be pregnant, young or old? as lond as she loves it and cares for it, why care??? i say GOOD ON HER!!!!!!!

  20. courtney says

    ok #8………ya i respect her for having the child, thats not the point, SHE SHOULDNT BE PREGNANT!!!!!! SHES 16!!! whats ur point, u dont have one…..theres no excuse for it, ya its mature of her to keep the kid, but ya knwo why shes keeping it?? BECAUSE SHE HAS THE MONEY TO!!! think bitch think!! before u start gettin on my case think…because if u approve of ehr having a kid thats sad and sick! like i said way up there, the only reason its ok is because shes famous and has a lot of money!! if it were anyone not famous, she would be one of the ones known as a “slut”

  21. carleigh says

    Stacey–personally I hope your happy and you beat the odds because they sure aren’t stacked in your favor.

  22. stacey says

    can i just say something, no matter how young you are or how old your are i’m sure this woman and her partner will love and care for their child, they will give the best to their son or daughter, they will protect them from harm. they will have all of the love and support they need from their families and each other. i fell pregnant at 16 and i started dating my husband when i was 14 and there were lots of other b/fs before him, and i have a wonderful little girl who is now 14 months and i wouldn’t change her for the world i would do it all over again. me and my partner got married 3 months after she was born, and we have our own home, two cars on the drive and a happy relationship and a wonderful happy little girl. number 33, boys get girls pregnant so his girlfriend might be your daughter in law!!!!

  23. mage says

    name with held- who are you? married in 89 ? i was married in 90 and also a teen parent who “made it”?
    we married in 90 so not quite 17 years.

  24. mage says

    LMAO kelley! with boys you only have one penis to worry about- with girls, you worry about all the penises! (or would that be peni?)

  25. says

    16 is young, but I have known people who had babies younger then that and they have been good mothers. Accidents happen, but I think they happen more when there is not a strong parent involved. Each of the young ladies I know who had babies young, had mothers who were either not present at all, or were too busy “living” their own lives to bother raising their daughters. There is some kind of longing there for someone to love when the mother (or even father) does not play a primary role in their childs daily life.

    That said, I am SOOOOO glad I had a boy!

  26. name withheld says

    my dd is 16. i was 16 when she was conceived. been married to her dad for 17 years now. not ideal, but we made it work- with out the support of our families till recently. we really fought with our options and chose to make our situation work. we did have the advantage of my household management skill so we avoided many of the traps of the young and foolish (credit card debt, living beyond our means) never did I think that being the primary caregiver for my siblings would be a good thing!
    we have a much more open relationship than i had with my mom. all of my children have been conveived while on birthcontrol- he older ones know it. my youngest is an ortho evra patch baby- no missed days or improper use. dd knows we used birth control and still got pregnant (both correctly and incorrectly). i speak to all her friends about it. heck, when dd and her boyfriend found the vasectomy and tubal ligation paperwork, we had a very detailed heart to heart talk about the realities of sex.
    dh and i were BOTH conceived while our mother’s took the pill- we should have known.

    i do wish this young lady the very best for her future. i assume that being a child actor she is many ways more mature than the average 16 year old. i hope those close to her support her in a posative manner, because no matter how you feel about the situation, it is done.

  27. Diana says

    She is very young however I wish her good health and happiness. Lets hope that they both can stick together as I am sure that bringing up a little one on your own when you are so young is never an easy task.

  28. nixxy says

    I do agree that 16 is young to have a child that said I think we all need to stop judging her. As one person pointed out her culture as with many others in the world find it perfectly normal to begin relationships and have babies at a younger age. This is the norm. Second off as others have pointed out many young teenagers get pregnant these days in those cultures where it is not a norm and the majority of teenagers in these cultures are having sex so to say she shouldn’t be having sex or that your child won’t have sex at that age is naive. Unfortuntenaly (not spelled right I know) it is a fact that no form of birth control is 100% so to say she should of being using it is also silly because unless you were in the room with her I am pretty sure we cant know whether or not she did. I think we should just apreciate the fact that while this is not an ideal situation, and that maybe she might not of acted responsibly before hand, she is taking resposibility now. Not to mention when i was in high school this was 10 years ago there was a girl in my class who had her first child at 15 (a one night stand) by the time she was 19 she had 3 kids all from diffeerent fathers. At the very least they seem to be in a stable and committed relationship, and will prob be raising this kid together. Also # 24 I don’t mean to sound rude but really saying something like that you are just inviting bad things to happen. My parents always told me that if i felt I was ready to have sex then I should come to them tell them, let them meet the guy, and that if the worst happened they would be there for me. They took a realistic approach knowing that I would prob have sex as a teenager and that by disscussing it with me and by letting me know that they would not be mad it made me less likely to sneek around, and it did make me more resposnible because they treated me as a responsible person.

  29. Marika says

    Well, well this is what a chat comment line is about, alot of blah, blah blah about a pregnancy. Bye bye all you ladies with your comments. Each to his or her own.

  30. Kitty says

    Uh, people? Accidents happen. For all we know, she and her boyfriend might’ve been using birth control and it didn’t work for whatever reason. Obviously it’s not an ideal situation, but life is full of situations which aren’t ideal, so I suggest you guys get off your high horses at least until you can honestly say you’re perfect. Let’s face it – she may be young, but she’s wealthy and has lots of support, so I doubt she, her baby or even her career are going to suffer. There are far worse things she could’ve done (drug habit or Hayley Joel Osment-inspired DUI, anyone?).

  31. carleigh says

    It’s a sad thing that this girl just happens to be a celebrity who at age 16 got pregnant. Her life is going to change and she will not get to experience her adolescence as a normal girl would.

    grandmotehr ……..what is that supposed to mean? You need to learn to spell..I believe you meant grandmother,right?

  32. Lisa says


    are you nuts!!!! 16 is not young anymore, you are just nuts-my daughter will not be having babies at 12 or 16- what a disgusting idea : (

  33. gina says

    i say congrats. it could be worse. she could live here in the UK and this could be her 3rd child. 16 is NOT young any more. jeez, 12year olds are having kids. So good luck to her.

  34. tired of carleigh says

    Shea it’s not a good thing, it’s a sick thing but it does happen, young girls being raped all the time and having babies. Whether by father, brother, uncle, cousin, teacher, someone they trust – unfortunately young girls do get pregnant every day in the USA.

    You chose to misread my thoughts.”tired of caleigh, wow it amazes me how much you think she should get “out” but yet you say all these young girls are getting pregnant woopie.. like its a great thing. i think maybe YOU should learn about Birth control, cuz your the one that sounds ignorant.

    I choose not to preach and expose my personal life on this website, others choose to indulvge personal info and then get nasty about it it a person comments. It you cannot accept critism don’t line yourself up for it.

    21. Claire | October

  35. Claire says

    ok i just turned 18 today and the i dea of having a kid at 16, ha no wayyyyyy. my mom had my sister at 18 and pretty much raised my sister on her own until my dad married my mom. so i wish her the best of luck in life.

  36. Shea says

    16 is still a child no matter how much anyone says it isnt…just becuz she can have sex doesnt mean she should. This is a CHILD no matter what she does for a living.
    Jessica, you CAN judge her. you were a adult when you got pregnant. she ISNT. im also sure she will be just fine…she, im sure has alittle money from w/e acting she has done, unlike alot of teenage mothers that are out there.. however, If shes old enough to have sex shes old enough to know to get on birthcontrol.
    tired of caleigh, wow it amazes me how much you think she should get “out” but yet you say all these young girls are getting pregnant woopie.. like its a great thing. i think maybe YOU should learn about Birth control, cuz your the one that sounds ignorant.

  37. Jessica says

    Well.. I’m no person to judge this WOMAN.. Because I was also young when i had my child, I was 18 just like one of the previous people on here.. And I’m married now, I got married a year and a half after my little girl was born to my childs father, me and him made it just fie.. I’m sure she will to.

  38. tired of carleigh says

    #15 and 16 what are you the Walking Book of Knowledge ?
    Many, many 12, 13, 14, and 15 year olds give birth every day in the good old USA -whether raped, molested or conceived out of love. Get a grip on reality – good old carleigh preacher girl – x-ray tech – don’t you do sonograms ? . Have you ever even been out of the state you live in – doubt it – as your ignorance shows. Better teach your own daughers about birth control. You could be a grandmotehr sooner than you think.

  39. carleigh says

    This girl is not living in a Maori culture she’s an actress…and from what I understand New Zealand has made many, many strides in technology, exportation and various other cultural changing advances. She’s not living in a cave or a thatch hut and I am pretty sure that there is birth control readily available in New Zealand.

  40. carleigh says

    I don’t know who this little girl is and that’s exactly what she is. She is a child. Her mother should never have let her get into a serious relationship while she’ s so young. She’s not someone to be praised for taking responsibility or for doing the right thing and she should not be heralded either. If she was doing the responsible thing she and HER BF would have either been practicing birth control or even better abstinence. She’s way to young to be having a baby and i know sh*t happens and what’s done is done but where in the hell are this girls parents in this whole situation. She’s no role model and I just hope that if she’s a popular actress that her “young” fans don’t get the wrong idea that getting pregnant at 16 y/o is NOT the smart thing to do! There’s a thousand ways to prevent pregnancy and one sure fire get pregnant. This girls lack of personal responsibilty belies her age..she’s a CHILD herself!

  41. Joelle says

    Congratulations to her! I am sure her child will be happy and beautiful. Best of luck to Keisha!
    For the rest of you, If you could be bothered to learn anything about the Maori culture you would learn that Maori women are more like to start having children in their mid-teens and early twenties. Trying to understand cultural differences is a lot more interesting than rushing to pass judgement. Here is a link to a study done that is an enlightening read.

  42. Kelsey says

    I applaud her for making the decision to keep the child and take responsibility for her actions. Having said that, I don’t agree with someone her age having sex (although I know that is happens all the time) or being in such a serious relationship at such a young age. Looking back at that time in my life, I was nowhere near ready to be a mom…I hadn’t even figured out where I wanted to go to college, what I wanted to wear to the prom, or more importantly, who I was as a person. Although I don’t think the situation is ideal and wouldn’t desire it for my daughter, I wish Keisha all the best and hope that she has a supportive family to help her out.

  43. mage says

    the only effective form of birth control is not having sex. part of the responsibility of having sex is what if the b/c fails. looks like they have accepted the responsibility.
    who knows, maybe they were trying to get pregnant.
    better to have her announce than nasty speculation in the tabloids for the next 6 months.
    i wish them the best.

  44. keppa says

    i don’t think she should be embarressed for coming out with the fact that she’s pregnant (people would find out eventually anyway) but i also think that with responsibility for your actions comes making the right decisions…not necessarily simply keeping the child because she helped create it. she could put the baby up for adoption or have had an abortion and i still think those can be seen as responsible choices as well.

  45. missymama says

    absolutely insane. No matter how “mature” you are for 16, your still only 16!!! She’s a kid for heavens sake. But with that said, I respect her taking responsibility and having the child as opposed to having an abortion. Wouldn’t you all agree?

  46. Renae says

    Courtney: Don’t you think part of being a responsible person, is taking full responsibility for her actions? Would you rather her have an abortion an announce that to the press? Get off your soap box!

  47. courtney says

    and the ONLY reason its ok is because shes rich and famous, if it were someone u knew in highschool everyone would be like “oh my god shes pregnant at 16 yrs old what a slut blah blah blha!!!!!!!!”

  48. courtney says

    whoa….16?? thats rediculous, she is way too young to be having kids…it doesnt matter how mature she seems for her age, her body isnt even fully developed and shes havin a kid!! i mean it would be one thing if her and her however old boyfriend were havin sex responsibly but not only is she having sex, its obviously not responsibly if shes pregnant….im sorry but if i were her id be embarrased to announce i was pregnant to the whole world at 16 yrs old…..some girls dont even have their periods at 16!!! whatever, if it were my daughter…i wouldnt have let her be in a serious relationship at 13 anyways!!

  49. Kristin says

    16 is young, but I had my first son at 18 and I had to grow up FAST. But now when I’m at open house for his school, (he’s 10 now) people are always looking at me like I’m too young still. My husband and I are very happy with a home of our own, and in addition to our 10 year old, we have a 6 year old boy and a 2 year old girl.
    Good luck to her!

  50. TJ's mom says

    Lisa…you wrote the EXACT same thing that I was going to write! Thanks for saving me some time typing! 🙂

    So…I’ll just write “DITTO #1”

  51. Lisa says

    wow-so young

    I know I was no where ready to be a mom at 16-but best wishes anyways

    dating for 3 years at 16!!! I hope my little girl is not dating at 13 YUCK

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