Katie Holmes & Victoria Beckham Do Paris

Moms Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham are in Paris for fashion week. Here they are seen on their way to the YSL show. Reportedly Victoria whisked Katie away for some TLC and girls-only fun!

Katie Holmes



  1. Konstantina says

    Victoria is sooooo sad…in every pic does she have to strike a pose!!! Like be natural for 30 sec in your life.

  2. nicola says

    I actually read an interview wiv VB years ago and she was asked y she neva smiles, she replied “I hate smiling, it makes me look ugly”

  3. dori says

    Nope i know what it is she’s standing next to mis skinny minny which makes her look larger…

  4. dori says

    I love all the cute outfits the girls are wearing but I am crazy does Katie have ugly legs? Kind of bowllegged?
    She looks trim and wonderful but she has different legs than she use to have from her dawson creek days.

  5. says

    Your right Carliegh. As far as the vacination thing, I worry that he will take her out and expose another child to something. People who choose not to vaccinate choose to expose other children to things that once were so very common but that thnks to vaccinations have been nearly irradicated. So good thing they are keeping her at home.

  6. carleigh says

    Patty did you happen to miss the Vanity Fair cover??? Are do you think those “pics” might be fakes or staged? Tom the Weirdo Cruise is a member of a wacked out cult that says babies should be sequestered away from all outside influences for such a period of time (not sure if it’s the first yr. or maybe longer). Since the Weirdo doesn’t believe in conventional medicine he refuses to have Suri vaccinated and this is just a problem waiting to happen. What if she catches polio, hepatitis or something worse? She’s a small child and w/o the benefits of being vaccinated she is basically a sitting duck if she’s exposed to any lethal childhood illnesses. God forbid he take her out and around people and she does get exposed. I think it’s a weird thing myself but knowing all we know about Tom is it that far fetched?? Not really. He’s controlling and dominant and I am sure he feels justified in keeping Suri penned up at home and is just using the wacky cult beliefs to justify his behavior. He’s a weirdo supreme and Katie is just a brainwashed fool for letting his exert his “cruise” control over her and their daughter. She should be spending time taking Suri on long walks, reading her bedtime stories and cuddling with her but instead she’s off trotting arount Paris and London w/ Skeletal Spice…now there’s a real good role model to look to. Run Katie Run is all I can say.

  7. Lucy says

    Does Katie actually have a baby that is alive and breathing? I’m beginning to suspect that this child will never see a world beyond the Cruise-Holmes complex. I mean she’s 6 months old, and she never ever has been seen out and about? Something is definetely amiss here folks.

  8. Shea says

    I just hate katie. LOOK at her. shes trying so hard to be like victoria. WHY? She used to be more stylish …now she just has the nanny gone wrong look…….sad.

  9. Shea says

    I believe your on here prob more then she is kalista. take a look at yourself before you have the nerve to judge others. if you dont like any site you go to…dont go to it. Its not that hard.

  10. tired of carleigh says

    Kalista Brat – webmistressi/miseterstress may just be a shriink in training. Good anger management – whoever.

  11. Kalista Brat says

    The secret celebrity mom who owns this page is………… a mother of girls not boys. I bet she isn’t that famous either. Cause she has plenty of time on her hands to run this kind of website. I think she ‘s a bit of a loser too, cause she keeps up with this crap. I think the celeb web mistress has never had her baby pics published in a magazine either cause she ain’t all that.

  12. gina says

    vb never smiles and she is way too thin. and i could never leave my newborn the amount of time Katie does, altho she does look good.

  13. megan says

    What is it that katie has about being surrounded by people with maniacal fake grins…i mean we all know toms ‘grin’ is downright fake but have any of you ever seen posh’s smile…you can see that it physically hurts her to smile and she ends up looking like the joker..both these ladies seem to have a lot of ‘me’ time without their children..

  14. mage says

    I hate the glasses they both are wearing.
    VB looks very classy in this shot.

    And no, I couldn’t leave my kids for a week easily- and I have 5 of them. My sister thought she could, till the first time she did.

    Like they care what I think.

  15. emma c says

    Katie looks frumpy compared to victoria. Although i think victoria is too thin she is more stylish than katie.

  16. Lisa says

    what a weird, odd couple….. how about spending time w/ your infant? oh yeah I forgot she is probaly being hovered over by some scientology weirdos

  17. Diana says

    They both look like models that have just stepped off the catwalk in this picture. Very beautiful! 😉

  18. Momma UK says

    I had to laugh when I read the “girls only fun” comment, VB doesn’t even know how to smile, never mind have fun, she is another one that doesn’t seem to spend much time with her boys and you certainly never see VB with her youngest Cruz – what kinda name is that ? answers on a postcard please…

    And where is baby Suri ? Does Katie Holmes or Tom for that matter ever spend any time with their child ? They always seems so busy going to football games etc etc, but hey of course that could tie into the theory that Suri really isn’t theirs and that she is just another actor playing her part!! Just like the whole TomKat romance really huh !

  19. Jen says

    Oh please drop the “away from the baby” thing already!!! Its so Old. Katie looks very sophisticated and very pretty.

  20. txmom says

    Yea, it is flat out freaky that we never see Katie out w/ her babe……it took me months to feel ok about leaving my first…just to run to the store!

    kk_619– I don’t know who the celebrity mom is….but she said she bought her son’s roundabout in 2000 (so he was maybe 6 mo old) and that now her daughter uses it….all I can think of is Cindy Crawford….

  21. Mrs. Vreeland says

    As a mother of three I can say from experience time away is something you crave BUT I’m talking dinner and a movie w/a friend, a spa date, even a night away.
    Leave my baby in California and fly to Paris? Way outside my comfort zone even w/greatest father in world on watch. So, it’s her first, she’s being fed all manner of should/shouldn’t crap, please let her have brought her very young baby along. . .

  22. kk_619 says

    BTW – Does anyone know who the owner of this webpage is? I was just reading the “About’ section and see that its a secret celebrity Mom. I woner who it is!!!???

  23. kk_619 says

    I dont see how she can go out so often without her baby. I know its good to get out every once in a while without the kids, but Katie and Tom are NEVER with their baby!!! Its just weird!!

  24. missymama says

    I wouldn’t doubt with all the time away from Suri that Katie is no longer breastfeeding.

    I don’t understand how you can spend so much time away from your newborn?? Especially when it’s your first.

    Its weird.

  25. Bethany says

    I’m sure Tom would not allow her to take the baby. They both look very pretty and sophisticated though!

  26. Missy says

    Where is little Suri? I wonder if she is also in Paris…Seems Katie spends a lot of time without her little baby. I would find it difficult to keep breastfeeding when you have to continually pump because you would rather be without your baby.

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