Katie Holmes Has Lunch With The Ladies

Katie Holmes was spotted having lunch at Orso restaurant in Hollywood with some other women yesterday. Perhaps it was a meeting with a wedding planner. Katie looks more like herself now…much more cheerful. And I love her shoes…though they do look a bit dangerous for a sleep-deprived mommy to be walking in!

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes


  1. Robin says

    Katie is no “sleep deprived Mommy” puleeeze!
    Suri’s nanny is the one who’s sleep deprived!

  2. carleigh says

    Techno do you not realize this is a PUBLIC forum? Are you aware of the freedom of speech? Hire your own lawyer for a baseless, groundless, frivilous, meritless lawsuit. What exactly will be your grounds for a lawsuit? You came across some blogs that you didn’t agree with or that you found offensive to your person or personally? Your “lawyer” if you can find one who won’t laugh you right out the door for this insanity..will advise you that reading material that you find offensive is YOUR CHOICE! IF you don’t like this ANTI-Tom and Katie blog then simply go somewhere else. Since you have added nothing constructive and only served to abase yourself for nothing….the only thing you have succeeded in doing is making yourself look very foolish and a laughingstock! But hey—you did gimme a rib tickling here….LOL

  3. techno says

    I am really SICK AND TIRED of all the bashing of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. If I have to read through one more nauseating, self-righteous, moronic piece of hate ranting garbage about these two, I may just call my own lawyer and ask about filing a lawsuit of my own against the Anti-Scientology Nazi Brigade. I know nothing will come of it, but I’ll sure feel better!

    If you’re tired of listening to incessant, overblown and moronic criticizm about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – so tired that it is starting to make your ears bleed – you may consider suing on the basis of harassment and disturbing the peace too! (end rant)

  4. Patty says

    Katie SUCKS at being a mother or showing anything maternal whatsoever. She showed more affection to those kids in the orphanage (where I’m positive Suri came from). I have never EVER seen a mother less interested in a her baby than Katie. What a disappointment she is. She needs a good swift kick in the ass and an intervention. Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith are looking like Mother’s of the Year right about now. Hell, she’s starting to make Andrea Yates look like a caring mother. Whatever respect I had for Katie Holmes (and previously I did always like her as an actress) is now in the garbage. Let me get this straight – she goes to all the soccer/basketball games for her so-called fiance’s kids, and hugs all over them, but no shown affection for her own kid. LOSER. I have no respect for mothers who don’t care for their children. So far like, 3 people have come forward to say they’ve “seen” Suri. I wonder how much they were paid to say that.

  5. carleigh says

    WOW That’s great! Apparently IT has been stopped cold in IT’S TRACKS……………….TJ’S MOM HEY MAYBE WE WERE ACTUALLY SUCCESSFUL! I am going to email Braydie and let her know that things are getting cleaned up and maybe she will be tempted to come back…I HOPE!

  6. sarah says

    I know joanna but being called a c**t is totally out of order. Would love to know where you live alice………!

  7. sarah says

    I hate you Soooooooooooo much Alice, in other posts you have always said the most horrendus stuff, that you like kiddie porn and that little suri and sean preston should do a porn film together. the web mistress has already taken alot of your comments off. YOU ARE A SICK, SICK, SICK PERSON.

  8. says

    You know, she does look like she has terrible posture when she is wearing heels. Maybe its just because she has really long legs (super jealous here). She looks a little better then she has lately anyway, maybe she was going through a little PPD and she is coming out of it………………..? Oh well, I guess we will all have to wait a few years for her post 40, let me write a book phase for the :Tell ALL:.

  9. dori says

    Nice to see Katie has a life of her own. She looks much happier when she’s not with Tom. More like her old self.
    But the woman doesn’t know how to dress, the shoes don’t match the handbag.She’s all different colors. Whats that all about?

  10. Cam says

    Regardless of what the gossip media says about them these pics shows that everything is fine in Tomkat land. Very cheerful in did.

  11. says

    The light reflection in the last shot makes the stone look opaque, but it is her diamond. In the first shot with her walking it looks like a diamond. She has an oval shaped stone. I can find you some pics of it if you want to compare.

  12. jay says

    Ever heard about PPD?(Post Partum Depression) Yeah she looks happy again. I did too when i lost my pregnancy weight. I just think the press don´t gives these celebs a break with their pressure.

  13. helen says

    Katie looks so happy and very cheerful I agree with keppa , we have NO idea how they are together so lets give them a break. Tom can’t be that bad actually he must have been a very good husband to Nicole for her to still say she is in love with him and he is still good friends with his ex Pen Cruz . I can’t stand my ex let alone be friends with him. To me one of the reason I still think Tom is very nice guy and l like him is because what people close to him say about him and not the gossip magazines.

  14. TJ's mom says

    Carol-if you had a chance to have a “girls day out”, would you bring your kids? I sure wouldn’t! Maybe Tom’s at home watching the baby? Perhaps he took her to a Scientology meeting or maybe to the gym to work off some of her baby fat! hee hee! 🙂

  15. kate says

    it’s possible the ring finger being shown is her RIGHT hand–a lot of times photographs are reversed, though I don’t know why. that could explain the ring.
    i think she looks lovely and happy, as she has been. i think she and tom are cute together.

  16. joanna says

    it’s nice to see her with a proper smile on her face, she looks really fake when tom is with her, like she cant seem to enjoy herself, anyone else noticed that?

  17. courtney says

    thats not her diamond ring, thats a pearl it looks like, i may be wrong but it loks like a dif ring

  18. courtney says

    ya she definately does not look preg in these pics, she did at the soccer game, but we have to remember that we cant believe everything we see and hear! they will sy anythign about celebs to get people talking because this world is revolved around gossip and celebraties. just dont belive anything u see or hear unless u know its true!! i think she is so gorgeous though and shes puttin her body back in shape quick!! U GO GIRL!!

  19. keppa says

    i think she looks wonderful! like a happy new mommy! i think it’s really unnecessary to keep commenting on all the things tom MUST be ‘brainwashing” katie to do. we have NO idea how they are together and obviously if she’s “allowed” to go and have lunch with her friends then it must not be quite as bad as some of you make it seem.
    why not just give them a break?

  20. Cass says

    she looks great and the outfit is great as usual. katie always looks well and happy with or without tom. i’m guessing this lunch thing was with the wedding planner, it looks very formal. she doesn’t need make-up to make her look pretty, she is just natural and has done so well to loose all the baby weight coz she did put alot on when she had suri. she looks fab!

  21. TJ's mom says

    She looks happy and relaxed without Tom by her side telling her what to do, what to eat, how to dress, etc…! The poor girl is so brainwashed!

  22. Jenna says

    i never thought of her as a “heels” girl and I never really saw her in heels in old papparazzi pics, i Think Tom makes her wear them, he’s such a sicko.
    did you guys read the article about how he makes katie
    stay out of the sun b/c “whack job wanna be doctor” Tom
    wants her to have pale skin and makes fun of her if she
    wear bronzer? WTF is wrong with this guy? And as for the pics here, shes not with her “friends” im sure shes with
    the other equally pscyco “scientologist handlers”
    god, he makes my skin crawl.

  23. Olivia says

    It seems to me she slants at an odd angle when she wears heels. Kind of leans forward. Look at her yesterdays boot walking shots and then look at her today heel shots. The girl either needs to practice more, stop wearing them, or she is going to take a major tumble.

  24. carleigh says

    I know there is gossip going around about Katie possibly being pregnant again but looking at these pic’s her tummy doesn’t appear the least bit bloated out. Unlike the ones taken at the most recent soccer game where she was sporting a bit of a tummy pooch..however lest we all forget how weird she looked while pregnant with Suri? One day she was big and round and then a few days later yet another pic was snapped and she looked flat again? Wonder if Tom is dusting off that sonogram machine yet again? Who knows they are both just too weird for words…eeeeeeeeewwwwwwww.

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