Anna Nicole Smith With Daughter At Commitment Ceremony

Well, I don’t know what to say. These are the photographs of Anna Nicole Smith’s “marriage” (commitment ceremony) to Howard K. Stern that took place in the Bahamas. Howard is her lawyer and now claiming to be the father of little Dannielynn Hope. The whole thing is very confusing and tragic. Anna is clearly heavily sedated and medicated. Hopefully, her joy over Dannielynn Hope will help her through this.

UPDATE: Sorry, we were asked to remove the images, but you can see them at


  1. dori says

    the more i hear on the subject the sadder it gets, i have kids that age and would certauinly noticed something was up and done my best to help.
    I had dreams about this last night. It’s so tragic this young man wasn’t saved.

  2. Shea says

    Howard isnt the father or they wouldnt be so scared to come back to the states. I dont know why anna is so afraid for. this larry guy seems to be a ok guy, Its not like he has any right to her money, just their child. Howards a attourney so im sure he knows a bunch of ways to get outta doing a DNA test. which is sad becuz not many men would actually WANT to step up to take a DNA test.

    No worries dori, its not a big deal. Just didnt want you to keep saying married and have a bunch of idiots yelling at you like I see they do that alot on here for really no reason, but just to yell at posters and not talk about the topics. as for the drugs, we’ll never know. If anna did know he was a addict. its kinda sad that with all the money she has she didnt get him any help. I would think that she was a addict the way she acts and how much weight shes lost. sorry but trim spa alone cant work that well lol.

  3. dori says

    oh! sorry for the confusion I’m not sure what exactly committment ceremony means I guess.
    I do hope the man who claims to be the father is allowed to get the DNA testing done and the drug testing done on the baby and Anna Nicole as well.
    On extra yesterday her close friend was interviewed refused to answer a question about the methadone possibly belonging to Anna Nicole. So who’s the drug addict? Or were they all drug addicts? There are some good questions being asked by the other man claiming to be the father.

  4. Shea says

    Dori…yes you did say commitment ceremony but you also said they got married. I thought you thought they meant the same thing.

  5. dori says

    Yes I totally agree, and I did say committment ceremony as you said.
    The whole thing is just a circus.. but thats her trashy style now isn’t it?

  6. Shea says

    on a personnal note….she did look very medicated and I dont think its a good idea to give grieving parents meds to make them not think about their childs death. she should grieve, remember her son and forget about the drugs. She will regret it in the future.

  7. Shea says

    HOWARD IS NOT THE FATHER!……………..he and anna made it up LOL. im not kidding. Thats why shes staying in the bahamas, if she comes back to the states the real father is gonna make her have little danny take a dna test.

    Dori, they did NOT get married. a “commitment” ceremony is what gay and lesbian couples do becuz they cant legally marry. Annas due to get some big bucks since her old husbands son that contested it died . im sure she doesnt want dork howard to get any of her HARD EARNED money. lol!

  8. dori says

    Yes, losing a family member is tragic.. especially a child. But look who we’re talking about here. Having a loss is not an excuse for being stoned and drunk all the time. This is who she always was and always will be. These aren’t your every day average people. Her life has always been a media circus and her son’s death has unfortunately become a circus as well.
    I doubt that child belongs to Stern and this whole “committment ceremony ” is a sham and very inappropriate at this time. You don’t greive a son by running off and getting married and pretending the man is your babys father. It’s all sickening to me.

  9. nicola says

    TJ`S Mom, i think u`ll find that it was MY opinion that i`m entitled to use, and I did. If don`t like it, then well, that`s just too too bad !!!

  10. dori says

    And shame on you for jumping to conclusions about my statement.
    I didn’t say she deserved to lose a child . Read before you speak.

  11. dori says

    hey perly girl
    I didn’t say anything about her loss of a son thats sad even for a whore like Anna Nicole . what I said she’s an incompetent mother .She’s always on drugs and alcohol and probably always will be.
    For god sakes boy was on anti depressants and methadone …. he was an addict. of some kind…. heroine probably….. what do you think methadone is used for????His mother and grandmother were well aware he had issues. Maybe had they paid more attention this could have been avoided

  12. Shea says

    Now it looks like howard ISNT the father. what a messed up life this little girl is going to have. I feel bad about her losing her son…but she has her daughter now to take care of. AND she needs to do it now…noit when shes “ready” like howard said. OMG I hope this little girls father is that other guy. maybe she will have some normalcy in her life.

  13. michelle says

    i feel sooooo bad about her losing a son and she has done some really stupid things in the past …….welll its her second child so she has a second chance R.I.P. Daniel

  14. carol says

    A friend of mine lost a 12-year-old son in 1988 and has never been the same. No one, even if you went through such a nightmare, will ever be the the same. I know because when I am aroud her, with my son, who was 10 at the time, there are weird vibes, I feel guilty because my son is here, she tries not to think about her son, and I wish her son was here, but nothing can bring him back. I remember the wake, funeral, his casket being carried out of the church, the burial, etc. like it was yesterday, but it was almsot 20 years ago. I wish my old friend was back but after all this time, don’t see it happening. Thank God Anna Nicole has a new baby and new committment to hopefully replace that loss she has for her son under any circumstances and she will be able to keep her head up.

  15. Susan says

    I don’t care what anyone says losing a child is one of the worst things a parent can go thru. She will NEVER get over it. If my child died I would be heavily sedated too. I just thank God she has a daughter to kep jer busy.

  16. carleigh says

    It wasn’t a wedding it was a commitment ceremony. Maybe it gives Anna something to look forward to? Who knows but she’s clearly going through a major amount of emotions right now and it’s highly possible she’s just not thinking clearly.

  17. Bethany says

    If she is grieving and worn out and sedated, then why the heck would you plan a wedding or commitment ceremony?!?!? Wait awhile and get composed before adding to the drama!

  18. JOJO says

    she looks like she is on lots of drugs or maybe that is just how she is without them since she is so crazy

  19. Debbie says

    my heart goes out to anna!! she’s a beautiful women and a very loving mother!!!! no one is perfect!! everyone has something in their closet Anna is a straight up person in which I love!! who cares who the babies daddy is as long as she’s taken care of and loved!! Love you Anna take care of yourself

  20. Ms D says

    Yes, Anna Nicole is a mess. What’s new? Even without all the extra stuff she has going on now, she’s always seemed a bit of a mess to me.
    But I do feel for her at the loss of her son. No one should have to deal with something like that.

    The baby is cute I suppose..for as much as you can see of her. But, *most* babies that age are pretty cute, IMO.

    And..congratulations, joanna! (post #25) 😉

  21. TJ's mom says

    Ya know, Nicola (#29) I basically said the same thing as you, but I said it nice and without calling people names! Name calling is something that you do in elementary school. Who’s the immature one?

  22. DJ says

    My heart breaks for her. She’s trying to make the best of the worst imaginable horror a parent should never have to face. Howard is her strength. I truly hope the baby is Howard’s also so they can get on with their lives. Sometimes a stepfather can be a better and loving parent than a biological father. I wish them all happiness and strength to cope with their loss.

  23. TJ's mom says

    Mairim…My heart goes out to you and I’m sorry about your mom! I lost my mother 10 months ago, my aunt 8 months ago, and my mother-in-law 2 weeks ago. You’re right! Now is not the time to criticize how Anna looks!

  24. Marti says

    She needs to lose the fake eyelashes and then we would see that her eyes are swollen from crying & lack of sleep. I don’t imagine she’s had a peaceful nights’ sleep in weeks!

    I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to be her, right now. Very sad ~*~ 🙁

  25. mairim says

    give the woman a break…. she is grieving… i know what she is going thru i just lost my mum 3 weeks ago. so people, put a break on those not so nice comments.

  26. Diva says

    I looked at the other pictures on and I don’t think she looks bad OR drugged up. I’m with HotMama on the eyelashes thing… those things weigh a ton and that’s what’s making her eyelids heavy… her eyes look bright and happy to be marrying a man that so obviously has loved her for YEARS!

    As for Birkhead…. I think he thinks he’s the father. He might be, he might not be, but I DON’T think his motivation is the safety of that baby. I watched him, he’s looking to cash in on the notoriety that came from Daniel’s passing, and get some money out of the deal. If it hadn’t been for the unfortunate tabloid spectacle, he wouldn’t even bother. Um, IN MY OPINION {=0)

  27. nicola says

    Let`a see what happens 2 any of u if u lose a child. I can`t imagine how she`s feelin, she`s copin as best as she can. Yeah she looks awful, but wouldn`t u? She`s grievin. Grow and get a life u evil, nasty, spiteful, immature ppl

  28. HotMama says

    Did anyone ever think that maybe it’s really hot in the bahamas, and maybe she’s just sweating, look at how heavy that dress is, she’s probably just hot as heck, as for her eyes, it’s the fake eyelashes that make her look so weird, if you minus out the eyelashes, you’ll see that her eyes themselves, aren’t red or glossy. Pay attention next time, and stop baggering this poor woman, you cruel people!!!

  29. kt says

    i think anna nicole’s baby is beautiful, and i am very happy for her and howard–i am so happy they are together, i think they are a great match. anyone who had seen their show would know that he was in love with her-you could SEE it. and they are just super cute together and it is wonderful for her amidst her terrible tragedy. it seems to me that she is wonderful mother. she was always wonderful to her son and it seemed obvious that loved him very much. i am happy for her.

  30. missymama says

    #23 I full heartedly agree with you.

    Another thing I’d like to add. SHe has a new baby. I hope if she is sedated, on drugs she isn’t nursing that little one.

  31. TJ's mom says

    Wow! Was everyone looking so hard at Anna that noone noticed how BEAUTIFULl her baby was?!

  32. says

    I hope so too Carliegh.

    As for the “she looks awful comments”. I think she does look terrible. I would think that if she is greiving so badly then how could she be thinking about a wedding?

    It’s all just a bit too odd for me. She did at one time have a drug problem. Anyone who saw her little “performance” on the MTV awards 2 years ago could tell that. She has been photographed and interviewed several more times, and only once in a while does she come off as being straight. That interview her lawyer did a week ago where he said he was father was enough to make me think he was either drunk or high.

    My theory is that she is marrying Stern and letting him claim he is the father and living in the Bahamas because she is actually afraid that Birkhead could get custody and then if she does get her millions then he will nail her for child support, that and I will say this. SOMETHING GOOD. She most likely loves and adores both of her children and can not bare the thought of loosing dannielynn. SO in desperation she may be doing everything she thinks she can to keep her but…….

    if she has a problem with drugs then the authorities need to make sure that the baby is protected. So don’t get mad at people for saying she looks bad. She certainly doesnt look good, but if the woman insist on selling the images of her wedding for profit, and she does not look remotly sane then she can darn well expect some critisism, hell she invited it.

  33. carleigh says

    Has anyone else noticed that “IT” hasn’t been back in awhile? Maybe the emails were successful? Who knows I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  34. Think About It says

    I think that Birkhead is the father, not just because the baby does look a little bit more like him than Stern but also because, what type of person would make Anna and the baby go back to CA to take tests that prove he is not the father after stating that he is? If he wasn’t the father I don’t think he would put himself in that position, he would only end up looking like an idiot. I think Stern and Anna had an agreement that Howard should say he is the father for whatever reason…things just don’t seem to add up.

  35. carleigh says

    I think she’s going to have a breakdown or maybe she’s in the process of doing that now. I feel so sorry for her having to go through a culmination of grief and joy at the same time must be so difficult. I hope her “lawyer” isn’t taking advantage of her current condition because that would be the worst time to exploit someone in their weakest moments. I have nothing bad to say about the way she looks she’s been through hell and she’s going to have to walk through more hell before her life is ever right again…some women never recover from the death of a child.

  36. KellyMay says

    My heart breaks to look at those pictures! I say baby looks like Momma just from the coloring, no way we could see resmeblances to either man at this point?!?

  37. courtney says

    #10, i wasnt saying manoey plays the highest factor in being a parent, i just added that in there, all im saying is that i would think howard woudl be there more than the other guy because hes with anna and hes been there through everything else and he wants this baby…so i was just saying that i think howard would play a better father than the other guy..thats all

  38. thegrinchiscoming says

    how unbelievably evil to say she looks horrible. She just lost her SON, I would look much more worse than her if, God forbid, I had lost a child.

    I really wish them the best, and that little baby is a cutie patootie!

  39. missymama says

    OMG! She looks horrible. Why is her face so red? And what’s with those fake eyelashes? DId she attempt to do her own makeup? I understand losing a child, been there, but even in greif, If I was getting “married” I’d make sure I looked my best.

  40. Christal says

    she looks so terrible…and not just tired or worn down from the birth of her daughter or loss of her son, she looks like she forgot to look in the mirror before she left her house!

  41. says

    Ekk, she really doesn’t look that great in these pics. But I guess we should cut her some slack seeing as she just gave birth AND lost her son. That would leave even the best of us looking run down and ragged. I truely hope she has a better perspective on life now and is able to be a pillar of strength and love for this new little girl.

  42. Lucia says

    you know, it doesn’t really matter who the father is. What matters is that this little girl has people that love her and support her. and if the other guy is the father, who cares if he doesn’t make as much money…i didn’t know being rich was a prerequisite for becoming a dad…that was a foolish thing to say. As for Anna, she’s done alot of STUPID things in her life and i agree that DCFS should be watching her. I don’t care how much you love your child, being on drugs and alcohol and making a COMPLETE foof of yourself is NOT a way to be a role model to your child.

  43. courtney says

    i think howard should be the daddy because hes with anna, their happy, hes been around a long long time, and the other guy is so young and doesnt make as near as much money as lawyer dude, and hes not there for her like howard is!

  44. courtney says

    shes always so f’ed up!!! shes a weirdo, u know they both know hes not the dad thats why their not gonna go take a test, because she doesnt want the chance of him takin her away, which if he really is the dad, he’ll find a way to see her! why is she screwin so many people all around the same tie anyways!!?!? all that means is she was sleepin with howard and the other young dude right about the same time if they both think they got her preg!?!?!

  45. Lisa says

    hopefully he is the dad because I watched her show on E and this man has been a pillar in her life for a long time. I hope the best for this lost soul and I hope she can recover from the loss of her beloved son (as much as one can anyways)

  46. ~Lisa~ says

    I’m sorry, but there is just something that screams wrong about the way that AN looks, and the baby…. doesn’t look anything like her supposed lawyer daddy… She does IMO look like Birkhead…

  47. eyesofpearls says

    Dori, how much malice should a person have to say something like what you just wrote! Shame on you!

    Whatever Anna used to be she didn’t deserve to lose a child. NOBODY deserves to lose a child. May God be with her and her son up in the sky and may her little girl help her go through this tragedy.

  48. dori says

    Isn’t she always heavily sedated. This woman is always on drugs or alcohol. She makes me ill. I hope she doesn’t screw up this child .
    DCFS should be watching her.

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